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Data Inventory of the Hydrochemical Atlas of the Sea of Okhotsk.

The Atlas is based on the data from 5 cruises conducted during the period June-August 1990-1997.
The data can be downloaded from the NODC ftp server: download data (76.25 MB).

The database is characterized by:
VariableNumber of Stations
Temperature (T, oC) - 422 stations
Salinity (S, pss) - 422 stations
Oxygen (O2, ml/l) - 422 stations
Percent oxygen saturation (O2, %) - 422 stations
Nitrate (NO3, µM) - 416 stations
Ammonium nitrogen (NH4, µM) - 413 stations
Organic nitrogen (Norg, µM) - 422 stations
Phosphate (PO4, µM) - 416 stations
Organic phosphorous (Porg, µM) - 403 stations
Silicate (SiO3, µM) - 415 stations

Data Distribution

All vessels, 1990-1997R/V Mlechniy Put, 1990R/V Akademik Nesmeyanov, 1992
Data distribution plot for all vessels Data distribution plot for R/V Mlechniy Put 1990 Data distribution plot for R/V Akademik Nesmeyanov, 1992
R/V Akademik Nesmeyanov, 1993R/V Akademik Lavrentev, 1994R/V Professor Levanidov, 1997
Data distribution plot for R/V Akademik Nesmeyanov, 1993 Data distribution plot for R/V Akademik Lavrentev, 1994 Data distribution plot for R/V Professor, 1997

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