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Gulf of Mexico Historical Data and Information

Climatologies & Data

Gulf of Mexico Regional Climatology
Gulf of Mexico Regional Climatologies

A set of mean fields for temperature, salinity, oxygen, phosphate, silicate, and nitrate.

  • Choose either "Data" or "Figures" for the desired parameter
  • For "Data": choose your grid, select the desired field and format, and then press "Update data links"
  • For "Figures": choose figure type, time period, depth and grid, then press "Show Figure"

World Ocean Database can be queried for in situ measured temperature, salinity, oxygen, nutrients, pressure, pH, alkalinity, CO2, plankton, chlorophyll, and many more in the Gulf of Mexico, including searching by instrument types.

NODC Ocean Archive System

NODC Ocean Archive System - Our archive contains over 900 individual packets of data (accessions) for the Gulf of Mexico. To obtain this data:

  • Go to the NODC Ocean Archive System
  • check only Sea areas, and click Continue
  • scroll down and highlight Gulf of Mexico, and click Search
  • You will get over 900 individual ocean datasets from the the Gulf area, including temperature, salinity, wind, waves, sea level, chlorophyll, and more.

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