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Seasonal Distribution of Phosphate in the World Ocean
by M.E. Conkright and S. Levitus

Objectively analyzed seasonal mean fields of phosphate for the world ocean were prepared using the phosphate data in CD-ROMs 4-7 of the WOA94. The methods used are described in Conkright et al. (1994a and 1994b). Seasonal phosphate fields were computed, for 19 standard depth levels (0-1000m). Annual analyses were used as the first-guess fields for each of the four seasonal analyses. The files associated with these data are:
Winter (January-March):p13.obj p13.pts
Spring (April-June):p14.obj p14.pts
Summer (July-September):p15.obj p15.pts
Fall (October-December):p16.obj p16.pts
The mask files (*.pts) contain the number of grid points which contain data within the radius of influence surrounding each grid box. If a grid box contains fewer than four observations within its radius of influence, the mask value for that one-degree square will be zero. This file is used in plotting routines to "mask" or cover up areas with less than four observations (indicated by an "x" in all figures). The program readdata.f is used as a sample FORTRAN program that reads the analyses. The seasonal phosphate analyses were computed for 19 standard depth levels (0-1000 m).

Conkright, M.E., T.P. Boyer, and S. Levitus, 1994: Quality Control and Processing of Historical Oceanographic Nutrient Data., 75 pp.
Conkright, M.E, S. Levitus, and T.P. Boyer, 1994: World Ocean Atlas 1994, Volume 1: Nutrients. NOAA Atlas NESDIS 1, 150 pp.

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