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  ncBrowse - A Graphical netCDF File Browser

ncBrowse hyperlink is a Java application that provides flexible, interactive graphical displays of data and attributes from a wide range of netCDF data file conventions. It was written by Donald W. Denbo at PMEL, NOAA.

Features include:

  • Designed to work with arbitrary netCDF files.
  • Browses file using the EPIC and COARDS conventions.
  • Provides a "tree" view of the netCDF file.
  • Handles character variables.
  • Handles dimensions without an associated variable.
  • Uses sgt graphics to perform 1 and 2 dimensional cuts through data.
  • Save to file a complete or the subset of a single variable as a "cdl" text file.
  • Currently uses Java 2 and Swing.
  • Jdk1.1 version available for Mac Users.

The version included on these DVDs is rel-1.2.2. Interim help as was given on their www site is available.

Download Options

Use the links provided below for access to rel-1.2.2 or go to the ftp directories at ftp://www.epic.noaa.gov/java/ncBrowse hyperlink for the latest version.


Jar Files
ncBrowse.jar, HTTPClient.jar, dods.jar, and netcdf2.jar are all required.
(These jars are included in the above installers.)
Use "java ncBrowse.Browser" to run.

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