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Gulf of Mexico Historical Data and Information

Climatologies & Data

Gulf of Mexico Regional Climatology
Gulf of Mexico Regional Climatologies

A set of mean fields for temperature, salinity, oxygen, phosphate, silicate, and nitrate.

  • Choose either "Data" or "Figures" for the desired parameter
  • For "Data": choose your grid, select the desired field and format, and then press "Update data links"
  • For "Figures": choose figure type, time period, depth and grid, then press "Show Figure"

World Ocean Database can be queried for in situ measured temperature, salinity, oxygen, nutrients, pressure, pH, alkalinity, CO2, plankton, chlorophyll, and many more in the Gulf of Mexico, including searching by instrument types.

NCEI Ocean Data Archives

NCEI Ocean Data Archives - Our archives contain over 900 individual packages of data (accessions) for the Gulf of Mexico.

NOAA Central Library

Resources on Oil Spills, Response, and Restoration: A Selected Bibliography - information concerned both with the harmful effects of oil and chemical spills to marine habitats and their associated living marine resources and with the cultural and economic impacts caused by such spills.

Other Projects and Information