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>> Tools

This page provides references to software packages that can be used for manipulating or displaying ocean data.

  • Argo Data Explorer
    A software package that provides a graphic exploration tool to examine Argo data.
  • Ocean Data Explorer
    A software package that provides a graphic exploration tool to examine oceanographic data stored on optical disc media.
  • NQuery
    A Java-based, network-enabled data-based query tool that assists the scientist to refine that data selection based on characteristics of the data itself.
  • QCed
    This Data Quality Cruise Editor (qced) Software is designed for the Global Temperature-Salinity Profile Program (GTSPP), which is written in IDL (interactive data language) that allows an operator to view and edit temperature and salinity data from files in the GTSPP MEDS-ASCII format.
    A PERL script that assists users to read and write GTSPP ASCII form files.
    A PERL scripts that assists users to test a GTSPP MEDS ASCII file for control characters & format consistency.
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