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We are very grateful to the following contributed to the compilation of this scientific quality data set: Rick Bailey (CSIRO/BMRC JAFOOS), Lisa Cowen (CSIRO/BMRC JAFOOS), Yeun-Ho Chong Daneshzadeh (AOML), Ann Gronell (CSIRO/JAFOOS), Norman Hall (US NODC), Bob Keeley (MEDS), Melanie Hamilton (US NODC), Roger Menard (MEDS), Marguerette Schultz (SIO), Bob Molinari (AOML), Michael Simmons (US NODC), Don Spear (MEDS), Charles Sun (US NODC), Loic Petit de la Villeon (IFREMER), and Warren White (SIO).

Special thanks are extended to Thierry Carval (IFREMER), Steve Diggs (SIO), Peter Jackson (CSIRO), Doug Hamilton (US NODC), Gary Meyers (CSIRO), Helen Phillips (CSIRO), Yvette Raguenes (IFREMER), Jean-Paul Rebert (IRD), Neil Smith (Australia BMRC), Neville Smith (Australia BMRC), Edwina Tanner (Australia NODC) and Ron Wilson (MEDS) for their contributions.

Many agencies have played important roles in the development of the UOT DAC and GTSPP system. The most important contributors are the collectors of the original data be the part of the WOCE programme or others. Without their efforts, this compilation of data and information would not have been possible. Each participating agency carries out a number of functions in handling the data for the UOT. With each of the partners listed below a short description of their main contribution to the programme is provided. You are encouraged to contact any of the people listed here for more information. If you wish to provide data to the archive, or to get data in either real-time or delayed mode, you can contact any of the data centres involved.

Thanks are also due to other agencies who have provide data feeds, organization and ideas in the development and running of the system. These include the Japanese Oceanographic Data Centre, the Japanese Meteorological Agency, the Bundesamt für Seeschiffahrt, the Australian Oceanographic Data Centre, the Surface and Subsurface Data Centre in Brest, the U.S. Fleet Numerical Oceanographic Center. A major data contributor is the Ship of Opportunity Program ( SOOP).


Contribution: Science centre carrying out quality control of data from the Atlantic Ocean.
Contact Bob Molinari: molinari@aoml.noaa.gov


Contribution: Data centre handling archive responsibilities for the UOT.
Contact Loic Petit de la Villeon: Loic.Petit.De.La.Villeon@ifremer.fr


Contribution: Science centre carrying out quality control of data from the Indian Ocean.
Contact Lisa Cowen: ljc@bom.gov.au
Funding for the Indian Ocean UOT DAC is also provided by the National Greenhouse Research Programme.


Contribution: Data centre handling real-time data management for the UOT.
Contact Bob Keeley: keeley@meds-sdmm.dfo-mpo.gc.ca


Contribution: Science centre carrying out quality control of data from the Pacific Ocean.
Contact Warren White: wbwhite@ucsd.edu


Contribution: Data centre handling real-time and delayed mode data management for the UOT.
Contact Charles Sun:Charles.Sun@noaa.gov


Contribution: WOCE Data and Information Unit.
Contact Katherine Bouton: bouton@diu.cms.udel.edu