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36-year Time Series (1963-1998) of Temperature, Salinity, and Zooplankton in the White Sea

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Preface (pdf, 55.0 KB)

Acknowledgement (pdf, 54.0 KB)

Abstract (pdf, 49.0 KB)

1. Introduction (pdf, 77.0 KB)

2. Atmospheric and Marine Geochemical Characteristics of the White Sea (pdf, 216.0 KB)

3. White Sea Biological Station (pdf, 100.0 KB)

4. Data (pdf, 164.0 KB)

5. Methodology and Results (pdf, 343.0 KB)

6. CD-ROM Contents (pdf, 73.0 KB)

7. Conclusion and Future Studies (pdf, 49.0 KB)

8. References (pdf, 93.0 KB)

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