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WOD code table: b_10_preservation_method

code_namePreservation method
unitsWOD code
14-5% formalin; unbuffered
24-5% formalin; hexamine buffered
34-5% formalin; borax or borate buffered
410% formalin; seawater; buffered
54-5% formalin;seawater(buffered/unbuffered unspecified)
64-5% formalin; no ref. to water-type or buffering
74-5% formalin; buffered; (buffer unspecified)
810% filtered paraformaldehyde
92-10% formalin; seawater; buffered(buffer unspecified)
105-10% formalin; seawater; buffered;buffer unspecified)
111% formalin; buffered (buffer unspecified)
122% formalin; buffered (buffer unspecified)
133-5% formalin; seawater; unbuffered
145% formalin; seawater; borax buffered
154-5% formalin; seawater; sodium bicarbonate
16liquid nitrogen
17Lugol's Solution ("acidified Lugol's iodine")
18formalin; no info on: %;buffering;water type
19preservative used; no additional information provided
2010% buffered formalin
21Formol-hexamine (5% concentraction)
2220% buffered formalin
2320% buffered formalin + strontium chloride
241%-paraform + deep freeze (frozen in liquid nitrogen at -85 dec. C)
251%-glutaraldehyde + deep freeze (frozen in liquid nitrogen at -85 dec. C)
263% formalin; seawater; (buffered/unbuffered unspecified)
272% formalin; no ref. to water-type or buffering
2910% formalin; no ref. to water-type or buffering
3190% Acetone
322% Glutaraldehyde
34Lugol+Formalin;fixed by Lugol's solution after sample blooming by 40% formaldehyde
353-4% buffered Formaldehyde (buffering agent not specified)
365% Formalin (buffering not specified) DO NOT USE; Dup of code 7
3770% Ethanol
3895% Ethanol