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WOD code table: t_17_taxon_modifier

code_nameTaxon modifier
unitsWOD code table
1sp. (single species)
2spp. (multiple species)
3other / unidentified / residue
4sp. 1
5sp. 2
6sp. A or sp. 3
7sp. B or sp. 4
8sp. C or sp. 5
9sp. D or sp. 6
10sp. E or sp. 7
11sp. F or sp. 8
12sp. G or sp. 9
13sp. H or sp. 10
15TOTAL (indicated taxa group is a sum of all members)
16SAHFOS-CPR "traverse count" TOTAL
17SAHFOS-CPR "eye count" TOTAL
18Empty Diatom (shell)
19sp. I or sp. 11
20sp. J or sp. 12
21sp. K or sp. 13
22sp. L or sp. 14
23sp. M or sp. 15
24sp. N or sp. 16
25sp. O or sp. 17
26sp. P or sp. 18
27sp. Q or sp. 19
28sp. R or sp. 20
29sp. S or sp. 21
30sp. T or sp. 22
33retained non-targetted