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WOD code table: s_54_needs_depth_fix

unitsWOD code
1insufficient information
0no fix necessary
1needs Hanawa et al.; 1994 applied (XBT)
2needs Kizu et al.; 2005 applied (XBT)
3Hanawa et al.; 1994 applied (XBT)
4Kizu et al.; 2005 applied (XBT)
5Levitus et al.; 2009 applied (XBT/MBT)
6Wijffels et al.; 2008 Table 1 applied (XBT)
7Wijffels et al.; 2008 Table 2 applied (XBT)
8Ishii and Kimoto; 2009 applied (XBT/MBT)
9Gouretski and Reseghetti; 2010 applied (XBT/MBT)
10Good; 2011 applied (XBT)
11Hamon et al.; 2012 applied (XBT/MBT)
12Gourestki; 2012 applied (XBT)
13Cowley et al. ; 2013 TG applied (XBT)
14Cowley et al. ; 2013 CH applied (XBT)
15Cheng et al.; 2014 applied (XBT)
103needs Johnson; 1995 (XCTD)
104needs Mizuno and Watanabe; 1998 (XCTD)