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Access to World Ocean Database 2009 Time Sorted Data
Data are organized by year and dataset with the exception of data prior to 1900. All profile data prior to 1900 year are organized under one single 1800 OSD data file.
Please see instructions on downloading and reading data, see introduction for information on datasets and measured variables.

To download data:
1. Select a year(s) corresponding to particular instrument type (see multiple selection help).
2. Press submit button 'Get Data'.
3. Download data. User may download the data by individual year files
   or tar file consist of all selected years packed into one file.
Dataset Years Action
Bottle, low resolution CTD, and plankton data

Mechanical Bathythermograph data
Expendable Bathythermograph data
High resolution CTD data
Autonomous Pinniped Bathythermograph data
Drifting Buoy data
Moored Buoy data
Profiling Float data
Undulating Oceanographic
Recorder data
Glider data
Surface data are not available in year sorted files. The entire dataset is available in
a single file SURF_ALL.gz (21.6 MB)
Observed Level Data Standard Level Data

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