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Data Quality Flags

A detailed explanation of the data quality flags used in the UOT and GTSPP is provided in the CSIRO Cookbook. Table 1 shown below is a shortened version.

Table 1. Data Quality Classes
Class Quality Description
Flag 0 No QC done Flag 0 data are the level at which all data enter the working archive. They have not yet been quality controlled.
Flag 1 Good data Flag 1 data are top quality data in which no malfunctions have been identified and all real features have been verified during the quality control process.
Flag 2 "Probably" good data Flag 2 data are good data in which some features (probably real) are present but these are unconfirmed. Flag 2 data are also data in which minor malfunctions may be present but these errors are small and/or can be successfully corrected without seriously affecting the overall quality of the data.
Flag 3 "Probably" bad data Flag 3 data are suspect data in which unusual, and probably erroneous features are observed.
Flag 4 Bad data Flag 4 data are those in which obviously erroneous values are observed.
Flag 5 Changed Flag 5 data have been altered by a QC Centre, with original values (before the change) preserved in the history record of the profile.