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Sample Programs for Reading the WOD Data

  • wod_nc.f - sample FORTRAN program for reading WOD ragged array netCDF files
  • readFOR.txt - readme file describes the wodFOR programs
  • wodFOR.f - sample FORTRAN program for reading the data
  • sampFOR.txt - sample of output from wodFOR.f
  • readASC.txt - describes the use of wodASC.f
  • wodASC.f - outputs a user selected variable in either tabular or comma separated columns
  • wodASC.exe - executable for wodASC.f program
  • sampASC.txt - sample output data from wodASC.f
  • wodSUR.f - writes surface-only data out in a comma-separated-value (CSV) format
  • wodSUR.exe - Microsoft compatible executable for wodSUR.f
  • sampSUR.txt - sample of output from wodSUR.exe
  • readC.txt - readme file describing the wodC program
  • wodC.c - sample C program for reading the data
  • wodC.exe - executable for C program