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WOD code table: t_27_cbv_value

code_nameWOD Comparable Biological Value
units#/ul; #/ml; #/m3; #/m3; ml/m3; ml/m3; ml/m3; mg/m3; mg/m3; mg/m3; mg/m3; m3/m3; kg/m3
1000000Bacterioplankton Counts
2000000Phytoplankton Counts
4000000Zooplankton Counts
5000000Ichthyoplankton Counts
400All Biomass Types (excluding ichthyoplankton)
401Total Displacement Volume (excluding ichthyoplankton)
402Total Settled Volume (excluding ichthyoplankton)
403Total Wet Weight (excluding ichthyoplankton)
404Total Dry Weight (excluding ichthyoplankton)
405Total Ashfree Dry Weight (excluding ichthyoplankton)
500All Ichthyoplankton Biomass Types
501Ichthyoplankton Displacement Volume
503Ichthyoplankton Wet Weight