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* Summaries

This section contains presentations that describe the contents of the data on this disk as well as what is available from the real-time archives. Presentations listed below the heading "Data on this disk" show the characteristics of the data provided on this disk. Presentations listed below the heading "Real-time Data" show the data available from the real-time archives at MEDS within days of data collection.

The term high resolution (bottle, CTD, XBT data) is used to mean data that are sampled usually at 1 or 2 m resolution. Low resolution data are those profiles that have been reduced by some process and normally are transmitted in real-time (BATHYs - temperature vs depth and TESACs - temperature, salinity vs depth).

Data on this disk

This section portrays information about the data which are available on this disk.

Real-time Data

This section portrays information about the real-time data available. This is provided so that potential users of such data can know how much data are processed this way, from where they are received and how quickly the data can become available. If you are interested in gaining access to these data in real-time, contact Bob Keeley ( at MEDS.