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How To Archive Your Ocean And Coastal Data With Us:

You can officially submit and archive your environmental data with NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). We provide data management services including acquisition, processing, quality control, archival, & distribution for environmental data. This site shows how to submit your ocean and coastal data to NCEI[1]. We keep an exact copy of any data that you submit, regardless of how it may be used in other processing steps. These data may be used well into the future, so submit as much information about your data as possible.

Submit Your Data:


Send2NCEI (S2N)

Please use the Send2NCEI (S2N) online tool which facilitates the submission of your oceanographic data files to our archive. Note that the oceans and coasts component of NCEI is what was formerly known as the National Oceanographic Data Center. We will expand this system beyond oceanographic data sets as we merge NOAA's data center functions under the new NCEI structure. Thanks to everyone who provided comments to our beta testing in the Fall of 2014. We appreciate your time.

Alternate Ways of Submitting Your Data:

Only use these methods if you are unable to use our Send2NCEI online tool listed above, or want to set up a repeated, long-term automated ingest process with us. In the latter case, please contact a Data Officer at .

[1] NOAA's National [Climatic, Geophysical, & Oceanographic] Data Centers merged into what is now known as NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). More on NCEI.