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World Ocean Database (WOD) contains the World Ocean Database 2013 (WOD13) with the full set of quality control used to create World Ocean Atlas 2013 (WOA13) and all updates to the database (Apr. 2013 to present) with only initial quality control.
Note: The WOD13 has extended standard depth levels.
For any questions about this product, please e-mail OCLhelp desk.
QC errata: From Sept. 23, 2013 through Feb 19, 2014, the profile quality control flags for the observed level data and profile and individual value flags for standard level data were not consistent with WOD quality control flagging system. On Sept. 23 the WOD switched from 40 standard levels to 137 standard levels, but the standard deviation outlier check continued to check only the first 33 levels. So, only the top 400 m were covered by this quality control check, rather than the full 5,500 m. The problem has been corrected. We apologize for any problems this causes. Further, one quality control checks have been altered from those used in the calculation of the World Ocean Atlas 2013 (WOA13). The number of density inversions needed to flag the entire temperature and salinity profiles is now three (previously two). This change is due to the finer vertical resolution of the WOD and ongoing efforts to improve quality control of the data. Additional changes to the quality control checks are forthcoming. If you would like the quality controlled data exactly as used in the WOA13, please download data from WOD13 geographically or yearly sorted.

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