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WOA13F V2 Interactive Image Access
  1. Temperature (°C)
  2. Salinity (unitless)
  3. Density (kg/m3) beta version
  4. Conductivity (S/m)
  5. Dissolved Oxygen (ml/l)
  6. Percent Oxygen Saturation (%)
  7. Apparent Oxygen Utilization (ml/l)
  8. Silicate (µmol/l)
  9. Phosphate (µmol/l)
  10. Nitrate (µmol/l)

Disclaimer: the figures are best viewed in Firefox or IE

The online version of World Ocean Atlas 2013 Figures V2 (WOA013FV2) contains a collection of "JPEG" images of objectively analyzed fields and statistics generated from the World Ocean Atlas 2013 V2.
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