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Documents on the Design of WOCE
1. Scientific Plan for the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (.pdf)
The Scientific Plan describes the strategy for one of the principal projects of the World Climate Research Programme. WOCE will be the first attempt to survey the oceanic circulation globally for a brief period. he aim is to collect a data base that will support the development of the global eddy-resolving ocean circulation models that will become feasible with increased computer power by the end of the century.

This scientific Plan describes the goals and objectives of WOCE and a strategy for achieving them in terms of three core projects and the associated model development programme. the broad strategy outlined here will be elaborated and expanded in the Implementation Plan described below.

2. Implementation Plan
The Implementation Plan build upon the WOCE Scientific Plan (.pdf) , published in July, 1986. It can be regarded as a guidebook to define the means proposed and the resources required to achieve the WOCE objectives, in a form that enables prospective scientific participants and their national sponsors to assess their ability to contribute, the standard of commitment required and the methodology proposed.

This plan has been prepared in two volumes.

Volume I - Detailed Requirements (.pdf).
This volume gives an overview of the Goals and Objectives of WOCE and the strategy for meeting them, and a summary of the resources required. In following chapters, details of the implementation of the experimental elements of WOCE, data management, the modelling program, and detailed tables of resource needs are presented.

Volume II - Scientific Background (.pdf).
This volume contains the detailed description of the three Core Projects which form the heart of WOCE. It provides the scientific rationale that has led to the field program for WOCE and provides the details of experimental elements that make up the field program as well as how, taken together, they constitute a coherent program that meets the overall objectives of the Core Projects and of WOCE itself.

3. Report of the International WOCE Scientific Conference (.pdf).
Proceedings of the International WOCE Scientific Conference held at Unesco, Paris, November 28 - December 2, 1988.
4. WOCE Analysis, Interpretation, Modelling and Synthesis (AIMS) Strategy.
The document describes the current state of the project, the logistical and research tasks that must be undertaken, and in respect of modelling and assimilation identifies the resources required. It describes a strategy which must be pursued in order to achieve the scientific goals of WOCE and thus derive the full benefit from the massive investment of resources that has been made in the programme over the past seven years.

The document will be used by individual scientists both for placing their own research in the context of the experiment, as well as for identifying new research areas, by programme managers and funding agencies for setting priorities and planning their resources. It will also assist nations in planning follow-on programmes such as CLIVAR, GCOS and GODAE and identify to the Joint Steering Committee of the World Climate Research Programme how WOCE will contribute to the Programme's goals.

5. The Origins, Development and Conduct of WOCE (.pdf)
This article is reprinted from: Ocean Circulation & Climate :Observing and Modelling the Global Ocean, Chapter 1.3, pp 31-43, 2001, by permission of the publisher Academic Press an imprint of Elsevier Science.