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Blended In Situ-CZCS Chlorophyll Data Set

Blended In Situ-CZCS Chlorophyll Data Set associated with Global Seasonal Climatologies of Ocean Chlorophyll: Blending In situ and Satellite Data for the CZCS Era (pdf, 0.5 MB) by Watson W. Gregg (NASA/GSFC), Margarita E. Conkright (NOAA/NODC).

The historical archives of in situ (National Oceanographic Data Center) and satellite (Coastal Zone Color Scanner) chlorophyll data were combined using the blended analysis method of Reynolds [1988] in an attempt to construct an improved climatological seasonal representation of global chlorophyll distributions.

Download seasonal blended in situ chlorophyll data and figures (the FORTRAN program can be used to read the ASCII data)
Winter (January-March) blend13.txt blnd413.pdf (0.5 MB)
Spring (April-June) blend14.txt blnd414.pdf (0.5 MB)
Summer (July-September) blend15.txt blnd415.pdf (0.5 MB)
Autumn (October-December) blend16.txt blnd416.pdf (0.5 MB)

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