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Note: Climatologies updated 10/05/2011.
Previous climatologies contained incorrect depth values for temperature
and salinity at one-degree and one quarter-degree grids. One tenth degree climatologies were also updated.

How to cite: Boyer, T.P., Biddle, M., Hamilton, M., Mishonov, A.V., Paver, C. R., Seidov, D., Zweng, M., 2011. Gulf of Mexico Regional Climatology, NOAA/NODC, dataset doi 10.7289/V5C53HSW.

Gulf of Mexico Regional Climatology

The Gulf of Mexico (GoM) is a large body of water which is one of the most economically and ecologically productive regions of the World Ocean and Seas with a great diversity of habitats, especially in the coastal zone. The circulation in the GoM is connected to the Gulf Stream system by the Florida Current and thus is climatically important both regionally and globally. The GoM climate variability may have a noticeable effect on the Gulf Stream strength and heat transport and can affect economic activity and ecological stability as well. Therefore, detailed GoM oceanography should be documented with the highest spatial resolution allowed data availability. To provide physical oceanography foundation for assessment of the GoM ocean climate state, a regional climatology of the GoM was compiled as a set of mean fields at 1°, 0.25°, and 0.10° resolution for temperature and salinity from the World Ocean Database. The GoM regional climatology serves as physical oceanography baseline for NOAA Gulf of Mexico Data Atlas ... more info ...

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