4.4 Adjustments for the Repeat Lines

The following adjustments are proposed for parameters measured on the repeat lines.

4.4.1 Dissolved Inorganic Carbon

No adjustments are proposed for DIC. Although differences between crossovers were often greater than the stated precision of the measurements (�2 �mol/kg), the differences were not consistent at the 4-�mol/kg level between different crossovers along a line, and/or the standard deviation of the differences were sufficiently large that the differences did not have a strong statistical significance.

4.4.2 Total Alkalinity

Crossover analyses and MLR analyses showed consistent offsets for two cruises (A01W and A09). We recommend adding 14 �mol/kg to all TAlk values in A01W and subtracting 7��mol/kg for all TAlk data on A09. In the combined data set, A01WR was used instead of A01W because the cruise data are compatible with other data in the region and do not require any adjustments.

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