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GLobal Ocean Currents Database (GOCD)

Important Notice

31 August 2016  We are excited to announce an update of the Global Ocean Currents Database,Version 3.0 (GOCD-V3). This update expands the contents of the database by adding the following data types:

  1. Surface ocean currents derived from drifting platforms
  2. Surface ocean currents derived from high frequency radar systems
  3. Subsurface ocean currents derived from ocean gliders


  • To integrate global ocean currents observations from a variety of instruments with different resolution, accuracy and response to spatial and temporal variability into a uniform network common data form (NetCDF) format.
  • To assess and implement uniform current data quality and duplicates management system.
  • To provide a dedicated online data discovery, access to NCEI-hosted and distributed data sources for ocean currents data.

Dataset Citation

Dr. Charles Sun and US DOC; NOAA; NESDIS; National Centers for Environmental Information (2015). NCDI Standard Online Product: Global Ocean Currents Database (GOCD) (NCEI Accession 0093183). NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information. Dataset.[access date]

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