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Dear Investigator,

The WOCE Hydrographic Program Office (WHPO) at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography is the Data Assembly Center for the WHP. The WHP Office is charged with providing a more nearly uniform assembled data set than has heretofore been possible for a large program. The WHPO gathers, merges, and makes available data from the WHP (CTD and water sample data); improves the adherence of data to WHP format and content specifications; and assembles and provides relevant documentation.

The WHP directories on this disk contain data and documentation for the WHP One-Time Survey cruises, for the WHP Repeat Hydrography cruises, and for WOCE Time Series Stations. Organization of cruise data and documentation is hierarchical by WHP program, ocean basin, WHP line designator, and cruise date.

The WHP profile CTD and bottle data are in the ASCII "WOCE" and "WHP-Exchange" formats and the binary "WOCE netCDF" formats as described in documentation provided. Maximum station information is present in "WOCE" data files. "WHP-Exchange" data files are easiest to read, and are the basis for the "WOCE netCDF" data files.

Let us know what we can do to help you. In particular when you find data or format errors that you think we should fix, please email a description to Your suggestions and comments will help us do a better job.

Stephen C. Diggs, Data Manager
Jerry L. Kappa, Publications Manager
Danie B. Kinkade, Data Analyst
James H. Swift, Director
Lynne D. Talley, Advisor

The following Scripps Institution of Oceanography staff also have contributed to the WHP Office:
George Anderson, Sarilee Anderson, Heidi Buck, Lauren Coartney, Adel Hajrasuliha, Linda Hyunh, Kevin Lu, Brenden Mills, Dave Muus, David Newton, Betty Nguyen, Caroline Quaker, Lyle Tagawa, Rachel Tibbetts, Karla Uribe, Jeremy Ward, and Jeremy Weir.