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Ship Names By Alphabetical Name

From http://www.researchvessels.org/nodc_by_name.txt hyperlink

90UW   11TH PJATILETKA                                   OCL REQUEST                                       
90TU   1500 LET KIYEVU                                   LYFB                                              
90FE   20-21                                             OCL                                               
90JO   203                                               ICES REQUEST  07Oct38 to 12Nov38                  
73DE   30 DECEMBER                                       ICES REQUEST (years 1960 - 1961)                  
76AJ   3-101                                                                                               
76AM   3-141                                                                                               
76AN   3-151                                                                                               
904Z   393 GMTS                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
905E   403-GMTS                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
905P   60 LET VLKSM                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
06AF   A FREYMANN                                                                                          
31I7   A. A. CUNNINGHAM                                                                                    
31JA   A. A. JAKKULA                                                                                       
31AX   A. AGASSIZ                                                                                          
68AB   A. ALBUQUERQUE                                                                                      
3133   A. C. COCKRELL                                                                                      
3171   A. E. VERRILL                                                                                       
18FO   A. FOOTE                                                                                            
31ZK   A. J. ISBELL                                                                                        
31AM   A. J. MEYER                                                                                         
06AH   A. LEONHARDT                                                                                        
31ZJ   A. M. SUMNER                                                                                        
90OT   A. OTKUPTSCHIKOV                                                                                    
18AK   A. P. KNIGHT                                                                                        
20PN   A. PINTO                                                                                            
90SI   A. SIBIRYAKOV                                     (UBMU)  1989                                      
18AT   A. T. CAMERON                                                                                       
313D   A. T. HARRIS                                                                                        
77CB   A. TISELIUS                                       SDBF                                              
07AL   A. V. HUMBOLDT                                                                                      
31F9   A. W. RADFORD                                                                                       
9019   A.I. VOEIKOV                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
90VK   A.I. VOYEYKOV                                                                                       
06AE   AADE                                                                                                
90AX   ABAKAN                                            USIL                                              
20AI   ABATE MOLINA                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
31O9   ABBOT                                                                                               
742Y   ABDIEL                                            N-21                                              
31IY   ABILITY                                                                                             
90JQ   ABKHAZETZ                                         ICES REQUEST  11Sep32 to 22Sep32                  
90AW   ABKHAZIYA                                                                                           
31AQ   ABNAKI                                                                                              
338Y   ABR-10                                                                                              
641E   ABRAHAM CRIJNSSEN                                                                                   
909Z   ABREK                                             OCL                                               
31AZ   ABSECON                                           callSign WC5071                                   
49AB   ABUKUMA                                           callSign JNZT                                     
321N   ACADIA                                            AD-42                                             
18AI   ACADIA                                            callSign CGCB                                     
321B   ACANIA                                                                                              
29AC   ACARTIA                                                                                             
318I   ACARTIA                                                                                             
74AH   ACHERON                                                                                             
907S   ACHILLES                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
64AC   ACHILLES                                                                                            
744R   ACHILLES                                          F-12                                              
GHAC   ACHIMOTA                                                                                            
314A   ACME                                                                                                
31AC   ACONA                                                                                               
352Q   ACONIT                                                                                              
06CX   ACT 10                                                                                              
TNAA   ACT 12                                            A3B2                                              
74AJ   ACT 3                                             this shipname prior to 12/91; callsign C6JZ2      
74AS   ACT 6                                             C6JZ3 PRIOR 12/91                                 
BHAC   ACT-10                                            C6HL8                                             
3134   ACTIVE                                                                                              
745A   ACTIVE                                            F-171                                             
58AK   ACTIVE KING                                                                                         
18AC   ACTIVE PASS F/S                                                                                     
31AU   ACUSHNET                                                                                            
PAAR   ADA                                               callSign 9GUF                                     
SADD   ADDIRIYAH                                         (HZLL)                                            
36A1   ADELAIS                                           ICES REQUEST 10May85 to 16May85 small boat        
58AL   ADELER                                                                                              
90B1   ADELGUNDA                                         ICES REQUEST  10Oct17 to 24Dec17                  
90UQ   ADJARIA                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
903E   ADLER                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
06JA   ADLERGRUND                                        OCL REQUEST  L/V  CallSign DEIL                   
354T   ADMINISTRATEUR THOMAS                             CIRCA 1952                                        
32A1   ADMIRABLE                                                                                           
67AA   ADMIRAL ARCISZEWSKI                               callSign SQHZ                                     
321P   ADMIRAL CALLAGHAN                                                                                   
323K   ADMIRAL E. J. KING                                                                                  
9076   ADMIRAL MAKAROV                                   OCL REQUEST                                       
26AJ   ADOLF JENSEN                                      callSign OVOZ                                     
32A2   ADRIA                                             callSign IWVN                                     
313A   ADROIT                                                                                              
09Y4   ADVANCE                                           P-83                                              
311A   ADVANCE                                                                                             
32AD   ADVANCE II                                                                                          
33AD   ADVANCE IV                                        OCL CODE 7610                                     
32VR   ADVENTURER                                                                                          
74ET   ADVICE                                                                                              
36AE   AEGAEO                                            (SXYY) FORMERLY AEGAIO PRE OCT 1994               
58AU   AEGER                                             F-311                                             
46AE   AEGIR                                                                                               
64AE   AEGIS                                                                                               
PAAP   AEGIS BRITANNIC                                                                                     
36A2   AEGLI                                             ICES REQUEST 11Dec74 to 19Feb76   small boat      
90A8   AELITA                                            (UMOY)                                            
31AE   AEOLUS                                                                                              
90JR   AEROLOG                                           ICES REQUEST  26Aug55 to 27Oct55                  
902D   AFELIY                                            UKYW                                              
31A8   AFFRAY                                                                                              
32AC   AFRICAN COMET                                                                                       
31Z6   AFRICAN CRESCENT                                                                                    
54GA   AFRICAN GARDENIA                                  ELAT2                                             
311F   AFRICAN LIGHTING                                                                                    
32AF   AFRICAN METEOR                                                                                      
31FW   AFRICAN RAINBOW                                                                                     
32AB   AFRICAN STAR                                                                                        
91AE   AFRICANA I                                                                                          
91AF   AFRICANA II                                                                                         
CYAP   AFRIS PIONEER                                     (P3FY)                                            
29AM   AGAMENON                                                                                            
90EC   AGAT                                              OCL                                               
261G   AGENT PETERSEN                                                                                      
31GQ   AGERHOLM                                                                                            
31A6   AGGRESSIVE                                                                                          
31AV   AGILE                                             callSign IJMI                                     
74AG   AGINCOURT                                                                                           
48BF   AGIP ABRUZZO                                                                                        
77AG   AGNE                                                                                                
09X3   AGNES JAMES                                                                                         
491A   AGS NO 1                                                                                            
492A   AGS NO 2                                                                                            
493A   AGS NO 3                                                                                            
494A   AGS NO 4                                                                                            
495A   AGS NO 5                                                                                            
496A   AGS NO 6                                                                                            
497A   AGS NO 7                                                                                            
498A   AGS NO 8                                                                                            
499A   AGS NO 9                                                                                            
66AF   AGUSTINA II                                                                                         
18HC   AHIC                                              1945-47                                           
326A   AHRENS                                                                                              
491B   AICHI MARU                                                                                          
35AI   AILETTE                                           callSign FUZB                                     
32AH   AINWORTH                                                                                            
49RH   AIOI MARU No. 5                                   OCL REQUEST                                       
2691   AIRCRAFT                                                                                            
4991   AIRCRAFT                                                                                            
6691   AIRCRAFT                                                                                            
7491   AIRCRAFT                                                                                            
1891   AIRCRAFT                                          callSign VP407                                    
3491   AIRCRAFT                                                                                            
ZZ91   AIRCRAFT                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
3191   AIRCRAFT                                                                                            
9191   AIRCRAFT                                                                                            
5891   AIRCRAFT                                                                                            
35AA   AIRPLANE                                          F-OCSB                                            
90AI   AISBERG                                                                                             
492I   AISEI MARU                                        1964                                              
49I5   AISEI MARU NO.5                                                                                     
74AI   AISNE                                                                                               
09X5   AJAX                                                                                                
34AX   AJAXBANK L/V                                                                                        
90WG   AKAD. ALEKSANDR KARPINSKY                         OCL REQUEST                                       
15AK   AKADEMIK                                          ICES REQUEST RadioCallSign LZDA                   
90AK   AKADEMIK A. KOVALEVSKIY                           UEWJ                                              
90BM   AKADEMIK ALEKSANDR NESMEYANOV                     UBYK                                              
90BN   AKADEMIK ALEKSANDR VINOGRADOV                     callSign UYEV                                     
90AO   AKADEMIK ALEKSEY KRYLOV                           HWA                                               
90AC   AKADEMIK ARKHANGELSKIY                            UHPU                                              
90AJ   AKADEMIK BERG                                     UQAE                                              
90AQ   AKADEMIK FEDOROV (AKA AKADEMIK FYODOROV)          UQYC                                              
90KD   AKADEMIK IOFFE                                    UKLP                                              
90KN   AKADEMIK KNIPOVICH                                                                                  
CUKN   AKADEMIK KNIPOVICH                                                                                  
90AM   AKADEMIK KOROLEV                                  UHQS                                              
90AU   AKADEMIK KURCHATOV                                UBLF                                              
90LA   AKADEMIK M.A. LAVRENTYEV                          UJFY                                              
90BP   AKADEMIK MSTISLAV KELDYSH                                                                           
90NS   AKADEMIK NIKOLAY STRAKHOV                         ICES REQUEST  (aka A.N. STRAKHOV) CallSign UVXJ   
90JT   AKADEMIK OBRUCHEV                                 ICES REQUEST  20Sep58 to 29May59                  
907W   AKADEMIK PETROVSKII                               OCL REQUEST                                       
90AV   AKADEMIK SERGEY VAVILOV                           UKOC                                              
90SG   AKADEMIK SERGEY VAVILOV                           RadioCallSign  UKOC                               
90SC   AKADEMIK SHIRSHOV                                 UMAY                                              
90BQ   AKADEMIK SHOKALSKIY                               UUPB                                              
90BR   AKADEMIK SHULEYKIN                                UBNZ                                              
90VE   AKADEMIK VERNADSKIY                               ULYN                                              
90FH   AKADEMIK VLADIMIRSKIY                             OCL                                               
90WC   AKADEMIK ZERNOV                                   OCL REQUEST                                       
49B1   AKASHI                                                                                              
41AK   AKBAR                                             RadioCallSign ATGH                                
49AE   AKEBONO-MARU                                                                                        
90AH   AKHILL                                            UUVQ                                              
49PC   AKI                                                                                                 
49AI   AKITA-MARU                                                                                          
49LJ   AKIZAKI MARU                                                                                        
49AZ   AKIZUKI                                                                                             
24AK   AKL 908                                                                                             
18AA   AKPATOK                                                                                             
90KC   AKVANAVT                                          UMSK                                              
KUAA   AL AWDAH  M/V                                     (9KWA)                                            
324A   AL DURIYAH                                                                                          
32A0   AL JO                                                                                               
KUAL   AL SAMIDOON                                       9KKF                                              
KUAS   AL SHUHADAA                                       9KKH                                              
31A7   ALACRITY                                                                                            
90LG   ALAID                                             (UKJP)                                            
90BT   ALAIO                                                                                               
31OS   ALAMINOS                                                                                            
32L2   ALAMO                                                                                               
31AS   ALASKA                                                                                              
49BG   ALASKA MARU                                                                                         
32AK   ALASKAN MAIL                                                                                        
903W   ALATYR                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
90AN   ALAZANI                                           ESPS                                              
90AB   ALBA                                                                                                
68AL   ALBACORA                                                                                            
32AL   ALBACORE                                                                                            
77AB   ALBANIA                                                                                             
09B7   ALBANY                                            COASTAL STATION                                   
313Z   ALBANY                                                                                              
90AL   ALBATROS                                                                                            
35A7   ALBATROS                                          (FALS)  08/30/1996                                
31V9   ALBATROSS                                         USN                                               
31AF   ALBATROSS                                         USFC STEAMER 1882-1921                            
77AL   ALBATROSS                                                                                           
49PG   ALBATROSS                                                                                           
31AL   ALBATROSS II                                      1926-1948                                         
31AB   ALBATROSS III                                     1948-2/20/59                                      
31A4   ALBATROSS IV                                      2/27/63-present;WMVF                              
54BZ   ALBERNI DAWN                                      ELAC5                                             
46AL   ALBERT                                                                                              
35AH   ALBERT CHRISTINE                                                                                    
3158   ALBERT DAVID                                                                                        
745U   ALBERT EDWARD                                                                                       
54BK   ALBERTWILL                                        callSign D5NU                                     
26AL   ALBORG BUGT L/V                                                                                     
26AB   ALBORG C/S                                                                                          
29LG   ALCALA GALIANO                                    USS JARVIS                                        
20AL   ALCATRAZA II                                      (CB2683)  11/25/1991                              
32A3   ALCHIBA                                                                                             
18HH   ALCIDE C. HORTH                                   (VA6669)  U. OF QUEBEC AT RIMOUSKI UQAR           
32AS   ALCOA SEAPROBE                                                                                      
32AJ   ALCONA                                                                                              
31L2   ALCOR                                             callSign PCGV                                     
48AL   ALDA MADRE                                                                                          
32A4   ALDEBARAN                                                                                           
18AD   ALDER POINT                                                                                         
57VA   ALE ANDRO DE HUMBOLDT                                                                               
65AH   ALEJERO HUMBOLDT                                                                                    
90BU   ALEKSANDR BORISOV                                 callSign UTNT                                     
90A1   ALEKSANDR KOVALEVSKY                              ICES REQUEST(not  same ship as other 'Kovalevskys)
90W1   ALEKSANDR NEVSKY                                  OCL REQUEST 19th cent "Fregat" type Hydromet Servc
90ON   ALEKSANDR SMIRNOV                                 FORMERLY ORION                                    
90JV   ALEKSANDR VLASOV                                  ICES REQUEST  20Nov65 to 27Nov75                  
06AA   ALEMANIA                                                                                            
74AL   ALERT                                                                                               
61AL   ALERT                                                                                               
319L   ALERT                                                                                               
32AE   ALEUTIAN                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
3298   ALEUTIAN DEVELOPER                                                                                  
32LZ   ALEUTIAN TERN                                                                                       
35AX   ALEXANDRINE                                                                                         
08AM   ALFEREZ MACKINLAY                                                                                   
68AQ   ALFONSO DE ALBERQUERQUE                           (CTHD)  09/03/1979                                
18NE   ALFRED NEEDLER                                                                                      
35FD   ALFRED VIEU                                       1930                                              
90DS   ALGA                                                                                                
903M   ALGAMA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
06JB   ALGENIB                                           OCL REQUEST  ship-of-opportunity                  
18GL   ALGERINE                                          1951-56                                           
90JX   ALGINIB                                           ICES REQUEST  06Jul90 to 27Nov90                  
SVAB   ALGOA BAY                                         J8FO                                              
321Q   ALGOL                                             AKR-287 EX-EXCHANGE                               
18AQ   ALGONQUIN                                                                                           
32QA   ALIANORA                                                                                            
46AF   ALICE FREYMANN                                                                                      
35AL   ALIDADE                                                                                             
CUAL   ALIOT                                             SRT-M-8005                                        
35AY   ALIS                                              ; callSign FHQB                                   
74A3   ALISTER HARDY                                     OCL request; OCL code 7655                        
06AK   ALKOR                                                                                               
36AL   ALKYONI                                                                                             
32ZO   ALL STAR SR                                       (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32A5   ALLAGASH                                                                                            
9010   ALLAID                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
09Y3   ALLANWOOD                                                                                           
31AG   ALLEGHENY                                                                                           
323A   ALLEGIANCE                                                                                          
321R   ALLEN                                                                                               
06A4   ALLIANCE                                          (DRMX) NATO SHIP SACLANT ITALY                    
09AL   ALLUNGA                                                                                             
901E   ALMA ATA                                                                                            
90YL   ALMAR-212                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
48BB   ALMARE IV                                                                                           
68CA   ALMEIDA CARVALHO                                                                                    
08AB   ALMIRANTE BROWN                                   OCL REQUEST; callSign LOBK                        
14AC   ALMIRANTE CAMARA                                                                                    
08AI   ALMIRANTE IRIZAR                                                                                    
68AM   ALMIRANTE LACERDA                                                                                   
29AL   ALMIRANTE LOBO                                                                                      
20AM   ALMIRANTE MONTT                                   callSign CCAM                                     
22AP   ALMIRANTE PADIL                                                                                     
14AS   ALMIRANTE SALDANHA                                                                                  
35AF   ALMORAVIDE                                                                                          
MUAF   ALMORAVIDE                                                                                          
31HX   ALPHA HELIX                                                                                         
905R   ALPHERAS                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
48AE   ALPINO                                                                                              
06AB   ALSTER EXPRESS                                                                                      
57AL   ALTAIR                                            FORMERLY GILLISS                                  
90AF   ALTAIR                                            SRTM-80M                                          
06AL   ALTAIR                                                                                              
32AO   ALTAMAHA                                                                                            
06JC   ALTE LIEBE CUXHAVEN                               OCL REQUEST coastal station 06-01-1947 to present 
90UX   ALTFATER                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
36BB   ALTHEA                                                                                              
32LB   ALUMIAC                                                                                             
3222   ALUMIAK                                                                                             
32K8   ALUMINIAK                                                                                           
68AV   ALVARES CABRAL                                    CTFK                                              
26AV   ALVILDE                                                                                             
31A5   ALVIN                                                                                               
KUAW   AL-WATTYAH                                        (9KJP)                                            
49A8   AMAGI MARU                                                                                          
32GZ   AMAK                                                                                                
35AT   AMALTHEE                                                                                            
49AQ   AMAMI                                                                                               
32LX   AMATULI                                           callSign WY2184                                   
742A   AMAZON                                            F-169                                             
HOAM   AMAZON                                            (HQFG8)  01/08/1990 TUG BOAT                      
55AM   AMBARIAKA                                                                                           
32AM   AMBASSADOR                                                                                          
49WD   AMBASSADOR BRIDGE                                                                                   
31AH   AMBROSE L/S                                                                                         
742L   AMBUSCADE                                         F-172                                             
3114   AMERICA                                                                                             
49M8   AMERICA MARU                                                                                        
BHAJ   AMERICA STAR                                      this shipname after 12/91; callsign C6JZ2         
32MM   AMERICAN ALTAIR                                   FORMERLY MORMAC                                   
318K   AMERICAN ARGO                                     FORMERLY MORMAC                                   
31M5   AMERICAN BAY                                      FORMERLY MORMAC                                   
318V   AMERICAN CAPE                                     FORMERLY MORMAC                                   
321S   AMERICAN CHALLENGER                                                                                 
321T   AMERICAN CHAMPION                                                                                   
321U   AMERICAN CHARGER                                                                                    
321V   AMERICAN CHIEFTAN                                                                                   
3295   AMERICAN CORMORANT                                callSign KGOP                                     
321W   AMERICAN CORSAIR                                                                                    
321X   AMERICAN COURIER                                                                                    
323M   AMERICAN DRACO                                    FORMERLY MORMAC                                   
321Y   AMERICAN EAGLE                                                                                      
3196   AMERICAN EXPLORER                                                                                   
318H   AMERICAN LAKE                                     FORMERLY MORMAC                                   
32AA   AMERICAN MAIL                                                                                       
321Z   AMERICAN MONARCH                                                                                    
318O   AMERICAN PRIDE                                    FORMERLY MORMAC                                   
3211   AMERICAN RACER                                    callSign KNDF                                     
3212   AMERICAN RANGER                                   callSign KNKW                                     
32VX   AMERICAN RAPID                                                                                      
3296   AMERICAN RELIANCE                                 callSign KNKX                                     
312M   AMERICAN RESERVIST                                FORMERLY MORMAC LYNX < 1983                       
32MR   AMERICAN RIGEL                                    FORMERLY MORMAC                                   
32WU   AMERICAN SPITFIRE                                                                                   
32WV   AMERICAN TITAN                                                                                      
3183   AMERICAN TRADE                                    FORMERLY MORMAC                                   
3213   AMERICAN TRADER                                                                                     
3214   AMERICAN TROJAN                                   AK-1010                                           
32MV   AMERICAN VEGA                                     FORMERLY MORMAC                                   
32QP   AMERICAN VETERAN                                  callSign WEZT                                     
32VO   AMERICAN VIKING                                   callSign WYX2824                                  
32AP   AMETHYST                                                                                            
904L   AMETIST                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
58MM   AMI F/S                                                                                             
32A6   AMICK                                                                                               
32AI   AMIGO                                                                                               
35BJ   AMIRAL CHARNER                                                                                      
35AM   AMIRAL MOUCHEZ                                                                                      
18AM   AMLAC                                                                                               
31N2   AMMEN                                                                                               
48AM   AMMIRAGLIO MAGNAHI                                                                                  
35MP   AMPERE                                            OCL                                               
353E   AMPHIOPE                                                                                            
35AP   AMPHIOXUS                                                                                           
18AP   AMPHITRITE POINT F/S                                                                                
90JY   AMRA                                              ICES REQUEST  23Jul37 to 24Sep38                  
06AM   AMRUMBANK                                         callSign DIRT                                     
641A   AMSTELBRINK                                                                                         
64AM   AMSTERDAM                                         callSign HQDU2                                    
351W   AMYOT D'INVILLE                                                                                     
45AC   AN CAPPALL BAN                                    (F/V)                                             
36BR   ANAGEL ARES                                                                                         
20AA   ANAKENA                                                                                             
90AS   ANASTAS                                                                                             
907B   ANCHAR                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
32AN   ANCHORAGE                                                                                           
77NC   ANCYLUS                                           SDMR                                              
58AX   ANDENES                                                                                             
18ND   ANDERSON                                          1952                                              
3215   ANDERSON, PFC JAMES JR.                           AKX                                               
20AN   ANDINO                                                                                              
36AD   ANDIOPI                                                                                             
35AN   ANDRE LOUIS                                                                                         
35NI   ANDRE NIZERY                                      FWQP                                              
64AF   ANDREA SMITS                                                                                        
90AP   ANDREI PERVOZVANNY                                                                                  
90AT   ANDREY VILKITSKY                                                                                    
95AM   ANDRIJA MOHOROVICIC                               YTDW                                              
HRAM   ANDRIJA MOHOROVICIC                               as of 30May1991 former  CODE 95AM  ICES REQUEST   
9014   ANDROMEDA                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
743F   ANDROMEDA                                         F-57                                              
68AN   ANDROMEDA                                         (R/V) (CTHK)                                      
31AI   ANDROSCOGGIN                                                                                        
90AG   ANDRUS IOKHANI                                                                                      
58AJ   ANELA                                                                                               
32AG   ANELA                                             (TUNA BOAT)                                       
36AN   ANEMOS                                                                                              
32F0   ANGES FOSS                                                                                          
744M   ANGLESEY                                                                                            
74AN   ANGLO NORSE                                                                                         
35A1   ANGO                                                                                                
20AD   ANGOL                                                                                               
77NT   ANHOLT                                            callSign OUWY                                     
26AK   ANHOLT KNOB L/V                                                                                     
26AH   ANHOLT NORD L/V                                                                                     
32YJ   ANNA                                                                                                
32AY   ANNA MARIE                                                                                          
54A2   ANNABELLA                                         RadioCallSign ELCP4                               
319Q   ANNANDALE                                                                                           
31QV   ANNAPOLIS                                                                                           
18AO   ANNAPOLIS                                                                                           
261E   ANNE                                                                                                
354M   ANNE MARIE CHRISTINE                              CIRCA 1952                                        
354R   ANNE ROSE MARIE                                   CIRCA 1952                                        
32A9   ANNE, M.                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
77AC   ANNIE JOHNSON                                                                                       
061G   ANNIEMARIE                                                                                          
RCAB   ANNO BON                                                                                            
352B   ANQUETIL                                                                                            
SIAD   ANRO ASIA                                         callSign 9VUU                                     
09AH   ANRO AUSTRALIA                                    callSign VJBQ                                     
18AN   ANTAR                                                                                               
77A2   ANTARCTIC                                         OCL request; OCL code 7644                        
773A   ANTARCTIC                                                                                           
26AN   ANTARCTICA                                                                                          
08AN   ANTARCTICA                                                                                          
641B   ANTARCTICA                                                                                          
32A7   ANTARES                                                                                             
90A7   ANTARES                                                                                             
CUAN   ANTARES                                                                                             
35A8   ANTEA                                             (FNVR)                                            
35AB   ANTEDON                                                                                             
18AG   ANTIGONISH                                                                                          
32NK   ANTILLAS                                                                                            
90RF   ANTIYA                                            callSign LYDO                                     
PAAF   ANTOFAGASTA                                                                                         
31AO   ANTON BRUUN                                                                                         
31AD   ANTON DOHRN                                                                                         
06DA   ANTON DOHRN                                       POST-8/72 callSign DBFR                           
06AD   ANTON DOHRN                                       PRE-8/72                                          
64LH   ANTONI VAN LEEUWENHOEK                                                                              
LAAN   ANTONIA                                           YL2025                                            
77AD   ANTONIA JOHNSON                                                                                     
32AT   ANTONIA, C.                                       (TUNA BOAT)                                       
321G   ANTRIM                                                                                              
09AN   ANZAC                                                                                               
49AO   AOMORI-MARU                                                                                         
74AO   AORA                                              callSign 2JMN                                     
49AR   AOTAKA MARU                                                                                         
3216   APACHE                                            ATF-172                                           
26AP   APHRODITE                                         callSign 5QPC; MARIN ID/COPENHAGEN                
49AP   APOI MARU                                                                                           
74AP   APOLLO                                                                                              
32O2   APOLLO                                            (TUNA BOAT)                                       
36A3   APOLLON                                           ICES REQUEST  30Jan84 to 23May87  small boat      
744X   APPLELEAF                                                                                           
31A3   AQUALAB                                                                                             
31A1   AQUANAUT                                                                                            
32AQ   AQUARIUS                                                                                            
74GC   AQUILA                                                                                              
3217   AQUILA                                            PHM-4                                             
64AX   ARABIAN EXPRESS                                   callSign DURK                                     
SAAS   ARABIAN SEA                                       HZQJ                                              
906H   ARAGATZ                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
35A6   ARAGO                                             (FAGY)                                            
48AR   ARAGONESE                                                                                           
34AR   ARANDA                                                                                              
90AD   ARANDA OR 34AR                                                                                      
34AG   ARANSGRUND L/S                                                                                      
32RH   ARAPAHO                                                                                             
89AR   ARAR                                              call sign TC5393                                  
20AR   ARAUCO II                                                                                           
33AR   ARC                                               VIA OCL                                           
32KO   ARCATIA                                                                                             
33AF   ARCHERFISH                                        OCL request; OCL code 7654                        
35AK   ARCO                                              callSign HQGW7                                    
32RO   ARCO ANCHORAGE                                    callSign WCIO                                     
321A   ARCO FAIRBANK                                                                                       
32JU   ARCO JUNEAU                                       callSign KSBG                                     
54AA   ARCO RESOLUTION                                                                                     
77AO   ARCONA                                                                                              
18AB   ARCTIC HARVESTER                                                                                    
18AW   ARCTIC IVIK                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
31S1   ARCTIC SEAL                                       callSign WX9225                                   
18LS   ARCTIC SEALER                                     1958                                              
67AR   ARCTOWSKI                                         NAVY VESSEL ORP                                   
33AS   ARCTURUS                                          Fishing Vessel                                    
34AT   ARCTURUS                                                                                            
35AD   ARDENT                                                                                              
48AX   ARDITO                                                                                              
743U   ARDMAY                                                                                              
741V   ARETHUSA                                          F-38                                              
SEAR   ARFANG                                                                                              
06EG   ARGE ELBE                                         FIXED STATION                                     
35AR   ARGENT                                                                                              
BHAR   ARGENTINA STAR                                    callsign: C6MD8                                   
36A4   ARGO                                              ICES REQUEST  11Nov75 to 19Nov75  small boat      
31AR   ARGO                                                                                                
33AM   ARGO MAINE                                                                                          
CYAR   ARGONAUT                                          Callsign P3ES7                                    
742D   ARGONAUT                                          F-56                                              
77AR   ARGOS                                                                                               
320A   ARGOSY                                                                                              
9062   ARGOUN                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
32AX   ARGUE MARTIN                                                                                        
35AO   ARGUENON                                                                                            
90A3   ARGUS                                                                                               
74AR   ARGUS                                                                                               
54BP   ARGUS                                                                                               
64AS   ARGUS                                             PBVR                                              
32AU   ARGUS                                                                                               
31IT   ARGUS ISLAND                                                                                        
742C   ARIADNE                                           F-72                                              
49AJ   ARIAKE                                                                                              
06A2   ARIANA                                            DIDA                                              
35R1   ARIANA                                            IFREMER   RadioCallSign FNCK                      
90AE   ARIEL                                                                                               
31ZS   ARIES                                                                                               
49BC   ARIISO MARU                                                                                         
49ZG   ARIISO MARU                                                                                         
64AI   ARISTOT                                                                                             
64AR   ARISTOTELES                                                                                         
314Z   ARIZONA STANDARD                                                                                    
74AK   ARK ROYAL                                                                                           
36BA   ARKADI                                                                                              
06AN   ARKONA BECKEN                                                                                       
90AR   ARKTIKA                                                                                             
66AV   ARKTIS VISION                                     DXWJ2                                             
26AR   ARKTIS VISION                                     callSign OXWJ2                                    
18AX   ARLEUX                                            CIRCA 1923                                        
31AW   ARLIS I  (acronym)                                Arctic Research Laboratory Ice Station I          
31AY   ARLIS II  (acronym)                               Arctic Research Laboratory Ice Station II         
74AM   ARMADA                                                                                              
58AH   ARMAUER HANSEN                                                                                      
18AR   ARMENTIERES                                                                                         
31YI   ARMINO                                                                                              
35AG   ARMOISE                                                                                             
35AQ   ARMORIQUE                                                                                           
31A2   ARNEB                                             callSign UMQV                                     
46FR   ARNI FRIDRIKSSON                                  TFJA                                              
90LW   ARNOLD VEIMER                                                                                       
06AR   AROS                                                                                                
35AS   ARRAS                                                                                               
336A   ARROW                                                                                               
742M   ARROW                                             F-173                                             
CUAA   ARROYOS DE MANTUA                                                                                   
URAR   ARSHINCEVO                                        ICES REQUEST  Yr 1994 to 1999   RadioCallSign ENEX
90A9   ARTEM                                                                                               
90AZ   ARTEMIDA                                          EWVT                                              
32AR   ARTEMIS                                                                                             
18AF   ARTFUL                                                                                              
18AY   ARTICA                                                                                              
90GC   ARTYK                                                                                               
46AR   ARVAKUR                                                                                             
14AR   ARY RONGEL                                        OCL REQUEST (ex. Norwegian POLAR QUEEN 19Apr1994) 
49AD   ASACHIDORI                                        callSign JJ3316                                   
49GS   ASAGIRI MARU                                                                                        
49PJ   ASAHI MARU                                                                                          
49AH   ASAHI-MARU                                                                                          
49A1   ASAHI-MARU NO 1                                                                                     
49AK   ASAKAZE-MARU                                                                                        
49A9   ASAMA MARU                                                                                          
24AA   ASAN                                                                                                
49AG   ASANAGI-MARU                                                                                        
49AS   ASASHIO MARU                                      callSign JJ3661                                   
49BD   ASHITAKA                                          (JGVL)                                            
49BB   ASHIYA MARU                                       callSign JJ3677                                   
49AC   ASHIZURI                                                                                            
49M9   ASHU MARU                                         callSign JIJY                                     
49UH   ASHU MARU NO 2                                                                                      
49B2   ASIA MARU                                                                                           
HKAC   ASIAN CHALLENGER                                  call sign VRSR; year built: 1991                  
PAA1   ASIAN PROGRESS                                    HPYZ LLOYD'S #8210900                             
35AE   ASIE                                                                                                
58AS   ASK                                                                                                 
58AE   ASKOEY                                                                                              
90AA   ASKOLD                                            UVYZ                                              
18AE   ASSINIBOINE                                                                                         
31ZA   ASSURANCE                                                                                           
06JD   ASTARTE                                           OCL REQUEST CallSign DIRD small craft 1-1-1953 to 
31AA   ASTERIAS                                                                                            
58AT   ASTERIAS                                                                                            
31AJ   ASTERION                                                                                            
58AF   ASTOR                                                                                               
312A   ASTOR                                                                                               
35AJ   ASTRAGALE                                                                                           
74A2   ASTRID                                            MKUE3                                             
26AG   ASTRID BRAMMING                                                                                     
35AC   ASTROLABE                                                                                           
29AS   ASTURIAS                                          (EBHB)  03/31/1976                                
492U   ASU-85                                            1963                                              
20AE   ATACAMA                                                                                             
06A3   ATAIR                                                                                               
315G   ATAKAPA                                                                                             
18AH   ATHABASKAN                                                                                          
33AH   ATHENA II                                         OCL                                               
06DH   ATHENE                                                                                              
641T   ATJEH                                                                                               
31AK   ATKA                                                                                                
61AK   ATKA 31                                                                                             
18AS   ATKINSON                                                                                            
90A6   ATLANT                                                                                              
33AB   ATLANTA BAY                                       WBA9063                                           
32AV   ATLANTIC                                                                                            
74AC   ATLANTIC CAUSEWAY                                                                                   
32ZI   ATLANTIC CAUSEWAY                                                                                   
77BS   ATLANTIC CINDERELLA                                                                                 
32NV   ATLANTIC CONVEYER                                                                                   
49LG   ATLANTIC HIGHWAY                                                                                    
18A1   ATLANTIC LINDSEY                                  (VC4959)                                          
31S9   ATLANTIC SEAL                                                                                       
32LR   ATLANTIC STAR                                                                                       
18A2   ATLANTIC SURF                                     CallSign VOLM  ( ex. Scotian Surf)                
32AW   ATLANTIC TWIN                                     callSign WY5063                                   
14AL   ATLANTICO SUL                                     PP4336                                            
RUAL   ATLANTIDA                                         UTTU                                              
33AT   ATLANTIS                                          AS OF 3/3/1997 - WHOI                             
PAAJ   ATLANTIS I                                                                                          
31AT   ATLANTIS I 1931-9/63                              1931-9/63                                         
31AN   ATLANTIS II                                       4/63-PRESENT; callSign KADC                       
RUNT   ATLANTNIRO                                        ICES REQUEST after 1Jan92  RadioCallSign UHOB     
90NT   ATLANTNIRO                                        callSign UHOB                                     
35TS   ATLAS                                                                                               
32A8   ATLAS                                                                                               
90JZ   ATLAS                                             ICES REQUEST  19Aug66 to 25Nov87                  
77AA   ATLE                                              SBPR                                              
58BF   ATLE JARL                                         callSign LGWQ                                     
90DJ   ATMOSFERA                                                                                           
33A2   ATOLL III                                         Private Sailing Vessel (Years 1972-1976)          
18AL   ATOLLA                                                                                              
49AT   ATSUMI                                                                                              
312T   ATTU                                                                                                
33AN   ATUN                                              CIRCA 1955                                        
66AM   ATYIMBA                                           1969                                              
35CF   AUBRAC                                                                                              
327V   AUBREY FITCH                                      FFG-34                                            
325A   AUBURN                                                                                              
31UC   AUCILLA                                                                                             
48AY   AUDACE                                                                                              
06GP   AUDIEK                                                                                              
32IK   AUDREY LYNN                                                                                         
061S   AUGSBURG                                                                                            
58BM   AUGUST BRINKMAN                                   1949-93 U. OF BERGEN                              
06AU   AUGUSTA                                                                                             
31TE   AUKE BAY                                                                                            
31UL   AULT                                                                                                
34AN   AURA                                                                                                
26AU   AURELIA                                           RadioCallSign XPC8134 County of N. Jutland        
64AU   AURELIA                                                                                             
77UR   AURELIA                                           SGEU                                              
34AU   AURELIA L/V                                                                                         
68AU   AURIGA                                            (R/V) (CTHL)                                      
741R   AURORA                                            F-10                                              
09AR   AURORA AUSTRALIS                                  VNAA                                              
06LC   AUSSENEIDER                                       OCL REQUEST  L/V                                  
06AJ   AUSSENJADE                                                                                          
3219   AUSTIN                                            LPD-4                                             
32J0   AUSTRAL ENVOY                                                                                       
323L   AUSTRAL LIGHTNING                                                                                   
32UM   AUSTRAL MOON                                                                                        
32UR   AUSTRAL RAINBOW                                   callSign WEZP                                     
09AG   AUSTRALIA STAR                                                                                      
09AU   AUSTRALIAN ENTERPRISE                             Call Sign VNVT                                    
09AK   AUSTRALIAN PROGRESS                                                                                 
092I   AUSTRALIAN PROSPECTOR                                                                               
09AT   AUSTRALIAN TRADER                                                                                   
35A9   AUTAN                                             FNXK                                              
31P1   AUTEC                                             PROJECT                                           
31A9   AVENGE                                                                                              
743R   AVENGER                                           F-176                                             
35AV   AVENTURE                                          callSign HQCR9                                    
29AV   AVERROES                                                                                            
06AG   AVON                                                                                                
49CJ   AVON MARU                                                                                           
36A5   AVRA                                              ICES REQUEST  08Dec75 to 12Dec75  small boat      
49AX   AWAJI                                                                                               
49AW   AWA-MARU                                                                                            
SLAW   AWEFU                                                                                               
77AE   AXEL JOHNSON                                                                                        
06AX   AXENFELS                                                                                            
90A2   AYAKS                                                                                               
49AF   AYANAMI                                                                                             
319A   AYLWIN                                                                                              
90AY   AYTODOR                                                                                             
90A5   AYU-DAG                                           (ENGQ)                                            
907T   AYU-DAG                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
9085   AZCHERNIRO-1                                                                                        
9086   AZCHERNIRO-2                                                                                        
9087   AZCHERNIRO-3                                                                                        
9088   AZCHERNIRO-4                                                                                        
9089   AZCHERNIRO-5                                                                                        
9084   AZCHERNIRO-6                                                                                        
9055   AZIMUT                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
08AZ   AZOPARDO                                                                                            
49VC   AZUMA                                                                                               
49A4   AZUMA MARU                                                                                          
31B8   B. BASS                                                                                             
32ET   B. ESTHER                                                                                           
31DD   B. STODDERT                                                                                         
90RC   BABAYEVSK                                         callSign UQJQ                                     
31BA   BACHE                                                                                               
06BD   BADENSTEIN                                                                                          
31DQ   BADGER                                                                                              
24BA   BAEK DU SAN                                                                                         
24AG   BAEKYANGSAN HO                                                                                      
14BA   BAEPENDI                                                                                            
18BA   BAFFIN                                            callSign CGCL                                     
34BA   BAGASKAR L/V                                                                                        
32ZD   BAGBY                                                                                               
26BA   BAGENKOP C/S                                                                                        
32BA   BAGLEY                                                                                              
74BB   BAHAMA BANK                                                                                         
90UK   BAHCHISARAY                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
08AA   BAHIA AGUIRRE                                                                                       
08BB   BAHIA BLANCA                                                                                        
08BS   BAHIA BUEN SUCESO                                                                                   
08BP   BAHIA PARAISO                                     callSign LOBA                                     
90K3   BAIKAL                                            ICES REQUEST 15Sep65 to 25Nov79 RadioCallSign UKNZ
311B   BAINBRIDGE                                                                                          
48BA   BAIONETTA                                                                                           
49RZ   BAISHO MARU                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
90BA   BAKHTCHISARAY                                                                                       
46AA   BAKKAFOSS                                                                                           
903X   BAKSAN                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
909L   BALAKLAVA                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
31BM   BALANUS                                                                                             
32BX   BALBOA                                            (TUNA BOAT)                                       
33BE   BALD EAGLE                                        (WAF3311)  04/09/1996                             
329Q   BALD EAGLE                                        WX6240                                            
31B9   BALD EAGLE                                                                                          
32BD   BALDUCK                                                                                             
09BK   BALIKPAPAN                                        (VKCZ)  01/16/1984                                
90K3   BALKHASH                                          ICES REQUEST  04Sep65 to 02Nov65                  
352C   BALNY                                                                                               
32FU   BALTIC SEAL                                                                                         
77LT   BALTICA                                           (SJOY)                                            
67BC   BALTICA                                           SNGH 6/15/93                                      
LABZ   BALTIJAS ZVAIGZNE                                 YLFJ pre 1992 ZVEZDA BALTIKI                      
67BA   BALTYK                                                                                              
641C   BANCKERT                                                                                            
326B   BANCROFT                                                                                            
CYBA   BANDAMA                                           P3LK3  1994 EX SAINT GEORGES 1993                 
41BA   BANGADA                                                                                             
31Z9   BANGRACHAN                                        Dual entry - also code 86Z9                       
86Z9   BANGRACHAN                                                                                          
32BG   BANGUST                                                                                             
24B2   BANJE 2                                                                                             
24B5   BANJE 5                                                                                             
24B6   BANJE 6                                                                                             
24B7   BANJE 7                                                                                             
32BN   BANNER                                                                                              
48B1   BANNOCK                                                                                             
31B1   BANNOCK                                           callSign HO8888                                   
62AA   BANNU                                                                                               
4912   BANSHU MARU #83                                   VIA OCL                                           
49BN   BANSYN-MARU NO 83                                                                                   
06BN   BANT                                                                                                
14BT   BARAO DE TEFFE                                    callSign PWBT                                     
31BZ   BARATARIA                                                                                           
32Q0   BARBARA H.                                        WRB223                                            
324R   BARBARA MARIE                                                                                       
32ZZ   BARBERA MARIE                                     (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32BB   BARBEY                                                                                              
66BA   BARBICAN SPIRIT                                   (DVFS)                                            
66BB   BARBICAN STAR                                     (DYZJ)                                            
32BC   BARBOUR COUNTY                                                                                      
09BA   BARCOO                                                                                              
31BC   BARECAT                                                                                             
74BA   BARFLEUR                                          callSign FNIE                                     
187B   BARGE                                                                                               
317B   BARGE                                                                                               
457B   BARGE                                                                                               
77BY   BARKEN                                                                                              
31BQ   BARNEGAT L/S                                                                                        
31B7   BARNEY                                                                                              
32BQ   BARNSTABLE COUNTY                                                                                   
32BO   BARON                                                                                               
31BP   BARRETT                                                                                             
74BS   BARROSA                                                                                             
09J5   BARROW ISLAND                                     COASTAL STATION                                   
31Y2   BARRY                                                                                               
314U   BARTLETT                                                                                            
31BT   BARTON                                                                                              
42BJ   BARUNA JAYA I                                                                                       
42BR   BARUNA JAYA IV                                                                                      
9016   BASHKIRIA                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
906U   BASHKIRIYA                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
31IO   BASILONE                                                                                            
313B   BASSWOOD                                                                                            
74BT   BATTLEAXE                                                                                           
31U5   BAUER                                                                                               
06BA   BAUMWALL                                                                                            
316B   BAUSSELL                                                                                            
06BV   BAVARIA                                                                                             
323X   BAY                                               callSign WGKC                                     
33BH   BAY HYDROGRAPHER                                  OCL REQUEST   NOAA Launch                         
318Y   BAY STATE                                                                                           
323Y   BAYAMON                                           callSign WIAG                                     
061K   BAYERN                                                                                              
06BY   BAYERNSTEIN                                                                                         
18BY   BAYFIELD                                                                                            
90K4   BCHS-614                                          ICES REQUEST  12Aug51 to 29Aug51                  
57IB   BEACH AND INTERTIDAL SITES                                                                          
JAIB   BEACH AND INTERTIDAL SITES                                                                          
21IB   BEACH AND INTERTIDAL SITES                                                                          
22IB   BEACH AND INTERTIDAL SITES                                                                          
GRIB   BEACH AND INTERTIDAL SITES                                                                          
32IB   BEACH AND INTERTIDAL SITES                                                                          
TTIB   BEACH AND INTERTIDAL SITES                                                                          
CRIB   BEACH AND INTERTIDAL SITES                                                                          
CIIB   BEACH AND INTERTIDAL SITES                                                                          
CAIB   BEACH AND INTERTIDAL SITES                                                                          
BNIB   BEACH AND INTERTIDAL SITES                                                                          
93IB   BEACH AND INTERTIDAL SITES                                                                          
BAIB   BEACH AND INTERTIDAL SITES                                                                          
18BH   BEACON HILL                                                                                         
74B2   BEAGLE                                                                                              
32F8   BEAGLE III                                                                                          
31L9   BEALE                                                                                               
31BE   BEAR                                                                                                
31E4   BEARSS                                                                                              
31YY   BEATTY                                                                                              
74BE   BEAUFORT                                                                                            
323Z   BEAUFORT                                          ATS-2                                             
327B   BEAUMONT                                                                                            
35BB   BEAUTEMPS BEAUPRE                                                                                   
32BV   BEAVER                                                                                              
35BC   BECUWE                                                                                              
18BQ   BEDEQUE                                           callSign V3MJ2                                    
35B2   BEG HIR                                           (FQND)  01/01/1994                                
90K5   BEGLITZKY                                         ICES REQUEST  02May25 to 15Feb26                  
31EQ   BEGOR                                                                                               
18BE   BEINIR                                                                                              
49BH   BEISHU                                                                                              
11NV   BELGIAN NAVAL VESSELS                                                                               
11BE   BELGICA                                           callSign ORGQ                                     
90BL   BELINSKIY                                         callSign UJWN                                     
311N   BELKNAP                                                                                             
77BZ   BELLATRIX                                                                                           
91BA   BELLATRIX                                                                                           
318B   BELLOWS                                                                                             
3115   BELMONT                                                                                             
90BK   BELOGORSK                                                                                           
35BL   BELOUGA                                           callSign FHQO                                     
32BM   BELTRAMI                                                                                            
90K6   BELUGA                                            ICES REQUEST  16Jul33 to 21Jul33                  
18BG   BELUGA                                            MEDS REQUEST RadioCallSign CG3161                 
9030   BELUHA                                            1930-31 VIA OCL                                   
90BE   BELUKHA                                                                                             
41BE   BENGAL                                                                                              
34BE   BENGTSKAR F/S                                                                                       
91BB   BENGUELA                                                                                            
313X   BENHAM                                                                                              
31N3   BENNER                                                                                              
313E   BENNINGTON                                                                                          
328B   BENSON                                            callSign HO5213                                   
35BE   BERCEUSE                                                                                            
906W   BEREZAN                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
908U   BEREZKIN                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
90BG   BERG                                                                                                
58AN   BERGEN                                            F-301                                             
90EI   BERING                                            OCL                                               
31BS   BERING STRAIT                                                                                       
31VK   BERKELEY                                                                                            
0611   BERLIN                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
09F7   BERMAGUI                                          COASTAL STATION                                   
352E   BERNEVAL                                                                                            
31BN   BERTHA ANN                                                                                          
14BE   BERTIOGA                                                                                            
74BC   BERWICK                                                                                             
26BE   BESKYTTEREN                                       OUEK                                              
LABS   BESPOKOINIJ                                       FORMER 90BS BESPOKOINYI                           
90BS   BESPOKOINYI                                                                                         
06JE   BESTELMEYER                                       OCL REQUEST CallSign DBVD                         
32BF   BETELGEUSE                                                                                          
32B9   BETTIE M                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
77ET   BETTY                                                                                               
18BU   BETTY LOU                                         1957-58                                           
32BH   BETTY, H.                                         (TUNA BOAT)                                       
41BS   BHASKARA                                                                                            
41BB   BHAVABHUTI                                        (ATUF)                                            
31BX   BIBB                                                                                                
74B9   BIBI                                              VSBI3                                             
743H   BICKINGTON                                                                                          
35BI   BIDASSOA                                                                                            
31QD   BIDDLE                                                                                              
18BV   BIENVENUE                                                                                           
LABI   BIERINI                                                                                             
49LE   BIG GLORY                                                                                           
32BP   BIG VALLEY                                        callSign WY5025                                   
35BN   BIGANON                                                                                             
74BI   BIGBURY BAY                                                                                         
31IW   BIGELOW                                                                                             
4921   BIHORO                                            (JBBQ)  03/15/1996                                
745B   BILDESTON                                                                                           
89BL   BILIM                                             (TAAB)                                            
315N   BILLIE                                                                                              
32B2   BILLIE II                                                                                           
09U9   BIN TANG TERANG                                                                                     
33BL   BIO LAB                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
26BF   BIOFARID                                          callSign OW2231                                   
908T   BIOLOG                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
26BI   BIOLOGEN                                                                                            
93BI   BIOMAR I                                                                                            
HRBP   BIOS                                              as of 30May1991 former CODE 95BP CallSign 9A2284  
95BP   BIOS/PREDVODNIK                                                                                     
35BH   BIR HAKEIM                                                                                          
90WS   BIRAKAN                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
31B4   BIRDS EYE                                                                                           
67BI   BIRKUT                                                                                              
74BR   BIRMINGHAM                                                                                          
904N   BIROKHAN                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
06BI   BISCHOFSTEIN                                                                                        
31I8   BITTERN                                                                                             
3232   BITTERSWEET                                       WLB-389                                           
46BS   BJARNI SAEMUNDSSON                                TFEA                                              
46BJ   BJARTUR                                           TFNV                                              
58FB   BJOERN FOEYN                                      LM6112                                            
58BA   BLAAFJELD                                                                                           
58AD   BLAAHAV                                                                                             
311L   BLACK                                                                                               
31BD   BLACK DOUGLAS                                                                                       
32FW   BLACK SEAL                                                                                          
31KV   BLACKHAW                                                                                            
61BL   BLACKPOOL                                                                                           
74BL   BLACKPOOL                                                                                           
74BW   BLACKWOOD                                                                                           
31IA   BLAIR                                                                                               
31BK   BLAKE                                                                                               
316X   BLAKELY                                                                                             
20BE   BLANCO ENCALADA                                                                                     
31YD   BLANDY                                                                                              
32B1   BLANK                                                                                               
77LE   BLENDA                                                                                              
905U   BLESK                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
31BL   BLISH                                                                                               
06BL   BLITZ                                                                                               
58BL   BLOMSTERSAEL                                                                                        
641P   BLOYS VAN TRESLONG                                                                                  
31LB   BLUE                                                                                                
18BD   BLUE DOLPHIN                                      callSign WH7408                                   
31BF   BLUE FIN                                                                                            
58BJ   BLUE JACKET                                                                                         
31BJ   BLUE JACKET                                                                                         
3233   BLUE RIDGE                                        LCC-19                                            
744W   BLUE ROVER                                        A-270                                             
32BS   BLUE SEA II                                                                                         
18BT   BLUE THROAT                                                                                         
32YH   BLUE WATER                                                                                          
31BG   BLUE WING                                         callSign JGJF                                     
31XT   BLUEBIRD                                                                                            
32OQ   BLUEFISH                                                                                            
32BL   BLUENOSE                                          Dual entry - also code 18BL                       
18BL   BLUENOSE                                                                                            
64BM   BLUMMENDAL                                                                                          
90EF   BO-316                                            OCL                                               
909U   BO-326                                            OCL                                               
329B   BOARFISH                                                                                            
22BC   BOCAS DE CENIZA                                   callSign HKQL                                     
31B3   BOCO                                                                                                
06BG   BOERGEN                                                                                             
42BL   BOGASARI LIMA                                     YDLR                                              
9031   BOGATUR                                           1873 VIA OCL                                      
32B3   BOGGS                                                                                               
09BO   BOGONG                                                                                              
9066   BOGOUCHAR                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
34BO   BOGSKAR L/V                                                                                         
90BW   BOGUSLAV                                          callSign UFLR                                     
58BH   BOHOLMEN                                          1949-54                                           
06JG   BOKNIS ECK                                        OCL REQUEST 1-1-1957 to 12-31-1975  fixed position
31B5   BOLD                                                                                                
32DE   BOLD CONTENDER                                    (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32Q6   BOLD VENTURE                                      WRA456                                            
68BS   BOLDAQUE DA SILVA                                                                                   
3198   BOLLARD                                                                                             
3235   BOLSTER                                           ARS-38                                            
09BB   BOMBARD                                                                                             
74NB   BON ENTENTE                                       GBBC                                              
32BY   BONDY                                                                                               
65BO   BONDY                                                                                               
18BI   BONILLA ISLAND F/S                                                                                  
06JI   BONN                                              OCL REQUEST CallSign DFBK  trawler                
64AH   BONTEGRACHT                                       callSign PDFB                                     
09GC   BOOBIE ISLAND                                     COASTAL STATION                                   
67BO   BORA                                                                                                
31J7   BORDELON                                                                                            
32BK   BOREAS                                                                                              
353D   BOREE                                             callSign FNIH                                     
90BX   BOREY                                             UQII                                              
58BO   BORGENES                                          callSign LLQN                                     
35BO   BORHA                                                                                               
35BA   BORHA II                                                                                            
31XR   BORIE                                                                                               
HKBR   BORINGIA                                          VRSY                                              
746B   BORINGIA                                          VRSY1                                             
90BD   BORIS DAVIDOV                                                                                       
06BO   BORKUMRIFF                                                                                          
06BM   BORNHOLM GATT                                                                                       
77BO   BORNO STATION L/V                                                                                   
90BJ   BORODINSKOYE POLE                                                                                   
49EW   BOSEI MARU NO. 2                                                                                    
312B   BOSTON L/S                                                                                          
18BW   BOSTON WHALER                                                                                       
74B7   BOTANY BAY                                                                                          
09F1   BOTANY BAY                                        COASTAL STATION                                   
08BC   BOUCHARD                                                                                            
35V3   BOUGAINVILLE                                      TPNU                                              
56AA   BOUJNIBA                                                                                            
3236   BOULDER                                           LST-1190                                          
35BZ   BOUNTY 3                                          FNCE                                              
903B   BOUREVESTNIK                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
35BU   BOUSSOLE                                                                                            
31OU   BOUTWELL                                                                                            
31BO   BOWDITCH                                                                                            
319C   BOWEN                                                                                               
31BW   BOWIE                                                                                               
741C   BOXER                                                                                               
31OY   BOYD                                                                                                
903V   BOYDAR                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
74BD   BOYNE                                                                                               
14BR   BRACUI                                                                                              
18BX   BRADELLE                                                                                            
ZRBR   BRADENBERG                                        RadioCallSign 9PIP                                
31D6   BRADFORD                                          callSign GMRA                                     
3237   BRADFORD ISLAND                                                                                     
31QX   BRADLEY                                                                                             
09BE   BRAESIDE                                                                                            
31IB   BRAINE                                                                                              
74E1   BRAK                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
18BR   BRANDAL                                                                                             
18BN   BRANDON                                           MEDS REQUEST CallSign CGJI                        
15BO   BRANIMIR ORMANOV                                  ICES REQUEST                                      
315B   BRANNON                                                                                             
74RD   BRANSFIELD                                        ZDLG                                              
58BT   BRATTEGG                                          1947-48                                           
31PC   BRATTLEBORO                                                                                         
061V   BRAUNSCHWEIG                                                                                        
744Z   BRAZEN                                                                                              
32B4   BRAZOS                                                                                              
06JJ   BREITGRUND                                        OCL REQUEST  1-1-1957 to 12-31-1975 fixed position
58BN   BREKNE                                                                                              
061W   BREMEN                                                                                              
06JK   BRESLAU                                           OCL REQUEST CallSign DJIB ship-of-opportunity     
PABA   BRESLAU                                           SFXW2                                             
46BR   BRETTINGUR                                        TFTE                                              
3193   BREWTON                                                                                             
351P   BREZE MAILLE                                                                                        
74B6   BRIARTHORN                                        callSign GBPN                                     
32B5   BRIDGE                                            callSign ITDZ                                     
74FB   BRIDGEMAN                                                                                           
31RG   BRIDGET                                                                                             
09BR   BRIDPORT                                                                                            
74BG   BRIGHTON                                                                                            
35BG   BRIGITTE                                          callSign 9HAZ3                                    
35BT   BRIGITTE-THERESE                                                                                    
58BR   BRILLIANT                                         callSign 5BWT                                     
744J   BRILLIANT                                                                                           
745C   BRINTON                                                                                             
09BS   BRISBANE                                                                                            
BHBS   BRISBANE STAR                                     (C6LY4)                                           
32ZM   BRISCOE                                                                                             
35AW   BRISSAC                                                                                             
31R7   BRISTER                                                                                             
31RL   BRISTOL                                                                                             
3239   BRISTOL COUNTY                                    LST-1198                                          
74BN   BRITANNIA                                                                                           
74B4   BRITISH BOMBARDIER                                                                                  
74BK   BRITISH COMMERCE                                                                                    
74BZ   BRITISH ENTERPRISE III                            callSign GCZT                                     
74B3   BRITISH FORTH                                                                                       
74BJ   BRITISH LOYALTY                                                                                     
74BM   BRITISH MARINER                                                                                     
74B5   BRITISH PATIENCE                                                                                    
74BQ   BRITISH PIONEER                                                                                     
74BP   BRITISH POPLAR                                                                                      
74BV   BRITISH TAMAR                                     callSign VSBT4                                    
74VB   BRITISH VIKING                                    callSign GHBD                                     
06BK   BRITTA KRUEGER                                                                                      
35BR   BRIX                                                                                                
90K7   BRIZ                                              ICES REQUEST  22Jun76 to 02Dec88                  
90UT   BRIZ                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
32BI   BROADBILL                                                                                           
74B1   BROADSWORD                                                                                          
31ZF   BRONSTEIN                                                                                           
11BR   BROODWINNER                                       (OPBC)                                            
314B   BROOKE                                                                                              
09V6   BROOME                                                                                              
324B   BROSTROM                                                                                            
31BH   BROUGH                                                                                              
61BR   BROUGH                                                                                              
09BL   BROULEE ISLAND                                    COASTAL STATION                                   
08BW   BROWN                                                                                               
31N9   BROWN                                                                                               
31BB   BROWN BEAR                                                                                          
31BR   BROWNSON                                                                                            
46BG   BRUARFOSS                                         TFUD                                              
31XU   BRUMBY                                                                                              
06JL   BRUNSBUETTEL/ELBE                                 OCL REQUEST river station                         
06BH   BRUNSHAUSEN                                                                                         
06BR   BRUNSKAMP                                                                                           
324X   BRUNSWICK                                         ATS-3                                             
31UB   BRUSH                                                                                               
90K8   BTSHCH-816                                        ICES REQUEST  04May58 to 07May58                  
74E2   BUCCANEER                                         OCL request; OCL code 7651                        
09BC   BUCCANEER                                                                                           
323B   BUCCANEER                                                                                           
28AA   BUCCANEER                                                                                           
TTAA   BUCCO REEF2                                                                                         
31ZX   BUCHANAN                                                                                            
06BC   BUCHENSTEIN                                                                                         
31U1   BUCK                                                                                                
08BA   BUENOS AIRES                                                                                        
32WW   BUILDER                                           callSign KEXB                                     
06BS   BUISE                                                                                               
24BK   BUK AK SAN                                                                                          
24BU   BUK HAN SAN                                                                                         
74BO   BULLDOG                                                                                             
74BF   BULLFINCH                                                                                           
31B2   BULWARK                                                                                             
49BU   BUNA                                              callSign HP7106                                   
74BX   BUNKER HILL                                                                                         
32BU   BUNO 149667                                                                                         
49BA   BUNPUKU MARU                                                                                        
06BB   BUNTENSTEIN                                                                                         
06BT   BUNTENTOR                                         callSign ELDC7                                    
06JN   BUNTHAUSSPITZE/ELBE                               OCL REQUEST river station                         
31UI   BUNTING                                                                                             
06BU   BURCHANA                                                                                            
90B2   BUREVESTNIK                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
74BU   BURGHEAD BAY                                                                                        
31BI   BURTON ISLAND                                                                                       
42BU   BURUDJULASAD                                                                                        
90K9   BURUN                                             ICES REQUEST  15Sep77 to 22Nov89                  
31BU   BUSHNELL                                                                                            
06B2   BUTT                                              (DRIA)                                            
324Y   BUTTE                                             AE-27                                             
32BT   BUTTERNUT                                                                                           
31VW   BUTTONWOOD                                                                                          
324Z   BUYER                                             callSign KCAO                                     
49VG   BUZEN                                                                                               
315Z   BUZZARDS L/S                                                                                        
31BY   BYRANT CRUISER                                                                                      
90L1   BYSTRYI                                           ICES REQUEST  02Aug49 to 07Feb52                  
322D   C. A. DAMBACH                                                                                       
74CL   C. A. LARSON                                                                                        
18C3   C. AGULHAS                                        1931-1935                                         
18XX   C. AGULHAS                                        CIRCA 1930                                        
31Y3   C. BERRY                                                                                            
31DF   C. F. ADAMS                                                                                         
26GR   C. F. GROVE                                                                                         
31CD   C. H. DAVIS                                                                                         
31CG   C. H. GILBERT                                                                                       
312R   C. H. ROAN                                                                                          
31YS   C. H. SPERRY                                                                                        
324D   C. J. DOYLE                                                                                         
32EC   C. J. ELIZABETH                                   (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32KI   C. J. KIMMEL                                                                                        
32I2   C. J. MARIA                                       (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32JB   C. JEANETTE                                                                                         
31J1   C. JONES                                                                                            
31RZ   C. K. BRONSON                                                                                       
31J5   C. P. CECIL                                                                                         
31W1   C. R. WARE                                                                                          
3141   C. T. O'BRIEN                                                                                       
31X3   C. V. RICKETTS                                                                                      
31YB   C. YOUNG                                                                                            
902G   C.A. 7                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
07GA   C.F. GAUSS                                                                                          
54PN   C.R. POINTE NOIRE                                 ELEH4                                             
31QC   C54-Q                                                                                               
74CE   CABLE ENTERPRISE                                  callSign GNCH                                     
32R7   CABRILLO                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
31N5   CACAPON                                                                                             
312C   CACHE                                                                                               
315C   CACTUS                                                                                              
PAAK   CADAQUES                                                                                            
32C0   CAJUN SPECIAL                                                                                       
57CA   CALAFI                                            TUNA BOAT                                         
32CL   CALAMAR                                                                                             
32C1   CALAMARES                                                                                           
31CL   CALANUS                                                                                             
745R   CALANUS                                           callSign GBJK                                     
18CN   CALANUS                                                                                             
31L4   CALCATERRA                                                                                          
74AT   CALEDONIA                                         P3GZ3 EX ASIAN PROGRESS LLOYD'S # 7930682         
32LD   CALIFORNIA                                                                                          
491U   CALIFORNIA CERES                                  (7JOB)                                            
54CL   CALIFORNIA CURRENT                                ELMG2                                             
54CH   CALIFORNIA HERMES                                 ELJP6                                             
32C2   CALIFORNIA ROSE                                                                                     
BACS   CALIFORNIA STAR                                   C6JF2                                             
74DO   CALIFORNIA STAR                                                                                     
54CZ   CALIFORNIA ZEUS                                   ELJP8                                             
31C1   CALIFORNIAN                                                                                         
32FJ   CALLAGHAN                                                                                           
641D   CALLENBURGH                                                                                         
PAAL   CALM WAY                                                                                            
3242   CALOOSAHATCHEE                                    AO-98                                             
32O8   CALVER                                                                                              
35CA   CALYPSO                                                                                             
ALCA   CALYPSO                                           Dual entry - also code 35CA                       
32L4   CALYPSO                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
35CW   CAMARGUE                                                                                            
3243   CAMDEN                                            AOE-2                                             
54AZ   CAMERONA                                                                                            
RCCA   CAMEROUNALS                                                                                         
31Q3   CAMP                                                                                                
3112   CAMPACHE PATROLS                                                                                    
31CM   CAMPBELL                                                                                            
18CB   CANADA                                                                                              
353K   CANADA                                                                                              
314I   CANADA MAIL                                                                                         
18CD   CANADIAN NO. 1                                                                                      
18CA   CANCOLIM II                                                                                         
89CA   CANDARLI                                          decommissioned: 30 Aug 1985                       
89CN   CANDARLI                                          ICES REQUEST 'new ship' TCG prefix - CallSign TBWO
31CT   CANISTEO                                                                                            
29CN   CANONNIERES DE LA MARINE                          OCL REQUEST                                       
26CA   CANOPUS                                           Pilot Boat                                        
18CC   CANSO CONDOR                                                                                        
18CX   CANSO LIGHT                                                                                         
PAAZ   CAP ANAMUR                                                                                          
35PJ   CAP BOJADOR                                       (FGPI)                                            
35C2   CAP CANAILLE                                      RadioCallSign FQRQ                                
35CS   CAP CORSE                                                                                           
18CP   CAP DE LA MADELEINE                                                                                 
06CF   CAP FINISTERRE                                    (DACF)                                            
35RQ   CAP SAINT PAUL                                    callSign FPYO                                     
061H   CAP SAN AUGUSTIN                                                                                    
061F   CAP SAN MARCO                                                                                       
54VE   CAP VERDE                                         ELVO3                                             
18DW   CAPE ADAIR                                        CallSign VOPZ                                     
09W7   CAPE BARON                                                                                          
66CB   CAPE BREEZE                                       (DUGK)  07/10/1997                                
18BC   CAPE BRIER                                        callSign VCTF                                     
09T9   CAPE BYRON                                                                                          
32DV   CAPE COD                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
31DO   CAPE DECISION                                     callSign WMGD                                     
09CD   CAPE DON                                          VLFQ                                              
321F   CAPE FLORIDA                                      callSign WMIG                                     
18CF   CAPE FREELS                                                                                         
32KZ   CAPE HATTERAS                                                                                       
32CW   CAPE HENLOPEN                                                                                       
09CM   CAPE MORETON                                                                                        
18CM   CAPE MUDGE F/S                                                                                      
09CP   CAPE PILLAR                                                                                         
18CG   CAPE ROGER                                        callSign VCBT                                     
09CS   CAPE SORELL                                                                                         
74CM   CAPE ST MARY                                                                                        
18CJ   CAPE ST. JAMES F/S                                                                                  
32V2   CAPE ST. VINCENT                                  (TUNA BOAT)                                       
3244   CAPE VINCENT GANN                                                                                   
327D   CAPE, R/V                                                                                           
06JP   CAPELLA                                           OCL REQUEST CallSign DJFS  trawler                
581D   CAPELLA                                                                                             
3245   CAPELLA                                           AKR-293 EX MCLEAN                                 
32CP   CAPERTON                                                                                            
35CP   CAPITAINE ARMAND                                                                                    
20CA   CAPITAN ALCAZAR                                   OCL REQUEST                                       
08CC   CAPITAN CANEPA                                                                                      
08CA   CAPITAN CANEPA II                                                                                   
08BD   CAPITAN OCA BALDA                                 LRGS                                              
22CT   CAPITAN TONO                                                                                        
32C9   CAPODANNO                                                                                           
74CA   CAPRICE                                                                                             
ICCA   CAPRICORNE                                                                                          
35CI   CAPRICORNE                                                                                          
31XB   CAPT BILL III                                                                                       
3176   CAPT BILL IV                                                                                        
32J2   CAPT JACK                                                                                           
32JN   CAPT JOE MEDINA                                   (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32B0   CAPT. BRADY J                                                                                       
32VG   CAPT. VINCENT GANN                                (TUNA BOAT)                                       
48AH   CARABINIERE                                                                                         
742N   CARDIFF                                                                                             
74CB   CARDIGAN BAY                                      callSign GOYF                                     
32RT   CARIBBEAN                                         (TUNA BOAT)                                       
CUCA   CARIBE                                                                                              
32RV   CARIBE                                            (TUNA BOAT)                                       
063C   CARIBIA EXPRESS                                                                                     
48CA   CARIBOO                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
32OU   CARIBOU REEFER                                    Dual entry - also code 18OU                       
326T   CARIBOU REEFER II                                 CANADIAN                                          
35CR   CARIMARE                                                                                            
74CR   CARISBROOKE CASTLE                                                                                  
58CA   CARL                                              OCL request; OCL code 7657                        
54AT   CARLANTIC                                                                                           
09AJ   CARLOCK                                                                                             
20CD   CARLOS DARWIN                                     callSign CB2530                                   
20CP   CARLOS PORTE                                                                                        
32CR   CARLSON                                                                                             
681A   CARMO, OLIVEIRA E.                                                                                  
31CN   CARNEGIE                                                                                            
32LJ   CAROL S                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32LK   CAROL VIRGINIA                                    (TUNA BOAT)                                       
261K   CAROLINE KOCH                                                                                       
32W4   CARON                                                                                               
31CP   CARPELLOTTI                                                                                         
311C   CARPENTER                                                                                           
3246   CARR                                              FFG-52                                            
65AA   CARRILLO                                                                                            
74C1   CARRON                                            callSign GYIP                                     
SVCA   CARRYMAR                                          J8JA4                                             
89CR   CARSAMBA                                                                                            
06GS   CARSTEN                                                                                             
PAAV   CARSTEN RUSS                                                                                        
18CR   CARTIER                                                                                             
18C9   CARTOP                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
31CA   CARYN                                                                                               
74CF   CARYSFORT                                                                                           
351X   CASABIANCA                                                                                          
31CS   CASCO                                                                                               
74CD   CASSANDRA                                                                                           
36BH   CAST BEAVER                                                                                         
31CK   CASTLE ROCK                                                                                         
29AA   CASTOR                                                                                              
29CA   CATALUNA                                                                                            
32CA   CATALYST                                                                                            
3247   CATAWBA                                           ATF-168                                           
35CL   CATHERINE LAURENCE                                                                                  
09T8   CATRIONA B                                                                                          
74CV   CAVALIER                                                                                            
33CA   CAVALIERI                                                                                           
33CV   CAVALLA                                           OCL REQUEST USS  SSN 684 attack submarine         
32CV   CAVALLARO                                                                                           
74FH   CAVARA                                                                                              
74CC   CAVENDISH                                                                                           
322C   CAYUGA                                                                                              
18CU   CAYUGA                                                                                              
31YU   CAYUSE                                                                                              
31Q2   CB2                                                                                                 
18AV   CCGV ANNE HARVEY                                  CGAH                                              
31CX   CELTIC                                                                                              
45CV   CELTIC VOYAGER                                    (EIQN)                                            
74AA   CENTAUR                                                                                             
353A   CENTAURE                                                                                            
49WF   CENTRAL HIGHWAY NO. 5                             8JPX                                              
32E5   CENTURION                                                                                           
09CE   CENTURY                                                                                             
26CE   CERES                                                                                               
35CJ   CERS                                                                                                
89CE   CESME                                             ICES REQUEST  - TCG prefix CallSign TBWN          
35CQ   CETRA SAGITTA                                                                                       
74C8   CEYLON                                                                                              
35BM   CEZANNE                                                                                             
18HG   CGGS HUMPHREY GILBERT                                                                               
35UT   CGM UTRILLO                                       FNED                                              
TTAE   CHAGUARAMAS                                                                                         
90L2   CHAIKA                                            ICES REQUEST  05Apr89 to 25Sep89                  
31CI   CHAIN                                                                                               
18CK   CHALEUR                                                                                             
09W9   CHALLENGE                                                                                           
18CV   CHALLENGER                                                                                          
323H   CHALLENGER                                                                                          
74CH   CHALLENGER                                        sold April 2000 now re-flagged as Explorer        
35CH   CHAMAL                                                                                              
31H8   CHAMBERS                                                                                            
31CH   CHANCE                                            callSign 9HYN3                                    
18C2   CHANCE                                            CIRCA 1926                                        
32CE   CHANDELEUR                                                                                          
3180   CHANDLER                                          DDG996                                            
76AB   CHANG ZHOU                                                                                          
SICH   CHANGI                                                                                              
24AL   CHANGPA HO                                                                                          
761C   CHANGSHENG                                                                                          
86CH   CHANTHARA                                                                                           
3162   CHANTICLEER                                                                                         
74C2   CHAPLET                                                                                             
32YN   CHAPMAN                                                                                             
56CA   CHARIF AL IDRISSI                                 MOROCCO; CALLSIGN CNA2128; OCL 7638               
74CI   CHARITY                                                                                             
74AB   CHARLES DARWIN                                    callSign GDLS                                     
35CC   CHARLES EDMOND                                    1928                                              
PACL   CHARLES LYKES                                     3EJT9                                             
35CX   CHARLES SCHIAFFINO                                                                                  
32H4   CHARLESTON                                                                                          
06DJ   CHARLOTTE                                                                                           
90HC   CHAROIT                                           (UGXS)                                            
326C   CHARR                                                                                               
3102   CHARTER/FISHING BOATS                                                                               
06JQ   CHARTERED SHIP                                    OCL REQUEST                                       
74CW   CHARTERER                                                                                           
744K   CHARYBDIS                                         F-75                                              
31E1   CHASE                                                                                               
65CD   CHATYR-DAG                                        callSign EWVX                                     
90DC   CHATYR-DAG                                        callSign EWVX                                     
18CQ   CHAUDIERE                                                                                           
31CQ   CHAUTAUQUA                                                                                          
32CH   CHAUVENET                                                                                           
904B   CHAZHMA                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
9049   CHC-2032                                          1972-75 VIA CL                                    
18CH   CHEBUCTO                                                                                            
24TD   CHEJU                                                                                               
90L3   CHEKIST                                           ICES REQUEST  13Jan38 to 10Nov52                  
31CE   CHELAN                                                                                              
90BH   CHELEKEN                                          callSign UKXT                                     
902H   CHELISKIN                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
31C2   CHELSEA                                           callSign KNCX                                     
32QC   CHEM-MIST                                                                                           
311G   CHEMUNG                                                                                             
32CG   CHENANGO                                                                                            
31C3   CHEPACHET                                                                                           
90CH   CHERNOMOR                                                                                           
90JN   CHERNOMORETZ                                      ICES REQUEST  29May90 to 23Jun90                  
32CK   CHEROKEE                                                                                            
74EL   CHERWELL                                                                                            
32CY   CHERYL MARIE                                      (TUNA BOAT)                                       
311E   CHESAPEAKE L/S                                                                                      
31H3   CHEVALIER                                                                                           
74C3   CHEVIOT                                                                                             
74CG   CHEVRON                                                                                             
32QI   CHEVRON ARIZONA                                   callSign KGBE                                     
32CC   CHEVRON CALIFORNIA                                                                                  
32C8   CHEVRON HAWAII                                                                                      
32CM   CHEVRON MISSISSIPPI                               callSign WXBR                                     
24CI   CHI RI SAN                                                                                          
49CA   CHIAKI MARU                                                                                         
49TB   CHIBA MARU                                        callSign JPVV                                     
49I2   CHIBA-MARU NO. 2                                                                                    
31QZ   CHICAGO                                                                                             
29AE   CHICHA TOUZA                                      callSign EGZV                                     
74CJ   CHICHESTER                                                                                          
18CW   CHICOUTE                                                                                            
741D   CHIDDINGFOLD                                                                                        
74CK   CHIEFTAIN                                                                                           
49CU   CHIFURI                                                                                             
18CT   CHIGNECTO                                                                                           
31QA   CHIKASKIA                                                                                           
49TI   CHIKUBA MARU                                                                                        
49FG   CHIKUBU                                           OCL REQUEST  (12/1947 to 12/1953)                 
49FO   CHIKUGO                                           OCL REQUEST  (01/1952 to 01/1978)                 
49CL   CHIKURA MARU                                                                                        
4919   CHIKUZEN                                          (7JRB)                                            
65AJ   CHILOE III                                                                                          
20AJ   CHILOE III                                                                                          
32CU   CHILULA                                                                                             
31CC   CHINCOTEAGUE                                                                                        
24AN   CHINYANG HO                                                                                         
20CH   CHIPANA                                                                                             
33CM   CHIPMAN                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
31IH   CHIPOLA                                                                                             
08CH   CHIRIGUANO                                                                                          
64CH   CHIRON                                                                                              
49CH   CHISHIO MARU                                      callSign JPVR                                     
49CT   CHITA MARU                                        JCCX                                              
49CO   CHITOSE                                           (JJIA)                                            
21CL   CHIU LIEN                                                                                           
49L1   CHIYO MARU                                        callSign 7JOD                                     
49TU   CHOFU MARU                                        callSign JCCX                                     
49C2   CHOHO MARU                                                                                          
49C4   CHOKAI                                            callSign 8KXB                                     
49CK   CHOKAI MARU                                                                                         
24AC   CHONBUK 855                                                                                         
24AU   CHONBUK 867                                                                                         
24C1   CHONBUK 868                                                                                         
24C2   CHONHAM 858                                                                                         
24C3   CHONHAM 872                                                                                         
24C4   CHONNAM 881                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
49TY   CHOSHU MARU                                                                                         
49C3   CHOSUI MARU                                                                                         
49JE   CHOUKAI MARU                                      JNYV                                              
9075   CHOUKOTKA                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
904A   CHOUMIKAN                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
321C   CHOVIE CLIPPER                                                                                      
49M3   CHOYO MARU NO 13                                                                                    
49M4   CHOYO MARU NO 15                                                                                    
58CR   CHRISTIAN RADICH                                  callSign LJLM                                     
64CR   CHRISTIANN BRUNINGS                                                                                 
26CR   CHRISTIANSO C/S                                                                                     
32C7   CHRISTINA, C.                                     (TUNA BOAT)                                       
18CI   CHROME ISLAND F/S                                                                                   
36AA   CHRYSANTI GL                                                                                        
24CY   CHUK YANG HO                                                                                        
31UK   CHUKAWAN                                                                                            
909S   CHUMIKAN                                          OCL                                               
24CH   CHUN MA SAN                                                                                         
24TE   CHUNG BUK                                                                                           
24TF   CHUNG MU                                                                                            
24TG   CHUNG NAM                                                                                           
29CH   CHURRUCA                                          EBAR                                              
48CI   CICLOPE                                           callSign ILNK                                     
32CI   CIMARRON                                                                                            
68CI   CINCO DE OUTUBRO                                                                                    
18CZ   CINDY ELIZABETH                                                                                     
57CP   CIPRES                                                                                              
74CZ   CIROLANA                                          callSign GNAM                                     
64CI   CIRRUS                                            callSign WYC6192                                  
31C4   CISCO                                                                                               
3248   CITRUS                                            WMEC-300                                          
48CZ   CITTA DI SAVONA                                                                                     
36CD   CITY OF DUBLIN                                    Call Sign SVCQ; requested by ICES                 
74AY   CITY OF HARTLEPOOL                                                                                  
325C   CITY OF LONG BEACH                                                                                  
322N   CITY OF OCEAN SIDE                                                                                  
74AX   CITY OF PERTH                                                                                       
32L5   CITY OF SAN DIEGO                                 (TUNA BOAT)                                       
29CD   CIUDAD DE SALAMANCA                                                                                 
18C7   CIVELLE                                                                                             
26CS   CLAUS SOERENSEN                                   callSign OXVF; RIBE COUNTY                        
32QZ   CLEARVIEW IV                                                                                        
352P   CLEMENCEAU                                                                                          
741Y   CLEOPATRA                                         F-28                                              
3249   CLEVELAND                                         LPD-7                                             
33CB   CLIFFORD A. BARNES                                OCL REQUEST  Univ. of Washington   R/V            
18CL   CLIFTON                                           callSign GYFB                                     
32QD   CLIFTON SPRAGUE                                                                                     
74CN   CLIONE                                                                                              
325X   CLOVER                                            WMEC-292                                          
49LY   CLOVER ACE                                                                                          
32CF   CLOVES                                                                                              
18UP   CLUPEA                                            IOS SIDNEY, BC                                    
06JR   CLUPEA                                            OCL REQUEST CallSign DBFN  1-1-1992 to present    
74CU   CLUPEA                                                                                              
06JS   CLUPEA 1                                          OCL REQUEST CallSign Y4RZ 12-31-1991 to present   
74DT   CLYDE- OWS K                                                                                        
74LB   CLYDEBANK                                         callSign GTHZ                                     
74DG   CLYDE-OWS A                                                                                         
74DP   CLYDE-OWS I                                                                                         
74DQ   CLYDE-OWS J                                                                                         
74DB   CLYDE-OWS LIMA                                                                                      
74D5   CLYDE-OWS M                                                                                         
3111   COASTAL CRUSADER                                                                                    
74ZA   COASTAL VESSELS                                   VIA OCL                                           
31O3   COATES                                                                                              
31C5   COBBS ARM                                                                                           
20CO   COCHRANE                                                                                            
314C   COCHRANE                                                                                            
74C4   COCKADE                                                                                             
31C9   COCOPA                                                                                              
26CO   CODAN                                             callSign OWHZ6                                    
09E6   COFFS HARBOUR                                     COASTAL STATION                                   
31CJ   COGSWELL                                                                                            
31JH   COLAHAN                                                                                             
352J   COLBERT                                                                                             
66CL   COLIMA                                            DZST                                              
74CO   COLLEEN                                                                                             
31OL   COLLETT                                                                                             
317C   COLLIER                                                                                             
74TC   COLONEL TEMPLER                                   Callsign GTTA                                     
321L   COLORADO                                                                                            
18CO   COLUMBIA                                                                                            
32C3   COLUMBIA                                                                                            
32CJ   COLUMBIA RIVER                                                                                      
74DV   COLUMBIA STAR                                                                                       
31UU   COLUMBUS                                                                                            
063E   COLUMBUS                                          CIRCA 1920'S & 30'S                               
32QY   COLUMBUS                                                                                            
54CB   COLUMBUS AMERICA                                  (ELSX2)                                           
26CC   COLUMBUS CALIFORNIA                               callSign DHCM                                     
54CF   COLUMBUS CALIFORNIA                               (ELUB7)  04/23/1997                               
06CD   COLUMBUS CANADA                                   FORMERLY AVON                                     
54CC   COLUMBUS CANADA                                   FOMERLY AVON                                      
06CC   COLUMBUS CANTERBURY                                                                                 
06CG   COLUMBUS COROMANDEL                               Call Sign DDGY                                    
06CH   COLUMBUS FLORIDA                                  Call Sign DDFG; OCL 7639                          
32IC   COLUMBUS ISELIN                                                                                     
06CL   COLUMBUS LOUISIANA                                                                                  
54CA   COLUMBUS OHIO                                     ELHL6                                             
06AY   COLUMBUS OREGON                                   DHJW EX. ACT 9-90                                 
32ZH   COLUMBUS TARANAKI                                                                                   
06YU   COLUMBUS TASMANIA                                                                                   
54CV   COLUMBUS VICTORIA                                 (ELUB6)  04/23/1997                               
06CV   COLUMBUS VICTORIA                                                                                   
06CT   COLUMBUS VIRGINIA                                                                                   
06CW   COLUMBUS WELLINGTON                                                                                 
68AE   COMANDANTE HERMENEGILDO CAPELO                    callSign CTFS                                     
68AG   COMANDANTE ROBERTO IVENS                          CTFT                                              
68AF   COMANDANTE SACADURA CABRAL                                                                          
32CT   COMBAT                                                                                              
31C6   COMET                                                                                               
32C4   COMINDIV                                                                                            
MLCO   COMINO                                            FISHING BOAT OCL 7672                             
351A   COMMANDANT BLAISON                                                                                  
352R   COMMANDANT BORY                                                                                     
352Y   COMMANDANT BOURDAIS                                                                                 
35HA   COMMANDANT CHARCOT                                1949                                              
352A   COMMANDANT DE PIMODAN                                                                               
35CD   COMMANDANT DUBOC                                                                                    
351M   COMMANDANT L. HERMINIER                                                                             
352Z   COMMANDANT RIVIERE                                                                                  
35CG   COMMANDANT ROBERT GIRAUD                                                                            
31C7   COMMANDER                                                                                           
RCBR   COMMANDER BORY                                                                                      
31CU   COMMANDO                                                                                            
32OM   COMMERCE                                                                                            
319H   COMMONWEALTH                                                                                        
08CL   COMODORO LASERRE                                                                                    
08CR   COMODORO RIVADAVIA                                                                                  
31CZ   COMPASS ISLAND                                                                                      
31O6   COMPTON                                                                                             
32G9   COMTE DE GRASSE                                                                                     
57CO   CONCEPCION                                        TUNA BOAT                                         
41CO   CONCH                                                                                               
32LO   CONCHO                                            (TUNA BOAT)                                       
325Y   CONCORD                                           AFS-5                                             
54BC   CONDORA                                                                                             
31N8   CONE                                                                                                
32OA   CONFIDENCE                                                                                          
31JU   CONFLICT                                                                                            
325Z   CONIFER                                           WLB-301                                           
45CN   CONINGBEG L/S                                                                                       
3159   CONNOLE                                                                                             
322Y   CONOLLY                                                                                             
35CZ   CONQUERANTE                                       1921                                              
31QU   CONQUEST                                                                                            
32CQ   CONQUEST                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
58CH   CONRAD HOLMBOE                                    1920-30                                           
3251   CONSERVER                                         ARS-39                                            
74C5   CONSORT                                                                                             
31QN   CONSTANT                                                                                            
73CN   CONSTANTA                                         ICES REQUEST (years 1961 -1982)                   
32CZ   CONSTELLATION                                                                                       
3252   CONTENDER                                                                                           
74CQ   CONTEST                                                                                             
3160   CONTINUITY                                        FISHING BOAT                                      
PACN   CONTSHIP AMERICA                                  (3EIP3)                                           
31WY   CONWAY                                                                                              
31NY   CONY                                                                                                
31V7   CONYNGHAM                                                                                           
74C6   COOK                                                                                                
31K4   COOK                                                                                                
31CO   COOK INLET                                                                                          
31OZ   COONTZ                                                                                              
48CF   COOPERNAUT FRANCA                                 ICES REQUEST  research vessel                     
31CB   COOS BAY                                                                                            
0915   COOTAMUDEA                                                                                          
32C6   COPAHEE                                                                                             
54CP   COPIAPO                                           ELAX5                                             
06CR   CORAL ESSBERGER                                   DIHC                                              
35C3   CORAL ISLANDER                                    OCL REQUEST                                       
32NX   CORAL SEA                                                                                           
74RL   CORDELLA                                          GTAB                                              
06CO   CORDILLERA                                                                                          
31CV   CORDOVA SKIFF                                                                                       
74CX   CORELLA                                                                                             
35CO   CORIOLIS                                          FNMZ                                              
ALCO   CORIOLIS                                          USE 35CO                                          
59CO   CORIOLIS                                          USE 35CO                                          
08CM   CORMORAN                                                                                            
48CO   CORMORANO                                                                                           
32CN   CORMORANT                                                                                           
54BD   CORNER BROOK                                      callSign D5OW                                     
29CS   CORNIDE DE SAAVEDRA                               callSign EDSV                                     
32ZV   CORNUCOPIA                                        (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32CO   CORONADO                                                                                            
36BD   CORONIA                                                                                             
31YC   CORRY                                                                                               
68CR   CORTE REAL                                                                                          
32ZC   CORTEZ                                                                                              
74C7   CORUNNA                                           callSign VMCO                                     
33CC   CORWITH CRAMER                                    WTF3319                                           
74RY   CORYSTES                                          GHRUMAY 1989                                      
74C9   COSSACK                                                                                             
31XK   COSSATOT                                                                                            
35QA   COTE AQUITAINE                                    (FPRI)                                            
31OQ   COTTEN                                                                                              
744Q   COTTESMORE                                                                                          
3254   COUNCIL GROVE                                                                                       
09CR   COURAGEOUS                                                                                          
317Z   COURAGEOUS                                        NCRG                                              
31UD   COURTNEY                                                                                            
20CV   COVADONGA                                         callSign J8CN3                                    
31CW   COWANESQUE                                                                                          
31WZ   COWELL                                                                                              
328V   CPL LOUIS J. HAUGE                                                                                  
906V   CPTM-0821 MARSIANIN                               OCL REQUEST                                       
906R   CPT-P-9048 OBRAZTZOVO                             OCL REQUEST                                       
32C5   CRANE                                                                                               
74CT   CRANE                                             callSign P3FX2                                    
31CF   CRAWFORD                                                                                            
324C   CREATION                                                                                            
CYCR   CREON                                             callSign P3QE5                                    
31CR   CREST                                                                                               
905L   CRILION                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
353X   CROIX DE LORRAINE                                 callSign FWIU                                     
31WM   CROMWELL                                                                                            
31O4   CROSS                                                                                               
74CS   CROSS SAND L/S                                                                                      
09Z4   CROWDY HEAD                                       COASTAL STATION                                   
32RU   CRUSADER                                                                                            
18C4   CRUSADER                                                                                            
35CY   CRYOS                                                                                               
18CS   CRYOS                                                                                               
32YT   CRYSTAL                                           callSign J8QJ                                     
338X   CTRB-10                                                                                             
45CF   CU FEASA                                                                                            
89CU   CUBUKLU                                           call sign TBWM                                    
33CU   CULVER                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
74UM   CUMULUS                                           GACA                                              
64CU   CUMULUS                                                                                             
313C   CURRENT METER                                                                                       
31U2   CURRIER                                                                                             
31C8   CUSS I                                                                                              
062N   CUXHAVEN                                                                                            
32CX   CUYAMA                                                                                              
74CY   CYCLOPS                                           callSign IRUC                                     
64GC   CYGNE                                             pre 5/1990                                        
35GC   CYGNE                                             (FGPT) AS OF 5/1990                               
743S   CYGNET                                                                                              
18CY   CYGNUS                                                                                              
33CY   CYNOSCION                                         OCL REQUEST   R/V                                 
74CP   CYPRIS                                                                                              
31CY   CYRUS FIELD                                                                                         
311U   D. A. JOY                                                                                           
31UO   D. A. MUNRO                                                                                         
319Y   D. B. BEARY                                                                                         
32BE   D. C. BARNES                                                                                        
3117   D. EDWARDS                                                                                          
31XD   D. H. FOX                                                                                           
31Y9   D. J. BUCKLEY                                                                                       
48PL   D. R. PLATANO                                                                                       
32DX   D. R. RAY                                                                                           
32HZ   D. W. HOOD                                                                                          
90DP   D.S. PAKHTUSOV                                                                                      
74DC   DACIA                                             callSign YQCR                                     
24TH   DAE JEON                                                                                            
77BW   DAG SKAER                                                                                           
06DN   DAGMAR AAEN                                       (DIXX)  04/16/1997                                
312D   DAHLGREN                                                                                            
49DM   DAIEI MARU NO. 83                                                                                   
49DF   DAIFUJI MARU                                                                                        
49DA   DAIKOKU-MARU                                                                                        
4911   DAINI SYONAN MU                                   VIA OCL                                           
74DY   DAINTY                                                                                              
49DO   DAIO                                              (JAHT)                                            
49XB   DAISEN                                            callSign 3FFT3                                    
49DS   DAISEN MARU                                                                                         
49DB   DAISETSU                                                                                            
49DI   DAITO-MARU                                                                                          
31ZD   DALE                                                                                                
31DG   DALLAS                                                                                              
32DC   DALLAS HERRING                                                                                      
90DN   DALNEVOSTOCHNIK                                                                                     
90WL   DALNEZELENETSKAYA BAY                             COASTAL STATION  - OCL REQUEST                    
90BY   DALNIYE ZELYENTSY                                 (UTPB)  Pre-1992                                  
RUBY   DALNIYE ZELYENTSY                                 (UTPB)  1992-ON                                   
74DL   DALRYMPLE                                                                                           
31D9   DALY                                                                                                
31D8   DAMATO                                                                                              
68AC   DAMIAO DE GOIS                                                                                      
411A   DAMODAR TASAKA                                                                                      
74DA   DAMPIER                                                                                             
318C   DAN BRAMAN                                                                                          
77DA   DAN BROSTROEM                                     (SHER)  06/02/1992                                
BHAA   DAN LIFTER                                                                                          
26DA   DANA                                                                                                
26DN   DANA II                                                                                             
742K   DANAE                                             F-47                                              
48DA   DANAIDE                                                                                             
90L4   DANILEVSKY                                        ICES REQUEST  01Sep22 to 15Jul55                  
901P   DANILO NECHAY                                                                                       
26DM   DANMARK                                                                                             
49DR   DAN-NOH                                           VIA OCL                                           
32DT   DANT                                                                                                
64DA   DAPHINIS                                                                                            
SIDA   DAPHNE                                                                                              
26DP   DAPHNE                                            CallSign OU5271 Cnty of Copenhag./Fredbg./Roskilde
761D   DAQING 46                                                                                           
67DP   DAR POMARZA                                                                                         
31DA   DARBY                                                                                               
74DR   DARING                                                                                              
41AB   DARSHAK                                                                                             
06JT   DARSS SILL                                        OCL REQUEST coastal station                       
06U    DARSSER SCHWELLE                                  OCL REQUEST fixed position                        
742G   DART AMERICA                                                                                        
90YN   DARVIN                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
74D4   DARWIN                                                                                              
31DH   DASH                                                                                                
54BB   DASHAKI                                                                                             
32DH   DASHIELL                                                                                            
32DA   DAUNTLESS                                                                                           
66AE   DAVAO GULF                                                                                          
32DK   DAVID AND KATY                                                                                      
31JD   DAVID STARR JORDAN                                callSign WTDK                                     
32D2   DAVIDSON                                          NOAA                                              
31DV   DAVIDSON                                                                                            
31DI   DAVIS                                             callSign NDLV                                     
3256   DAWN                                                                                                
74D8   DAWN SHORE                                        GVXE                                              
74GS   DAWN SKY                                                                                            
18DA   DAWSON                                            callSign CGBV                                     
32UX   DAY STAR                                          F/V                                               
352M   DE GRASSE                                                                                           
31D5   DE HAVEN                                                                                            
312L   DE LONG                                                                                             
64DR   DE RUYTER                                                                                           
315D   DE STEIGUER                                                                                         
64ZR   DE ZEVEN PROVINCIEN                                                                                 
31DZ   DEALEY                                                                                              
32D5   DEARBORN                                                                                            
311D   DECATUR                                                                                             
32DP   DECCA PROFILER                                                                                      
319D   DECISIVE                                                                                            
35DE   DECOUVERTE                                                                                          
74D1   DECOY                                                                                               
48DE   DECTRA                                            callSign IMFH                                     
909R   DEDAL                                             OCL                                               
32D3   DEEP SEA                                                                                            
32D4   DEEP SIX                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
41DE   DEEPAK                                                                                              
74DF   DEFENDER                                                                                            
22DE   DEFIANCE                                          callSign WX9879                                   
316D   DEFIANCE                                                                                            
576D   DEFIANCE                                          Dual entry -also code 316D                        
09T2   DEGEI                                                                                               
31DE   DELAWARE                                          1937-1962                                         
33DB   DELAWARE BAY                                      CallSign WMLG                                     
316G   DELAWARE II                                       1968-PRESENT                                      
31DL   DELAWARE L/S                                                                                        
3257   DELAWARE SUN                                                                                        
74DD   DELIGHT                                                                                             
35LW   DELMAS SURCOUF                                    FNCZ    after 1991/04/01 (ex. C. R. Libreville)   
54PN   DELMAS TOURVILLE                                  AS OF FEB 1991                                    
06JV   DELPHIN                                           OCL REQUEST CallSign Y4SD  trawler                
909T   DELPHIN                                           OCL                                               
318U   DELSUD                                                                                              
90L5   DELTA                                             ICES REQUEST  01Apr60 to 29Oct61                  
67DE   DELTA                                                                                               
319T   DELTA ARGENTINA                                                                                     
318Z   DELTA BRAZIL                                                                                        
32DQ   DELTA ECUADOR                                                                                       
32DM   DELTA MAR                                                                                           
32DN   DELTA NORTE                                                                                         
32DO   DELTA ORO                                                                                           
32DS   DELTA SUD                                                                                           
31D0   DEMERSAL R/V                                                                                        
32D0   DEMERSAL R/V                                                                                        
89DE   DENAR 1                                           call sign TC7226                                  
06JX   DENEB                                             OCL REQUEST CallSign DBBA 11-24-1994 to present   
31D3   DENEBOLA                                          callSign SQDT                                     
32DF   DENISE MARIE                                      (TUNA BOAT)                                       
35DN   D'ENTRECASTEAUX                                                                                     
32DZ   DENVER                                                                                              
18DB   DEPARTURE BAY F/S                                                                                   
317D   DEPENDABLE                                                                                          
18DE   DERASPE                                           MEDS REQUEST                                      
90DB   DERJUGIN                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
09DH   DERWENT HUNTER                                                                                      
18GO   DES GROSEILLIERS                                  Call Sign CGDX; OCL 7629                          
06GQ   DESIREE                                                                                             
352N   D'ESTIENNE D'ORVES                                                                                  
351T   D'ESTREES                                                                                           
31DC   DETECTOR                                          callSign HP7259                                   
3258   DETROIT                                           AOE-4                                             
351G   DETROYAT                                                                                            
06LF   DEUTSCHE BUCHT                                    OCL REQUEST  L/V                                  
06DE   DEUTSCHLAND                                                                                         
06GK   DEVON                                                                                               
74DE   DEVONIA                                                                                             
31Y5   DEWEY                                                                                               
90DR   DEYMOS                                                                                              
31DN   DIACHENKO                                                                                           
74DJ   DIADEMA                                                                                             
08DI   DIAGUITA                                                                                            
09DM   DIAMANTINA                                                                                          
74DM   DIAMOND                                                                                             
09Z5   DIAMOND HEAD                                      COASTAL STATION                                   
31D1   DIAMOND SHOALS L/S                                                                                  
18DS   DIAMOND STAR                                      (CGAN)                                            
74DN   DIANA                                                                                               
90DI   DIANA                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
32DW   DIANE MARIE                                                                                         
35DI   DICKY                                                                                               
74FC   DIDO                                                                                                
32DI   DILIGENCE                                         NMUD                                              
74DW   DILKARA                                                                                             
11DN   DINI                                              (OPCJ)                                            
68DC   DIOGO CAO                                                                                           
744S   DIOMEDE                                                                                             
31DR   DIRECT                                                                                              
54DF   DIRECT FALCON                                     RadioCallSign ELWQ5                               
74KO   DIRECT KOOKABURRA                                 GYSJ                                              
31DS   DISCOVERER                                                                                          
74DI   DISCOVERY                                                                                           
32V3   DISCOVERY                                                                                           
74E3   DISCOVERY                                         OCL REQUEST  (RRS) From year 1962 - CallSign GLNE 
74D9   DISCOVERY BAY                                     (GYXG)                                            
74DS   DISCOVERY II                                                                                        
26DI   DISKO                                             callSign OVQW                                     
901D   DISSEY                                                                                              
31DB   DIVING BELL                                                                                         
322I   DIXIE ISLE II                                                                                       
15DJ   DJU                                                                                                 
90D2   DMITRI OVTSIN                                     OCL request; OCL code 7645                        
90D3   DMITRIY SOLUNSKY                                  OCL                                               
9027   DMITRIY STEFANOV                                  OCL REQUEST                                       
90MD   DMITRY MENDELEYEV                                                                                   
14AE   DOCE VEGA                                                                                           
64DO   DOLFYN                                                                                              
90BZ   DOLINSK                                           callSign UWKS                                     
32Y1   DOLLY TURMAN                                                                                        
31DP   DOLPHIN                                                                                             
32DJ   DOMINATOR                                         (TUNA BOAT)                                       
31DM   DOMINENT                                                                                            
35DP   DOMPAIRE                                                                                            
062R   DONAU                                                                                               
9070   DONETS                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
90ED   DONETZ                                            OCL                                               
7611   DONG FANG HONG                                    callSign BCVH                                     
907Q   DONGHAE ILHO                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
907Z   DONUZLAV                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
908Y   DORA                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
48AF   DORIA                                                                                               
18DO   DOROTHY                                                                                             
18DG   DOROTHYGAIL                                                                                         
32DR   DORTCH                                                                                              
352W   DOUDART DE LAGREE                                                                                   
318D   DOWNES                                                                                              
08EH   DR. EDUARDO L. HOLMBERG                           callSign LRAQ                                     
58DR   DR. FRIDTJOF NANSEN                               LGWS                                              
67GD   DR. LUBECKI                                       Local name GDY-100 and GDYSTO; callSign SPG2015   
06DR   DRACHE                                                                                              
3259   DRAGAMINAS                                                                                          
48DR   DRIADE                                            callSign IUTG                                     
35DR   DRIFTING BUOY                                                                                       
61DB   DRIFTING BUOY                                                                                       
91DB   DRIFTING BUOY                                                                                       
49DZ   DRIFTING BUOY                                                                                       
18DZ   DRIFTING BUOY                                                                                       
09DB   DRIFTING BUOY                                                                                       
74DZ   DRIFTING BUOYS                                                                                      
32DB   DRIFTING PLATFORM                                                                                   
18DR   DRILL SHIPS                                       OCL                                               
46DR   DROFN                                             TFOW                                              
351B   DROGOU                                                                                              
3145   DROGUE                                                                                              
18DX   DROXFORD                                                                                            
74DX   DROXFORD                                                                                            
90L7   DRUG PRIRODY                                      ICES REQUEST  10Feb87 to 01Jul91                  
90YA   DRUJNYI                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
08DR   DRUMMOND                                          callSign LOAD                                     
351V   DU CHAYLA                                                                                           
31DU   DUANE                                                                                               
32DD   DUBUQUE                                                                                             
315T   DUC DU BRADANT                                    Dual entry - also code 355T                       
355T   DUC DU BRADANT                                                                                      
74DH   DUCHESS                                                                                             
09DU   DUCHESS                                                                                             
319Z   DUCHESS II                                                                                          
64DC   DUCHESS OF HOLLAND                                                                                  
062B   DUERN                                                                                               
32DU   DUFFY                                                                                               
351E   DUGUAY-TROUIN                                                                                       
48AG   DUILIO                                                                                              
64DH   DUKE OF HOLLAND                                                                                     
316U   DULUTH                                                                                              
741F   DUMBARTON CASTLE                                                                                    
74D3   DUMURRA                                                                                             
74DU   DUNCAN                                                                                              
31D4   DUNCAN                                                                                              
74D2   DUNDAS                                            callSign HO2080                                   
59DU   DUNKERQUOISE                                      USE COUNTRY 35 AFTER 12-80                        
74DK   DUNKIRK                                                                                             
351Z   DUPERRE                                                                                             
351L   DUPETIT THOUARS                                                                                     
351C   DUPLEIX                                                                                             
31D7   DUPONT                                                                                              
351D   DUQUESNE                                                                                            
31D2   DURABLE                                                                                             
31U6   DURANT                                                                                              
326X   DURHAM                                            LKA-114                                           
32DG   DUTCH GIRL                                                                                          
31DT   DUTTON                                                                                              
903G   DVINA                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
3261   DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER                                                                                
31DY   DYESS                                                                                               
31Y7   DYNAMIC                                                                                             
77DY   DYNEKIL                                                                                             
909V   DZHUBGA                                           OCL                                               
9032   DZIGIT                                            1895 VIA OCL                                      
31G5   E. A. GREENE                                                                                        
313H   E. B. HALL                                                                                          
18PE   E. E. PRINCE                                      AFTER 1960                                        
31FZ   E. F. LARSON                                                                                        
31LG   E. G. SMALL                                                                                         
31JL   E. L. JONES                                       callSign WL2699                                   
31XN   E. MCDONNELL                                                                                        
317O   E. MONTGOMERY                                     DE 1082                                           
26EA   E. R. L/V                                                                                           
06ER   E. ROTH                                                                                             
351N   E. V. JACOUBET                                                                                      
31ES   E. W. SCRIPPS                                                                                       
74WL   E. WILSHAW                                                                                          
18EB   E.P. LE QUEBECOIS                                 CG3130                                            
31EA   EAGLE                                                                                               
32O6   EAGLE                                             USCG                                              
326Y   EAGLE LEADER                                                                                        
18EG   EARL GREY                                         MEDS REQUEST Canadian Coast Guard CallSign CG3029 
29EA   EARM                                                                                                
74EG   EAST GOODWIN                                                                                        
74EB   EASTBOURNE                                                                                          
54EL   EASTERN LION                                      6ZFB                                              
32EY   EASTERN PACIFIC                                   (TUNA BOAT)                                       
18EP   EASTERN PRIDE                                     callSign 3EOY5                                    
31EZ   EASTWARD                                                                                            
18EW   EASTWARD HO                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
31EW   EASTWIND                                                                                            
31Q5   EATON                                                                                               
326U   EBBCO                                                                                               
06CS   EBERHART ESSERBERGER                              DGEE                                              
49EC   EBISU MARU NO. 1                                                                                    
49BT   ECHIZEN                                           callSign JLKU                                     
35EH   ECHO 2                                                                                              
3137   ECLIPSE                                           callSign ELJF7                                    
09F6   EDEN                                              COASTAL STATION                                   
09W2   EDEN STAR                                                                                           
326Z   EDENTON                                           ATS-1                                             
32NY   EDGAR M. QUEENY                                                                                     
32IV   EDGERTON                                                                                            
741A   EDINBURGH                                                                                           
31ED   EDISTO                                                                                              
312E   EDMONDS                                                                                             
18EM   EDMONTON                                          MEDS REQUEST CallSign CGAW                        
31EO   EDSON                                                                                               
29ED   EDUARDO DATO                                                                                        
74EF   EDWARD FORBES                                                                                       
33ER   EDWARD L. RYERSON                                 WM5464                                            
33EL   EDWIN LINK                                        ICES REQUEST  ex R/V SEA DIVER                    
06EN   EENDRACHT                                                                                           
58ER   EGER                                                                                                
74EA   EGERIA                                                                                              
58EG   EGLANTINE                                                                                           
49ER   EHIME MARU                                                                                          
18EH   EHKOLI                                                                                              
33ED   EIDER M/S                                         1950                                              
35BW   EIFFEL                                                                                              
49VA   EIJIN MARU                                                                                          
58EI   EIKEN                                                                                               
49E2   EIKO MARU                                                                                           
32EM   EILEEN, M.                                        (TUNA BOAT)                                       
46EN   EINAR I NESI                                      EA-49 REG. NO. 7145                               
062V   EISBAER                                                                                             
07EI   EISBAR                                            callSign Y4RB                                     
49EI   EISHO MARU                                                                                          
06EV   EISVOGEL                                          DLRG                                              
49XF   EITOKU MARU                                                                                         
26EJ   EJBY HAVN C/S                                                                                       
90EL   EKLIPTIKA                                                                                           
LAEK   EKOLOGS                                                                                             
90EK   EKVATOR                                                                                             
08EA   EL AUSTRAL                                                                                          
32BW   EL BARTLETT                                                                                         
32EA   EL CANO                                                                                             
328E   EL GRECO                                                                                            
88EI   EL IDRISI                                         TUNISIA; OCL 7636                                 
56EI   EL IDRISSI                                                                                          
353C   EL MANSOUR                                                                                          
56EM   EL MORCHID                                                                                          
32EO   EL PASO                                                                                             
322L   EL SALVATORE                                                                                        
908G   ELAGIN                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
34EL   ELAKKOON                                                                                            
49EL   ELBA EXPRESS                                                                                        
06EL   ELBE                                                                                                
06E1   ELBE 1                                                                                              
06LG   ELBE 2                                            OCL REQUEST  L/V                                  
06E2   ELBE 3                                                                                              
06LH   ELBE 4                                            OCL REQUEST  L/V                                  
06E3   ELBE EXPRESS                                                                                        
06EA   ELBSANDE                                          DLQK                                              
29AB   ELCANO                                                                                              
32EB   ELDEN                                                                                               
9033   ELDING                                            1925-27 VIA OCL                                   
58EJ   ELDJARN                                           1983-90 LHYB                                      
58EL   ELDOEY                                            1950                                              
31EL   ELDORADO                                          callSign JWNB                                     
31EK   ELDRED ROCK                                                                                         
906N   ELENINSK                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
90EH   ELETZ                                             OCL                                               
77BP   ELGAREN                                                                                             
32QV   ELGAREN M/S                                                                                         
35EL   ELIE MONNIER                                                                                        
32EJ   ELIZABETH ANN                                     (TUNA BOAT)                                       
329K   ELIZABETH LYKES                                   callSign WHTP                                     
18EA   ELIZABETH-ANNE                                                                                      
32EL   ELIZABETHPORT                                                                                       
74EK   ELK                                                                                                 
31EB   ELLEN B. SCRIPPS                                                                                    
06EB   ELLENBOGEN                                                                                          
32E4   ELLIOT                                                                                              
36BQ   ELMINA                                                                                              
3262   ELROD                                             FFG-55                                            
06ES   ELSFLETH                                                                                            
32EZ   ELSINORE                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
908J   ELSK                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
31ET   ELTANIN                                                                                             
90DG   ELTON                                                                                               
08EM   EMBARCACION MENOR                                                                                   
31E6   EMBATTLE                                                                                            
061R   EMDEN                                                                                               
54BA   EMERALD                                                                                             
SIEI   EMERALD INDAH                                     RadioCallSign  S6ID                               
35BD   EMERAUDE                                                                                            
32EE   EMERY                                                                                               
90YZ   EMETSK                                            OCL REQUEST  CallSign URIC                        
35EB   EMILE BAUDOT                                                                                        
35ET   EMILE MIGUET                                      1938                                              
33EM   EMPIRE STATE                                      (KKFW)  01/16/1997                                
311T   EMPIRE STATE IV                                                                                     
32EF   EMPRESS                                           callSign 3EUK9                                    
06EM   EMS                                               callSign DBDO                                     
49LF   ENCO MARU                                                                                           
74B8   ENCOUNTER BAY                                                                                       
33EN   ENDEAVOR                                                                                            
32EV   ENDEAVOR                                          call sign WCE5063; UNIV. RHODE ISLAND RESEARCH VES
74EN   ENDEAVOUR                                                                                           
18EN   ENDEAVOUR                                                                                           
61EN   ENDEAVOUR                                                                                           
58ED   ENDRE DYROEY                                      LLXE                                              
31VU   ENDURANCE                                                                                           
74ED   ENDURANCE                                                                                           
33EU   ENDURANCE                                         Call Sign WAUU;(SEAS VESSEL 6/1999); OCL 7630     
74ER   ENDURER                                                                                             
31EG   ENERGY                                            callSign P3TV3                                    
09X1   ENFIELD                                                                                             
742S   ENGADINE                                                                                            
31NG   ENGAGE                                                                                              
35EN   ENGAGEANTE                                                                                          
31QE   ENGLAND                                                                                             
31EJ   ENGLISH                                                                                             
325E   ENGSTROM                                                                                            
31DX   ENHANCE                                                                                             
34EN   ENKLINGE L/V                                                                                        
49EN   ENOSHIMA MARU                                                                                       
35ED   ENSEIGNE DE VAISSEAU HENRY                        FAUB                                              
32E3   ENTERPRISE                                                                                          
18EI   ENTRANCE ISLAND F/S                                                                                 
08EN   ENTRE RIOS II                                     (LRQE)                                            
NIEN   ENU GU                                                                                              
31EC   EPCE                                              ALL EPCE'S                                        
64EP   EPHYRA                                                                                              
31EE   EPPERSON                                                                                            
35EA   EQUALIS                                           VIA OCL                                           
MHEL   EQUATORIAL LION                                   (V7AS7)  06/23/1997                               
32ER   ERBEN                                                                                               
320R   ERICA                                                                                               
06DG   ERICA BOLTEN                                                                                        
33ET   ERICA TIDE                                        prefix (M/V)                                      
31ER   ERIKA DAN                                                                                           
BHEW   ERIKSON WINTER                                    C6JI2                                             
49EB   ERIMO                                                                                               
32YP   ERLINE                                                                                              
9034   ERMAK                                             1899-1901 VIA OCL                                 
74EH   ERNEST HOLT                                                                                         
90KE   ERNEST KRENKEL                                                                                      
07EH   ERNST HAECKEL                                                                                       
77AH   ERONA                                                                                               
74AD   ERRADALE                                                                                            
06EF   ERZHERZOG FRIEKRICK                                                                                 
49BX   ESAN                                                                                                
26ES   ESBJERG                                           callSign OWNO                                     
31EN   ESCANABA                                                                                            
3263   ESCAPE                                            WMEC-6                                            
58ES   ESKIMO                                                                                              
20ES   ESMERALDA                                                                                           
77ES   ESOX                                              SFC4566                                           
35EP   ESPADON                                           callSign HP5687                                   
09ES   ESPERANCE                                         callSign VRUI3                                    
08ES   ESPORA                                                                                              
31XE   ESSEX                                                                                               
32EH   ESSO AFRICA                                                                                         
32JY   ESSO ATLANTIC                                                                                       
324E   ESSO CARIBBEAN                                                                                      
32KJ   ESSO COPENHAGEN                                   Dual entry - also code 26KJ                       
06ED   ESSO DEUTSCHLAND                                  DHED                                              
06EE   ESSO EUROPA                                                                                         
32E8   ESSO GENEVA                                                                                         
32KQ   ESSO HAMBURG                                      Dual entry - also code 06KQ                       
32IU   ESSO HAWAII                                       callSign C6WE                                     
322H   ESSO HONOLULU                                                                                       
3153   ESSO HOUSTON                                                                                        
32KW   ESSO INDONESIA                                                                                      
323J   ESSO JAPAN                                                                                          
32E7   ESSO KAGOSHIMA                                                                                      
322E   ESSO KAWASAKI                                                                                       
32KU   ESSO LE HAVRE                                                                                       
32E2   ESSO LEXINGTON                                                                                      
32E1   ESSO LIGURIA                                                                                        
32EK   ESSO MADRID                                                                                         
32KG   ESSO MEDITERRANEAN                                                                                  
32KY   ESSO NEDERLAND                                    Dual entry - also code 64KY                       
32J6   ESSO OSAKA                                                                                          
32JZ   ESSO PACIFIC                                                                                        
35DC   ESSO PROVENCE                                                                                       
32EP   ESSO PUERTO RICO                                                                                    
32ES   ESSO SCOTIA                                                                                         
32KX   ESSO TOKYO                                        Dual entry - also code 49KX                       
32EW   ESSO WILHELMSHAVEN                                                                                  
908L   ESTAFETA OKTYABRYA                                OCL REQUEST                                       
35ES   ESTAFETTE                                                                                           
31Z4   ESTEEM                                                                                              
PAAQ   ESTELLE J.                                                                                          
0917   ESTELLE STAR                                                                                        
318J   ESTER JOY                                                                                           
321E   ESTOCIN                                           USN                                               
18E2   ETH                                                                                                 
49ED   ETOMO                                             callSign 8KOD                                     
49EA   ETSUZAN MARU                                      callSign JJDN                                     
SCET   ETYLIS                                            (S7JB)                                            
47ET   ETZIONA                                                                                             
32EU   EUGENIE VIII                                                                                        
11EU   EUPEN                                             callSign LXBT                                     
74EC   EURO FREIGHTER                                                                                      
06BW   EUROLINER                                                                                           
063F   EUROPA                                            CIRCA 1930'S                                      
741S   EURYALUS                                          F-15                                              
26AD   EVA THINNESEN                                                                                       
74EV   EVADNE                                                                                              
36AB   EVANGELISTRIA III                                                                                   
31E3   EVANS                                             callSign 3EIE9                                    
09EV   EVANS HEAD                                                                                          
32E9   EVELYN DA ROSA                                    (TUNA BOAT)                                       
31EV   EVERGREEN                                                                                           
31E7   EVERSOLE                                                                                            
64EV   EVERTSEN                                                                                            
90YI   EVGENIY KRIVOSHEYEV                               OCL REQUEST                                       
90EV   EVRIKA                                            callSign EWVO                                     
67EW   EWA                                                                                                 
31XC   EXCEL                                                                                               
32L7   EXCELLENCE                                        callSign KTDP                                     
76EX   EXCELLENCE CONTAINER                              BMAE                                              
32QT   EXCELLENCE II                                                                                       
35EC   EXCELLENT                                                                                           
48EX   EXCELSIOR                                         RadioCallSign IBEX                                
744G   EXETER                                                                                              
74EM   EXMOUTH                                                                                             
SEEX   EXOCET                                                                                              
UREX   EXPERIMENT                                        ICES REQUEST  Yr 1996  RadioCallSign UPQM         
31EP   EXPLOIT                                                                                             
20EX   EXPLORADOR                                        callSign EEJK                                     
74EX   EXPLORER                                                                                            
35EX   EXPLORER                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
31EX   EXPLORER                                                                                            
323E   EXPORT BUILDER                                                                                      
3264   EXPORT CHAMPION                                   callSign WLCG                                     
32ED   EXPORT DEFENDER                                                                                     
31EU   EXULTANT                                                                                            
312J   EXXON JAMESTOWN                                                                                     
32EN   EXXON NEWARK                                                                                        
3265   EXXON WASHINGTON                                                                                    
77EY   EYSTRASALT                                                                                          
48BD   F. ALLEGRA                                                                                          
31KF   F. B. PARKS                                                                                         
35FB   F. BLANC                                                                                            
18FD   F. D. 201                                                                                           
31F8   F. E. EVANS                                                                                         
18FC   F. G. CREED                                       MEDS REQUEST RadioCallSign CB6099                 
90L8   F. GOGITIDZE                                      ICES REQUEST  08Jun89 to 26Jun89                  
318A   F. HAMMOND                                                                                          
31KO   F. KNOX                                                                                             
32LF   F. LEWIS                                                                                            
31R5   F. M. ROBINSON                                                                                      
31RY   F. ROYAL                                                                                            
06KI   F. S. KIEL                                                                                          
31F7   F. SHERMAN                                                                                          
31FB   F. T. BERRY                                                                                         
31HV   F. V. HUNT                                                                                          
26MO   F. V. MORTERSEN                                                                                     
18RS   F.X. ROSS                                                                                           
90FB   FADDEY BELLINGSGAUSEN                                                                               
PAAM   FAIR LIZA                                                                                           
32NZ   FAIRFAX COUNTY                                                                                      
32FA   FAIRLAND                                                                                            
18FA   FAIRMORSE                                                                                           
313V   FAIRVIEW                                                                                            
317W   FAIRWEATHER                                       callSign WTEB                                     
31FA   FALCON                                                                                              
3266   FALCON CHAMPION                                   callSign WFJN                                     
32FC   FALCON COUNTESS                                                                                     
32FD   FALCON DUCHESS                                                                                      
3267   FALCON LEADER                                     AOT                                               
31FG   FALGOUT                                                                                             
34FA   FALKEN                                                                                              
26FA   FALKEN                                                                                              
74FP   FALKLANDS PROTECTOR                               GYMA                                              
74FA   FALMOUTH                                                                                            
77FA   FALSTERBOREV L/V                                                                                    
26FB   FALSTRIA                                                                                            
58FG   FANGST                                            ICES REQUEST replacemt vessel RadioCallSign LK6871
46FN   FANNEY                                            callSign TFHT                                     
319E   FANNING                                                                                             
353G   FANNING ISLAND                                                                                      
74FN   FANTASIA                                                                                            
48FA   FARFALLA                                                                                            
58FM   FARM                                                                                                
74AE   FARNELLA                                                                                            
31QQ   FARRAGUT                                                                                            
09T1   FAVORITE                                                                                            
74FW   FAWN                                                                                                
46FA   FAXABORG                                                                                            
31YV   FAY                                               callSign SV7100                                   
31FS   FEARLESS                                                                                            
31FT   FECHTELER                                                                                           
35FE   FEE DE L'AULNE                                                                                      
062U   FEHMARN                                                                                             
06FE   FEHMARNBELT                                                                                         
PAFA   FELICIA                                           callSign OUMV2                                    
58BG   FERNCROFT                                         callSign LLEJ3                                    
318L   FERREL                                            callSign WTEZ                                     
49FE   FERRY BOATS                                       JAPAN-KOREA FERRY LINE                            
3315   FH 960                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
31FD   FIDELITY                                                                                            
31FI   FIEBERLING                                                                                          
31FE   FIESTA                                                                                              
741U   FIFE                                              D-20                                              
3268   FIFE                                              DD-991                                            
32F2   FINANCE                                                                                             
31F3   FINCH                                                                                               
74FI   FINISTERRE                                        callSign EDJN                                     
06JY   FINKENWERDER/ELBE                                 OCL REQUEST river station                         
32FI   FINNEGAN                                                                                            
77FI   FINNGRUNDET L/V                                                                                     
34AA   FINNROSE                                                                                            
90CA   FIOLENT                                           callSign UVJX                                     
3269   FIREBUSH                                          WLB-393                                           
31F6   FIRM                                                                                                
PAFJ   FIRST JUPITER                                     callsign: 3FXG6; (Launched 1996 - Japan owned)    
31FH   FISH HAWK                                                                                           
11FB   FISHERBOY                                         (SMALL BOAT)                                      
HKFG   FISHGUARD BAY                                     (VRSC)                                            
86F2   FISHING RESEARCH 2                                                                                  
86V9   FISHING VESSEL 9                                                                                    
31FK   FISKE                                                                                               
74FZ   FITZROY                                                                                             
31FF   FIVE FATHOM BANK L/S                                                                                
31F5   FIVE FINGER                                                                                         
497F   FIXED PLATFORM                                                                                      
147F   FIXED PLATFORM                                                                                      
187F   FIXED PLATFORM                                                                                      
297F   FIXED PLATFORM                                                                                      
247F   FIXED PLATFORM                                                                                      
317F   FIXED PLATFORM                                                                                      
GH7F   FIXED PLATFORM                                                                                      
357F   FIXED PLATFORM                                                                                      
747F   FIXED PLATFORMS                                                                                     
907F   FIXED PLATFORMS                                                                                     
767F   FIXED PLATFORMS                                                                                     
067F   FIXED PLATFORMS                                                                                     
267F   FIXED PLATFORMS OF DENMARK                                                                          
2999   FIXED PLATFORMS OF SPAIN                                                                            
32FS   FIXED STATIONS                                                                                      
77FS   FIXED STATIONS                                                                                      
26FS   FIXED STATIONS                                                                                      
18FX   FIXED STATIONS                                                                                      
74FS   FIXED STATIONS                                                                                      
91FS   FIXED STATIONS                                                                                      
09FS   FIXED STATIONS                                                                                      
49FS   FIXED STATIONS                                                                                      
08FS   FIXED STATIONS                                                                                      
24FS   FIXED STATIONS                                                                                      
06JZ   FJELL                                             OCL REQUEST CallSign DGER ship-of-opportunity     
58FJ   FJORDFANGST                                       LM9892                                            
77FL   FLADEN                                                                                              
MAFL   FLAMBOYANT                                        3BES                                              
905W   FLAMINGO                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
54AM   FLAMMULINA                                                                                          
32F7   FLATLEY                                                                                             
74FM   FLEETWOOD-OWS LIMA                                FROM 1982                                         
06FL   FLENSBURG                                                                                           
31F2   FLETCHER                                                                                            
58FL   FLID                                              1950-51                                           
74FL   FLINDERS                                          callSign VJEU                                     
74FG   FLINDERS BAY                                      callSign GYSA                                     
32ZL   FLINT                                                                                               
31FP   FLIP                                                                                                
46FL   FLOAKLETTUR                                                                                         
31FJ   FLOAT JUNEAU, A. J.                                                                                 
48FL   FLORA                                                                                               
35FL   FLORENCE                                                                                            
PAFL   FLORIA                                            callSign 3EMM                                     
261F   FLORIDA                                                                                             
49LD   FLORIDA MARU                                                                                        
32FQ   FLORIDA QUEEN                                                                                       
31FC   FLORIKAN                                                                                            
314X   FLYING DRAGON                                                                                       
CYFE   FLYING ENTERPRISE                                 callSign P3NQ2                                    
74FF   FLYING FISH                                                                                         
33FF   FLYING FISH                                                                                         
18FV   FOAM-V                                                                                              
352X   FOCH                                                                                                
18FL   FOGO ISLE                                         VXZM                                              
32FP   FORAGER                                                                                             
351F   FORBIN                                                                                              
313F   FORCE                                                                                               
327W   FORD                                              FFG-54                                            
063G   FORELLE                                           CIRCA 1930'S                                      
32FO   FOREMAN                                                                                             
32FM   FORMOE                                                                                              
319F   FORRESTAL                                                                                           
31FO   FORSTER                                                                                             
743B   FORT AUSTIN                                       callSign GSEV                                     
745D   FORT COULONGE                                                                                       
32FF   FORT FISHER                                                                                         
18FF   FORT FRANCIS                                                                                        
743A   FORT GRANGE                                       callSign GSEU                                     
32FN   FORT NIAGARA                                                                                        
18FS   FORT ROSS                                                                                           
74FE   FORT STEELE                                                                                         
74FR   FORTH RANGER                                      callSign 2HEL                                     
74GQ   FORTHBANK                                         callSign GQEK                                     
31QJ   FORTIFY                                                                                             
HKFT   FORUM TONGA                                       RadioCallSign VROB                                
32ZE   FORWARD                                           USCGC WMEC 911                                    
32G0   FOSS, DREW                                                                                          
CUFO   FOTON                                             SRT-M-8024                                        
906F   FOTON                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
314F   FOX                                               DLG 33                                            
74FO   FOX                                                                                                 
91FR   FRAAY R/K                                                                                           
58FA   FRAM                                                                                                
35FR   FRANCE I                                                                                            
35FA   FRANCE II                                                                                           
32FL   FRANCES ANN                                       (TUNA BOAT)                                       
18FG   FRANCES GERALDINE                                                                                   
48FV   FRANCESCO VERCELLI                                ICES REQUEST    fishing boat (circa 1965)         
29FN   FRANCISCO DE PAULA NAVARRO                        (EGES)                                            
57FR   FRANCISCO DE ULLOA                                                                                  
541D   FRANCOIS VENTURE                                                                                    
315F   FRANCONIA                                         Dual entry - also code 745F                       
745F   FRANCONIA                                                                                           
91FH   FRANK HARVEY R/K                                                                                    
18FW   FRANK M. WESTON                                   Call Sign CG3005                                  
06FR   FRANKEN                                                                                             
06FK   FRANKFURT                                                                                           
09FA   FRANKLIN                                          VJJF                                              
18FR   FRASER                                                                                              
32V1   FRED H. MOORE                                     R/V                                               
327Y   FREDERICK                                         LST-1184                                          
74GG   FREDERICK RUSSELL                                                                                   
26FR   FREDERICK VIII                                                                                      
26FE   FREDERIKSHAVN C/S                                                                                   
26FD   FREDERIKSSUND C/S                                                                                   
06KC   FREIHEIT                                          OCL REQUEST trawler                               
77FR   FREJ                                              SBPT                                              
09Y5   FREMANTLE                                                                                           
32FE   FREMONT                                                                                             
32FH   FRENCH                                                                                              
327Z   FRESNO                                            LST-1182                                          
46FJ   FRIDRIK JESSON                                    VE 177 (7176)                                     
06FI   FRIDTJOF NANSEN                                                                                     
58FN   FRIDTJOF NANSEN                                   U. OF BERGEN 1955-91                              
06HF   FRIEDRICH HEINCKE                                                                                   
318F   FRIENDSHIP                                                                                          
06FD   FRIESLAND                                         DBPE                                              
64FR   FRIESLAND                                                                                           
3165   FRIGATE BIRD                                                                                        
06KD   FRITHJOF                                          OCL REQUEST CallSign DBFJ 9-1-1968 to present     
58FF   FRITHJOF                                          1910-1910                                         
90NF   FRITJOF NANSEN                                    callSign UTSZ                                     
58FR   FRO I                                                                                               
SVFR   FRONTIER                                          J8GC9                                             
32FY   FRYBARGER                                                                                           
31FR   FRYING PAN SHOALS L/S                                                                               
TNFK   FUA KAVENGA                                       A3CA                                              
49FU   FUGEN MARU                                                                                          
49HZ   FUJI                                                                                                
49FJ   FUJI II                                           callSign HO5173                                   
49GX   FUJI NO.18                                        OCL REQUEST  (03/1968)                            
49LQ   FUJI REEFER                                                                                         
49HU   FUJI-MARU                                                                                           
49HM   FUKIMAYA MARU                                                                                       
49IH   FUKUI MARU                                        callSign JHIN                                     
49EF   FUKUMIYA                                          OCL REQUEST  (decommissioned 12/1964)             
49FK   FUKUSHIMA MARU                                    callSign JGPP                                     
062F   FULDA                                                                                               
323F   FULLAM                                                                                              
49FN   FUNAKAWA MARU                                                                                       
31FU   FURMAN                                                                                              
31FV   FURSE                                                                                               
49HS   FUSA MARU                                                                                           
49FM   FUSAKAZE MARU                                                                                       
49DW   FUSAMI MARU                                                                                         
49FX   FUSAMI MARU NO.2                                                                                    
49FB   FUTAMI                                                                                              
49LT   FUYO MARU                                                                                           
32FK   FYKE                                                                                                
77FY   FYRBYGGAREN                                       SDJP                                              
26FY   FYRHOLM                                                                                             
26AM   G. AMDRUP                                                                                           
31KE   G. B. KELEZ                                                                                         
18RB   G. B. REED                                        callSign CGBQ                                     
18JW   G. C. JEWEL                                                                                         
18MD   G. C. MACDONALD                                                                                     
31JZ   G. K. MCKENZIE                                                                                      
90EY   G. KARELIN                                        OCL                                               
58GD   G. M. DANNEVIG                                    callSign LINW                                     
90M2   G. SARYCHEV                                       ICES REQUEST  02Sep65 to 26Oct65                  
31PP   G. W. PIERCE                                                                                        
32WG   G. WILLA                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
58GS   G.O. SARS                                         LLZG                                              
90L9   G-139                                             ICES REQUEST  23Nov73 to 10May82                  
9079   G-245                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
9080   G-319                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
77BT   GAASSTEN                                                                                            
18GA   GADUS ATLANTICA                                   callSign VC9450                                   
909W   GAGARA                                            OCL                                               
31XI   GAINARD                                                                                             
324G   GALAPAGOS                                                                                           
28GE   GALAPAGOS EXPLORER                                HCGE                                              
22GA   GALATEA                                                                                             
32GA   GALATEA                                                                                             
26GA   GALATHEA                                                                                            
31GT   GALATHEA                                                                                            
TTAB   GALEOTA                                                                                             
47GA   GALIM                                                                                               
313G   GALLANT                                                                                             
313L   GALLATIN                                                                                            
74GA   GALLOPER                                                                                            
32G1   GALLOWAY                                                                                            
9065   GALS                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
742B   GAMBADA                                                                                             
74GM   GAMBIA                                                                                              
31GA   GANNET                                                                                              
31V6   GARCIA                                                                                              
29GD   GARCIA DEL CID                                                                                      
54AD   GARDEN STATE                                                                                        
35GA   GARDOUR                                           callSign FZUY                                     
48GB   GARIBALDI                                                                                           
541E   GARYVILLE                                                                                           
09GA   GASCOYNE                                                                                            
18GU   GATINEAU                                                                                            
31G9   GATLING                                                                                             
35GB   GAUGIN                                                                                              
06GA   GAUSS                                                                                               
41GA   GAVESHANI                                         callSign ATNN                                     
742Z   GAVINGTON                                                                                           
06GZ   GAZELLE                                           callSign A7D3008                                  
48GA   GAZZELLA                                                                                            
31G2   GEARING                                                                                             
20GE   GECO                                                                                                
26GE   GEDSER REV L/V                                                                                      
063H   GEESTE                                            CIRCA 1930'S                                      
06KE   GEESTHACHT/ELBE                                   OCL REQUEST river stations                        
3113   GEIGER                                                                                              
49GE   GEIYO-MARU                                                                                          
312G   GEMINI                                                                                              
32GM   GEMINI                                            (TUNA BOAT)                                       
90CB   GEMMA                                                                                               
31PD   GEN. A. M. PATCH                                                                                    
31GS   GEN. D. L. SULTAN                                                                                   
31GP   GEN. E. D. PATRICK                                                                                  
31GG   GEN. GREENE                                                                                         
311Y   GEN. H. J. GAFFEY                                                                                   
31GM   GEN. M. ROSE                                                                                        
31BV   GEN. S. B. BUCKNER                                                                                  
31GW   GEN. W. H. GORDON                                                                                   
31DW   GEN. W. O. DARBY                                                                                    
32GD   GENDREAU                                                                                            
90B6   GENERAL ARSHINTSEV                                ICES REQUEST  Yr 1982  RadioCallSign UNQT         
3218   GENERAL H. H. ARNOLD                                                                                
08GP   GENERAL PUEYRREDON                                                                                  
08SM   GENERAL SAN MARTIN                                                                                  
08GZ   GENERAL ZAPIOLA                                                                                     
90CC   GENICHESK                                                                                           
47GE   GENIE                                                                                               
32G2   GENIE II                                                                                            
49GP   GENKAI                                            (JBZ5)                                            
49GN   GENKAI-MARU                                                                                         
318X   GENTIAN                                                                                             
32GI   GENTRY                                                                                              
49GO   GENYO MARU                                                                                          
LAGE   GEOFIZIKIS                                        YLKZ                                              
90GG   GEOLOG FERSMAN                                                                                      
35GE   GEOMAR                                                                                              
32GO   GEORGE                                                                                              
74GB   GEORGE BLIGH                                                                                        
31B6   GEORGE BOWERS                                                                                       
061Y   GEORGE FOCH                                                                                         
18GP   GEORGE R. PEARKES                                 Call Sign CGCX; OCL 7627                          
74GD   GEORGE REAY                                                                                         
49GT   GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE                          JKCF                                              
32JK   GEORGENE                                                                                            
351J   GEORGES LEYGUES                                                                                     
35GP   GEORGES PETIT                                     FUUM                                              
31XW   GEORGETOWN                                                                                          
908V   GEORGIEVSK                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
90SE   GEORGIY SEDOV                                                                                       
906L   GEORGY MATVEICHUK                                 OCL REQUEST                                       
906Z   GEORGY MAXIMOV                                    OCL REQUEST                                       
90UG   GEORGY USHAKOV                                                                                      
3290   GEOSAT                                            SATELLITE                                         
49XH   GEPPO                                                                                               
90CE   GERAKL                                                                                              
90GE   GERAKL                                                                                              
09GE   GERALDTON                                                                                           
35GT   GERARD TRECA                                                                                        
06GC   GERBEK                                                                                              
31GE   GERDA                                                                                               
641G   GERDA                                                                                               
26GD   GERDA IV                                          callSign XP9124                                   
90GK   GEROEVKA                                                                                            
90B7   GEROI KERCHI                                      ICES REQUEST   Yr 1981-82  RadioCallSign UPLG     
31GN   GERONIMO                                                                                            
06GR   GERTRUD II                                                                                          
06GT   GERTRUD-MARTA                                                                                       
27GL   GHAZAL                                            callSign HO6376                                   
18GB   GIBOR                                             MEDS REQUEST RadioCallSign  CG3129                
90GB   GIDROBIOLOG                                                                                         
90M4   GIDROFIZIK                                        ICES REQUEST  17Jul78 to 23Sep96                  
RUM4   GIDROFIZIK                                        ICES REQUEST  17Jul78  to 23Sep78                 
90M5   GIDROGRAF                                         ICES REQUEST  16Nov25 to 31May39                  
906S   GIDROLOG                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
90B8   GIDROOPTIK                                        ICES REQUEST                                      
904E   GIDROSTAT                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
90EQ   GIDROZOND                                         OCL                                               
06GL   GIGA                                                                                                
9020   GIGROMETR                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
9023   GILDA                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
32GL   GILLIGAN                                                                                            
31GI   GILLISS                                                                                             
32G3   GILMORE                                                                                             
90M6   GIMEINOVETZ                                       ICES REQUEST  31May34 to 17Oct38                  
581A   GIMLE                                                                                               
32GN   GINA ANNE                                         (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32GK   GINA KAREN                                        (TUNA BOAT)                                       
09Y2   GIPSY                                                                                               
58GI   GIRA                                              OCL request; OCL code 7647                        
29GI   GIRALDA                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
CUGI   GIRON II                                                                                            
903H   GIROSKOP                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
90KG   GISSAR                                                                                              
90GI   GIZHIGA                                           callSign UJUH                                     
58GJ   GJOEA                                                                                               
90WQ   GKS-23                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
18GC   GLACE BAY                                         MEDS REQUEST CallSign CGAU                        
31GL   GLACIER                                                                                             
77GL   GLADAN                                                                                              
09X9   GLADIATOR                                                                                           
32GW   GLADWYNE                                                                                            
36GL   GLAFKI                                                                                              
741T   GLAMORGAN                                         D-19                                              
742Q   GLASGOW                                                                                             
908K   GLEB USPENSKIY                                    OCL REQUEST                                       
31G1   GLENNON                                                                                             
903Y   GLOBOUS                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
907M   GLOBUS                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
3177   GLOMAR CHALLENGER                                                                                   
32GP   GLOMAR CONCEPTION                                 callSign WPGN                                     
32GE   GLOMAR EXPLORER                                   callSign WCHG                                     
35GN   GLOMAR NORTH SEA                                                                                    
33GL   GLORIA MICHELE                                    NOAA SHIP OUT OF SANDY HOOK LAB                   
49BQ   GLORIOUS ACE                                      callSign JJFS                                     
32O7   GLORITA                                           WSE338                                            
741B   GLOUCESTER                                                                                          
31VJ   GLOVER                                                                                              
90M7   GLUBINA                                           ICES REQUEST  17Jun36 to 28Oct37                  
908B   GLUBOMER                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
90UP   GMC-403                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
90FY   GMS                                               OCL                                               
90GY   GNEVNIY                                           CallSign UFCS                                     
ANGA   GOA                                               D3SB                                              
68GA   GOA                                                                                                 
AGGD   GODAFOSS                                          (V2EZ)  EX NEDLLOYD DRAGON -94                    
26GO   GODTHAAB                                                                                            
49LI   GODWIT V                                                                                            
64GE   GOEREE L/S                                                                                          
54AB   GOGO RAMBLER                                                                                        
742U   GOLD ROVER                                        callSign GRET                                     
31GB   GOLDBERGER                                                                                          
49GW   GOLDEN ARROW                                                                                        
32GB   GOLDEN BEAR                                                                                         
31G4   GOLDEN EAGLE                                                                                        
324F   GOLDEN FLEECE                                     WSC2259                                           
49GG   GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE                                                                                  
320B   GOLDEN SUN                                                                                          
PAAW   GOLDEN TIGER                                                                                        
32GF   GOLDEN WEST                                                                                         
SIGI   GOLDENSARI INDAH                                  9VVB                                              
74GF   GOLDFINCH                                         callSign 9HAL4                                    
31XG   GOLDSBOROUGH                                                                                        
74GO   GOLDSEEKER                                                                                          
11GB   GOLFBREKER                                        (OPUU)                                            
29GC   GOLFO DE CADIZ                                                                                      
93GC   GOLFO DE CARIACO                                                                                    
58GA   GOLTASUND                                         1951                                              
908I   GOLUB MIRA                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
0955   GONDWANA                                          callSign PEJQ                                     
9067   GONETS                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
NIGG   GONGOLA HOPE                                      5NHZ                                              
57GA   GONZALEZ ORTEGA                                                                                     
31GX   GOODRICH                                                                                            
18GS   GOOSE BAY                                         MEDS REQUEST CallSign CGBV                        
90GD   GORDIENKO                                                                                           
33GG   GORDON GUNTER                                     (NOAA)                                            
90CD   GORGE GIORGIU DECH                                                                                  
90GO   GORIZONT                                                                                            
06KG   GORLEBEN/ELBE                                     OCL REQUEST river station                         
07GZ   GORLITZ                                           callSign Y5RV                                     
908H   GORNOSTAEVKA                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
908A   GORNY                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
74GT   GORSETHORN                                                                                          
31GO   GOSNOLD                                                                                             
49GH   GOTO                                              callSign JLAM                                     
31A0   GOVERNOR RAY                                      FORMALLY A. AGASSIZ                               
08GO   GOYENA                                                                                              
90M8   GPB-57                                            ICES REQUEST  03Apr90 to 05Sep90                  
26GY   GRAADYB                                           callSign OWTU; RIBE COUNTY                        
32G4   GRACE                                                                                               
90GT   GRADIENT                                          (UBKT)                                            
903C   GRADOUS MAYAK                                     OCL REQUEST                                       
74GR   GRAFTON                                                                                             
18GR   GRAMPUS                                           CIRCA 1913                                        
31GR   GRAMPUS                                                                                             
32G7   GRANADA                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
ICGB   GRAND BASSAM                                      TUMG                                              
PAAU   GRAND EAGLE                                                                                         
18GH   GRAND HARBOR F/S                                                                                    
58GR   GRANNE                                                                                              
08GV   GRANVILLE                                                                                           
317P   GRAPPLE                                                                                             
318G   GRAY                                                                                                
903J   GRB 286                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
321J   GREATLAND                                         callSign WFDP                                     
18GE   GREBE                                             U. OF QUEBEC AT RIMOUSKI (UQAR)                   
48AJ   GRECALE                                                                                             
3273   GREEN FOREST                                                                                        
32WX   GREEN HARBOR                                                                                        
32VB   GREEN ISLAND                                                                                        
66AG   GREEN PALM                                                                                          
3274   GREEN PORT                                                                                          
744U   GREEN ROVER                                       A-268                                             
31G6   GREEN SEAS                                                                                          
3275   GREEN SPRINGS                                                                                       
32VE   GREEN VALLEY                                                                                        
3276   GREEN WAVE                                                                                          
31GK   GREENWOOD                                                                                           
31GF   GREGORY                                                                                             
908X   GREMIACHINSK                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
18GN   GRENFELL                                          (CGJY)                                            
74GE   GRENVILLE                                                                                           
31GH   GRESHAM                                                                                             
26GK   GRETHE KNOPPER                                                                                      
744V   GREY ROVER                                        A-269                                             
904R   GRIBANOV                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
26GB   GRIBBEN                                           OVDI                                              
31X8   GRIDLEY                                                                                             
909X   GRIGORY LEZHAVA                                   OCL                                               
323G   GRISWOLD                                                                                            
48GR   GROCERIA                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
URM9   GROM                                              ICES REQUEST 22Apr87 to 09Sep94 RadioCallSign UNCA
90M9   GROM                                              ICES REQUEST  22Apr87 to 09Sep94                  
90GA   GROMOVOY                                                                                            
48AB   GROSSO                                                                                              
90N1   GROT                                              ICES REQUEST 20Apr51 to 20May62 RadioCallSign UNGF
90YV   GROTEBOL                                          OCL REQUEST CallSign EWJQ                         
32GH   GROWLER                                                                                             
90GF   GRUMANT II                                        OCL request; OCL code 7648                        
77GR   GRUNDKALLEN L/V                                                                                     
907I   GS-1                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
90GS   GS-194                                            OCL REQUEST   R/V                                 
90N2   GS-211                                            ICES REQUEST  13Aug78 to 25Aug78                  
90N3   GS-273                                            ICES REQUEST  14Feb77 to 27Feb77                  
906P   GS-401                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
90N4   GS-402                                            ICES REQUEST  09Feb82 to 10Dec86                  
90WP   GS-440                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
90N5   GS-59                                             ICES REQUEST  25Jun76 to 15Aug76                  
90N6   GS-60                                             ICES REQUEST  25Jun76 to 11Jul76                  
32G6   GUADALCANAL                                       LPH-7                                             
31UX   GUADALUPE                                                                                           
93GQ   GUAIQUERI                                                                                           
20AH   GUAITECAS                                                                                           
32GG   GUAM                                                                                                
31GD   GUARD ISLAND                                                                                        
31GV   GUARDIAN                                                                                            
28GU   GUAYAS                                                                                              
351Y   GUEPRATTE                                                                                           
743X   GUERNSEY                                                                                            
08GR   GUERRICO                                          callSign LOAG                                     
32GU   GUEST                                                                                               
31GU   GUIDE                                             callSign WBO3340                                  
57GP   GUILLERMO PRIETO                                                                                    
CUAB   GUISA                                                                                               
58GF   GULAFJORD                                                                                           
26GU   GULDBORGSUND                                                                                        
33GC   GULF CHALLENGER                                   UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE                       
54GC   GULF CURRENT                                      ELMF9                                             
18GX   GULF EXPLORER                                     1946-55                                           
318Q   GULF MERCHANT                                     callSign KGMK                                     
3278   GULF QUEEN                                                                                          
32GR   GULF RESEARCHER                                                                                     
3185   GULF SHIPPER                                      callSign KEMP                                     
3187   GULF STREAM                                       callSign CLBF                                     
32GT   GULF TRADER                                                                                         
46GF   GULLFOSS                                                                                            
46GN   GUNNAR NIELSSON                                   EA-555 REG. NO. 1938                              
26GT   GUNNAR THORSON                                    callSign OWPB 1980                                
90RL   GURIEV                                                                                              
31QK   GURKE                                                                                               
322G   GURNARD                                                                                             
314G   GUS D                                             WYZ7288                                           
31G3   GUS III                                                                                             
35GW   GWALARN                                                                                             
35GD   GWEN DREZ                                         FZYB                                              
32GC   GWIN                                                                                                
31G7   GYATT                                                                                               
35GF   GYF                                                                                                 
32GY   GYRE                                                                                                
49GY   GYRO MARU                                                                                           
31AP   H. ARTHUR                                                                                           
31L8   H. B. POWELL                                                                                        
31IX   H. B. WILSON                                                                                        
06HB   H. BAUMGARTEN                                                                                       
31HH   H. C. HAYES                                                                                         
32CD   H. D. COLLIER                                                                                       
31JQ   H. D. CROW                                                                                          
317Q   H. E. HOLT                                                                                          
31HQ   H. E. HUBBARD                                                                                       
58GN   H. H. GRAN                                                                                          
32Q8   H. H. HESS                                                                                          
31EH   H. J. ELLISON                                                                                       
31TJ   H. J. THOMAS                                                                                        
31FY   H. J. W. FAY                                                                                        
31HS   H. M. SMITH                                                                                         
77HV   H. M. VEKSTADSFARTYG                                                                                
327L   H. O'MALLEY                                                                                         
31UV   H. PURVIS                                                                                           
31Q8   H. R. DICKSON                                                                                       
58SD   H. U. SVERDRUP                                                                                      
31T1   H. W. TUCKER                                                                                        
58HY   HAADYR                                                                                              
58AA   HAAKON MOSBY                                      callSign LJIT                                     
64HA   HAAKS                                                                                               
34HA   HAAPASAARI/ASPO L/V                                                                                 
49HT   HACHIKO MARU                                                                                        
49H7   HACHIRYU MARU NO. 13                                                                                
49BR   HACHIYO MARU                                                                                        
909J   HADIJENSK                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
46HF   HAFBOR                                                                                              
46HA   HAFTHOR                                                                                             
49PP   HAGUSAN                                                                                             
06HA   HAHNENTOR                                                                                           
7625   HAI DIAO 0010                                                                                       
7635   HAI DIAO 822                                                                                        
76WD   HAI JIAN 40                                                                                         
76WC   HAI JIAN 47                                                                                         
76WG   HAI JIAN 71                                                                                         
76WP   HAI JIAN 72                                                                                         
76GK   HAI JIAN 73                                                                                         
18HA   HAIDA                                                                                               
32HL   HAILEY                                                                                              
06HT   HAITHABU                                          callSign DBGE                                     
49JD   HAKAWA #2                                                                                           
49XQ   HAKO MARU                                                                                           
49L9   HAKO NO.8                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
49AA   HAKOMIYA-MARU                                                                                       
49H8   HAKONE MARU                                                                                         
49XN   HAKUCHO MARU                                                                                        
49HH   HAKUHO-MARU                                                                                         
49HG   HAKUREI MARU                                                                                        
49DP   HAKURYU MARU                                                                                        
49HQ   HAKURYU MARU NO. 18                                                                                 
66AB   HAKUSAN                                                                                             
49NK   HAKUSAN MARU                                                                                        
49D1   HAKUTA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
49HK   HAKUYO-MARU                                                                                         
3279   HALEAKALA (8AE-25)                                                                                  
31HM   HALF MOON                                                                                           
320C   HALF MOON BAY                                                                                       
31VY   HALSEY                                                                                              
26HA   HALSSKOV REV L/V                                                                                    
32Q9   HALYBURTON                                                                                          
31HA   HALYCON                                                                                             
49IE   HAMAEI-MARU                                                                                         
32HM   HAMBLETON                                                                                           
74HB   HAMBURG                                                                                             
06HX   HAMBURG EXPRESS                                   DHEC                                              
06KH   HAMBURG-HULL/WASH                                 OCL REQUEST 1-1-1953 to 12-31-1974 ship of opportu
31HT   HAMILTON                                                                                            
09HA   HAMME                                                                                               
31UG   HAMMERBERG                                                                                          
32HD   HAMMONDSPORT                                                                                        
06HM   HAMMONIA                                                                                            
31NZ   HAMNER                                                                                              
24HA   HAN RA SAN                                                                                          
06HC   HANAU                                                                                               
24TJ   HANJIN POHANG                                     callSign D8ON                                     
31K5   HANK                                                                                                
77HN   HANNA                                             SMALL MOTORBOAT                                   
31H6   HANNA                                                                                               
88HB   HANNIBAL                                          ICES REQUEST                                      
31HN   HANNIBAL                                                                                            
88HA   HANNOUN                                                                                             
06HN   HANNOVER                                                                                            
58HB   HANS BRATTSTROEM                                  LERS 5/92                                         
06KJ   HANS BUERKNER                                     OCL REQUEST CallSign DRMA                         
26HE   HANS EGEDE                                                                                          
58HA   HANS FALNES                                       1949                                              
AGHA   HANSEWALL                                         callsign: V2Ao3                                   
31NX   HANSON                                                                                              
58HT   HANSTEEN                                          1896                                              
9054   HANT                                                                                                
4916   HANUO MARU                                        VIA OCL                                           
RCRD   HARDI                                             callSign FS4550                                   
18HR   HARENGUS                                                                                            
313T   HARKNESS                                                                                            
328U   HARLAN COUNTY                                     LST-1196                                          
34HG   HARMAJA/GRAHARA F/S                                                                                 
313Y   HARMONY                                                                                             
32YF   HAROLD W. STREETER                                                                                  
329E   HARRIOT LANE                                                                                        
31HC   HARRIS COUNTY                                                                                       
58HN   HARRY BORTHEN                                     1962                                              
32HJ   HARRY W. HILL                                                                                       
31H5   HARTLEY                                                                                             
49H9   HARUNA MARU                                                                                         
49H1   HARUSAME                                                                                            
313U   HARVESON                                                                                            
31HB   HARWOOD                                                                                             
SIHA   HASIKIN NO. 11                                                                                      
31Q9   HASSAYAMPA                                                                                          
49HC   HATAKAZE                                          callSign 3FFS2                                    
49GI   HATERUMA                                          callSign 8LCQ                                     
49H6   HATIZYO                                                                                             
49XM   HATSUE MARU NO.62                                                                                   
49H2   HATSUHI                                                                                             
49HA   HATSUTAKA MARU                                                                                      
77HA   HATTAN                                                                                              
58HV   HAVDROEN                                          1971                                              
31VF   HAVERFIELD                                                                                          
26HI   HAVFISKEN                                                                                           
26HK   HAVKATTEN                                                                                           
58HM   HAVMANN I                                         1951-52                                           
26HU   HAVMUSEN                                          SMALL BOAT                                        
77HR   HAVRINGE                                          L/V                                               
26HT   HAVTASKEN                                         SMALL BOAT                                        
32H5   HAWAII                                                                                              
32HS   HAWAII STANDARD                                                                                     
32HN   HAWAIIAN                                                                                            
32HC   HAWAIIAN CITIZEN                                                                                    
32HE   HAWAIIAN ENTERPRISE                                                                                 
32HQ   HAWAIIAN QUEEN                                                                                      
61HA   HAWEA                                                                                               
31QF   HAWKINS                                                                                             
49HD   HAYABUSA                                          callSign JD2267                                   
49H3   HAYACHINE MARU                                                                                      
49AV   HAYASUI MARU                                                                                        
49HP   HAYATE                                                                                              
49EX   HAYATSUKI                                         OCL REQUEST  (10/1974 to 02/1998)                 
31HW   HAYNSWORTH                                                                                          
313N   HAZELWOOD                                                                                           
47HA   HAZVI                                                                                               
76AA   HE TAI                                            callSign BOMW                                     
32H1   HEALY                                                                                               
35HE   HEBE                                                                                                
74HC   HECATE                                                                                              
063J   HECHT                                             CIRCA 1930'S                                      
31HK   HECK                                              callSign WTEY                                     
74HA   HECLA                                                                                               
64HE   HEEMSKERCK                                        callSign PEOE                                     
32H2   HEERMANN                                                                                            
49GV   HEIAN NO.1                                        OCL REQUEST  (07/1977)                            
49HN   HEIAN-MARU                                                                                          
06HE   HEIDELBERG                                                                                          
26HM   HEIMDAL                                                                                             
58HE   HEIMDAL                                                                                             
905K   HEIMDAL                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
58HL   HEIMLAND I                                                                                          
06HK   HEINCKE                                           (DBCK) BUILT 1990                                 
06KK   HEINZ ROGGENKAMP                                  OCL REQUEST CallSign DRMH                         
49FT   HEIWA  IBARAKI  MARU                              spelling changed- Sep 6, 2000 (FJM)               
49HE   HEIYO                                                                                               
26HL   HEKLA                                             OCL request; OCL code 7656                        
49EH   HEKURA                                                                                              
18HD   HELENE DANY                                                                                         
45HE   HELGA                                                                                               
06KL   HELGOLAND                                         OCL REQUEST CallSign DSFY                         
06HR   HELGOLAND REEDE                                                                                     
18HE   HELICOPTER                                                                                          
77HP   HELICOPTER                                        ICES REQUEST  (Umeaa Mar Sciences Centre)         
06HP   HELICOPTER                                                                                          
ZZHP   HELICOPTER                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
32HP   HELICOPTER                                                                                          
34HP   HELICOPTER                                                                                          
58HH   HELLAND HANSEN                                                                                      
77HL   HELLIG OLAV                                                                                         
06KN   HELMSAND                                          OCL REQUEST CallSign DRMC 2-1-1988 to present     
34HE   HELSINGKALLAN L/S                                                                                   
31E9   HENDERSON                                                                                           
31ZY   HENLEY                                                                                              
35HN   HENRI EMILIE III                                                                                    
18HS   HENRY LARSEN                                      OCL REQUEST; callSign CGHL                        
315U   HEPBURN                                                                                             
34HK   HERAKLES                                          OGTC 3/89 former INTO                             
PAAT   HERAKLIA                                                                                            
74HD   HERALD                                                                                              
328W   HERCULES                                          PHM-2                                             
08HE   HERCULES                                                                                            
29HC   HERMAN CORTES                                                                                       
06WT   HERMAN WATTENBERG                                                                                   
58HF   HERMANN FRIELE                                                                                      
06HS   HERMANN SCHULTE                                   callSign LATP4                                    
93HG   HERMANO GINES                                                                                       
09T5   HERMAY                                                                                              
74HM   HERMES                                                                                              
063A   HERMES                                                                                              
64HR   HERMES                                                                                              
742X   HERMIONE                                                                                            
328X   HERMITAGE                                         LSD-34                                            
316H   HERNAN CORTEZ                                                                                       
316J   HERO                                                                                                
08HA   HEROINA                                                                                             
31HE   HERON                                                                                               
09R9   HERON ISLAND                                      COASTAL STATION                                   
10HE   HERTHA                                                                                              
74HS   HESPERIAN                                                                                           
29HE   HESPERIDES                                        EDQP                                              
061L   HESSEN                                                                                              
49HB   HEWA                                              BARAGI MARU                                       
67HE   HEWELIUSZ                                         SPWC                                              
32HW   HEWITT                                                                                              
74HI   HIAWATHA                                                                                            
32HI   HICKOX                                                                                              
49JC   HIDAKA MARU                                       JQVW                                              
31HI   HIDALGO                                                                                             
31HD   HIDATSA                                                                                             
49DE   HIDEHIKO                                                                                            
HRHI   HIDRA                                             1993  CallSign 9A4726  ICES REQUEST               
90HI   HIDROGRAF                                                                                           
LAHI   HIDROGRAFS                                        PRE 6/1940                                        
49HV   HIEI MARU                                                                                           
31QH   HIGBEE                                                                                              
PAHG   HIGHGATE                                          (3EJL8)                                           
PAHA   HIKAWA II                                         3EZG5                                             
49BI   HIKAWA MARU                                                                                         
74HL   HILDEGARDE                                                                                          
61AC   HINAU                                                                                               
11HI   HINDERS                                                                                             
18HM   HINODE MARU                                       callSign JM5866                                   
49XP   HINOKUNI                                                                                            
49HF   HINOKUNI MARU                                     callSign JM6016                                   
492H   HINYO MARU                                        1963                                              
49BJ   HIRA MARU                                                                                           
49H4   HIRADO                                                                                              
MOHR   HIRONDELLE                                                                                          
49HR   HIROTA MARU                                                                                         
49HI   HISHO                                                                                               
58HI   HISO                                                                                                
31H9   HISSEM                                                                                              
49ZI   HISYUN MARU                                       OCL request; OCL code 7642                        
491T   HITACHI                                           (7JVX)                                            
32HT   HITCHITI                                                                                            
06KP   HITZACKER/ELBE                                    OCL REQUEST river station                         
49HX   HIYOSHI MARU                                                                                        
09AD   HMAS ADELAIDE                                     FFG-01                                            
09CA   HMAS CANBERRA                                     FFG-02                                            
09CB   HMAS COOK                                         GOR-291                                           
09AA   HMAS DARWIN                                       FFG-04                                            
09DE   HMAS DERWENT                                      DE-049                                            
09FL   HMAS FLINDERS                                     AGS-312                                           
09HO   HMAS HOBART                                       DDG-39                                            
09JC   HMAS JERVIS BAY                                                                                     
09MB   HMAS MELBOURNE                                    VKLP                                              
09MO   HMAS MORESBY                                                                                        
09NW   HMAS NEWCASTLE                                    VLNC                                              
09PE   HMAS PERTH                                        DDG-38                                            
09SW   HMAS SWAN                                         DE-50                                             
09SH   HMAS SYDNEY                                       FFG-03                                            
18C6   HMCS CALGARY                                      FFH-335 (CGAF)                                    
18CE   HMCS CEDARWOOD                                                                                      
18C8   HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN                                (CGAJ)                                            
18C5   HMCS CORMORANT ASL-20                             CGKN                                              
18FN   HMCS FREDERICTON FFH-337                          CGAN                                              
18HL   HMCS HALIFAX                                      FFH-330                                           
18MP   HMCS MONTREAL                                     FFH-336                                           
18OD   HMCS ONANDAGA                                     (CGNQ)                                            
18OW   HMCS OTTAWA                                       NEW FRIGATE 1996                                  
18RN   HMCS REGINA                                       FFH-334 (CGAE)                                    
18RF   HMCS ROCKCLIFFE                                                                                     
18S6   HMCS ST JOHNS                                                                                       
18TR   HMCS TORONTO                                      333                                               
18VQ   HMCS VILLE DE QUEBEC                              FFH-332                                           
18WN   HMCS WINNIPEG SFH-338                             CGAI                                              
18YA   HMCS YC-14                                                                                          
61CA   HMNZS CANTERBURY                                                                                    
61AB   HMNZS SOUTHLAND                                                                                     
61WA   HMNZS WAIKATO                                                                                       
74FJ   HMS FLAMINGO                                      1952                                              
74P5   HMS P59                                           OCL request; OCL code 7650                        
74WG   HMS WILD GOOSE                                    1954                                              
320Q   HO2                                                                                                 
324H   HOBBY                                                                                               
31HG   HODGSON                                                                                             
27HD   HODHOD                                                                                              
58HO   HOEGVARD                                                                                            
31V8   HOEL                                                                                                
46HL   HOFFELL                                           (TFBN)                                            
74HO   HOGUE                                                                                               
31OH   HOH                                                                                                 
06KS   HOHNSTORF/ELBE                                    OCL REQUEST river station                         
32H8   HOIST                                                                                               
49H5   HOKKO MARU                                                                                          
491C   HOKUHO MARU                                                                                         
49VJ   HOKUSEI                                           callSign JE2694                                   
49HO   HOKUSEI-MARU                                                                                        
49DJ   HOKUSHIN MARU                                                                                       
49OU   HOKUYO-MARU                                                                                         
31H4   HOLDER                                                                                              
26HD   HOLGER DANSKE                                     callSign OUSB                                     
64HO   HOLLAND                                                                                             
31HZ   HOLLISTER                                                                                           
328Y   HOLLYHOCK                                                                                           
32IH   HOLO HOLO                                                                                           
32HK   HONG KONG MAIL                                                                                      
24AQ   HONGYANG HO                                                                                         
18HB   HOOD                                              (CG2845)  06/10/1994                              
06KT   HOOGE                                             OCL REQUEST research vessel                       
31JJ   HOOPER                                                                                              
31QO   HOPEWELL                                          callSign HP4855                                   
31HO   HORIZON                                                                                             
SVHR   HORIZON                                           J8GG4                                             
32HG   HORNBEAM                                          callSign P3SF2                                    
31HR   HORNE                                                                                               
31XH   HORNET                                            callSign HO8160                                   
06HG   HORNGOLF                                                                                            
26HR   HORNS REV L/V                                                                                       
4917   HOROBETSU                                         VIA OCL                                           
49LC   HORYU MARU                                                                                          
49HL   HOSHO MARU NO. 2                                                                                    
49BK   HOTAKA MARU                                                                                         
32HO   HOWARD                                                                                              
18HW   HOWAY                                                                                               
49D3   HOYO                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
49ZL   HOYO MARU 12                                                                                        
32HB   HRB                                               (TUNA BOAT)                                       
28HU   HUAYAIPE                                                                                            
18HU   HUDSON                                            callSign CGDG                                     
32H6   HUDSON                                            callSign WC4650                                   
54BU   HUGHEVERETT                                                                                         
31H1   HULL                                                                                                
32HR   HUMBLE                                                                                              
31HU   HUMBOLDT                                                                                            
32H3   HUMDINGER                                                                                           
31VH   HUMMINGBIRD                                                                                         
32HU   HUNLEY                                            AS-31                                             
31U4   HUNT                                                                                                
06HU   HUNTE                                                                                               
09Y1   HUNTER                                                                                              
09T3   HUON                                                                                                
74HH   HUPEH                                                                                               
74HR   HURON                                             GXYN                                              
18HN   HURON                                                                                               
31U8   HUSE                                                                                                
58HU   HUSELAND                                                                                            
06GD   HUSUM                                                                                               
32HH   HUTCHINSON                                                                                          
74HU   HUXLEY                                                                                              
35HV   HVAR                                              callSign J8FJ3                                    
95HV   HVAR                                                                                                
26HV   HVIDBJORNEN                                                                                         
58HK   HVIDFISKEN                                                                                          
76HH   HWA HANG                                          (BIDE)  01/31/1978                                
58HS   HYAS                                                                                                
31H2   HYDAH                                                                                               
32HY   HYDOR                                                                                               
32HV   HYDRA                                                                                               
74HY   HYDRA                                                                                               
58HG   HYDROGRAF                                                                                           
31HY   HYDROGRAPHER                                                                                        
33HF   HYDROGRAPHIC FIELD PARTY #1                       OCL REQUEST   NOAA                                
31HF   HYDROGRAPHIC FIELD PARTY 742                                                                        
67HY   HYDROMET                                          callSign SPIC                                     
31YH   HYMAN                                                                                               
49HJ   HYOGO MARU                                                                                          
49XL   HYOGO MARU NO.1                                                                                     
49HY   HYUGA-MARU                                                                                          
49IB   IBARAGI-MARU                                                                                        
49LR   IBARAKI MARU                                                                                        
09W1   IBEX                                                                                                
35IS   IBIS                                                                                                
09Y6   IBIS                                                                                                
56IS   IBN SINA                                          MOROCCO; CALLSIGN CNOJ; OCL 7637                  
35ZA   IBN ZAIDOUN                                                                                         
49B3   IBUKI MARU                                                                                          
ZZIC   ICE CAMP                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
31T3   ICE ISLAND                                        T-3                                               
314K   ICE ISLANDS                                                                                         
3314   ICE SKATE ALPHA                                   VIA OCL                                           
18IC   ICE STATION                                                                                         
06CE   ICEBIRD                                           DPIB                                              
27IC   ICHTHIOLOG                                                                                          
35IC   ICHTHYS                                                                                             
32IG   IDA GREEN                                         callSign WV2229                                   
32ID   IDAHO                                             callSign 3EZK8                                    
32IS   IDAHO STANDARD                                                                                      
3156   IDEAL                                                                                               
58ID   IDUN                                              callSign J8BC3                                    
14IG   IGARATY                                                                                             
90GP   IGNAT PAVLYUCHENKOV                               callSign UYWF                                     
URGP   IGNAT PAVLYUCHENKOV                               1 Jan 1992 - on                                   
90IM   IGOR MAKSIMOV                                     USWN                                              
14IU   IGUATEMI                                                                                            
54BG   IGUAZU                                                                                              
90B9   IHTIOLOG                                          ICES REQUEST   Yr 1964-71  RadioCallSign  ESGV    
61IK   IKATERE                                                                                             
49I4   IKI                                                                                                 
49IU   IKUNA-MARU                                                                                          
49CR   IKURU-MARU                                                                                          
33LF   ILE DE FRANCE                                     KRPB                                              
35LX   ILE DE LA REUNION                                 FNQD FORMERLY LA REUNION FNQQ                     
35IM   ILE MAURICE                                                                                         
904X   ILINSKIY                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
31IU   ILLUSIVE                                                                                            
744F   ILLUSTRIOUS                                                                                         
09W4   IMLAY                                                                                               
26IM   IMMANUEL                                                                                            
48AT   IMPAVIDO                                                                                            
31IM   IMPERVIOUS                                                                                          
31JX   IMPLICIT                                                                                            
90IZ   IMPULS                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
49IZ   INAZUMA                                                                                             
18IA   INCH ARRAN                                                                                          
24TK   INCHON                                                                                              
32IN   INCHON                                                                                              
24N8   INCHON 801                                                                                          
24AR   INCHON 866                                                                                          
24IN   INCHON 888                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
35IN   INCONSTANT                                                                                          
32D6   INDEPENDENCE                                      CVA-62                                            
32IP   INDEPENDENCE                                      (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32IM   INDIAN MAIL                                                                                         
32IL   INDIAN SEAL                                       callSign WYQ4222                                  
909P   INDIGIRKA                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
58IU   INDRE UTSIRA                                                                                        
PAFN   INFANTA                                           3EHE6                                             
311I   INFLICT                                                                                             
26IG   INGA                                              Callsign 5PAS  County of Fyn                      
32VH   INGER                                             callSign KCSA                                     
31IE   INGERSOLL                                                                                           
31IN   INGHAM                                                                                              
06KV   INGO                                              OCL REQUEST CallSign DBQQ research vessel         
26IN   INGOLF                                                                                              
31X5   INGRAHAM                                                                                            
90IN   INGUL                                                                                               
31I3   INTERCEPTOR                                                                                         
31QI   INTERDICTOR                                                                                         
31I9   INTERPRETER                                                                                         
34NT   INTO                                              OGTC PRIOR TO APR 1989                            
3157   INTREPID                                                                                            
48AU   INTREPIDO                                                                                           
74IV   INVADER                                                                                             
31IV   INVESTIGATOR                                                                                        
41IN   INVESTIGATOR                                                                                        
74IN   INVESTIGATOR                                                                                        
09IN   INVESTIGATOR                                                                                        
18IV   INVESTIGATOR I                                                                                      
18IN   INVESTIGATOR II                                                                                     
743Q   INVINCIBLE                                                                                          
06KU   IO 110 INA-K                                      OCL REQUEST trawler INA-KRISTINE ?                
36A6   IOANNIS                                           ICES REQUEST  23Aug75 to 27Aug75  small boat      
908Z   IOLDIA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
328Z   IOWA                                              BB-61                                             
320P   IPOKAI                                            WSG6552                                           
35IE   IRENE S                                                                                             
319O   IRIS                                                                                                
58IR   IRIS                                                                                                
45IC   IRISH CEDAR                                                                                         
45IE   IRISH ELM                                                                                           
45IA   IRISH LARCH                                                                                         
45IM   IRISH MAPLE                                                                                         
45IO   IRISH OAK                                                                                           
45IP   IRISH PINE                                                                                          
45IL   IRISH PLANE                                                                                         
45IS   IRISH STARDUST                                                                                      
90IK   IRKUTSK                                                                                             
09Y7   IRON BOGONE                                                                                         
09DA   IRON DAMPIER                                      VNGZ                                              
09IE   IRON ENDEAVOUR                                                                                      
09FD   IRON FLINDERS                                     VNGL                                              
09Y8   IRON HUNTER                                                                                         
09IK   IRON KEMBLA                                       Call Sign VJDK                                    
09NC   IRON NEW CASTLE                                   VJDI                                              
09PC   IRON PACIFIC                                      VJDP                                              
09IY   IRON YANDI                                        CallSign VNVR                                     
31IR   IRONWOOD                                                                                            
18IS   IROQUOIS                                                                                            
32IQ   IROQUOIS                                          callSign DZHI                                     
3138   IRWIN                                                                                               
64IS   ISAAC SWEERS                                                                                        
54SE   ISABELLA                                          ICES REQUEST CallSign A8NJ                        
06GI   ISAR                                                                                                
49BW   ISAZU                                             callSign 8KOI                                     
35IT   ISEULT                                            FNNK                                              
31I2   ISHERWOOD                                                                                           
49IK   ISHIKARI                                                                                            
49EY   ISHISHIO                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
64SS   ISIS                                                                                                
90IS   ISKATEL                                                                                             
CUSV   ISLA DE JUVENTUD                                                                                    
28AB   ISLA FLOREANA                                     callSign HCJH                                     
063K   ISLAND                                            CIRCA 1950'S                                      
26IS   ISLAND                                                                                              
36BN   ISLAND GEM                                        callSign SVRS                                     
316I   ISLAND WATERS                                                                                       
09IS   ISLANDER VI                                                                                         
26FL   ISLANDS FALK                                                                                        
08IS   ISLAS ORCADAS                                                                                       
49IS   ISOGO                                                                                               
34IS   ISOKARI/ENSKAR L/V                                                                                  
49EZ   ISOKAZE                                           callSign 3EWK2                                    
49I3   ISONAMI                                           callSign JG4133                                   
49IC   ISOSHIO                                                                                             
90IL   ISSLEDOVATEL                                                                                        
49ID   ISUZU                                             callSign JPAB                                     
49IY   ITSUKI MARU                                       callSign HP7249                                   
49AM   ITSUKUSHIMA                                                                                         
20IT   ITZUMI                                                                                              
905H   IVAN PETROV                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
RUVP   IVAN PETROV                                       built 1989                                        
35IA   IVERNIA                                                                                             
95AA   IVO VOJNOVIC                                                                                        
74IB   IVYBANK                                           GTIA                                              
49IF   IWAKI                                                                                               
49IW   IWAKI-MARU                                                                                          
49IT   IWATE-MARU                                                                                          
3281   IWO JIMA                                          LPH-2                                             
20IM   IZISHI MARU                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
90YX   IZMAYLOVO                                         OCL REQUEST  CallSign ULQX                        
90N7   IZOGALINA                                         ICES REQUEST  09Mar54 to 25Jul60                  
903D   IZOOMROUD                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
49DH   IZU                                               (JGWH)                                            
909Y   IZUMRUD                                           OCL                                               
74JM   J & S MILES                                                                                         
31JB   J. A. BOLE                                                                                          
313J   J. A. FURER                                                                                         
18NI   J. B. NICKERSON                                                                                     
32B6   J. C. BUTLER                                                                                        
31O1   J. C. OWENS                                                                                         
31Q7   J. D. BLACKWOOD                                                                                     
91JG   J. D. GILCHRIST                                                                                     
31DJ   J. DANIELS                                                                                          
18BB   J. E. BERNIER                                     callSign CGBT                                     
31KS   J. E. KYES                                                                                          
31JP   J. E. PILLSBURY                                                                                     
32MA   J. H. MACGAREGILL                                                                                   
06JH   J. H. WILHEHNS.                                                                                     
32J5   J. HANCOCK                                                                                          
3178   J. HEWES                                                                                            
311J   J. HOOD                                                                                             
31IG   J. INGRAM                                                                                           
32JJ   J. JONES                                                                                            
31TZ   J. K. TAUSSIG                                                                                       
31KG   J. KING                                                                                             
32BJ   J. L. BROWN                                                                                         
18HT   J. L. HART                                                                                          
07KR   J. L. KRUGER                                                                                        
329Z   J. M. MARTINAC                                                                                      
31JC   J. N. COBB                                        callSign WMVC; NOAA SHIP                          
318N   J. NELSON                                                                                           
31JN   J. P. JONES                                                                                         
31JY   J. P. KENNEDY JR.                                                                                   
31IJ   J. R. CRAIG                                                                                         
31JM   J. R. MANNING                                                                                       
31PJ   J. R. PERRY                                                                                         
31JR   J. R. PIERCE                                                                                        
32TL   J. R. TOWLE                                                                                         
325D   J. RODGERS                                                                                          
32RJ   J. RUTHERFORD                                                                                       
31II   J. S. MCCAIN                                                                                        
32IT   J. SMITH                                                                                            
31JS   J. STRAUSS                                                                                          
31JG   J. W. GIBBS                                                                                         
31JK   J. W. MACKAY                                                                                        
32UK   J. W. POWELL                                      WBA4695  USGS owned                               
31JW   J. W. THOMASON                                                                                      
31WJ   J. W. WEEKS                                                                                         
31ZI   J. W. WILKE                                                                                         
31W8   J. WILLIS                                                                                           
31JF   JACANA                                                                                              
74JA   JACKAL                                                                                              
24TL   JAEJU                                                                                               
29JC   JAFUDA CRESQUES                                                                                     
74JG   JAGUAR                                                                                              
90JS   JAKOV SMIRNITSKIY                                 OCL REQUEST                                       
41AA   JALAGOPAL                                                                                           
41JT   JALAMOTI                                                                                            
42JA   JALANIDHI                                         callSign PKQI                                     
28JA   JAMBELI                                                                                             
74JC   JAMES CLARK ROSS                                  ZDLP                                              
61CO   JAMES COOK                                        callSign ZMZD                                     
3282   JAMES, REUBEN                                     FFG-57                                            
58JM   JAN MAYEN                                         LAHV                                              
641M   JAN VAN BRAKEL                                                                                      
06JW   JAN WELLEM                                                                                          
58JA   JANA                                                                                                
49JP   JAPAN ACE                                                                                           
49PT   JAPAN CARRYALL                                                                                      
49LW   JAPAN ERICA                                                                                         
49PM   JAPAN IRIS                                                                                          
49DL   JAPAN JASMIN                                                                                        
316Q   JAPAN MAIL                                                                                          
49B4   JAPAN POPLAR                                                                                        
49DC   JAPAN TEAK                                                                                          
49JB   JAPAN TUNA NO. 2                                                                                    
26JS   JAPETUS STEENSTRUP                                                                                  
90WJ   JARKIY                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
90WM   JARNISHNAYA BAY                                   COASTAL STATION  - OCL REQUEST                    
32JT   JARRETT                                                                                             
34JA   JARSO L/V                                                                                           
319J   JARVIS                                                                                              
74JS   JASON                                                                                               
32JA   JASPER                                                                                              
09JA   JASUS                                                                                               
32JS   JAVA SEAL                                                                                           
09JB   JAY BEE                                                                                             
58JZ   JAZAI                                                                                               
32JE   JEAN A.                                                                                             
35JB   JEAN BART                                                                                           
SEJC   JEAN CHARCOT                                      USE 35JC                                          
35JC   JEAN CHARCOT                                      FNOY                                              
ICJC   JEAN CHARCOT                                      USE 35JC                                          
35CU   JEAN DE VIENNE                                                                                      
35JE   JEAN DOMINIQUE                                                                                      
351U   JEAN MOULIN                                                                                         
18JP   JEAN PIERRE                                                                                         
18JJ   JEANJACQUES                                                                                         
18JA   JEANNE D'ARC                                                                                        
06AS   JEBSEN SOUTHLAND                                                                                    
66AH   JEBSEN TIMARU                                                                                       
32YL   JEFF AND TINA                                                                                       
3136   JEFFERS                                                                                             
31JE   JENKINS                                                                                             
32J4   JENNIE & JACKIE                                                                                     
26SA   JENS C. SVABO                                                                                       
26JV   JENS VAEVER                                       callSign OXTJ                                     
24TM   JEON NAM                                                                                            
743W   JERSEY                                                                                              
09F5   JERVIS BAY                                        COASTAL STATION                                   
76AG   JI DA                                                                                               
24JR   JI RI SAN                                                                                           
32JG   JIM LYTAL                                                                                           
76A1   JIN XING                                          callSign BAXQ                                     
32JI   JINITA                                            (TUNA BOAT)                                       
35JM   JMAA KARAK                                                                                          
09JE   JO ELLEN                                                                                            
58BD   JO MASTER                                                                                           
315J   JOAN BAR II                                                                                         
32JM   JOAN MARIE                                        (TUNA BOAT)                                       
PAJB   JOANA BONITA                                      3EFY6                                             
68JC   JOAO COUTINHO                                     (CTFA)                                            
68JD   JOAO DE LISBOA                                                                                      
68AD   JOAO ROBY                                                                                           
35JZ   JOB HA ZELIAN                                                                                       
49ZY   JOBAN                                                                                               
06KX   JOH. L. KRUEGER                                   OCL REQUEST 10-16-1951 to 7-5-1961 research vessel
58JH   JOHAN HJORT                                       callSign LDGJ                                     
58JR   JOHAN RUUD                                        LEDR                                              
06JM   JOHANNES MULLER                                   OCL request                                       
18MC   JOHN A. MACDONALD                                                                                   
74JB   JOHN BISCOE                                                                                         
09AM   JOHN BURKE                                                                                          
18JC   JOHN CABOT                                                                                          
32JW   JOHN DEWOLF                                                                                         
3288   JOHN F. KENNEDY                                                                                     
74MJ   JOHN MURRAY                                                                                         
18DD   JOHN P. TULLY                                                                                       
18S7   JOHN STRICKLAND                                   UNIV. OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (UBC)                   
3220   JOHN V. VICKERS                                   WTEC                                              
32VJ   JOHN YOUNG                                        DD-973                                            
74MC   JOHN. W. MACKAY                                                                                     
32JO   JOHNSON                                                                                             
31JT   JOHNSTON                                                                                            
3161   JOIE DE VIVRE                                                                                       
77JJ   JO-JO II                                          (SHIT)  08/15/1985                                
32J1   JO-LINDA                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
46JV   JON VIDALIN                                       (TFVD)  06/06/1996                                
54JK   JONG KONG                                         ELED                                              
54BF   JONNA DAW                                                                                           
18JO   JONQUIERE                                                                                           
29JN   JOSE MARIA NAVAZ                                  (EA7836)                                          
26JR   JOSE RIOJA                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
29JR   JOSE RIOJA                                                                                          
PAJL   JOSEPH LYKES                                      3ELQ9                                             
31UQ   JOUETT                                                                                              
31JO   JOYCE                                                                                               
49JY   JOYO MARU                                         1964                                              
337J   JUDY S                                                                                              
90JU   JUHZMORGEOLOGIA                                   OCL REQUEST                                       
35JU   JULES E DELBY                                     1932                                              
06JF   JULIUS FOCK                                                                                         
320T   JUNE BOLLINGER                                                                                      
32J3   JUNEAU                                                                                              
34JU   JUNGFRUSKAR F/S                                                                                     
4915   JUNKO MARU                                        VIA OCL                                           
742E   JUNO                                              F-52                                              
3284   JUPITER                                           AKR-11                                            
743G   JUPITER                                           F-60                                              
LTJR   JURBARKUS                                         LYEF                                              
34JS   JUSARO L/V                                                                                          
32F1   JUSTIN FOSS                                                                                         
35JW   JUSTINE WESSELS                                                                                     
57AC   JUSTO SIERRA                                                                                        
74JU   JUTLAND                                                                                             
58JU   JUVEL                                             1963                                              
31ID   K. D. BAILEY                                                                                        
909O   K-59                                              OCL                                               
492G   KABASHIMA                                         (JIRH)                                            
26KD   KADETRENDEN L/V                                                                                     
90N8   KAFA                                              ICES REQUEST  27Jun31 to 03Jul33                  
49PQ   KAGA MARU                                                                                           
49XG   KAGAMI                                                                                              
49GB   KAGAMI MARU                                                                                         
49GA   KAGAWA MARU                                                                                         
49CG   KAGOSHIMA MARU                                    (JLVC)                                            
61AD   KAHA ROA                                                                                            
31KA   KAHO                                                                                                
49KA   KAIHO-MARU                                                                                          
49OI   KAIKO-MARU                                                                                          
32KL   KAILUA                                                                                              
33KA   KAIMALINO                                         SSP                                               
33KI   KA'IMIKAI-O-KANALOA                               callsign WBN-4310; UNIV. OF HAWAII                
33KM   KA'IMIMOANA                                       NOAA ship 1996                                    
33KU   KAIMOKU                                           (WGJT) 1/14/97                                    
18KI   KAINS ISLAND F/S                                                                                    
49XS   KAIUN MARU                                                                                          
34KB   KAIVOPUISTO/BRUNNSPARKEN F/S                                                                        
49BE   KAIYO                                             8LYT                                              
49XK   KAIYO                                             8LYT                                              
49B5   KAIYO                                                                                               
49C9   KAIYO NO.53                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
49K6   KAIYO-MARU                                                                                          
49K1   KAIYO-MARU NO 1                                                                                     
49K2   KAIYO-MARU NO 2                                                                                     
49K3   KAIYO-MARU NO 3                                                                                     
49K4   KAIYO-MARU NO 4                                                                                     
49K5   KAIYO-MARU NO 5                                                                                     
49KD   KAIYO-MARU NO 6                                                                                     
GHKA   KAKADIAMAA                                        callSign 9GYW                                     
49VK   KAKUYO MARU                                       JEXD                                              
41KA   KALAVA                                                                                              
34KA   KALBADAGRUND L/S                                                                                    
09KA   KALINDA                                                                                             
34KL   KALLBADAN L/V                                                                                       
901F   KALLISTO                                                                                            
24AE   KALMAEGI HO                                                                                         
905D   KALMAR                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
909B   KALMIKOVO                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
90KJ   KALPER                                            (UHVF)                                            
322K   KAMCHATKA                                         (TUNA BOAT)                                       
901H   KAMCHATKA                                                                                           
90ET   KAMCHATSKY                                        OCL                                               
90KY   KAMENSKOYE                                        callSign EVXZ                                     
49D5   KAMIKAZE                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
49ZB   KAMISHIMA                                                                                           
4913   KAMITAKA MARU                                     VIA OCL                                           
49KM   KAMOI-MARU                                                                                          
49DT   KAMOME                                                                                              
32KK   KANA KEOKI                                                                                          
67AB   KANARYJKA                                         SZN 83                                            
TTAH   KANAWA R/V                                                                                          
90WN   KANDALAKSHA BAY                                   COASTAL STATION  - OCL REQUEST                    
31KN   KANE                                                                                                
49LM   KANEFUJI                                                                                            
76H7   KANG GONG 1                                                                                         
24TN   KANG WONG                                                                                           
24AD   KANGWON 854                                                                                         
24AS   KANGWON 867                                                                                         
61KA   KANIERE                                                                                             
49N2   KANO                                              callSign JAZK                                     
491K   KANO MARU                                                                                           
3286   KANSAS CITY                                       AOR-3                                             
54BL   KANSAS GETTY                                                                                        
06KF   KAP FARVEL                                        callSign LCKT                                     
36BC   KAPETAN YANNIS                                                                                      
90C9   KAPITAN BYKOVSKIY                                                                                   
9069   KAPITAN CHIRKOV                                   callSign UBGK                                     
90EW   KAPITAN CHUMAKOV                                  OCL                                               
90CF   KAPITAN DEMIDOV                                   callSign ESSR                                     
90KS   KAPITAN SHAYTANOV                                 callSign UFYN                                     
06KZ   KAPT. KOENIG                                      OCL REQUEST CallSign DBLU  chartered ship         
18KP   KAPUSKASIN                                                                                          
261B   KARA                                                                                                
90CG   KARA-DAG                                          callSign EWVW                                     
90KA   KARBAS                                                                                              
35KA   KARECK HIR                                                                                          
64KD   KAREL DOORMAN                                     (PAMA)  07/31/1992                                
32KR   KAREN MARY                                        (TUNA BOAT)                                       
49KB   KARI                                              callSign OIOG                                     
09KN   KARIN                                                                                               
AGKK   KARIN KNORR                                       Call Sign V2HX                                    
PAAN   KARINA                                                                                              
PAKB   KARINA BONITA                                     3EHT6                                             
901K   KARL LIEBKNECHT                                                                                     
07LK   KARL LIEBKNECHT                                                                                     
06DF   KARLSBURG                                                                                           
061T   KARLSRUHE                                                                                           
32KF   KARLUK                                                                                              
34AJ   KARTTU                                                                                              
49KG   KASASAGI-MARU                                                                                       
90KL   KASHALOT                                                                                            
49K7   KASHI                                                                                               
49PL   KASHIMA                                                                                             
49NH   KASHIMA MARU                                                                                        
49PA   KASHIMASAN MARU                                   JFPQ                                              
49GC   KASHIMASAN MARU                                   JFPQ                                              
49CB   KASHU MARU                                                                                          
31KB   KASITSNA BAY                                                                                        
32KS   KASKASKIA                                                                                           
LAKA   KASPARS                                                                                             
41AD   KASTURBA                                          callSign ATKF                                     
18KA   KAT                                                                                                 
49KI   KATASHIMA MARU                                                                                      
31KR   KATHERINE                                                                                           
32KC   KATHERINE LISH                                    (TUNA BOAT)                                       
74KA   KATHLEEN                                                                                            
32KA   KATHLEEN                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
3167   KATHY JO                                                                                            
06KA   KATJANA                                                                                             
49MF   KATORI MARU NO. 5                                                                                   
49C1   KATORI MARU NO. 7                                                                                   
49RK   KATSURA                                           JQIF                                              
49KK   KATSURIKI                                                                                           
49WL   KATSUSHIO MARU                                    JGWU                                              
26KT   KATTEGAT S L/V                                                                                      
26KA   KATTEGAT SW L/V                                                                                     
49BL   KATURA                                                                                              
49U4   KATURIKI                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
3287   KAUFFMAN                                          FFG-60                                            
90EB   KAVASAKI                                          OCL                                               
49KW   KAWACHIDORI                                                                                         
31KW   KAWISHIWI                                                                                           
90KZ   KAZAN                                                                                               
90E2   KAZBEK                                            ICES REQUEST  28Jun91 to 06Jul91                  
KUAZ   KAZIMAH                                           OC1 REQUEST  CallSign 9KKL                        
90FK   KB0895                                            OCL                                               
90FL   KB7111                                            OCL                                               
90FM   KB7142                                            OCL                                               
77KA   KBV 047                                           ICES REQUEST CallSign SJMY Coast Guard            
77K1   KBV 102                                           ICES REQUEST  CallSign SMZQ                       
77K2   KBV 592                                           ICES REQUEST  CallSign SFC3216 (hovercraft)       
77K5   KBV005                                            SIFD                                              
77K6   KBV010                                            SLDN  SWEDISH COAST GUARD                         
77K4   KBV04                                             SEXU                                              
77K7   KBV046                                            SIWR  SWEDISH COAST GUARD                         
77K8   KBV105                                            SMZJ  Swedish Coast Guard                         
77K9   KBV181                                            SBNX SWEDISH COAST GUARD                          
77K3   KBV290                                            (SBXF)  09/03/1992                                
32KD   KDCB                                                                                                
311Q   KEARSARGE                                                                                           
312K   KEATHLEY                                                                                            
90EJ   KEDROVYI                                          OCL                                               
49FA   KEIFU MARU                                        callSign JBOA                                     
49EK   KEITEN-MARU                                                                                         
316K   KELLAR                                                                                              
74KE   KELLET                                                                                              
743D   KELLINGTON                                        M-1154                                            
261A   KELO                                                                                                
09X4   KEMBLE                                                                                              
34KE   KEMI L/V                                                                                            
311K   KENNEBEC                                                                                            
74KP   KEPPEL                                                                                              
31K9   KEPPLER                                                                                             
49C5   KERAMA                                                                                              
9018   KERCHENSKIY KOMSOMOLETS                           OCL REQUEST                                       
908E   KERCHENSKIY RABOCHIY                              OCL REQUEST                                       
90DX   KERCHENSKY KOMSOMOLETZ                            OCL                                               
24KE   KERIM                                                                                               
351K   KERSAINT                                                                                            
317K   KESTREL                                                                                             
32KV   KEVIN MORAN                                                                                         
76KE   KEXUE # 1                                         OCL REQUEST   R/V                                 
54AX   KEY WEST                                                                                            
18KW   KEY WEST                                                                                            
18KY   KEY WEST II                                                                                         
32K9   KEYWATCHER                                                                                          
49LA   KHALIJ COOLER                                                                                       
49LB   KHALIJ FREEZER                                                                                      
90N9   KHENKEN                                           ICES REQUEST  17Sep37 to 18Sep37                  
RUKH   KHRONOMETER                                       UWFD                                              
907D   KHRONOMETR                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
90FJ   KI8086                                                                                              
90FN   KI8106                                            OCL                                               
09F4   KIAMA                                             COASTAL STATION                                   
NIKI   KIARA                                                                                               
31KD   KIDD                                                                                                
URKI   KIEV                                              ICES REQUEST  19Dec94 to 01Dec96                  
49CI   KIGI                                                                                                
49VF   KII                                                                                                 
49KV   KII MARU                                                                                            
ESKR   KIIR                                              ESTONIAN MARINE INSPECTION                        
49KZ   KIJI                                                                                                
905F   KIK-8                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
49L3   KIKU MARU                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
49K8   KIKUCHI                                           callSign JPBA                                     
33KL   KILA                                                                                                
09KI   KIMBLA                                                                                              
31K6   KING                                                                                                
32K3   KING OSCAR                                        (TUNA BOAT)                                       
31KI   KINGFISH                                                                                            
09KB   KINGFISH B                                                                                          
31KP   KINGSPORT                                                                                           
315K   KINGSTON F/S                                                                                        
32K2   KINKAID                                                                                             
745E   KINLOSS                                                                                             
57KN   KINO                                              callSign HP7296                                   
49ZD   KINSEI MARU                                                                                         
06KR   KIRA                                              (DKPO)  09/16/1996                                
49KC   KIRI                                              callSign 5BHF                                     
3197   KIRK                                                                                                
58KI   KIRKHOLMEN                                                                                          
745G   KIRKLISTON                                                                                          
31KC   KIRKPATRICK                                                                                         
3289   KISKA                                             AE-35                                             
49KS   KISO                                              callSign JEBY                                     
41KI   KISTNA                                                                                              
31KJ   KIT JONES                                                                                           
49IM   KITAKAMI                                          callSign JECU                                     
49IA   KITAKAMI-MARU                                                                                       
49PV   KITAURA                                                                                             
33KW   KITTIWAKE                                         R/V                                               
32KH   KITTY HAWK                                                                                          
26KI   KIVOK                                                                                               
49OY   KIYO                                                                                                
90KH   KIZHI                                             USWH                                              
329A   KLAKRING                                          FFG-42                                            
31KL   KLAMATH                                                                                             
86KL   KLEDKEO                                                                                             
26KL   KLINTHOLM HAVN C/S                                                                                  
90BB   KLINTSY                                           callSign UTRZ                                     
32KN   KNAPP                                                                                               
74KT   KNIGHT ERRANT                                                                                       
316N   KNORR                                             callSign KCEJ                                     
3166   KNOX                                              DE 1052                                           
24TP   KO JAE                                                                                              
26KO   KOBENHAVN C/S                                                                                       
062J   KOBLENZ                                                                                             
492K   KOCHI                                             1979-1980                                         
49KT   KOCHI MARU                                                                                          
CYKC   KOCHNEV                                           P3QT3  BUILT 198905                               
492F   KOEI MARU NO. 30                                  (JFHR)                                            
061Q   KOELN                                                                                               
06KB   KOELN ATLANTIC                                    DAKE                                              
SIKE   KOELN EXPRESS                                     (9VBL)  08/13/1996                                
313K   KOELSCH                                                                                             
49KF   KOFU MARU                                         8JNZ LLOYD'S # 5406118                            
492C   KOFU MARU                                         8JNZ LLOYD'S # 5406118                            
49KP   KOGOSAKI GUARD POINT                                                                                
49D9   KOHOKU NO.16                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
49L5   KOHOKU NO.16                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
49L4   KOHOKU NO.18                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
49OO   KOHO-MARU                                                                                           
49DN   KOHSHO MARU                                                                                         
31K1   KOINER                                                                                              
491V   KOJIMA                                            (8LYS)                                            
34KO   KOKAR F/S                                                                                           
18KM   KOKI MARU                                                                                           
GHKO   KOKOTE                                                                                              
909A   KOKSHAISK                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
90CJ   KOKSHAYSK                                         callSign UJJS                                     
33KK   KOKUA                                             WTW9250                                           
907L   KOLGUYEV                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
902I   KOLIMA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
06KO   KOLMAR                                                                                              
903S   KOLPIN                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
49KH   KOMAHASHI                                                                                           
06KM   KOMET                                                                                               
9057   KOMETA GALLEYA                                    OCL REQUEST                                       
906I   KOMMUNAR                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
67KO   KOMPAS                                                                                              
90KP   KOMPAS                                            callSign HP4649                                   
58KH   KONG HAAKON VII                                                                                     
49KN   KONGOZAN-MARU                                                                                       
64KJ   KONINGIN JULIANA                                  callSign PFKS                                     
41KO   KONKAN                                                                                              
90WX   KONOPUS                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
90D7   KONSTANTIN BOLDYREV                               ICES REQUEST 08Mar63 to 31May86 RadioCallSign UHRM
062C   KONSTANZ                                                                                            
90Q1   KONTAKT                                           ICES REQUEST 25Feb57 to 19Sep63 RadioCallSign UVSP
90KO   KONTUR                                            callSign UNCY                                     
0920   KOOKABURRA                                        SWVJ                                              
09KO   KOOLIGA                                                                                             
18KN   KOOTENAY                                                                                            
67KP   KOPERNIK                                                                                            
9059   KORABLESTROITEL                                   OCL REQUEST                                       
322F   KOREAN FIR                                                                                          
32KM   KOREAN MAIL                                                                                         
322P   KOREAN PRIDE                                                                                        
909C   KORENOVSK                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
90KF   KORIFENA                                          UBCV                                              
90KW   KORIFEY                                                                                             
35KO   KORNOG                                                                                              
35KR   KOROTNEFF                                                                                           
35KG   KORRIGAN                                          FNJT                                              
09KR   KORRINGA                                                                                            
641J   KORTENAER                                                                                           
11KK   KORTRIJK                                                                                            
49BP   KORYO NO. 5                                                                                         
49RU   KORYU MARU NO. 15                                                                                   
49CS   KOSHI MARU                                        callSign JK4803                                   
49KJ   KOSHIJI MARU                                      callSign JJAE                                     
49KQ   KOSHIKI                                           callSign 8LCP                                     
49UY   KOSHU MARU                                                                                          
90EU   KOSMICHESKY                                       OCL                                               
49U5   KOSYU                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
49KX   KOTAKA MARU                                                                                         
49XA   KOTOBUKI MARU NO.10                                                                                 
61KO   KOTUKU                                            callSign ZMKP                                     
90ZP   KOVALEROVO                                                                                          
902J   KOVALEVSKY                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
90Q2   KOVDA                                             ICES REQUEST   03May51 to 30Jul52                 
491J   KOYO                                              callSign JL5341                                   
49CY   KOYO-MARU                                                                                           
49IO   KOYOSHI MARU                                                                                        
49E8   KOYOSHI NO.2                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
49KL   KOZU                                                                                                
67KR   KRA                                                                                                 
90KR   KRASIN                                                                                              
90KM   KRASNOARMEYETS                                                                                      
90CL   KRASNOPEREKOPSK                                   callSign UWNZ                                     
904V   KRASNY VIMPEL                                     OCL REQUEST                                       
90KK   KRASNYI KASPII                                                                                      
90KT   KRASNYI RYBAK                                     OCL request; OCL code 7646                        
90CM   KRASNYY                                           callSign EXER                                     
9058   KRATER                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
31KM   KRETCHMER                                                                                           
90EO   KREVETKA                                          OCL                                               
90UR   KRILJON                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
58KR   KRILL                                                                                               
90Q3   KRISTALL                                          ICES REQUEST 04Jan59 to 20Aug76 RadioCallSign UVSR
906J   KRISTYAN RAUD                                     OCL REQUEST                                       
909D   KRUKOVO                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
90KU   KRUZENSHTERN                                                                                        
903P   KRYM                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
90KB   KRYMSKIYE GORY                                    (UJOB)  1964                                      
76P3   KU YU 401                                                                                           
49UC   KUDAKA                                            callSign 8KTZ                                     
49XT   KUJI MARU                                                                                           
31KK   KUKUI                                                                                               
905A   KULIKOVO POLE                                     OCL REQUEST                                       
49AU   KUMA                                                                                                
908R   KUMACHEVO                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
49N6   KUMAMOTO                                          OCL REQUEST 03/1985 to 02/1999                    
MLKU   KUNCETTA                                          FISHING BOAT; OCL 7675                            
91KU   KUNENE                                                                                              
09KG   KUNGHARMARIS                                                                                        
49GJ   KUNIGAMI                                          callSign JLLB                                     
49BV   KUNIKAGAMI                                                                                          
49D8   KUREHA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
49ZA   KUROBE                                            callSign JPFK                                     
49IR   KUROKAMI-MARU                                                                                       
90Q4   KURORT                                            ICES REQUEST  01Sep33 to 07Oct34                  
49XV   KUROSHIO                                                                                            
49KR   KUROSHIO MARU                                                                                       
49PS   KURUSHIMA MARU                                                                                      
49KO   KUSHI MARU                                                                                          
324K   KUSI                                                                                                
49GK   KUWANO                                            callSign JJGD                                     
49KU   KUZURYU                                           callSign JPWJ                                     
90YF   KVADRANT                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
RUKV   KVANT                                             ESTP                                              
906A   KVANT                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
58KB   KVITBJOERN                                                                                          
76AE   KWANG TA                                                                                            
24TQ   KWANGU                                                                                              
06KY   KYBFELS                                                                                             
24AJ   KYERIM HO                                                                                           
31KY   KYMA                                                                                                
49KE   KYOEI MARU                                                                                          
49Y1   KYO-MARU NO 1                                                                                       
49YX   KYO-MARU NO 10                                                                                      
49Y6   KYO-MARU NO 6                                                                                       
49Y7   KYO-MARU NO 7                                                                                       
49Y8   KYO-MARU NO 8                                                                                       
24AB   KYONGBUK 853                                                                                        
24KY   KYONGBUK 885                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
24K8   KYONGNAM                                                                                            
49KY   KYOSEI-MARU                                                                                         
49K9   KYOSHO MARU NO. 3                                                                                   
49RR   KYOSYOU MARU No. 3                                OCL REQUEST                                       
35KY   KYOWA CATTLEYA                                    OCL REQUEST                                       
35KH   KYOWA HIBISCUS                                    OCL REQUEST                                       
49L6   KYOYO NO.2                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
26KY   KYSTHOSPITALET C/S                                                                                  
353R   L ESCARMOUCHE                                                                                       
353T   L OPINIATRE                                                                                         
35CT   L. D. EDOUARD                                                                                       
48MR   L. F. MARSILI                                     callSign IKNA                                     
31LM   L. F. MASON                                                                                         
74BY   L. H. BARDSEY                                                                                       
31HJ   L. HANCOCK                                                                                          
31LW   L. K. SWENSON                                                                                       
32N2   L. MARGARET                                       (TUNA BOAT)                                       
31KQ   L. MCCORMICK                                                                                        
31T9   L. THOMAS                                                                                           
314E   L. WILSON                                                                                           
35A5   L`AGILE                                                                                             
354E   L`'ELORN                                                                                            
08LA   LA ARGENTINA                                                                                        
354B   LA BOURDONAIS                                                                                       
353M   LA BOURGOGNE                                                                                        
35LC   LA CAPRICIEUSE                                                                                      
354C   LA CONFIANCE                                                                                        
35LQ   LA COQUILLE                                       callSign FZSH                                     
ICCO   LA CORYPHENE                                                                                        
35LS   LA DIEPPOISE                                                                                        
35DU   LA DUNKERQUOISE                                                                                     
351R   LA GALISSOUNIER                                                                                     
353N   LA GASCOGNE                                                                                         
18HV   LA HAVE                                           1954                                              
35LK   LA HORAINE                                                                                          
18LE   LA HULLOISE                                                                                         
06GJ   LA LINDA                                                                                            
329D   LA MOURE COUNTY                                   LST-1194                                          
353P   LA NAVARRA                                                                                          
35LG   LA PELAGIA                                                                                          
35LH   LA PERLE                                          callSign TRCR                                     
35LA   LA PEROUSE                                                                                          
08LP   LA PLATA                                                                                            
35RO   LA ROCHELLE                                                                                         
32LA   LA SALLE                                                                                            
93LS   LA SALLE                                          callSign YXNU                                     
353S   LA SURPRISE                                                                                         
353J   LA TOURAINE                                                                                         
18LA   LABRADOR                                                                                            
3163   LABRADOR                                          Dual entry - also code 1863                       
35LJ   LACAZE DUTHIERS                                                                                     
61LA   LACHLAN                                                                                             
18LC   LACUNA                                                                                              
18LD   LADY ANNA                                                                                           
09LC   LADY CHRISTINE                                                                                      
SCLG   LADY GENEVIEVE                                    (S7IZ)                                            
35L4   LADY GERALDINE                                    OCL REQUEST                                       
32LQ   LADY GLORIA                                                                                         
18LH   LADY HAMMOND                                      callSign VCLG                                     
18KE   LADY KENDA                                                                                          
31LA   LADY LEONA                                                                                          
32LM   LADY MADELAINE                                                                                      
33LM   LADY MIRIAM                                       VIA OCL                                           
18LM   LADY MOOD                                                                                           
32LG   LADY OLGA                                         (TUNA BOAT)                                       
18LT   LADY PATRICIA                                     callSign C6CQ3                                    
91LT   LADY THERESA                                                                                        
45LW   LADY WIMBORNE                                                                                       
26LE   LAESO NORD L/V                                                                                      
26LR   LAESO RENDE L/V                                                                                     
26LT   LAESO TRINDEL L/V                                                                                   
35BY   LAFAYETTE                                                                                           
31LF   LAFFEY                                                                                              
902K   LAG                                               OCL REQUEST                                       
352L   L'AGENAIS                                                                                           
74LA   LAGOS                                                                                               
34LS   LAGSKAR L/V                                                                                         
062S   LAHN                                                                                                
321D   LAIDLY                                                                                              
353V   LAITA                                                                                               
541F   LAKE ALMANOR                                                                                        
58BB   LAKE ANNE                                                                                           
324L   LAKE BERRYESSA                                                                                      
74AV   LAKE BIWA                                                                                           
09Z6   LAKE CATHIE                                                                                         
745S   LAKE HURON                                                                                          
541G   LAKE MENDOCINO                                                                                      
745T   LAKE SUPERIOR                                                                                       
33LB   LaMER                                                                                               
32L1   LAMSON                                                                                              
18LK   LANARK                                                                                              
909N   LANCE                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
49L2   LANCE                                             prefix=R/V                                        
58LA   LANCE                                             LGKI                                              
09LN   LANCELIN                                                                                            
57AB   LANCHA                                                                                              
35LN   LANCIER                                                                                             
06LM   LAND WURSTEN                                      OCL REQUEST CallSign DEQW trawler                 
06LN   LANDBALLIGAU                                      OCL REQUEST 1-1-1973 to 3-13-1985 coastal station 
316L   LANG                                                                                                
18LI   LANGARA ISLAND F/S                                                                                  
06LA   LANGEOOG                                          callSign DCPE                                     
31LN   LANGLEY                                                                                             
906B   LANGUST                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
31G8   LANSING                                                                                             
35L5   L'ANTEA                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
35LP   LAPLACE                                                                                             
329F   LAPON                                                                                               
26LP   LAPPEGRUND L/V                                                                                      
32ZQ   LARINDA                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
26LC   LARS MAERSK                                                                                         
32LT   LASH ATLANTICO                                    callSign WEZU                                     
32LU   LASH TURKIYE                                                                                        
32LE   LASSEN                                                                                              
353L   L'ASTROLABE                                       FHZI                                              
35A3   L'ATALANTE                                        callSign FNCM                                     
06LP   LAUENBURG/ELBE                                    OCL REQUEST river station                         
26LA   LAURA                                                                                               
291B   LAURA PANDO                                                                                         
315A   LAUREL                                                                                              
33LG   LAURENCE M. GOULD                                                                                   
SELA   LAURENT, AMARO                                                                                      
33LA   LAURENTIAN                                                                                          
09G4   LAURIETON                                         COASTAL STATION                                   
18LV   LAVAL                                             1932-1938                                         
35A4   LAVALLEE                                                                                            
92AA   LAVALLEJA                                         callSign CXCT                                     
26LO   LAVENORN                                                                                            
32LW   LAWAIA                                            (TUNA BOAT)                                       
18LW   LAWRENCE                                                                                            
31UW   LAWRENCE                                                                                            
311W   LAWS                                                                                                
29LA   LAYA                                                                                                
18LY   LAYMORE                                                                                             
90Q5   LAZURIT (1)                                       ICES REQUEST  01Aug71 to 31Aug71                  
90Q6   LAZURIT (2)                                       ICES REQUEST  01Nov70 to 24Sep72                  
32LC   LCI X990                                                                                            
35LT   LE CENTAURE                                                                                         
353U   LE FOUGUEUX L ATTENTIF                                                                              
35LF   LE FRINGANT                                                                                         
35LM   LE GOUMIER                                        1959                                              
351Q   LE HANAFF                                                                                           
354H   LE HARDI                                                                                            
352F   LE NORMAND                                                                                          
35LL   LE NOROIT                                         callSign FITA                                     
35LD   LE PASSEUR DU PRINTEMPS                                                                             
352V   LE PICARD                                                                                           
35LR   LE RUSE                                                                                             
351H   LE SAVOYARD                                                                                         
35SG   LE SENEGAL                                        6WAB                                              
35LU   LE SUROIT                                         callSign FZVN                                     
35L2   LE TAHITIEN                                       VIA OCL                                           
35LV   LE VERRIER                                                                                          
31Q4   LEADER                                                                                              
31L1   LEAHY                                                                                               
741P   LEANDER                                                                                             
31YX   LEARY                                                                                               
354L   LECONTE De L'ISLE                                 FPWL                                              
26LD   LEDA                                              Callsign OU5212  County of W. Zeeland             
35BF   LEDA                                                                                                
74LE   LEDA                                                                                                
741E   LEEDS CASTLE                                                                                        
323W   LEFTWICH                                                                                            
35GG   LEGANGE                                           VIA OCL                                           
06LE   LEILA                                                                                               
35EM   L'EMPORTE                                                                                           
90EP   LENA                                              OCL                                               
36BI   LENA                                                                                                
90LE   LENIN                                             callSign UBHK                                     
90RI   LENSK                                             EKRC [LLOYD'S #7833004]                           
902F   LENSK (1)                                         EKRC [LLOYD'S #7833004] Built 1980                
902R   LENSK (2)                                         OCL REQUEST CallSign UUVN alt. UCSV built 1986    
35LB   LEON BOURDELES                                                                                      
35LE   LEON COURSIN                                                                                        
18LJ   LEONARD J. COWLEY                                 callSign CG2959                                   
90LD   LEONID DEMIN                                                                                        
906K   LEONID SOBOLEV                                    OCL REQUEST                                       
74LO   LEOPARD                                                                                             
90LF   LESNOYE                                           (ESBN)                                            
90LH   LESOZAVODSK                                                                                         
31LZ   LESTER                                                                                              
317L   LESTER JONES                                                                                        
32VP   LETITIA LYKES                                     callSign KNEJ                                     
320M   LETS GO                                                                                             
35EU   L'EUROPE                                          (FKJB)                                            
90LV   LEV TITOV                                                                                           
314L   LEWIS                                             callSign VWZD                                     
32V8   LEWIS B. PULLER                                   FFG-23                                            
18LF   LEWIS REEF                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
26LB   LEXA MAERSK                                                                                         
329G   LEXINGTON                                         AVT-16                                            
57LD   LIBERTADOR DEL SUR                                                                                  
48AP   LIBRECCIO                                                                                           
32LI   LIDDLE                                                                                              
29AG   LIEBANA                                                                                             
90LP   LIEPAYA                                                                                             
06AP   LIGHT SHIP ELBE 1                                                                                   
26DR   LIGHT TOWER DROGDEN                                                                                 
67AC   LIKODYN                                           SZN 82                                            
3154   LIL- JOY                                                                                            
90Q7   LILIYA                                            ICES REQUEST  06Apr75 to 07Aug87                  
06LB   LILLOOET                                                                                            
907Y   LIMAN                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
77LA   LIMANDA                                           SCFT  UNIV OF STOCKHOLM                           
64LI   LIMBURG                                           callSign PFOY                                     
18LN   LIMNOS                                                                                              
31I6   LIMPKINS                                                                                            
74LI   LINCOLN                                                                                             
31L3   LINCOLN ROCK                                                                                        
062G   LINDAU                                                                                              
32L6   LINDBLAD EXPLORER                                                                                   
744A   LINDISFARNE                                                                                         
58LI   LINDY                                                                                               
33LK   LINK                                              callSign 9HLQ3                                    
33LH   LINWOOD HOLTON                                    OCL REQUEST   R/V                                 
06LI   LINZERTOR                                                                                           
320X   LION HEART                                                                                          
32JX   LIONS GATE BRIDGE                                                                                   
95LI   LIPA                                              RadioCallSign YTFL                                
32LP   LIPAN                                                                                               
90LR   LIRA                                                                                                
35LZ   L'ISLANDE                                         1930                                              
09W6   LISMORE STAR                                                                                        
58LS   LISTA                                                                                               
90LI   LITKE                                                                                               
326L   LITTLE                                                                                              
32L0   LITTLE DIPPER                                                                                       
31X1   LITTLE ROCK                                                                                         
31LI   LITTLEHALES                                                                                         
06LT   LITTORINA                                                                                           
67LT   LITTORINA                                         ICES REQUEST RadioCallSign POL-4091               
26LV   LIV II                                            callSign OU4790; FYN COUNTY                       
326E   LIVERMORE                                                                                           
74LP   LIVERPOOL                                                                                           
74LV   LIVERPOOL BAR                                                                                       
ESLW   LIVONIA                                           1/1/92 FORMERLY ARNOLD WEIMER 90LW                
09B9   LIZARD ISLAND                                     COASTAL STATION                                   
46LJ   LJOSAFELL (LJOESAFELL)                            (TFHV)                                            
74LL   LLANDAFF                                                                                            
901L   LLINSK                                                                                              
18LG   LLOYD GEORGE                                      1947-48                                           
54LA   LOA                                               ELOF7                                             
45LL   LOC LURGAN                                                                                          
31LT   LOCATOR                                                                                             
74LC   LOCH ALVIE                                                                                          
74LF   LOCH FADA                                                                                           
74LH   LOCH FYNE                                         callSign MNFF3                                    
74L1   LOCH INSH                                                                                           
74LK   LOCH KILLISPORT                                                                                     
09U2   LOCH LOMOND                                                                                         
74LM   LOCH LOMOND                                                                                         
3173   LOCKWOOD                                                                                            
64LD   LODIJCKE                                          PBVQ                                              
31Z2   LOESER                                                                                              
TNLF   LOFA                                              A3BV                                              
31LQ   LOFBERG                                                                                             
34LO   LOHM F/S                                                                                            
352U   LOIRE                                                                                               
32LV   LOIS SEAVER                                                                                         
41AC   LOKVIHAR                                                                                            
325L   LOLLY                                                                                               
32LL   L'OLONNOIS                                                                                          
35L3   LONDON                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
54LN   LONDON                                            ELVX4 Container ship                              
743T   LONDON GLORY                                                                                        
745H   LONDONDERRY                                                                                         
31QB   LONG BEACH                                                                                          
329H   LONG LINES                                        callSign WATF                                     
54LV   LONGAVI                                           ELOF6                                             
32LH   LONGHORN                                                                                            
74LS   LONGSTONE L/V                                                                                       
31LV   LONGVIEW                                                                                            
LALD   LOODE                                                                                               
32OV   LOOKER                                                                                              
31L5   LOOKOUT                                                                                             
09GB   LORD HOWE ISLAND                                  COASTAL STATION                                   
31LK   LORD KELVIN                                                                                         
31LR   LORD RAYLEIGH                                                                                       
35OM   L'ORSOM                                                                                             
55OM   L'ORSOM 35                                                                                          
35OR   L'ORSOM II                                                                                          
35OS   L'ORSOM III                                                                                         
59OS   L'ORSOM III                                       USE COUNTRY 35 AFTER  12-80                       
32LN   LOS ANGELES                                       callSign WB5610                                   
28LR   LOS RIOS                                                                                            
90Q8   LOT (1)                                           ICES REQUEST  25May26 to 28May26                  
90Q9   LOT (2)                                           ICES REQUEST  21Aug56 to 30Jul58                  
90LT   LOTS-60                                                                                             
77LY   LOTTY                                             SCMW                                              
35LO   LOTUS                                                                                               
90QA   LOTZ-59                                           ICES REQUEST  23Apr63 to 22 Jun63                 
18LB   LOUBYRNE                                          CIRCA 1930                                        
45LB   LOUGH BELTRA                                      EIFG                                              
74LG   LOUGH FOYLE                                       GYAR                                              
35LI   LOUIS COLLET                                                                                        
18LL   LOUIS M. LAUZIER                                  callSign VOXS                                     
18SN   LOUIS S. ST. LAURENT                                                                                
32SL   LOUIS S. ST. LAURENT                              Dual entry - also code 18SL                       
329U   LOUISE LYKES                                      callSign WLCV                                     
329J   LOUISIANA GETTY                                                                                     
31LO   LOUISVILLE                                                                                          
18LR   LOURIER                                                                                             
09J1   LOW HEAD                                          COASTAL STATION                                   
09GD   LOW ISLES                                         COASTAL STATION                                   
31LJ   LOWE                                                                                                
741L   LOWESTOFT                                         F-103                                             
74LR   LOWLAND SEARCHER                                  call sign GZOR                                    
31YZ   LOWRY                                                                                               
31Y4   LOYALTY                                           callSign 3ERE5                                    
31LU   LUCE                                                                                                
90QB   LUCH                                              ICES REQUEST 07Oct51 to 08Oct51 RadioCallSign UBSU
31LC   LUCID                                                                                               
319X   LUCILLE B                                                                                           
32LS   LUCKY STRIKE                                      (TUNA BOAT)                                       
061U   LUEBECK                                                                                             
061M   LUETJENS                                                                                            
31U9   LUISENO                                                                                             
315L   LULU                                              callSign LANA4                                    
06LQ   LUNEPLATE                                         OCL REQUEST CallSign DEHL  ship of opportunity    
48AQ   LUPO                                                                                                
29LU   LURA                                              (EA7489)                                          
58LU   LURA                                                                                                
32L3   LUSTY                                             (TUNA BOAT)                                       
64LU   LUYMES                                                                                              
06P8   LV P11/P8                                         1947-72                                           
31LL   LYDIA LOUISE                                                                                        
54LO   LYDIA OLDENDORFF                                  callSign ELVH7                                    
31LD   LYDONIA                                                                                             
32LY   LYMAN                                                                                               
31LY   LYNCH                                                                                               
74LW   LYNN WELL                                                                                           
74LY   LYNX                                                                                                
329X   LYRA                                              AKR-112                                           
90LY   LYUBLINO                                          LYKO                                              
31FX   M. C. FOX                                                                                           
32KE   M. KERRI                                                                                            
41KR   M. O. KRISTENSEN                                                                                    
32RN   M. REYNOLDS                                                                                         
32M2   M. S. MYERS                                                                                         
64SN   M. S. SNELLIUS                                                                                      
317X   M. SHIELDS                                        DE 1066                                           
31MT   M. TAYLOR                                                                                           
32VN   M. VIVIAN                                         (TUNA BOAT)                                       
31W9   M. W. WOOD                                                                                          
HKTM   M.S. TOMOE                                        VIA OCL                                           
26MG   MAAGEN                                                                                              
64MA   MAAS                                                                                                
74MA   MABAHISS                                          callSign SUAO                                     
311V   MAC III                                                                                             
31MF   MACDONOUGH                                                                                          
62MH   MACHHERA                                          callSign AQOA                                     
74MH   MACHIAS                                                                                             
32MK   MACK                                                                                                
18MK   MACKENZIE                                                                                           
31MK   MACKINAC                                                                                            
31MC   MACKINAW                                                                                            
26MK   MACOMA                                            callSign XPA4682; RIBE COUNTY                     
09MQ   MACQUARIE HARBOUR                                                                                   
45MA   MACROOM                                                                                             
18MB   MACTRA                                            1948-50                                           
31XO   MADDOX                                                                                              
35ML   MADELEINE                                         1930                                              
328M   MADISON                                                                                             
29MD   MADORNINA                                                                                           
41MA   MADRAS                                            callSign FIVL                                     
08MD   MADRYN                                                                                              
48AS   MAESTRALE                                                                                           
09MD   MAGGA DAN                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
48AA   MAGNAGHI                                                                                            
26MH   MAGNUS HEINASON                                   callSign OW2252                                   
74MG   MAGPIE                                                                                              
31JI   MAHAN                                                                                               
09MH   MAHENO                                                                                              
316M   MAHI                                                                                                
32IY   MAHLON S. TISDALE                                                                                   
29MI   MAIA                                                                                                
35MB   MAINE                                                                                               
32U4   MAJOR STEPHEN W. PLESS                            AKX                                               
CUMA   MAKAIRA                                                                                             
09ME   MAKEDA                                                                                              
49MB   MAKINAMI                                                                                            
32QM   MAKO                                                                                                
TTAG   MAKO 20                                                                                             
06MK   MAKRELE                                                                                             
909E   MAKSHEVO                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
90GM   MAKSIM GORKIY                                                                                       
33MK   MAKUA                                             1948                                              
32MJ   MALABAR                                                                                             
09ML   MALAITA                                                                                             
29MA   MALASPINA                                                                                           
32L8   MALASPINA                                         callSign WI6803                                   
66MA   MALASUGUE                                         VIA OCL                                           
74ML   MALCOLM                                                                                             
3175   MALCOLM BALDRIDGE                                 NOAA after 03/88                                  
317A   MALETA                                                                                              
48ML   MALIPPO                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
32KB   MALKA                                                                                               
20AF   MALLECO                                                                                             
329V   MALLORY LYKES                                                                                       
18MA   MALLOTUS                                                                                            
31ZH   MALLOW                                                                                              
58ML   MALM                                                                                                
31Y6   MALOY                                                                                               
09MK   MALSKULA                                                                                            
906E   MALTA                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
90QC   MALVINA                                           ICES REQUEST  27June38 to 30Nov38                 
9035   MALYGUINE                                         1923 VIA OCL                                      
09U1   MAMEENA                                                                                             
35MA   MAMELUCK                                                                                            
541C   MAMMOTH FIR                                                                                         
3118   MANATEE                                                                                             
744P   MANCHESTER                                                                                          
744T   MANCHESTER CONCORDE                                                                                 
SIMN   MANDAMA                                           9VWM                                              
32ZR   MANGOE                                            (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32NB   MANHATTAN                                         callSign C6KE9                                    
74MN   MANIHINE                                                                                            
26MS   MANIITSOQ                                         callSign OXSQ                                     
329Y   MANITOWOC                                         LST-1180                                          
49MA   MANKEI-MARU                                                                                         
31M6   MANLEY                                                                                              
36A7   MANOS                                             ICES REQUEST  15Mar76 to 19Dec76  small boat      
31NV   MANSFIELD                                                                                           
49MN   MANSHU                                                                                              
49N5   MANSYU                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
31ZL   MANUEL                                                                                              
57MZ   MANZANILLO                                        callSign HP7648                                   
94MT   MAO TIEN                                                                                            
74MR   MARA                                                                                                
LAMA   MARA                                                                                                
54AF   MARA MAMBA                                                                                          
32N9   MARANATHA                                                                                           
35MR   MARARA                                                                                              
320E   MARATHON                                                                                            
64MR   MARATHON                                                                                            
062P   MARBURG                                                                                             
329M   MARCASITE                                                                                           
74BH   MARCEL BAYARD                                                                                       
35MH   MARCEL LE BIHAN                                                                                     
32M5   MARCHAND                                                                                            
32NC   MARCO POLO                                        (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32EX   MARCONA EXPORTER                                                                                    
32MC   MARCONA PATHFINDER                                                                                  
32MB   MARCONA PROSPECTOR                                                                                  
32TM   MARCONA TRANSPORTER                                                                                 
32N1   MARCONA TRAVELER                                                                                    
09W3   MARCONI'S CROSS                                                                                     
73MA   MAREA NEAGRA                                      ICES REQUEST (years 1960 -1960)                   
09MA   MARELDA                                                                                             
34MF   MAREOGRAF                                                                                           
18MG   MARGAREE                                                                                            
18PG   MARGARET AND ROBERT                                                                                 
77AF   MARGARET JOHNSON                                                                                    
09AQ   MARGARET PHILIPPA                                                                                   
26MA   MARGRETHE                                                                                           
26MF   MARGRETHE GAARDBO                                 callSign OUKE; RESCUE BOAT                        
324M   MARGUIRTE VENTURE                                                                                   
26MC   MARIA                                             Callsign XPC9656  County of Aarhus                
PAMB   MARIA BONITA                                      3EHF5                                             
32RK   MARIA ELENA                                       (TUNA BOAT)                                       
35MG   MARIA GEESJE                                                                                        
09F9   MARIA ISLAND                                      COASTAL STATION                                   
46MJ   MARIA JULIA                                                                                         
48PM   MARIA PAOLINA G.                                                                                    
06LR   MARIANN                                           OCL REQUEST CallSign DJSM  ship of opportunity    
57MM   MARIANO MATAMOROS                                                                                   
32M1   MARIAS                                            callSign NZNL                                     
35MN   MARIE-ANNICK                                                                                        
32ME   MARIETTA                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
57MA   MARIN                                             callSign C6KJ4                                    
32AZ   MARINE CRUISER                                    Dual entry - also 18AZ                            
18AZ   MARINE CRUISER                                                                                      
32NL   MARINE EVANGELINE                                                                                   
33MS   MARINE SURVEYOR                                                                                     
31MW   MARINE VIEW                                                                                         
35MU   MARINER                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
74MI   MARINER                                                                                             
18MN   MARINUS                                                                                             
31MA   MARION                                            callSign HP5071                                   
35MF   MARION DUFRESNE                                                                                     
32MD   MARIPOSA                                          KFCP                                              
31MP   MARIPOSA                                          WLB-397                                           
31MR   MARISE                                                                                              
BHMK   MARISKA                                           RadioCallSign C6T2007                             
90MT   MARIYA ULYANOVA                                                                                     
34MA   MARJANIEMI F/S                                                                                      
32K5   MARK I                                                                                              
34MR   MARKET F/S                                                                                          
32IA   MARLA MARIA                                       (TUNA BOAT)                                       
90MR   MARLIN                                                                                              
31MM   MARMER                                                                                              
311Z   MARS                                                                                                
57AD   MARSEP I                                                                                            
31VX   MARSH                                                                                               
906O   MARSHAL GELOVANI                                  OCL REQUEST                                       
31LH   MARSHALL                                                                                            
32MF   MARSHFIELD                                                                                          
48MA   MARSIGLI                                                                                            
26MV   MARSVINET                                         callSign OU5006; STORSTROEM COUNTY                
18MF   MARTHA L. BLACK                                   Call Sign CCGC;REQUESTED BY DON SPEAR,MEDS-CANADA 
26MR   MARTIN KNUDSEN                                                                                      
34MS   MARTINSAARI L/V                                                                                     
18ML   MARTLET                                                                                             
32I3   MARTY B                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32UF   MARUFFA                                                                                             
09W8   MARY ANNE SIMMS                                                                                     
32I4   MARY ANTONETTA                                    (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32I5   MARY BARBARA                                      (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32IE   MARY ELIZABETH                                    (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32M4   MARY LOU                                                                                            
32UN   MARY LOUISE                                                                                         
32I6   MARY S                                            (TUNA BOAT)                                       
31MV   MARYSVILLE                                                                                          
35MS   MASCAROI                                                                                            
49BY   MASHU                                             callSign 8KOL                                     
SIAG   MASHURI                                           9VBZ FORMERLY AUSTRALIA STAR                      
329W   MASON LYKES                                                                                         
54BR   MASOUIA                                                                                             
31MY   MASSEY                                                                                              
321M   MATACO                                            callSign LQMG                                     
31MG   MATAGORDA                                         callSign WT2058                                   
32N4   MATANUSKA                                         callSign WN4201                                   
313M   MATHEWS                                                                                             
33MA   MATSONIA                                          KHRC                                              
49E9   MATSUDA NO.2                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
49MT   MATSUE                                                                                              
49XY   MATSUKAZE                                                                                           
49MP   MATSURE GUARD POINT                                                                                 
49MW   MATSUSHIMA                                                                                          
49M7   MATSUURA                                                                                            
3116   MATTAPONI                                                                                           
18MH   MATTHEW                                           callSign CFC5481                                  
58MA   MAUD                                                                                                
33MB   MAUI                                              WSLH                                              
32MU   MAUMEE                                                                                              
32K1   MAUNA KEA                                                                                           
32NG   MAUNA LEI                                                                                           
325M   MAUNA WILI                                                                                          
26MU   MAUNGANUI                                                                                           
49MR   MAURER                                                                                              
3230   MAURICE EWING                                     WLDZ                                              
68AA   MAURICIO DE OLIVEIRA                                                                                
MAMA   MAURITIUS                                         3BBA                                              
31MU   MAURY                                             NAVOCEANO                                         
315M   MAURY                                             JOHNS HOPKINS                                     
06MA   MAX WALDECK                                       callSign DBLZ                                     
745J   MAXTON                                                                                              
18MX   MAXWELL                                                                                             
57AA   MAYA I                                                                                              
32MZ   MAYAGUEZ                                          FORMERLY AMERICAN LYNX <1988                      
32MG   MAYO                                                                                                
26MY   MAYUMBE                                                                                             
90MZ   MAZIRBE                                           (UFND)  1955                                      
90FW   MB0004                                                                                              
90FR   MB0012                                            OCL                                               
90FS   MB0023                                            OCL                                               
90FU   MB003                                             OCL                                               
90FP   MB003                                             OCL                                               
90FQ   MB004                                             OCL                                               
90FT   MB0105                                            OCL                                               
90FV   MB0421                                            OCL                                               
90FX   MB0422                                            OCL                                               
90FZ   MB0436                                            OCL                                               
90HA   MB0452                                            OCL                                               
90HB   MB0454                                            OCL                                               
90HD   MB0726                                            OCL                                               
90HE   MB1202                                            OCL                                               
90HG   MB2645                                            OCL                                               
31M4   MCARTHUR                                                                                            
31F1   MCCAFFERY                                                                                           
319M   MCCANDLESS                                                                                          
31ZC   MCCLELLAND                                                                                          
31YM   MCCLOY                                                                                              
32M3   MCCONNELL                                                                                           
31ML   MCCULLOCH                                                                                           
31DK   MCDERMUT                                                                                            
31YG   MCGINTY                                                                                             
31GZ   MCGOWAN                                                                                             
32QH   MCINERNEY                                         FFG-8                                             
18MI   MCINNES ISLAND F/S                                                                                  
31K3   MCKEAN                                                                                              
3291   MCKEE                                                                                               
26MT   MCKINNEY MAERSK                                                                                     
311M   MCMORRIS                                                                                            
31N4   MCNAIR                                                                                              
32MT   MCNULTY                                                                                             
3121   MEADOW LARK                                                                                         
06LS   MEASURING PILE                                    OCL REQUEST offshore structure                    
18MZ   MECATINA                                                                                            
11ME   MECHELEN                                                                                            
URME   MECHNIKOV                                         ICES REQUEST  Yr 1992-93                          
35MC   MEDARIANA                                                                                           
35MD   MEDELENA                                                                                            
74ME   MEDIATOR                                                                                            
54AN   MEDITERRANEAN SUN                                                                                   
32DL   MEDRIANA                                                                                            
3188   MEDUSA                                            callSign EEQG                                     
90YY   MEDVEZIY                                          OCL REQUEST  CallSign EMXK                        
74MK   MEEK                                                                                                
06MR   MEERKATZE II                                                                                        
06AI   MEERKATZE II                                                                                        
64MN   MEETPOST NOORDWIJK                                Fixed Platform;  ( 52 16'26N   004 17'46''E )     
54BM   MEGA PILOT                                                                                          
06DK   MEIERWIK                                                                                            
49LK   MEIGEN MARU                                                                                         
91MN   MEIRING NAUDE                                     callSign ZSAE                                     
49GQ   MEIYO                                             callSign JNQN                                     
49ME   MEIYO-MARU                                                                                          
58ME   MELAR                                                                                               
74AQ   MELBOURNE STAR                                    C6JY6 PRIOR 12/91 ex-ACT 4  1992 CallSign GOVL    
BHAQ   MELBOURNE STAR                                    C6JY6                                             
20ME   MELI PULLI                                        OCL REQUEST CallSign CB-2338                      
18ME   MELIBE                                                                                              
32ZY   MELLENIUM FALCON                                  (TUNA BOAT)                                       
31M8   MELLON                                                                                              
32MY   MELODY II                                                                                           
318M   MELVILLE                                          callSign WECB                                     
32M7   MELVIN                                                                                              
31ME   MENDOTA                                                                                             
33MR   MENTOR                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
90CN   MENZELINSK                                        callSign EMZY                                     
26MB   MEONIA                                                                                              
908P   MERAK                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
58MR   MERCUR                                            1896                                              
74MY   MERCURY                                                                                             
18MY   MERCURY                                           1958                                              
322V   MERCURY                                           AKR-10                                            
31IQ   MEREDITH                                                                                            
90ME   MERESIIL                                                                                            
902A   MERIDIAN                                                                                            
907E   MERKURY                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
74MM   MERMAID                                                                                             
32I7   MERMAID                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
35ME   MERMOZ                                            callSign C6BB3                                    
32QL   MERRILL                                                                                             
322W   MERRIMAC                                          AO-179                                            
89M1   MESAHA 1                                          call sign TBTA                                    
89M2   MESAHA 2                                          call sign TBTB                                    
36BM   MESSINIAKI GI                                                                                       
90QD   METEOR                                            ICES REQUEST 01Sep54 to 12Apr60 RadioCallSign UOAA
06MT   METEOR                                                                                              
06ME   METEOR                                            PRE-7/64                                          
32EQ   METEOR                                                                                              
90QE   METEOROLOG                                        ICES REQUEST  24Feb61 to 25Feb61                  
SIMP   METHANE POLAR                                     ICES REQUEST CallSign S6IS                        
18MT   METRIDIA                                                                                            
26MJ   METTE MARIE                                       callSign XPA3004                                  
26ME   METTE MILJO                                       callSign OXOD                                     
47MY   MEVOOT YAM                                                                                          
316E   MEYERKORD                                                                                           
90HF   MG0422                                            OCL                                               
90HH   MG1330                                            OCL                                               
90HJ   MG1340                                            OCL                                               
90HK   MG1341                                            OCL                                               
90HL   MG1342                                            OCL                                               
90HM   MG1347                                            OCL                                               
90HN   MG1348                                            OCL                                               
90HO   MG1356                                            OCL                                               
90HP   MG1357                                            OCL                                               
906M   MG-1357 CIVILSK                                   OCL REQUEST                                       
90HR   MG1363                                            OCL                                               
90HS   MG1364                                            OCL                                               
90HT   MG1365                                            OCL                                               
90HU   MG1366                                            OCL                                               
90HV   MG1465                                            OCL                                               
90HQ   MG3162                                            OCL                                               
901M   MGACHI                                                                                              
90MG   MGLA                                                                                                
90HW   MI0305                                            OCL                                               
90HX   MI0309                                            OCL                                               
90HY   MI0440                                            OCL                                               
90HZ   MI0624                                            OCL                                               
90IA   MI0771                                            OCL                                               
90IB   MI0776                                            OCL                                               
90IC   MI0780                                            OCL                                               
90ID   MI0782                                            OCL                                               
90UH   MI0817                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
7563   MI0818                                                                                              
902T   MI0819                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
7564   MI0824                                                                                              
90UI   MI0826                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
902U   MI0827                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
90IE   MI0833                                            OCL                                               
90IF   MI0838                                            OCL                                               
90IG   MI0840                                            OCL                                               
90IH   MI0846                                            OCL                                               
90II   MI0847                                            OCL                                               
90IJ   MI0876                                            OCL                                               
902W   MI1341                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
902X   MI1357                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
902Y   MI1362                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
902Z   MI1365                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
90IT   MI1448                                            OCL                                               
90IU   MI1528                                            OCL                                               
90IV   MI1532                                            OCL                                               
90IW   MI1545                                            OCL                                               
90IX   MI8202                                            OCL                                               
58MS   MICHAEL SARS                                      callSign LHUW                                     
36BK   MICHALIS                                                                                            
35MI   MICHEL                                                                                              
31MZ   MICHELSON                                                                                           
32MI   MICHIGAN                                                                                            
317J   MICMAC R/V                                                                                          
PAAB   MICRONESIAN COMMERCE                                                                                
PAAA   MICRONESIAN INDEPENDANCE                                                                            
54MP   MICRONESIAN PRIDE                                 ELAX2                                             
26MI   MIDDELFART C/S                                                                                      
26MD   MIDDELGRUND FORT C/S                                                                                
326M   MIDEGON                                                                                             
319I   MIDGETT                                                                                             
18MS   MIDNIGHT SUN                                                                                        
49DU   MIDORI MARU                                                                                         
322X   MIDWAY                                            CV-41                                             
31IF   MIKE BOAT                                                                                           
90UN   MIKHAIL KALINININ                                 OCL REQUEST                                       
907N   MIKHAIL KRUPSKY                                   OCL REQUEST                                       
90ML   MIKHAIL LOMONOSOV                                                                                   
90MS   MIKHAIL SOMOV                                     callSign URWW                                     
90SB   MIKHAIL SOMOV                                     callSign URWW                                     
90CO   MIKHAIL VERBITSKIY                                callSign USTJ                                     
3131   MIKIMIKI                                          callSign WM7761                                   
90DK   MIKLUKHO MAKLAY                                                                                     
49MQ   MIKURA                                                                                              
90UU   MILITARY MARINE FLEET (VMF)                       OCL REQUEST                                       
31I4   MILLER                                                                                              
31FN   MILLER FREEMAN                                    callSign WTDM                                     
31MD   MILLICOMA                                                                                           
31XQ   MILLS                                                                                               
9078   MILOGRADOVO                                       ESKB                                              
32ML   MILWAUKEE                                                                                           
32MX   MIN DIV                                                                                             
49MV   MINABE                                            callSign JCAQ                                     
062I   MINDEN                                                                                              
31MS   MINE SWEEPING BOAT                                                                                  
95MI   MINER                                                                                               
11MM   MINERAL MARCHIENNE                                                                                  
741Z   MINERVA                                           F-45                                              
48MV   MINERVA                                           (IRUP)                                            
31MN   MINNETONKA                                                                                          
33ME   MINNIE B.                                                                                           
06LJ   MINSENER SAND                                     OCL REQUEST  L/V                                  
06MI   MINSEROOG                                                                                           
902V   MIO829                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
49MD   MIOCHIDORI                                                                                          
67MI   MIR I                                                                                               
35MK   MIRAI                                             OCL REQUEST    R/V                                
18MR   MIRAMICHA                                                                                           
745N   MIRANDA                                                                                             
64MF   MIRFAK                                            PFZU                                              
90YR   MIRGOROD                                          OCL REQUEST CallSign UANG                         
90CP   MIRNYY                                                                                              
67AD   MIROSLAWIEC                                       callSign SQFH                                     
09U5   MIRRABOOKA                                                                                          
48MI   MIRTO                                                                                               
90YO   MIS DALNIY                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
31ZR   MIS SAN RAFAEL                                                                                      
31ZM   MIS SANTA YNEZ                                                                                      
9094   MIS TIKHIY                                                                                          
90MH   MIS UNONI                                                                                           
49M1   MISAGO                                                                                              
24MI   MISAGO                                                                                              
49XW   MISAGO MARU                                                                                         
49XR   MISAKI                                                                                              
08MI   MISIONES                                                                                            
311X   MISPILLION                                        callSign NHMX                                     
323C   MISS CHAROLETTE                                                                                     
31FM   MISS FLETA                                                                                          
32OX   MISS GAIL                                                                                           
33MJ   MISS JANA                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
31MB   MISSION BUENAVENTURA                              callSign WNGI                                     
3155   MISSION CAPISTRANO                                callSign KRCE                                     
31ZU   MISSION SANTA CRUZ                                                                                  
32M6   MISSISSINEWA                                                                                        
327M   MISSISSIPPI                                                                                         
32I8   MISSOURI                                          TB; callSign HO3245                               
322Z   MISSOURI                                          BB-63; callSign NBMO                              
31MI   MITKOF                                                                                              
57MT   MITLA                                             XCNX                                              
PAMT   MITLA                                                                                               
49M5   MITO MARU                                         callSign JEAE                                     
31I5   MITSCHER                                                                                            
49MU   MIURA                                                                                               
49MY   MIYAGI-MARU                                                                                         
49ML   MIYAKE                                            callSign JFSP                                     
49X7   MIYAKO                                            callSign JPDN                                     
49MM   MIYAKO MARU                                                                                         
49MZ   MIYAZAKI                                                                                            
49LV   MIYOSHI MARU                                                                                        
315I   MIZAR                                                                                               
49ZM   MIZUHO                                            JEQE                                              
49BM   MIZUHO MARU                                                                                         
49FW   MIZUNAGI                                          OCL REQUEST  (03/1983 to 02/1997)                 
905I   MLECHNI PUT                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
905I   MLECHNITY PUT                                                                                       
35MT   MN TOUCAN                                         (FNAV)  10/12/1995                                
31O7   MOALE                                                                                               
PAAC   MOANA PACIFIC                                                                                       
CYMP   MOANA PACIFIC                                     (P3EK7)  11/29/1996                               
26MW   MOANA PACIFIC                                                                                       
09MR   MOANA RAOI                                                                                          
32MW   MOANA WAVE                                        WUS9293                                           
3221   MOBIL GAS                                                                                           
317M   MOBILE                                                                                              
74MO   MODESTE                                                                                             
31MO   MODOC                                                                                               
061N   MOELDERS                                                                                            
49MO   MOGAMI                                                                                              
49MI   MOGAMI-MARU                                                                                         
ALBE   MOHAMED SEDIK BENYAHIA                            CALL SIGN 7TEV                                    
32MH   MOHAWK                                                                                              
32MN   MOINESTER                                                                                           
31MJ   MOJAVE                                                                                              
90QF   MOKSHA                                            ICES REQUEST 12Mar52 to 29Mar53 RadioCallSign UBRU
90UM   MOKSHA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
31M3   MOLALA                                                                                              
90M3   MOLDAVIYA                                                                                           
49MC   MOMI                                                                                                
26MM   MOMMARK C/S                                                                                         
18MQ   MONCTON                                           MEDS REQUEST CallSign CGJC                        
35DB   MONGE                                                                                               
49MJ   MONJU MARU                                                                                          
743E   MONKTON                                           P-1155                                            
90MF   MONOKRISTALL                                      callSign UERL                                     
90EZ   MONOMETR                                          OCL                                               
3223   MONONGAHELA                                       AO-178                                            
61AA   MONOWAI                                           callSign ZMFI                                     
31ND   MONSSEN                                                                                             
32M9   MONTAGUE                                                                                            
18MM   MONTCALM                                                                                            
06ZG   MONTE OLIVIA                                                                                        
06MB   MONTE ROSA                                        callSign DGLM                                     
06ZJ   MONTE SARMIENTO                                                                                     
29AF   MONTE ZALMN                                                                                         
48MO   MONTEBELLO                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
32MO   MONTEREY                                                                                            
64MT   MONTERREY                                         PGAF                                              
3224   MONTICELLO                                        LSD-35                                            
09MN   MONTORO                                                                                             
32MP   MONTPLIER VICTORY                                                                                   
77MW   MOONSHADOW                                        SMALL MOTORBOAT                                   
32M8   MOORE                                                                                               
3164   MOORINGS                                                                                            
325B   MOOSBRUGGER                                                                                         
06FM   MORAY FIRTH                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
74MF   MORAY FIRTH IV                                    GFCA                                              
31M9   MOREA                                                                                               
74MB   MORECOMBE BAY                                                                                       
64ML   MORELOS                                           PGBB                                              
09G6   MORETON BAY                                       COASTAL STATION                                   
90MO   MOREVED                                                                                             
314M   MORGENTHAU                                                                                          
09MT   MORIALTA                                          VIA OCL                                           
58MO   MORILD                                                                                              
77MO   MORILD                                                                                              
336B   MORMAC DRACO                                                                                        
32WQ   MORMAC STAR                                                                                         
31MQ   MORNING STAR                                                                                        
903A   MOROZ                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
9012   MORSKOY GEOFIZIK                                  UDVW                                              
31N7   MORTON                                                                                              
TTAF   MORUGA                                                                                              
06CA   MOSEL                                                                                               
06MX   MOSEL EXPRESS                                                                                       
90MV   MOSKOVSKY UNIVERSITET                                                                               
9077   MOSKVA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
49DK   MOTOBU                                            callSign JQWG                                     
49RX   MOTOURA                                           JAYU                                              
3225   MOUNT BAKER                                       AE-34                                             
54AR   MOUNT EDEN                                                                                          
3226   MOUNT HOOD                                        AE-29                                             
36BE   MOUNT PILIO                                                                                         
3227   MOUNT VERNON                                      LSD-39                                            
3228   MOUNT WHITNEY                                     LCC-20                                            
74M1   MOUNTS BAY                                                                                          
9074   MOURMANETS                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
06MO   MOWE                                                                                                
90YW   MOZDOK                                            OCL REQUEST  CallSign UCTC                        
90D1   MRS-5026                                          ICES REQUEST   Yr 1986                            
90D8   MRSR                                              ICES REQUEST                                      
06NG   MSA/WSD SHIP                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
31M7   MT MITCHELL                                                                                         
54BX   MT. CABRITE                                       callSign D5NE                                     
90WA   MTZH-50                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
90UZ   MTZH-51                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
905N   MUDJYUG                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
34MU   MUIKKU                                            (OHMM)  FINNISH ENVIRONMENT AGENCY                
45MU   MUIRCHU                                                                                             
90CS   MUKACHEVO                                                                                           
90MK   MUKSUN                                                                                              
46MU   MULABERG                                          (TFLD)                                            
31YJ   MULLANY                                                                                             
31XM   MULLINNIX                                                                                           
8990   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
ZZ90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
SL90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
MO90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
1190   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
1890   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
SV90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
3190   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
0690   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
2090   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
3490   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
4990   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
8890   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
TT90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
5890   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                    NORWAY                                            
JA90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
2490   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
7690   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
0990   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
6590   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
9490   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
6890   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
6690   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
SI90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
9590   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
0790   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
NI90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
8690   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
2890   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
CU90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
CR90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
CI90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
2690   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
AL90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
6790   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
BA90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
BN90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
2190   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
2290   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
GH90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
7790   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
6490   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
9190   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
2990   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
RC90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
SE90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
7498   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
7490   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                    OCL REQUEST                                       
IC90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
1490   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
MS90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
3590   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
0890   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
1090   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
9390   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
1590   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
2790   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
PA90   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
9090   MULTIPLE SHIPS                                                                                      
319U   MUNRO                                             WHEC 724                                          
49M2   MURASAME                                                                                            
09MU   MURCHISON                                                                                           
JAAA   MUREX                                                                                               
34AK   MURJATA                                                                                             
90MM   MURMAN                                            callSign UQIG                                     
49M6   MUROTO                                            callSign JHIK                                     
31UA   MURRAY                                            callSign P3MO4                                    
31MX   MURRE II                                                                                            
49MS   MUSASHI MARU                                      callSign 8JFY                                     
31M2   MUSKY II                                                                                            
90MU   MUSSON                                                                                              
42MU   MUTIARA                                           callSign YCYX                                     
42MV   MUTIARA IV                                        INDONESIA; callSign YBKY                          
74MU   MUTINE                                                                                              
49MX   MUTSO                                             JNSR                                              
49UD   MUTSU                                             JNSR                                              
49MH   MUTSURE                                                                                             
905Y   MV0105                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
06LU   MYA                                               OCL RESQUEST CallSign DBHV research catamaran     
317Y   MYER                                              ARC-6                                             
26MN   MYGGENAES                                                                                           
58MK   MYKEN                                             LADB                                              
49MG   MYOGA-MARU                                                                                          
49DG   MYOJIN MARU                                                                                         
49MK   MYOKO-MARU                                                                                          
90QG   MYS KODOSH                                        ICES REQUEST  01Mar38 to 26Nov38                  
90DL   MYS OSTROVSKOGO                                   callSign UWFJ                                     
9094   MYS TIKHIY                                        callSign UFZT                                     
901C   MYS VAYGACH                                                                                         
90MB   MYSBABUSHKINA                                     callSign UWFH                                     
90MC   MYSLITEL                                                                                            
18DP   N. B. MCLEAN                                                                                        
31NS   N. B. SCOFIELD                                                                                      
31XV   N. K. PERRY                                                                                         
58NY   N.Y.M.S. 377                                                                                        
90IY   NABLUDATEL                                        OCL                                               
PANA   NACRE                                             callSign 3EZI6                                    
35NC   NADIR                                                                                               
49D7   NAEBA                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
90NA   NAEZDNIK                                                                                            
49NG   NAGARA                                                                                              
49NA   NAGASAKI-MARU                                                                                       
90YQ   NAGORSK                                           OCL REQUEST CallSign UAMQ                         
34NB   NAGU-BREDVIKEN L/V                                1900-50 S                                         
34NM   NAGU-MOEVIKEN L/V                                 1900-1959                                         
34NU   NAHKIAINEN L/S                                                                                      
32NA   NAI                                                                                                 
741W   NAIAD                                             F-39                                              
31NF   NAIFEH                                                                                              
33NA   NA'INA                                            CHARTER VESEL                                     
10NJ   NAJADE                                            OCL request; OCL code 7641                        
062Q   NAJADE                                                                                              
901N   NAKAT                                                                                               
09NA   NAMERY                                                                                              
18NM   NANAIMO                                           MEDS REQUEST CallSign CGAV                        
49NN   NANAO-MARU                                                                                          
41NA   NANCOWRY                                          RadioCallSign VTXB                                
41NR   NAND RACHIT                                       VWFZ                                              
49DD   NANSHO MARU                                                                                         
31NN   NANTUCKET L/S                                                                                       
74AZ   NARNIAN SEA                                                                                         
41NM   NAROTTAM MORARJEE                                                                                   
31NR   NARRAGANSETT                                                                                        
58AQ   NARVIK                                            F-304                                             
18NR   NARWHAL                                                                                             
49NI   NASAMI                                                                                              
HRNM   NASE MORE                                         1999  CallSign 9A5008   ICES REQUEST              
3229   NASHVILLE                                         LPD-13                                            
32NU   NASSAU                                                                                              
320S   NAT CO 6                                                                                            
91NA   NATAL                                                                                               
31NT   NATCHIK                                                                                             
35NL   NATHALIE DELMAS                                   FNWC                                              
BHND   NATHALIE DELMAS                                   C6I05                                             
3206   NATHANIEL B. PALMER                               callSign KUS1475                                  
0612   NATIONAL                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
49NT   NATORI                                            callSign JQBR                                     
49FY   NATSUDOMARI                                       OCL REQUEST  (02/1981 to present)                 
49NB   NATSUSHIMA                                        callSign 7JDU                                     
49ND   NATUSODOMARI                                                                                        
29NC   NAUCRATES                                         (EA7528)                                          
90NH   NAUKA                                                                                               
35NA   NAUTICUS                                          callSign CSMU                                     
31NA   NAUTILUS                                                                                            
64NU   NAUTILUS                                                                                            
34NA   NAUTILUS                                                                                            
323U   NAVAJO                                            ATF-169                                           
77NV   NAVAL VESSELS                                                                                       
35NV   NAVARIN                                           1928                                              
314N   NAVASOTA                                                                                            
66NV   NAVASOTA                                          callSign NHOP                                     
48NC   NAVE CARABINIERE                                                                                    
18NA   NAVICULA                                                                                            
33N1   NAVIGATION RESPONSE TEAM 1                        OCL REQUEST   (NOAA)                              
33N2   NAVIGATION RESPONSE TEAM 2                        OCL REQUEST   (NOAA)                              
33N3   NAVIGATION RESPONSE TEAM 3                        OCL REQUEST   (NOAA)                              
323V   NAVIGATOR                                                                                           
54BH   NAVIOS CHALLENGER                                                                                   
54BI   NAVIOS COLLIER                                                                                      
907K   NAVY                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
908W   NAVY (GMC)                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
06LW   NAVY SHIP                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
312N   NECHES                                                                                              
64NL   NEDLLOYD BAHREIN                                  PGEH                                              
64NJ   NEDLLOYD BALTIMORE                                PGDT                                              
64NK   NEDLLOYD BANGKOK                                  PGDV                                              
64NM   NEDLLOYD BARCELONA                                PGEM                                              
64AG   NEDLLOYD DELFT                                    callSign PGDD                                     
AGNF   NEDLLOYD FREEMANTLE                               RadioCallSign V2AP6                               
64NW   NEDLLOYD JAKARTA                                  Call Sign PDHU                                    
64NG   NEDLLOYD KATWIJK                                                                                    
64NE   NEDLLOYD KEMBLA                                                                                     
64NF   NEDLLOYD KIMBERLY                                                                                   
64NC   NEDLLOYD KINGSTON                                                                                   
64ND   NEDLLOYD KYOTO                                                                                      
64NQ   NEDLLOYD MADRAS                                   PGDY                                              
64NP   NEDLLOYD MANILA                                   PGDI                                              
54OT   NEDLLOYD OTAGO                                    RadioCallSign ELJP4                               
64RB   NEDLLOYD RALEIGH BAY                              callsign: PHKG                                    
64NX   NEDLLOYD SYDNEY                                   Call Sign PDHY                                    
06NV   NEDLLOYD VAN CLOON                                DPSI                                              
64AV   NEDLLOYD VAN DIEMAN                               PGFE                                              
64NN   NEDLLOYD VAN NECK                                 PGEB                                              
64NV   NEDLLOYD VAN NOORT                                PGEC                                              
32YM   NEECHO                                                                                              
32N7   NEESKAY                                                                                             
41NK   NEKKANTI-II                                       VTWX  BUILT 1990                                  
90NC   NEKTON                                            (UUNN)                                            
09ND   NELLA DAN                                                                                           
32YO   NELLIE BELLE                                                                                        
32NE   NELSON                                                                                              
90NL   NEMIROV                                                                                             
32NO   NEOSHO                                                                                              
31NC   NEPER                                                                                               
URQH   NEPTUN                                            ICES REQUEST 09May42 to 30Jun92 RadioCallSign UZFA
90QH   NEPTUN                                            ICES REQUEST 09May42 to 30Jun92 RadioCallSign UZFA
06NE   NEPTUN                                                                                              
31NP   NEPTUNE                                                                                             
32NP   NEPTUNE                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
SIAA   NEPTUNE BERYL                                     callSign S6HO                                     
66NP   NEPTUNO                                                                                             
LANE   NEPTUNS                                                                                             
46NE   NEPTUNUS                                                                                            
77NP   NEPTUNUS AF TAEBY                                 (SMQZ)  10/19/1993                                
90NR   NEREI                                                                                               
22AA   NEREIDA                                                                                             
35NE   NERELS                                                                                              
06GN   NEREUS                                                                                              
58BE   NERGAARD SENIOR                                                                                     
33NE   NERITIC                                           SMALL RESEARCH VESSEL, UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS      
90NN   NERITSA                                                                                             
90NE   NERPA                                                                                               
32NH   NESHANIC                                                                                            
320Y   NESTOR I                                                                                            
32NT   NESTUCCA                                                                                            
06LX   NEUWERK                                           OCL REQUEST 1-1-1968 to 12-31-1969 coastal station
29NA   NEVADA                                                                                              
32NQ   NEVADA                                                                                              
32NS   NEVADA STANDARD                                                                                     
90DY   NEVELSKOI                                         OCL                                               
90NV   NEVELSKOY                                                                                           
31NU   NEW                                                                                                 
32ZS   NEW DAWN                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
18NG   NEW GLASCOW                                                                                         
62NH   NEW HOPE                                                                                            
32NM   NEW HORIZON                                                                                         
319N   NEW JERSEY                                                                                          
18NL   NEW LISKARD                                                                                         
06GG   NEW LOVE                                                                                            
32UJ   NEW ORLEANS                                                                                         
18NW   NEW WATERFORD                                                                                       
33NB   NEWARK BAY                                        WPKS                                              
742P   NEWCASTLE                                                                                           
31N6   NEWELL                                                                                              
74NF   NEWFOUNDLAND                                                                                        
18NF   NEWFOUNDLAND HAWK                                 VCLL                                              
18NX   NEWFOUNDLAND LYNX                                                                                   
324U   NEWPORT                                           LST-1179                                          
09NG   NGAKUTA                                                                                             
324V   NIAGARA FALLS                                     AFS-3                                             
31NH   NICHOLAS                                                                                            
32NN   NICHOLSON                                                                                           
35IP   NICKEL 1                                                                                            
09NL   NICOL BAY                                                                                           
90NK   NICOLAI KNIPOVICH                                                                                   
353Z   NICOLAS                                                                                             
061X   NIEDERSACHSEN                                                                                       
06LY   NIGE WARK                                         OCL REQUEST research vessel                       
320J   NIGHTWIND F/V                                                                                       
18NK   NIKKO MARU                                                                                          
90YK   NIKOLAI KUROPATKIN                                OCL REQUEST                                       
90NM   NIKOLAI MATUSEVICH                                                                                  
90KV   NIKOLAY KONONOV                                   callSign USOP                                     
90CU   NIKOLAY KUZNETSOV                                                                                   
90MN   NIKOLAY MASLOV                                                                                      
9024   NIKOLAY RESHETNYAK                                OCL REQUEST                                       
3122   NIMBLE                                                                                              
09NB   NIMITYBEL                                                                                           
325F   NIMITZ                                            CVM-68                                            
745P   NIMOS                                                                                               
74NI   NIMROD                                            callSign SXAK                                     
36A8   NIOVI                                             ICES REQUEST  12Dec72 to 23May73  small boat      
18NN   NIPIGON                                                                                             
49NE   NIRE                                                                                                
909M   NIS-6                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
47NS   NISSAYAN                                                                                            
49NC   NISSHIN MARU NO 3                                 JNTO                                              
325G   NITRO                                             AE-23                                             
26AA   NIVI ITTUK                                                                                          
RCNI   NIZERY, ANDRE                                                                                       
9015   NIZNEVOLSK                                        OCL REQUEST  CallSign UCSF                        
77NJ   NJORD                                                                                               
73NM   NM 112                                            ICES REQUEST (years 1960 - 1960)                  
31N1   NOA                                               callSign 5MFK                                     
329L   NOAA LAUNCHES                                                                                       
33RO   NOAA RON BROWN                                    ex. NOAA RESEARCHER II                            
3100   NOAA-10 SATELLITE                                                                                   
3101   NOAA-11 SATELLITE                                                                                   
3207   NOAA-12 SATELLITE                                                                                   
3277   NOAA-14 SATELLITE                                                                                   
32ND   NODAWAY                                           callSign KXEF                                     
90B3   NOGAISK                                           ICES REQUEST  08Jun13 to 01Mar14                  
90NG   NOGLIKI                                                                                             
329N   NOII                                                                                                
49NJ   NOJIMA                                            (JMUL)                                            
74NO   NOLIZWE                                           callsign: MQLN7; (South Africa owned)             
18NO   NONIA                                             callSign 3FZL2                                    
74NZ   NONZI                                             MTQU                                              
33ND   NOODIN                                            GREAT LAKES VESSEL                                
64NB   NOORD BRABANT                                                                                       
64NH   NOORDHINDER L/S                                                                                     
35NO   NOOUNDI III                                                                                         
61NN   NORA NIVEN                                                                                          
337N   NORCOASTER                                                                                          
35NF   NORD CLOUD                                        (FNTL)  03/29/1996                                
06BF   NORDDEICH                                                                                           
06NO   NORDERNEY                                                                                           
32UH   NORDFJORD                                         callSign JWLG                                     
SIAB   NORDHEIM                                                                                            
SIAC   NORDHOLM                                                                                            
32N3   NORDIC PRINCE                                     callSign LAPJ3                                    
320W   NORDIC WASA                                                                                         
58AV   NORDKAPP                                                                                            
58NK   NORDKYN                                           callSign LISW3                                    
06ND   NORDSEE                                           DA9100                                            
06LZ   NORDSEEBOJE II                                    OCL REQUEST fixed position                        
58NS   NORDSEL                                           1954                                              
58NL   NORDSYSSEL                                                                                          
34NV   NORDVAKTEN L/V                                    1900-1959                                         
32NJ   NORE-DICK                                                                                           
31NK   NORFOLK                                                                                             
09NR   NORFOLK ISLAND                                    COASTAL STATION                                   
77BK   NORLAND                                                                                             
18NC   NORMAN MCLEOD RODGER                              CGBZ                                              
58AG   NORNEN                                                                                              
35NT   NOROIT                                                                                              
31NI   NORRIS                                                                                              
34NO   NORRSKAR F/S                                                                                        
35NR   NORSEL                                            callSign LASO4                                    
319G   NORTH AMERICAN                                                                                      
09NE   NORTH ESK                                                                                           
3144   NORTH PACIFIC                                                                                       
58NF   NORTH SEA FIXED STATION                                                                             
58NW   NORTH SEA WEATHER SHIP                                                                              
32NR   NORTH SEAL                                        callSign 3EML7                                    
18NS   NORTH STAR                                                                                          
CYNJ   NORTHERN JOY                                      callSign P3ZH4                                    
325H   NORTHERN LIGHT                                    AK-284                                            
54NL   NORTHERN LION                                     A8IE                                              
31NO   NORTHLAND                                                                                           
32OZ   NORTHSTAR                                                                                           
09NT   NORTHWEST TRADER                                                                                    
31NW   NORTHWIND                                                                                           
319B   NORTON SOUND                                                                                        
68NA   NORUEGA                                           CSDJ                                              
58NO   NORVEGIA                                          callSign IQBR                                     
31NL   NORWALK                                                                                             
49NS   NOSHIRO                                                                                             
35NB   NOSY BE                                                                                             
31NB   NOTABLE                                                                                             
49NO   NOTO                                                                                                
35ND   NOTRE DAME                                                                                          
744Y   NOTTINGHAM                                                                                          
58NV   NOVA                                                                                                
741X   NOVA SCOTIA                                                                                         
905T   NOVOCHEBOKSARSK                                   OCL REQUEST                                       
90ND   NOVODRUTSK                                        EMJW                                              
90YS   NOVOILYINSK                                       OCL REQUEST CallSign UJNY                         
907X   NOVOKOTOVSK                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
90CV   NOVOKUBANSK                                                                                         
90NO   NOVOROSSIYSK                                                                                        
90NB   NOVOUKRAINKA                                      (UHCF)                                            
90CW   NOVOULYANOVSK                                     callSign UKGF                                     
73NS   NS 116                                            ICES REQUEST (years 1960 - 1960)                  
54BJ   NS-ALLIANCE                                                                                         
74NU   NUBIAN                                                                                              
32NI   NUISANCE 4                                                                                          
26NA   NUKA ARCTICA                                      Callsign OXYH2                                    
29NU   NUNEZ DE BALBOA                                                                                     
743V   NURTON                                            M-1166                                            
06LV   NZ 21 MADALENA                                    OCL REQUEST trawler                               
32H9   O. H. PERRY                                                                                         
64XC   OAXACA                                            PGLA                                              
90OB   OB                                                                                                  
31J3   O'BANNON                                                                                            
90OD   OBDORSK                                           SRT-R9029                                         
34OB   OBERON                                                                                              
9068   OBRAZTSOVO                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
31OB   O'BRIEN                                           PRE 12/1977                                       
32OB   OBSERVATION ISLAND                                                                                  
31OV   OBSERVER                                                                                            
90PX   OBVA                                              callSign UHLK                                     
31OF   O'CALLAHAN                                                                                          
74OC   OCEAN CREST                                                                                         
32GQ   OCEAN HARVESTER                                                                                     
33CH   OCEAN HOPE                                                                                          
32OI   OCEAN ISLAND                                      callSign D9NL                                     
18KC   OCEAN KING                                                                                          
32OT   OCEAN LEADER                                                                                        
31OP   OCEAN PRIDE                                                                                         
32OP   OCEAN PRINCE                                                                                        
320D   OCEAN SPRAY                                                                                         
77SU   OCEAN SURVEYOR                                    SBJO                                              
36OV   OCEAN VICTORY                                                                                       
74OL   OCEAN WEATHER STATION L                                                                             
31OX   OCEANEER                                                                                            
67CE   OCEANIA                                                                                             
31OD   OCEANIC                                                                                             
31OI   OCEANITE                                                                                            
67CF   OCEANOGRAF 2                                      callSign SPG2498                                  
31OC   OCEANOGRAPHER                                                                                       
86V1   OCEANOGRAPHIC VESSEL 1                                                                              
86V2   OCEANOGRAPHIC VESSEL 2                                                                              
20OG   OCEANS GIFT                                                                                         
32OC   OCEANUS                                                                                             
74EZ   OCEONE                                                                                              
35OE   OCEONE                                                                                              
90OF   OCHAKOV                                                                                             
90CR   OCHER                                             (UGNQ)                                            
31OT   OCONOSTOTA                                                                                          
35OC   OCTANT                                                                                              
77DN   ODEN                                              SMLQ                                              
90DV   ODESSA                                            EWBK                                              
35OD   ODET                                              1932                                              
58DN   ODIN                                              1897                                              
58DF   ODIN FINDER                                       LNPX                                              
46OD   ODINN                                             callSign TFRA                                     
905J   ODISSEY                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
29DB   ODON DE BUEN                                      (EA7637)                                          
33OD   ODU-2                                             OCL REQUEST   R/V                                 
06LD   OELAND                                            DLQN                                              
58OE   OEST                                                                                                
49WG   OGASAWARA MARU                                    JRBM                                              
325U   OGDEN                                             LPD-5                                             
325V   OGDEN CHARGER                                                                                       
31OG   OGLALA                                                                                              
90OP   OGON                                              callSign UOXV                                     
31O2   O'HARE                                                                                              
3311   OIKOS                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
4923   OIRASE                                            (JLIS)  03/15/1996                                
49O3   OITA MARU                                         callSign JHLF                                     
74OI   OITHORNA                                                                                            
18OJ   OJIBWA                                            requested by MEDS, Canada; CANADIAN NAVY          
49OJ   OJIKA                                             JPEY                                              
18OG   OKANAGAN                                          MEDS REQUEST    HMCS                              
49OV   OKAYAMA MARU                                      callSign JL5792                                   
90OK   OKEAN                                                                                               
90OG   OKEANOGRAF                                                                                          
90OC   OKEANOLOG                                                                                           
904F   OKHOTSK                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
90OH   OKHTA                                                                                               
49OB   OKI                                               callSign 8KOG                                     
49OC   OKICHIDORI                                                                                          
326F   OKINAWA                                           LPH-3                                             
49OW   OKINAWA                                                                                             
32OK   OKLAHOMA CITY                                                                                       
58OK   OKSFJORD                                                                                            
90QI   OKTYABR                                           ICES REQUEST  05Jan54 to 31DEC54                  
49OK   OKUSHIRI                                          callSign 3EBQ9                                    
06MM   OLAND                                             OCL REQUEST CallSign DLQN small craft             
32OF   OLDENDORF                                                                                           
32OD   OLEANDER                                          NEW CALL SIGN PJJU, 1991                          
34OL   OLEGSGRUND L/V                                                                                      
90OE   OLEKMA                                                                                              
90OY   OLENIY                                                                                              
905Z   OLENY                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
PALB   OLIVE BANK                                        3ETQ5                                             
54OL   OLIVIA                                            callsign: ELRY4                                   
742J   OLMEDA                                            A-124                                             
742F   OLNA                                              A-23                                              
90OL   OLONETS                                                                                             
742R   OLWEN                                             callSign GQKA                                     
32OL   OLYMPIA                                                                                             
3240   OLYMPIC CHAMPION                                  CHARTER FISHING VESSEL                            
18OA   OMA                                               callSign UJPP                                     
RCOM   OMBANGO                                                                                             
90OM   OMEGA                                                                                               
31OM   OMEGA                                                                                               
49ON   ONAMI                                                                                               
31OA   ONAR                                                                                                
74ON   ONAWAY                                                                                              
31ON   ONCORHYCHUS                                                                                         
14AF   ONDINA                                                                                              
HOND   ONDINA                                            (HQDA2)                                           
48ND   ONDINA                                            SMALL, LEASED TUG BOAT                            
909F   ONEGO                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
24NN   ONNURI                                            R/V D9XJ                                          
32ON   ONRUST                                                                                              
32OY   ONSLOW BAY                                                                                          
329T   ONTARIO                                           callSign P3IL4                                    
18ON   ONTARIO                                           callSign P3IL4                                    
64ON   ONVERSAAGD                                                                                          
33CT   OOCL INSPIRATION                                  (KRPB)                                            
26PH   OPHELIA                                                                                             
18OP   OPILIO                                            Call Sign CFD2576                                 
74OP   OPOSSUM                                                                                             
903F   OPOUKHA                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
312O   OPPORTUNE                                                                                           
90OW   OPTIMIST                                                                                            
32OG   ORANGE                                                                                              
SVRN   ORANJE                                            (J8FG9)                                           
641U   ORANJE NASSAU                                                                                       
32O1   ORB                                                                                                 
ESRT   ORBIIT                                            UNDL                                              
31OR   ORCA                                                                                                
54BS   ORCHID VENTURE                                                                                      
541A   ORCO MINER                                                                                          
541H   ORCO TRADER                                                                                         
90UL   ORECHOVO                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
31OE   OREGON                                                                                              
32OJ   OREGON BEAVER                                                                                       
316O   OREGON II                                                                                           
3148   OREGON MAIL                                                                                         
32OS   OREGON STANDARD                                                                                     
90FG   OREHOVO                                           OCL                                               
90OV   OREKHOVO                                                                                            
90DQ   OREKHOVO ZUYEVO                                   callSign UVMT                                     
908D   ORHEVI                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
49B6   ORIENT MARU                                                                                         
06BJ   ORIENTAL KNIGHT                                                                                     
35OG   ORIGNY                                                                                              
49O8   ORIGO                                             prefix=M/S                                        
77ON   ORION                                                                                               
32O5   ORION                                                                                               
28OR   ORION                                                                                               
743Z   ORKNEY                                                                                              
32OR   ORLEANS PARISH                                                                                      
31OK   ORLECK                                                                                              
90OR   ORLIK                                                                                               
74OR   ORMOND                                            callSign VRMG                                     
48AV   ORSA                                                                                                
09RA   ORSOVA                                            VIA OCL; PACIFIC & ORIENT STEAMSHIP LINES         
74OE   ORWELL                                            callSign ORTV                                     
77CR   OSCAR II                                                                                            
58OS   OSCAR SUND                                        1957, 1993 JXNI                                   
77VS   OSCAR VON SYDOW                                   Swedish Academy of Science                        
32OH   OSHAWA                                                                                              
18OS   OSHAWA                                                                                              
49US   OSHIMA MARU                                                                                         
49OS   OSHORO MARU                                       callSign JDVA                                     
UROS   OSIPENKO                                          ICES REQUEST  Yr 1992-93                          
77OS   OSKARSGRUNDET L/V                                                                                   
90OU   OSLIABIA                                          OCL REQUEST 19th cent "Fregat" type Hydromet Servc
58AM   OSLO                                              F-300                                             
33OS   OSPREY                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
9072   OST                                               OCL REQUEST                                       
90OA   OSTASHKOV                                                                                           
06OS   OSTE                                                                                                
06GH   OSTEMAAT                                                                                            
77OR   OSTERLANDSREV                                                                                       
35OT   OSTREA                                                                                              
904I   OSTRIAK                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
90EA   OSTRYAK                                           OCL                                               
49OM   OSUMI-MARU                                                                                          
90QJ   OSVODOVETZ                                        ICES REQUEST  03Jul32 to 04December32             
90OS   OSYOTR                                                                                              
61OT   OTAGO                                                                                               
09OT   OTAGO                                                                                               
09TM   OTAMA                                                                                               
90TY   OTKRYTIE                                                                                            
49OT   OTOMARI                                                                                             
49OE   OTORI                                             OCL REQUEST  (03/1990 to present)                 
905M   OTRADNY                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
58TT   OTTAR                                             LM6916                                            
18OT   OTTAWA                                                                                              
31O8   OTTERSTETTER                                                                                        
06DM   OTTO HAHN                                                                                           
90TC   OTTO SCHMIDT                                      1979                                              
09TW   OTWAY                                             (VKYN)                                            
317U   OUELLET                                                                                             
49OF   OUMI MARU                                                                                           
74OD   OUTER DOWSING                                                                                       
74OG   OUTER GABBARD                                                                                       
MLAA   OUTLAW                                                                                              
31QT   OUTPOST                                                                                             
32O3   OUTRAGE                                                                                             
18OU   OUTREMONT                                                                                           
3297   OVERSEAS ALEUTIAN                                                                                   
326G   OVERSEAS ALICE                                    AOT-1203                                          
326H   OVERSEAS HARRIETTE                                callSign WRFJ                                     
326J   OVERSEAS MARILYN                                  callSign WFQB                                     
326K   OVERSEAS VALDEZ                                   AOT-1204                                          
32YC   OVERSEAS VIVIAN                                   callSign KAAZ                                     
64OV   OVERYSSEL                                                                                           
31OW   OWASCO                                                                                              
32OW   OWEN                                                                                                
74OW   OWEN                                                                                                
314O   OWL                                                                                                 
74XA   OWS A                                                                                               
74D6   OWS D                                                                                               
74XB   OWS I                                                                                               
74XC   OWS J                                                                                               
74XD   OWS K                                                                                               
74D7   OWS M                                                                                               
31XF   OXFORD                                                                                              
09AB   OXLEY                                                                                               
491D   OYAMA MARU                                                                                          
49OA   OYASHIO MARU                                      callSign JCMO                                     
49OD   OYODO                                                                                               
74OB   OYSTER BAY                                        GFQH                                              
31ZB   OZBOURN                                                                                             
35AZ   P. AZEN                                                                                             
32FT   P. F. FOSTER                                                                                        
06RU   P. H. RUSS                                                                                          
18LP   P. LOUISE                                                                                           
18PC   P.C.S.P.                                                                                            
06LK   P15/P12                                           OCL REQUEST  L/V                                  
66P2   P-20                                              VIA OCL  NAVY PATROL BOAT                         
26PA   PAAMIUT                                           callSign OYZC                                     
06DL   PAASCHBURG                                                                                          
32B7   PACBARON                                                                                            
32B8   PACBARONESS                                                                                         
24TR   PACBART                                                                                             
32D7   PACDUCHESS                                                                                          
32D8   PACDUKE                                                                                             
54AJ   PACEMPEROR                                                                                          
9036   PACHTUSOF                                         1902-04 VIA OCL                                   
32PI   PACIFIC                                                                                             
32PF   PACIFIC APOLLO                                                                                      
32F6   PACIFIC ARROW                                                                                       
32PD   PACIFIC DAWN                                      (TUNA BOAT)                                       
49PE   PACIFIC EXPRESS                                                                                     
PAPF   PACIFIC FERNANDA                                  3EAJ8 EX 49DP                                     
PAPG   PACIFIC GRACIA                                    3EBD8 EX 49JQ                                     
32FZ   PACIFIC HARVESTER                                                                                   
35PI   PACIFIC ISLANDER                                  OCL REQUEST                                       
PAPI   PACIFIC ISLANDER                                                                                    
PAPL   PACIFIC LINK                                      (3FYD4)                                           
49PN   PACIFIC MARU                                      JJEC                                              
PAPP   PACIFIC PIONEER                                                                                     
32K6   PACIFIC QUEEN                                     (TUNA BOAT)                                       
65PQ   PACIFIC QUEEN                                                                                       
32P6   PACIFIC RAIDER                                    callSign WY7641                                   
32UW   PACIFIC SEAL                                                                                        
32IJ   PACIFIC SUNSHINE                                                                                    
33SV   PACIFIC SURVEYOR                                                                                    
32IO   PACIFIC TRADER                                                                                      
54AK   PACKING                                                                                             
323P   PACMERCHANT                                                                                         
54AI   PACMONARCH                                                                                          
54BW   PACPRINCE                                                                                           
54BV   PACPRINCESS                                                                                         
324T   PACSTAR                                                                                             
062A   PADERBORN                                                                                           
909G   PAHTUSOV                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
315H   PAIUTE                                                                                              
64PA   PALAMEDES                                                                                           
90PG   PALEKH                                            callSign UIVF                                     
91PA   PALINURUS                                         callSign HP4576                                   
74PA   PALLISER                                                                                            
32PB   PALM BEACH                                        callSign WYQ2150                                  
328L   PALMER                                                                                              
33PL   PALMETTO                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
32PY   PALMYRA                                           callSign 9HPF2                                    
09PL   PALUMA                                                                                              
32PA   PALUMBO                                                                                             
90CX   PAMIR                                                                                               
PAAX   PAMPERO                                                                                             
9029   PAMYAT KIROVA                                     OCL REQUEST                                       
90BI   PAMYAT MERKUTYA                                                                                     
32PP   PAN PACIFIC                                       (TUNA BOAT)                                       
36A9   PANAGIOTIS                                        ICES REQUEST  08Sep75 to 13Sep75  small boat      
26AF   PANAMA                                                                                              
54AS   PANAMERICA                                                                                          
32PN   PANAMINT                                                                                            
31PA   PANDA                                                                                               
18PA   PANDALUS                                                                                            
328P   PANDALUS                                                                                            
18P2   PANDORA II                                        callSign CZ3946                                   
261P   PANGAN                                                                                              
66BC   PANGANI                                           (formerly BARBICAN SUCCESS)                       
06PA   PANTHER                                                                                             
9017   PANTIKAPEY                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
31PL   PANULIRUS                                                                                           
319K   PANULIRUS II                                      Dual entry - also code 749K                       
74PN   PANULIRUS II                                                                                        
31PT   PAOLINA-T                                                                                           
90QK   PAPANIN                                           ICES REQUEST  20Sep38 to 29Sep71                  
315W   PAPAW                                                                                               
31PG   PARAGON                                                                                             
77PA   PARALLA                                                                                             
901Q   PARALLAKS                                                                                           
32PX   PARAMONT                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
327F   PARCHE                                                                                              
326P   PARISH                                                                                              
34AB   PARITA                                                                                              
18PZ   PARIZEAU                                          callSign CGBS                                     
08PK   PARKER                                                                                              
31PK   PARKER                                                                                              
31QL   PARLE                                                                                               
09PA   PARRAMATTA                                                                                          
18PR   PARRY                                                                                               
31XP   PARSONS                                                                                             
90PJ   PARTISANSK                                                                                          
31P5   PASCAGOULA                                                                                          
90PT   PASSAT                                                                                              
312F   PASSUMPSIC                                                                                          
32P7   PAT SAN MARIE                                     callSign WX8151                                   
09PT   PATANELA                                                                                            
18P3   PATANJEAN                                         1951                                              
09PB   PATEENA                                                                                             
31PF   PATHFINDER                                                                                          
35PF   PATRICIA DELMAS                                   callSign FNDK                                     
32PW   PATRICIA LEE                                      (TUNA BOAT)                                       
90D9   PATRIOT                                           ICES REQUEST Yr1988-89  RadioCallSign ERUY        
90TB   PATRIOT                                           (UUVU)                                            
33PS   PATRIOT STATE                                     (WHBH) (MASS MARITIME ACADEMY)                    
354P   PATRON LOUIS RENET                                CIRCA 1952                                        
3169   PATTERSON                                                                                           
31PB   PATTON                                                                                              
318E   PAUL                                                                                                
PAPU   PAUL                                              (HOQT)                                            
06PB   PAUL BENEKE                                                                                         
353Y   PAUL GOFFENY                                                                                        
31ZP   PAUL LANGEVIN III                                                                                   
32UY   PAUL R. TREGURTHA                                 WYR4481 EX W. J. DELANCEY, 1990                   
907H   PAVEL GORDIENKO                                   OCL REQUEST                                       
90YH   PAVEL KAIKOV                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
327G   PAWCATUCK                                         AO-108                                            
49PB   PB                                                ETC.                                              
31ZZ   PEACOCK                                                                                             
32YR   PEARL                                                                                               
32PL   PEARL HARBOR                                                                                        
741M   PEARLEAF                                          A-77                                              
06PE   PEBANE                                                                                              
35CE   PECHEUR BRETON                                                                                      
31PM   PECOS                                             callSign KTSN                                     
58PR   PEDER RONNESTAD                                                                                     
901R   PEGAS                                                                                               
327H   PEGASUS                                           PHM-1                                             
49PF   PEGASUS MARU                                                                                        
90EG   PEKHOTINETZ                                       OCL                                               
64PE   PELAGIA                                           PGRQ   R/V BUILT 1991                             
90PL   PELAMIDA                                                                                            
09U7   PELAMIS                                                                                             
74PC   PELICAN                                                                                             
35PC   PELICAN                                                                                             
32PE   PELICAN                                                                                             
327J   PELILEU                                           LHA-5                                             
74PW   PELLEW                                                                                              
06PW   PELLWORM                                          RadioCallSign DBVY (German Navy)                  
35PD   PEN DRUC                                                                                            
35CN   PEN MEN                                                                                             
09PN   PENAEUS                                                                                             
18PB   PENDER                                                                                              
741Q   PENELOPE                                          F-127                                             
323N   PENNSYLVANIA                                                                                        
327K   PENNSYLVANIA SUN                                                                                    
328F   PENNSYLVANIA TRADER                               callSign WLDU                                     
318P   PENNY                                                                                               
319P   PENQUIN                                                                                             
74PE   PENQUIN                                                                                             
32PQ   PENSACOLA                                                                                           
MSPE   PENYELIDEK 1                                                                                        
328G   PEORIA                                            LST-1183                                          
32ZT   PEPPINA                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
48BC   PEPPINO D'AMATO                                                                                     
35PZ   PERCHE                                            1920                                              
312P   PEREGRINE                                                                                           
48AW   PERESO                                                                                              
SIPR   PERIOPHTHALMUS                                                                                      
31J6   PERKINS                                                                                             
90ZF   PERMSKOE                                                                                            
31YP   PERRY                                                                                               
90PE   PERSEI                                                                                              
90P3   PERSEII III                                                                                         
90PU   PERSEUS                                                                                             
31PO   PERSEUS                                                                                             
90PS   PERSEY                                                                                              
90P6   PERSEY II                                         1981-84                                           
90PW   PERSEY-3                                                                                            
BHPS   PERU STAR                                         callsign: P3YKS                                   
90PV   PERVENETS                                                                                           
90PM   PERVOYE MAYA                                                                                        
9037   PERVOZVANY                                        1899-1905 VIA OCL                                 
29PS   PESCADOR                                                                                            
90EE   PESHKOV                                           OCL                                               
32PS   PETALUMA                                                                                            
06PN   PETER PAN                                         DPPH                                              
32Q4   PETER W. ANDERSON                                                                                   
31TV   PETERSON                                                                                            
35PB   PETITE BERTHE                                     1932                                              
35PM   PETITE MARIE FRANCOISE                                                                              
CUPE   PETO                                                                                                
09X7   PETONI                                                                                              
RUPK   PETR KOTTSOV  (PYOTR KOTTSOV)                     (UOTE)                                            
35PE   PETREL                                                                                              
18PT   PETREL V                                          VYPK                                              
06BP   PETRITERM                                                                                           
35PR   PETROCAP                                                                                            
09AP   PETUNIA ENDEAVOUR                                                                                   
32WZ   PEZMAR                                                                                              
32Z6   PFC DEWAYNE T. WILLIAMS                           AKX                                               
325J   PFC EUGENE A OBREGON                                                                                
32YD   PFC WILLIAM B. BAUGH                                                                                
35PH   PHAETON                                                                                             
31PH   PHALAROPE II                                                                                        
35PA   PHALIA                                                                                              
32ZN   PHANTOM                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32PR   PHARRIS                                                                                             
31VP   PHILIP                                                                                              
327X   PHILIP FOSS                                                                                         
316P   PHILIPPINE MAIL                                                                                     
641L   PHILIPS VAN ALMONDE                                                                                 
315E   PHOEBE                                                                                              
45PH   PHOENIX                                                                                             
31PS   PHYSALIA                                                                                            
74PI   PICES PLANTER                                     MWQF5                                             
31IK   PICKET                                                                                              
31K7   PICKING                                                                                             
91PI   PICKLE                                                                                              
08PI   PIEDRABUENA                                                                                         
31PE   PIERCE                                                                                              
18PF   PIERRE FORTIN                                     CG2678                                            
18RD   PIERRE RADISSON                                   Call Sign CGSB; OCL 7628                          
641H   PIET HEYN                                                                                           
641F   PIETER FLORISZ                                                                                      
31P6   PIKESARM                                                                                            
18PI   PINE ISLAND F/S                                                                                     
31P3   PINNACLE                                                                                            
90P2   PINRO                                             UYSC                                              
RUP2   PINRO                                             (UYSC) AS OF 1/1/1992                             
28PA   PINTA                                                                                               
31PI   PIONEER                                           USC&GS                                            
31PN   PIONEER                                           FWS                                               
32ZX   PIONEER                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
328H   PIONEER COMMANDER                                 callSign WJNB                                     
328J   PIONEER CONTENDER                                                                                   
328K   PIONEER CONTRACTOR                                callSign KBJB                                     
32U1   PIONEER CRUSADER                                  callSign WHAO                                     
325P   PIONEER MELLENIUM FALCON                                                                            
32U2   PIONEER MOON                                                                                        
49B7   PIONEER NO. 2                                                                                       
31VM   PIONEER VALLEY                                                                                      
90QL   PIONER                                            ICES REQUEST  15May37 to 16Jul37                  
90LC   PIONER LATVII                                     (ESUV)                                            
90ZG   PIONER NIKOLAEVA                                                                                    
90CY   PIONER ONEGI                                      callSign UPPB                                     
95AB   PIONIR                                            callSign J8FA2                                    
90LB   PIOTR LEBEDEV                                                                                       
89PR   PIRI REIS                                         call sign TC3163                                  
HKPP   PISCES PIONEER                                    ZEOD                                              
320I   PITTSBURGH                                                                                          
31ZV   PIVOT                                             callSign C4CM                                     
06PL   PLANET                                                                                              
PAPA   PLANET ACE                                        callSign 3EYF9                                    
31PQ   PLANETREE                                                                                           
74PL   PLATESSA                                                                                            
18P8   PLATFORM                                          NONE                                              
32P8   PLATFORM                                          NONE                                              
32PT   PLATTE                                                                                              
315Y   PLAYBOY                                                                                             
31LP   PLEDGE                                                                                              
32U3   PLEDGE                                            MSO-492                                           
34PL   PLEVNA L/S                                                                                          
741G   PLOVER                                                                                              
31U3   PLUCK                                                                                               
741N   PLUMLEAF                                          A-78                                              
90LU   PLUNGE                                            (USXE)                                            
35PU   PLUTEUS                                                                                             
35PS   PLUTEUS II                                                                                          
54PL   PLUTO                                             ELAT4                                             
90PP   PLUTON                                                                                              
06PT   PLUTOS                                                                                              
TTAD   PLYMOUTH                                                                                            
74PY   PLYMOUTH                                                                                            
31R6   PLYMOUTH ROCK                                                                                       
909K   POBEDA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
904K   POBEDA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
90WB   POCHIN                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
32PO   POCOMOKE                                                                                            
31GC   POCONO                                                                                              
33PY   POGY                                              OCL REQUEST USS SSN 647 (5-15-1971 to 6-11-1999)  
317E   POINT ESTERO                                                                                        
32F4   POINT FRANCIS                                                                                       
328C   POINT LOBOS                                       MBARI                                             
32U5   POINT LOMA                                        AGDS-2 EX PT. BARROW AKD-1                        
31P9   POINT RETREAT                                                                                       
32U6   POINT REVERE                                                                                        
317S   POINT SPENCER                                     callSign GREB                                     
3168   POINT STEELE                                                                                        
32P0   POINT SUR                                                                                           
35CB   POINTE MADAM                                                                                        
90PK   POISK                                                                                               
URD4   POISKOVIK                                         ICES REQUEST  After 1Jan1992  RadioCallSign UYNQ  
90D4   POISKOVIK                                         ICES REQUEST  Before 1Jan1992 RadioCallSign UYNQ  
10PO   POLA                                                                                                
29AD   POLA DE LAVIANA                                                                                     
18PK   POLAR DUKE                                        VOGB                                              
33PD   POLAR DUKE                                        call sign WCX7445                                 
18PL   POLAR EXPLORER                                    VGWW0                                             
26PN   POLAR NANOC                                       callSign OWVG2; DENMARK                           
06PP   POLAR PARAGUAY                                                                                      
58AB   POLAR QUEEN                                                                                         
48PQ   POLAR QUEEN                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
32L9   POLAR SEA                                                                                           
32PZ   POLAR STAR                                                                                          
58PO   POLARBJOERN                                                                                         
58P1   POLARFRONT I                                                                                        
58P2   POLARFRONT II                                                                                       
58PS   POLARIS                                                                                             
32K7   POLARIS                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
49PY   POLARSTAR                                         prefix=M/S                                        
06AQ   POLARSTERN                                                                                          
58AC   POLARSYSSEL                                       ex. POLARSIRKEL '81, POLARCIRCLE '88,hull date '76
58PL   POLHAVET                                          1954                                              
90PF   POLIUS                                                                                              
743J   POLLINGTON                                                                                          
90P9   POLTAVA                                           (ESEG)                                            
90FI   POLYAKOV                                          OCL                                               
90PZ   POLYARNAYA ZVEZDA                                 callSign UJZZ                                     
90PO   POLYARNIK                                         (UGPR)  1977                                      
90CZ   POLYARNOYE SIYANIE                                callSign URVX                                     
BAPO   POLYNESIA                                         CallSign V2CA2 ex  MARDIA  lloyds  # 9127019      
54PA   POLYNESIA                                                                                           
06PY   POLYNESIA                                         CallSign  DBMR                                    
74PM   POMERANIA                                                                                           
32P1   POMODON                                                                                             
48PO   POMONA                                                                                              
9038   POMOR                                             1898-99 VIA OCL                                   
31PV   POMPANO                                                                                             
32U7   PONCE                                             LPD-15                                            
31UP   PONCHATOULA                                                                                         
31PW   PONTCHARTRAIN                                                                                       
64PL   POOLSTER                                                                                            
64PZ   POOLZEE                                                                                             
74PR   PORCUPINE                                                                                           
34PO   PORKALA L/V                                                                                         
18PP   PORLIER PASS F/S                                                                                    
74PP   PORT ALBERNI CITY                                                                                   
35DD   PORT ANNA                                                                                           
18PD   PORT DAUPHINE                                                                                       
09E4   PORT HACKING 100M                                 COASTAL STATION                                   
09E5   PORT HACKING 50M                                  COASTAL STATION                                   
063B   PORT HARCOURT                                     CallSign DGPH  ship of opportunity                
901T   PORT ILYICH                                                                                         
09E9   PORT JACKSON                                      COASTAL STATION                                   
32P9   PORT JEFFERSON                                    callSign WJ2691                                   
09Q8   PORT MACDONNELL                                   COASTAL STATION                                   
09E7   PORT MACQUARIE                                    COASTAL STATION                                   
09E3   PORT PHILLIP HEADS                                COASTAL STATION                                   
09E8   PORT STEPHENS                                     COASTAL STATION                                   
329P   PORT TAURANGA                                                                                       
353B   PORT TUDY                                         callSign FNBO                                     
18PU   PORTAGE                                           1949                                              
18PQ   PORTE QUEBEC                                                                                        
18PJ   PORTE ST. JEAN                                                                                      
31F4   PORTERFIELD                                                                                         
311P   PORTLAND L/S                                                                                        
90PB   PORYV                                                                                               
06PO   POSEIDON                                          CallSign DBFQ trawler                             
90PN   POSEYDON                                                                                            
90WD   POSHIVALNIKOV                                     OCL REQUEST                                       
06PS   POSSEHL                                                                                             
90PC   POTCHIN                                                                                             
64PO   POTVIS                                                                                              
35PP   POURQUOI PAS                                                                                        
31QP   POWER                                                                                               
32U8   POWHATAN                                          ATF-166                                           
74PG   POYANG                                                                                              
320U   P-PRIME IV                                                                                          
32U9   PRAIRIE                                           AD-15                                             
86PR   PRAMONG-I                                                                                           
31J2   PREBLE                                                                                              
95PR   PREDVODNIK                                                                                          
905X   PREGOLYA                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
353H   PREMIER MAITRE L'HER                              F-792                                             
32V5   PRESERVER                                         ARS-8                                             
18PV   PRESERVER                                                                                           
3140   PRESIDENT ADAMS                                   WRYW                                              
32PC   PRESIDENT CLEVELAND                                                                                 
32QX   PRESIDENT EISENHOWER                                                                                
32F3   PRESIDENT FILLMORE                                                                                  
32H7   PRESIDENT HARRISON                                                                                  
33PJ   PRESIDENT JACKSON                                 (WRYC) 4/12/96 AMERICAN PRESIDENT LINES           
32JF   PRESIDENT JEFFERSON                               callSign WPGE                                     
32JH   PRESIDENT JOHNSON                                                                                   
32PK   PRESIDENT KENNEDY                                                                                   
32Q5   PRESIDENT LINCOLN                                 callSign KDBG                                     
32JD   PRESIDENT MADISON                                                                                   
32PM   PRESIDENT MCKINLEY                                                                                  
32JR   PRESIDENT MONROE                                                                                    
32JC   PRESIDENT PIERCE                                                                                    
32JL   PRESIDENT POLK                                                                                      
32XF   PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT                                                                                 
35PT   PRESIDENT T. TISSIER                                                                                
32P5   PRESIDENT TAFT                                                                                      
35PG   PRESIDENT THEODORE                                OCL REQUEST                                       
32N8   PRESIDENT TRUMAN                                                                                    
32PV   PRESIDENT VAN BUREN                                                                                 
33PT   PRESIDENT WASHINGTON                              (WHRN) 1983-3/96                                  
PAAG   PRESIDENTE GONZOLES VIDELA                                                                          
PAAH   PRESIDENTE IBANEZ                                 callSign 3EIX2                                    
92PR   PRESIDENTE RIVERA                                 CXFN                                              
32P2   PRESLEY                                                                                             
32PG   PRESTIGE                                                                                            
31P7   PRESTON                                                                                             
58PA   PRETORIA                                          1931                                              
31PX   PRIBILOFF                                                                                           
90PY   PRIBOY                                                                                              
31PZ   PRICHETT                                                                                            
33PB   PRIDE OF BALTIMORE                                WUW2128                                           
90PI   PRILIV                                                                                              
31P4   PRIME                                                                                               
RUPR   PRIMORETS                                         (UFNF) 1993                                       
18PN   PRINCE                                            1916-1923                                         
74PD   PRINCE MADOG                                      callSign GTQU                                     
324W   PRINCE WILLIAM                                                                                      
18PS   PRINCESS                                          CIRCA 1915                                        
48PA   PRINCESS ALICE                                                                                      
MOPA   PRINCESS ALICE                                    MONACO                                            
CYPM   PRINCESSA MARISSA                                 ICES REQUEST  CallSign P3H02                      
CYPV   PRINCESSA VICTORIA                                RadioCallSign P3YG4                               
MOPM   PRINCIPE ALBERTO DE MONACO                        OCL REQUEST                                       
641S   PRINS FREDERIK HENDRIK                                                                              
641V   PRINS WILLEM V OR II                                                                                
90QN   PRIRODA GRUZII                                    ICES REQUEST  06Jan89 to 23Dc89                   
32O4   PRITCHARD                                                                                           
31PY   PRIVATEER                                                                                           
9082   PRIZMA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
32ZB   PROF. ZUBOV                                       Dual entry - also code 90ZB                       
35PL   PROFESSEUR LACAZE DUTHIERS                                                                          
90YP   PROFESSOR                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
07PE   PROFESSOR ALBRECHT PENCK                          callSign Y3CH                                     
9073   PROFESSOR BOGOROV                                 UWJE                                              
67PB   PROFESSOR BUGUCKI                                                                                   
90PD   PROFESSOR DERYUGIN                                callSign UEGV                                     
90EX   PROFESSOR DOBRYNIN                                OCL                                               
90G2   PROFESSOR GAGARINSKY                              OCL REQUEST                                       
90ZH   PROFESSOR KAGANOVSKII                                                                               
90CI   PROFESSOR KHROMOV                                                                                   
9093   PROFESSOR KIZEVETTER                              UTTM                                              
90CK   PROFESSOR KOLESNIKOV                              callSign USKQ                                     
90LZ   PROFESSOR LEVANIDOV                               OCL REQUEST   R/V                                 
RUP5   PROFESSOR MARTI                                   (UTTQ) AS OF 1/1/1992                             
90P5   PROFESSOR MARTI                                   UTTQ                                              
90MY   PROFESSOR MESYATSEV                                                                                 
90CQ   PROFESSOR MOLCHANOV                               callSign UUQR                                     
90CT   PROFESSOR MULTANOVSKYI                                                                              
90WU   PROFESSOR NIKOLSKIY                               OCL REQUEST                                       
07PK   PROFESSOR OTTO KRUMMEL                                                                              
90PR   PROFESSOR RUDOVITS                                                                                  
90C2   PROFESSOR SERGEY DOROFEYEV                        callSign UJHX                                     
90P4   PROFESSOR SHTOKMAN                                OLD CALLSIGN: UUOM; NEW: UAUQ; OCL CODE: 6521     
RUPS   PROFESSOR SHTOKMAN                                callsign UAUQ                                     
67SL   PROFESSOR SIEDLECKI                               WAS SIEDLECKI before 1968                         
905G   PROFESSOR SOLDATOV                                OCL REQUEST                                       
90QM   PROFESSOR VASENTZOV                               ICES REQUEST  28Aug57 to 13 Sep57                 
90VZ   PROFESSOR VIZE                                    callSign UPUI                                     
90V2   PROFESSOR VODYANITSKY                                                                               
14BS   PROFESSOR W. BESNARD                                                                                
90ZB   PROFESSOR ZUBOV                                                                                     
06PF   PROFILING FLOAT                                   generic platform                                  
18FP   PROFILING FLOAT                                   generic platform                                  
49FP   PROFILING FLOAT                                   generic platform                                  
35FP   PROFILING FLOAT                                   generic platform                                  
09PF   PROFILING FLOAT                                   generic platform                                  
33PF   PROFILING FLOAT                                   A GENERIC CODE FOE PROFILING FLOATS               
90RP   PROGNOZ                                           (USDO)                                            
CUPG   PROGRESO I                                                                                          
90P8   PROMETEY                                                                                            
90QO   PROPAGANDIST                                      ICES REQUEST  03Jul32 to 03Dec37                  
29PR   PROSERPINA                                                                                          
32R8   PROSPECTOR                                        (TUNA BOAT)                                       
76PC   PROSPERITY CONTAINER                              BMAD                                              
58PP   PROSPERO                                          1897                                              
907A   PROSTOR                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
91PR   PROTEA                                            callSign ZSUA                                     
181B   PROTECTEUR                                                                                          
31O5   PROTECTOR                                                                                           
74PO   PROTECTOR                                                                                           
34PR   PROTECTOR                                         OGPT                                              
36BF   PROTEUS                                                                                             
314T   PROTEUS                                                                                             
90QP   PROTOK                                            ICES REQUEST  12Apr74 to 29Oct74                  
90P1   PROTRACTOR                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
90PH   PROTSION                                          (UJOR)  1971                                      
32P4   PROUD HERITAGE                                    (TUNA BOAT)                                       
35PV   PROVIDENCE                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
312V   PROVIDENCE                                                                                          
32V6   PROVIDENCE GETTY                                                                                    
18PO   PROVIDER                                                                                            
18PW   PROVO WALLIS                                      (CGDP) BEDFORD INSTITUTE                          
33PW   PROWLER                                                                                             
9013   PROZION                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
314P   PRUDENTIAL OCEANJET                                                                                 
PAD1   PUCCINI                                           3ECE6                                             
08PD   PUERTO DESEADO                                    callSign LOPD                                     
93PS   PUERTO SANTOS                                                                                       
32V7   PUGET SOUND                                       AD-38                                             
24AH   PUKAGSAN HO                                                                                         
61PU   PUKAKI                                                                                              
24AM   PUKHANSAN HO                                                                                        
90ZI   PULKOVSKY MERIDIAN                                                                                  
57AE   PUMA                                                                                                
74PU   PUMA                                                                                                
31UY   PURDY                                                                                               
06PR   PURITAN                                                                                             
32PU   PURITAN                                                                                             
31PU   PURSUIT                                                                                             
24P6   PUSAN 206                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
24P1   PUSAN 802                                                                                           
24P2   PUSAN 803                                                                                           
24AV   PUSAN 851                                                                                           
24P3   PUSAN 859                                                                                           
24P4   PUSAN 870                                                                                           
24P5   PUSAN 881                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
24PA   PUSAN-852                                                                                           
31UJ   PUTNAM                                                                                              
327U   PVT HARRY FISHER                                                                                    
31VA   PVT. J. VALDEZ                                                                                      
90PA   PYOTR PAKHTUSOV                                   (UUGK)  1966                                      
32PJ   PYRO                                                                                                
35PY   PYRRHUS                                                                                             
761A   QIAN JIN                                                                                            
18QA   QUADRA                                                                                              
18QV   QUADRA/VANCOUVER                                                                                    
09QA   QUADRANT                                                                                            
18QP   QUAPPELLE                                                                                           
354Q   QUARTIER MAITRE BALANEC                           CIRCA 1952                                        
18QE   QUEBECOIS                                         callSign CYGR                                     
74FD   QUEEN ELIZABETH II                                                                                  
314Q   QUEEN MARY                                        (TUNA BOAT)                                       
45QA   QUEEN OF ARAN                                                                                       
09QU   QUEENBOROUGH                                                                                        
32QN   QUEENS WAY BRIDGE                                                                                   
BHAS   QUEENSLAND STAR                                   C6JZ3 AFTER 12/91                                 
74QS   QUEENSLAND STAR                                   RadioCallSign MBMZ7                               
35QR   QUENTIN ROOSEVELT                                                                                   
32JQ   QUEST                                                                                               
58QU   QUEST                                                                                               
18QU   QUEST                                                                                               
09QI   QUIBERON                                          callSign FNQI                                     
32QS   QUICK SILVER                                      (TUNA BOAT)                                       
09QM   QUICKMATCH                                                                                          
35QB   QUILLE BOIS                                                                                         
74QT   QUINTAIL                                                                                            
32QK   QUIZ KID                                                                                            
311O   R. A. OWENS                                                                                         
32BZ   R. BRAZIER                                                                                          
31RD   R. CONRAD                                                                                           
31YR   R. E. BYRD                                                                                          
31KU   R. E. KRAUS                                                                                         
3194   R. E. PEARY                                                                                         
31K2   R. F. KELLER                                                                                        
31MH   R. H. MCCARD                                                                                        
33RJ   R. J. PFEIFFER                                    WRJP                                              
18JN   R. JANE                                                                                             
18JR   R. JUDITH                                                                                           
31H7   R. K. HUNTINGTON                                                                                    
31ZG   R. L. PAGE                                                                                          
31WS   R. L. WILSON                                                                                        
329R   R. M. ROWELL                                                                                        
31OJ   R. O. HALE                                                                                          
3143   R. O'HALE                                                                                           
31SK   R. R. SHROCK                                                                                        
32R3   R. R. SIMONS                                                                                        
32BR   R. S. BULL                                                                                          
31EF   R. S. EDWARDS                                                                                       
31JV   R.B. ANDERSON                                                                                       
18RY   R.B. YOUNG                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
42MA   R.V. MADIDIHANG                                                                                     
90P7   R/V/ PROFESSOR LOGACHEV                           OCL code 7571                                     
29R2   RA-4                                                                                                
35RF   RABELAIS                                          FNZO                                              
18RR   RACE ROCKS F/S                                                                                      
32RC   RACHEL CARSON                                                                                       
35RC   RACINE                                            callSign FNZP                                     
32RA   RACINE                                                                                              
18RG   RADIUM GILBERT                                                                                      
90RH   RADON                                             callSign UTJY                                     
90RA   RADUGA                                            callSign UNTY                                     
32R9   RAEFELLO                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
NILR   RAFALE                                                                                              
31IL   RAIL                                                                                                
32UL   RAINBOW HOPE                                      callSign KNDB                                     
315R   RAINIER                                                                                             
41RA   RAJPUTANA                                                                                           
90WW   RAKETA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
90ZJ   RAKITNOE                                                                                            
32R5   RALEIGH                                                                                             
33RB   RALEIGH BAY                                       KRHG                                              
74RA   RAMBLER                                           callSign HQLX2                                    
35RA   RAMOGE                                                                                              
06MF   RAMONA                                            OCL REQUEST CallSign DFNZ trawler                 
31Z3   RAMSDEN                                                                                             
311R   RAMSEY                                                                                              
77RN   RAN                                                                                                 
41RP   RANA PRATAP                                       callSign VWZB                                     
31VQ   RANDOLPH                                                                                            
32RR   RANGE RECOVERER                                                                                     
32V9   RANGE SENTINEL                                    AGM-22                                            
32R2   RANGER                                                                                              
AGRI   RANGINUI                                          call sign V2AE5                                   
AGRA   RANGITANE                                         (V2LM)                                            
AGRG   RANGITATA                                         (V2GB)  02/24/1992                                
31RB   RANOS BELLE                                                                                         
08RA   RANQUEL                                                                                             
58RA   RAPPMOTOR                                                                                           
61RA   RAPUHIA                                                                                             
903L   RASSVET                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
316R   RATHBURNE                                                                                           
90QQ   RATMANOV                                          ICES REQUEST  27Apr52 to 13Sep57                  
58RD   RAUD                                              LKMO                                              
46RA   RAUDINUPUR                                        (TFSJ)                                            
64RA   RAWLEIGH BAY                                      PHKG                                              
35CM   RAYMON CROZE                                                                                        
32RY   RAYMOND                                           callSign LERW                                     
90RZ   RAZREZ                                                                                              
90D5   RAZVEDCHIKI                                       ICES REQUEST  Before 1Jan1992                     
URD5   RAZVEDCHIKI                                       ICES REQUEST  After 1Jan1992                      
31R3   REAPER                                                                                              
318R   REASONER                                                                                            
326R   REBEN                                                                                               
49RE   REBUN                                             callSign JCFM                                     
PARC   RECIFE                                            3EGR6                                             
3123   RECLAIMER                                                                                           
61RE   RECORDER                                                                                            
74RC   RECORDER C/S                                                                                        
312Y   RECOVERY                                                                                            
11AA   RECTEUR DUBUISSON                                                                                   
062Y   RECTEUR DUBUISSON                                                                                   
18RH   RED HEAD                                                                                            
31RW   RED WING                                          callSign WS6683                                   
32RF   REDFISH                                                                                             
32YQ   REDOUBT                                                                                             
32XA   REDSTONE                                          AGM-20                                            
31R1   REEVES                                                                                              
742W   REGENT                                                                                              
54BT   REGENT RADIANCE                                                                                     
32ZW   REGINA MARIS                                      (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32RZ   REGINA MARIS                                                                                        
06MG   REGULUS                                           OCL REQUEST CallSign DAPM ship of opportunity     
31RH   REHOBOTH                                          callSign WD8121                                   
32XB   REID                                              FFG-30                                            
90QR   REID                                              ICES REQUEST  28Sep56 to 30Sep56                  
90QS   REIKA                                             ICES REQUEST  15Aug53 to 25Dec73                  
RCRG   REINE N GALIFOUROU                                                                                  
ICRP   REINE POKOU                                       callSign TUN2039                                  
49RS   REISUI MARU                                                                                         
34RE   RELANDERINMATALA L/S                                                                                
31RE   RELIANCE                                                                                            
744D   RELIANT                                           A-84                                              
32R1   RELIEF                                                                                              
18RL   RELIEF                                                                                              
31EY   REMEY                                                                                               
18RA   REMORA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
MLRE   RENAICO                                           9HVO3                                             
BARD   RENEE DELMAS                                      C6MJ4                                             
35DF   RENOIR                                            FNDT 2/87-9/87                                    
35A2   RENOIR                                            FNOM 1992FORMER ANGO FNOM                         
31RN   RENOWN                                                                                              
31QG   RENSHAW                                                                                             
32XC   RENTZ                                             FFG-46                                            
24TS   REPUBLIC OF KOREA                                                                                   
08RE   REPUBLICA                                                                                           
313O   REQUIN                                                                                              
31RQ   REQUISITE                                                                                           
CUAD   RESACA                                                                                              
74RE   RESEARCH                                                                                            
GHRV   RESEARCH                                                                                            
26RG   RESEARCH VESSELS IN GREENLAND                                                                       
3175   RESEARCHER                                        NOAA prior to 03/88                               
66R1   RESEARCHER I                                                                                        
66RI   RESEARCHER I                                                                                        
063L   RESERVE-HOENAU                                    CIRCA 1930'S                                      
90DZ   RESHITELNYI                                       OCL                                               
313R   RESOLUTE                                                                                            
32RS   RESOLUTION                                        callSign GBZX                                     
742V   RESOURCE                                          callSign GRFE                                     
31RS   RESPONSE                                          callSign WQ7291                                   
18RE   RESTIGOUCHE                                                                                         
323R   RETRIEVER                                                                                           
315X   REXBURG                                                                                             
32RE   REYNOLDS                                                                                            
91RA   RFA                                                                                                 
06RH   RHEINLAND                                                                                           
352S   RHIN                                                                                                
328R   RHIND                                                                                               
31R9   RHODES                                                                                              
32QB   RHONDA SUE                                                                                          
353F   RHONE                                                                                               
74RH   RHYL                                                                                                
49ZH   RIAS MARU NO. 2                                                                                     
491E   RIASU MARU                                        callSign JBGK                                     
491F   RIASU MARU NO 1                                                                                     
49RJ   RIASU NO.2                                        OCL REQUEST  (1/1/1972 to present)                
9039   RIBAK                                             1899-1900 VIA OCL                                 
31RI   RICH                                                                                                
09X2   RICHARD ALLEN                                                                                       
18RI   RICHARDSON                                                                                          
32RI   RICHEY                                                                                              
32IR   RICHMOND BRIDGE                                                                                     
32RW   RIDGLEY WARFIELD                                                                                    
90QT   RIF                                               ICES REQUEST  19Nov62 to 06Nov88                  
90C1   RIFT                                              UJEV                                              
32XD   RIGEL                                             AF-58                                             
18RO   RIGOLET                                                                                             
77BV   RIGOLETTO                                         callSign SFMN                                     
32RP   RIGPUSHER                                                                                           
77RA   RIMBAUD                                           FORMER ELGAREN                                    
35RD   RIMBAUD                                           callSign FNZQ                                     
9060   RINDA                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
58RI   RINGSAEL                                                                                            
20AG   RIO BAKER                                                                                           
49LN   RIO DE JANERO MARU                                                                                  
14AD   RIO VERDE                                                                                           
49RI   RISHIRI                                           callSign JRFE                                     
31RV   RIVAL                                                                                               
20RI   RIVEROS                                                                                             
49RF   RIYOFUKU MARU                                                                                       
90QU   RK-715                                            ICES REQUEST  23Apr54 to 17Sep54                  
32XE   ROANOKE                                           AOR-7                                             
317R   ROARK                                                                                               
32QU   ROBERT GORDON SPROUL                                                                                
3124   ROBERTS                                                                                             
31X4   ROBIN GRAY                                                                                          
31R8   ROBINSON                                                                                            
31ZO   ROBISON                                                                                             
09RB   ROBRAY I                                                                                            
18RC   ROBSON REEF                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
09T4   ROBYN JULIE                                                                                         
33RK   ROCK 'N ROLL                                      Fishing Vessel                                    
31RC   ROCKAWAY                                                                                            
31RO   ROCKVILLE                                                                                           
32RM   ROCKY MOUNT                                                                                         
26RH   RODBYHAVN C/S                                                                                       
35RN   RODIN                                                                                               
32RD   RODMAN                                                                                              
26RO   RODVIG C/S                                                                                          
74RB   ROEBUCK                                                                                             
33RR   ROGER REVELLE                                     (KAOU)                                            
312H   ROGERS                                                                                              
41RO   ROHILKAND                                                                                           
35RI   ROI GRADLON                                       callSign FRAT                                     
49FD   ROKKO                                             OCL REQUEST  (01/1965 to 03/1973)                 
32RL   ROLF                                                                                                
32RB   ROMBACH                                                                                             
909I   ROMBAK                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
35RM   ROME                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
54RO   ROME                                              ELVZ6 Container Ship                              
061P   ROMMEL                                                                                              
09RO   RONA                                                                                                
32RQ   RONQUIL                                                                                             
35CV   RONSARD                                                                                             
3125   ROOKS                                                                                               
31RR   RORQUAL                                                                                             
26RV   RORVIG C/S                                                                                          
74AF   ROS CASTLE                                                                                          
32RX   ROSA OLIVIA                                       (TUNA BOAT)                                       
08RS   ROSALES                                                                                             
09RS   ROSALIND STAR                                                                                       
31RK   ROSE KNOT                                                                                           
SVRB   ROSEBANK                                          J8FO                                              
35RE   ROSELYS                                                                                             
35RS   ROSELYS II                                                                                          
74RO   ROSEMARY                                          callSign 3EMQ7                                    
35RP   ROSPICO                                           FPID                                              
31R4   ROSS                                                                                                
58RS   ROSS SEA                                                                                            
32FV   ROSS SEAL                                         callSign WYG7180                                  
SVRC   ROSSEL CURRENT                                    (J8FI6)  02/09/1995                               
RURS   ROSSIYA                                           UPIG                                              
9064   ROSSIYA                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
35RB   ROSTAND                                                                                             
06RO   ROTERSAND                                                                                           
74R1   ROTHESAY                                                                                            
61RO   ROTOITI                                                                                             
64RO   ROTTERDAM                                                                                           
09K2   ROTTNEST ISLAND                                   COASTAL STATION                                   
904C   ROUMB                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
327R   ROUNSEFELL                                                                                          
35RU   ROUSSEAU                                                                                            
905B   ROUSSKOYE                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
32YS   ROVER                                                                                               
31RX   ROWAN                                             callSign C6JV4                                    
SVRA   ROWANBANK                                         J8FN                                              
31RF   ROWE                                                                                                
32N6   ROYAL ATLANTIC                                    callSign WYX3732                                  
320K   ROYAL DAWN                                        WSD3628                                           
74ZB   ROYAL NAVY NON-SURVEY VESSELS                     VIA OCL                                           
31RP   ROYAL PACIFIC                                     callSign WY7357                                   
32YB   ROYALTY I                                         (TUNA BOAT)                                       
325R   ROYALTY I                                                                                           
06MC   RP NORDSEE                                        OCL REQUEST CallSign DA91 offshore structure      
06MD   RP SYLT                                           OCL REQUEST  fixed position                       
66CT   RPS CATANDUANES                                   VIA OCL (62)                                      
66PA   RPS PALAWAN                                       VIA OCL                                           
66YC   RPS YACKI                                         VIA OCL (60)                                      
66YN   RPS YANGA                                         VIA OCL (50)                                      
66ZA   RPS ZAMBALES                                      VIA OCL                                           
90QV   RS-614                                            ICES REQUEST  03Jun52 to 03Nov52                  
901U   RTEHREVANC                                                                                          
26AE   RUBBER DUCK                                                                                         
90RB   RUBEJNOE                                                                                            
20AC   RUBENS                                                                                              
LARU   RUBINS                                            YL2296                                            
SIRI   RUBY INDIAH                                       callsign 9VND                                     
31UZ   RUCHAMKIN                                                                                           
31RU   RUDE                                              callSign WTET                                     
06MH   RUDEN                                             OCL REQUEST research vessel                       
95AC   RUDJER BOSKOKIC                                                                                     
90SQ   RUDOLF SAMOYLOVITCH                                                                                 
06RE   RUHR EXPRESS                                                                                        
34RT   RUOTSALAINEN L/V                                                                                    
90E3   RUP2                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
31U7   RUPERTUS                                                                                            
581B   RURIK                                                                                               
35RT   RURUTU                                                                                              
9040   RUSANOV                                           1925 VIA OCL                                      
314R   RUSH                                              WHEC 723                                          
90RU   RUSSANOV                                                                                            
34RU   RUSSARO F/S                                                                                         
74RU   RUSSELL                                                                                             
90WH   RUSSIYA                                           NUCLEAR ICEBREAKER   OCL REQUEST                  
905S   RUSSKOYE POLE                                     OCL REQUEST                                       
31RA   RUTH ANN                                                                                            
90QW   RYBOOKHRANA                                       ICES REQUEST  23May56 to 10Aug56                  
49RY   RYOFU MARU                                                                                          
49FC   RYOFUKU                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
49LZ   RYOKO MARU                                                                                          
49RM   RYUSYO MARU                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
32RG   S B. SARGO                                                                                          
91AA   S. A. AGULHAS                                                                                       
90SN   S. ANDREYEV                                                                                         
31E8   S. B. ROBERTS                                                                                       
32HF   S. HYDROHUT                                                                                         
68JS   S. JORGE                                                                                            
31NJ   S. L. MOORE                                                                                         
35BK   S. LOUIS II                                                                                         
54AL   S. MARINA                                                                                           
54AW   S. PAUL                                                                                             
32P3   S. POTTER                                                                                           
91CA   S.A. CONSTANTIA                                                                                     
91RN   S.A. ORANJE                                       (ZSDN)                                            
91SG   S.A. SEDERBERG                                                                                      
91SV   S.A. VAAL                                         (ZSDS)  06/06/1996                                
91WB   S.A. WATERBERG                                                                                      
3208   S.C.011                                                                                             
06S2   S-2 [LIGHT VESSEL]                                                                                  
74SB   SABELLA                                                                                             
31SF   SABLE FISH                                                                                          
MLSA   SABRINA                                           FISHING BOAT; OCL 7673                            
904S   SACHALIN                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
49CM   SACHI MARU NO. 6                                                                                    
49YI   SACHIHO MARU                                                                                        
49SV   SACHIKAZE MARU                                                                                      
06MJ   SACHSENSTEIN                                      OCL REQUEST CallSign DEKH ship of opportunity     
18SV   SACKVILLE                                                                                           
48SL   SACLANTCEN                                                                                          
32XG   SACRAMENTO                                        AGE-1                                             
49SA   SADO                                              callSign JIWH                                     
32XH   SAFEGUARD                                         ARS-50                                            
09SA   SAGA                                                                                                
58SG   SAGA SPRAY                                        (LATI4)                                           
31S6   SAGACITY                                          callSign C6IX5                                    
49GR   SAGAMI                                                                                              
49SG   SAGAMI-MARU                                                                                         
41SG   SAGAR KANYA                                       VTJR                                              
41SS   SAGAR SAMPADA                                     VWKS                                              
32XJ   SAGEBRUSH                                         WLB-399                                           
34SA   SAGGO F/S                                                                                           
32XK   SAGINAW                                           LST-1188                                          
06ML   SAGITTA                                           OCL REQUEST CallSign DENP trawler                 
48AD   SAGITTARIO                                                                                          
68SG   SAGRES                                                                                              
18SY   SAGUENAY                                                                                            
49OH   SAHO-MARU                                                                                           
09G1   SAINT HELENS                                      COASTAL STATION                                   
35SL   SAINT LEU                                         callSign STLEU                                    
35ST   SAINT ROCH                                        FNXW                                              
35SR   SAINT ROLAND                                      FNZB                                              
35SN   SAINT ROMAIN                                      FNXN                                              
353Q   SAINT SIMON                                                                                         
35SJ   SAINTE JEANNE D'ARC                               1928                                              
74S1   SAINTES                                                                                             
32XL   SAIPAN                                            LHA-2                                             
SISV   SAIPAN VOYAGER                                    CallSign S6SC ex POLYNESIA lloyds # 7805837       
GHSA   SAKUMO                                                                                              
49S2   SAKURA                                                                                              
49B8   SAKUSAN MARU                                                                                        
88SA   SALAMMBO                                          ICES REQUEST                                      
312U   SALAMONIE                                                                                           
906D   SALEKHARD                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
RUSL   SALEKHARD                                         ESUX                                              
48SA   SALERNUM                                          callSign INYR                                     
34SG   SALGRUND L/V                                                                                        
74SD   SALISBURY                                                                                           
74SA   SALPA                                                                                               
319S   SALPA II                                                                                            
32SB   SALUDA                                            (TUNA BOAT)                                       
31SY   SALUTE                                                                                              
68SC   SALVADOR CORREIA                                                                                    
48SB   SALVATORE LO BIANCO                               (IPPV)                                            
18SL   SALVELINUS                                                                                          
18SR   SAMARIE                                                                                             
18S9   SAMBRO                                            Call Sign CG2613                                  
9051   SAMOED                                            1876-1923 VIA OCL                                 
90SA   SAMORODOK                                                                                           
90SM   SAMOYED                                                                                             
31LS   SAMPLE                                                                                              
34AL   SAMPO                                                                                               
31NM   SAMPSON                                                                                             
42SA   SAMUDERA                                          callSign YBDA                                     
32S0   SAMUEL E. MORISON                                                                                   
3272   SAMUEL GOMPERS                                                                                      
314J   SAMUEL P. LEE                                     callSign NDXA                                     
18S8   SAMUEL RISLEY                                     (CG2960)                                          
49FL   SAMURAI                                           OCL REQUEST  (06/1978 to 08/1981)                 
22AR   SAN ANDRES                                                                                          
32XM   SAN ANTONIO                                                                                         
32SO   SAN BERNARDINO                                                                                      
32S4   SAN DIEGO                                                                                           
77AI   SAN FRANCISCO                                                                                       
32SN   SAN FRANCISCO                                                                                       
48SG   SAN GIORGIO                                       callSign 9HSG2                                    
3283   SAN JOSE                                          AFS-7                                             
08ST   SAN JUAN                                                                                            
32SJ   SAN JUAN                                                                                            
08SL   SAN LUIS                                                                                            
31SP   SAN PABLO                                                                                           
09SP   SAN PEDRO STRAIT                                                                                    
08SN   SANAVIRON                                                                                           
328S   SANDERS                                                                                             
35SD   SANDETTIE                                         callSign PHIX                                     
33SL   SANDRA LEE                                        callSign WX7617                                   
31SD   SANDS                                                                                               
32S5   SANGAMON                                                                                            
54BQ   SANKO STRESA                                                                                        
32ZF   SANTA ADELA                                                                                         
32XN   SANTA BARBARA                                     AE-33                                             
49B9   SANTA BARBARA MARU                                                                                  
3184   SANTA CRUZ                                                                                          
08SC   SANTA CRUZ                                                                                          
32TW   SANTA ELENA                                       (TUNA BOAT)                                       
29SA   SANTA INES                                                                                          
3293   SANTA JUANA                                                                                         
54SL   SANTA LUCIA                                                                                         
20M2   SANTA MARGARITA II                                OCL REQUEST CallSign CB-2221                      
20ST   SANTA MARIA                                       OCL REQUEST CallSign CB-5721                      
31M1   SANTA MARIA                                                                                         
06SR   SANTA RITA                                                                                          
32TZ   SANTA ROSA                                        (TUNA BOAT)                                       
49AY   SANYO-MARU                                                                                          
68SM   SAO MIGUEL                                                                                          
09SG   SAORI                                                                                               
34SS   SAPPI/SABBSKAR F/S                                                                                  
08SA   SARANDI                                                                                             
09SR   SARANG                                                                                              
32SR   SARATOGA                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32SZ   SARATOGA                                          CV-64                                             
90RK   SARBAY                                            callSign UNQV                                     
CUSA   SARDINA                                                                                             
68SA   SARDINELLA                                                                                          
41SA   SARDINELLA                                                                                          
91SA   SARDINOPS                                                                                           
35SA   SARI                                                                                                
322M   SARIMA                                                                                              
31FL   SARSFIELD                                                                                           
74SR   SARSIA                                            callSign HO3952                                   
49RB   SASAGAKE MARU                                                                                       
18SH   SASKATCHEWAN                                                                                        
32SA   SASSAFRASS                                                                                          
063M   SASSNITZ-TRELLEBORG                               CIRCA 1930'S                                      
326S   SATELLITE                                         callSign A7D5012                                  
49ST   SATSUMA                                                                                             
49E3   SATSUMASEIUN                                                                                        
491R   SATSUMASEIUN MARU                                                                                   
49GZ   SATSUMASEIUN NO.2                                 OCL REQUEST  (04/1968 to present)                 
491L   SATSUMATAKUSEI MARU                                                                                 
49E7   SATSUNAN                                          callSign JLTI                                     
49ZJ   SATUMASEIUN MARU 2                                                                                  
906C   SATURN                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
32XP   SATURN                                            AFS-10                                            
34SR   SATURNUS                                                                                            
31UF   SAUFLEY                                                                                             
31X7   SAUGATUCK                                         callSign NJVY                                     
905V   SAULKRASTY                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
18SM   SAULT ST MARIE                                                                                      
31VS   SAVAGE                                                                                              
31VN   SAVANNAH L/S                                                                                        
49SW   SAWACHIDORI                                                                                         
77AJ   SAXEN                                                                                               
06BQ   SAXON STAR                                                                                          
09SC   SCANDIA                                           callSign WY5495                                   
77SA   SCANDICA                                          ICES REQUEST  CallSign SKFZ                       
31QR   SCANNER                                                                                             
74SH   SCARBOROUGH                                                                                         
11AD   SCHELDE II                                        callSign ORSA                                     
063N   SCHELLFISCH                                       CIRCA 1960'S                                      
32E6   SCHENECTADY                                                                                         
91SC   SCHIPA                                                                                              
061Z   SCHLESWIG                                                                                           
061J   SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN                                                                                  
3147   SCHOFIELD                                         DEG 3                                             
3146   SCHOODIC                                                                                            
64SB   SCHOUVENBANK                                                                                        
90QX   SCHS-105                                          ICES REQUEST  19Jun55 to 17Jul55                  
90QY   SCHS-168                                          ICES REQUEST  30May57 to 05Jun57                  
90QZ   SCHS-206                                          ICES REQUEST  29May72 to 14Jun72                  
90R1   SCHS-7                                            ICES REQUEST  12Jul53 to 13Nov54                  
9052   SCHUKA                                            1925 VIA OCL                                      
26SG   SCHULTZ GRUND                                     FIXED STATION                                     
313P   SCHUYKILL                                                                                           
06SW   SCHWABE                                                                                             
0613   SCHWABENLAND                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
06SC   SCHWEDNECK                                        DRMF                                              
76SC   SCIENCE 1                                                                                           
48SC   SCIMITARRA                                                                                          
48AC   SCIROCCO                                                                                            
74SP   SCORPION                                          callSign GUHZ                                     
322R   SCORPIUS                                                                                            
74SC   SCOTIA                                            new hull, callsign on Apr 27, 1998; callsign MXHR6
74ST   SCOTT                                             callSign LNXZ3                                    
321H   SCOTT, USS                                        DDG-995                                           
31P8   SCRIPPS PIER                                                                                        
31IP   SCRIPPS T.441                                                                                       
32UD   SCUBA DO                                                                                            
317I   SCULPIN                                           callSign WYE7290                                  
744L   SCYLLA                                                                                              
32S9   SD TUNA BOAT                                                                                        
063P   SDFALL                                            CIRCA 1950'S                                      
316C   SEA CAMP                                                                                            
PASC   SEA CHASE                                         callSign HO3698                                   
06SA   SEA COMMERCE                                      DGZU                                              
32S2   SEA DRAGON                                                                                          
33SX   SEA EXPLORER                                                                                        
31SG   SEA GULL                                                                                            
32UP   SEA HAVEN                                                                                           
33SN   SEA ISLAND                                        ELDM8                                             
33SA   SEA LION                                          KJLV                                              
35SP   SEA PREMIER                                                                                         
48SQ   SEA QUEEN                                                                                           
31SQ   SEA QUEST                                                                                           
312S   SEA SCOPE                                                                                           
32D9   SEA SOUNDER                                                                                         
32F5   SEA STAR                                                                                            
54AY   SEA TIGER                                                                                           
32NF   SEA TRANSPORTER                                   callSign P3HM4                                    
32EG   SEA TREASURE                                      (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32VT   SEA VENTURE                                                                                         
32ZA   SEA WITCH                                                                                           
320L   SEA WOLF                                          KNFG                                              
336C   SEA WORLD                                                                                           
32O9   SEABIRD                                                                                             
58SJ   SEABOARD SYRENA                                   call sign LAFY5                                   
322B   SEABOB                                                                                              
58BK   SEAL ISLAND                                                                                         
BHSM   SEAL MADAGASCAR                                   (C6ML4)                                           
BHSR   SEAL REUNION                                      (C6MJ2)                                           
323Q   SEA-LAND ACHIEVER                                 WPKD                                              
33SK   SEA-LAND ATLANTIC                                 (KRLZ)                                            
33SB   SEA-LAND CONSUMER                                 WCHF                                              
33SC   SEA-LAND CRUSADER                                 WZJF                                              
320F   SEA-LAND DEFENDER                                 (KGJB)                                            
33S1   SEA-LAND DEVRLOPER                                callsign: KHRH                                    
320N   SEA-LAND ENTERPRISE                               KRGB                                              
33SD   SEA-LAND EXPRESS                                  KGJD                                              
33SE   SEA-LAND HAWAII                                   KIRF                                              
33SF   SEA-LAND INTEGRITY                                WPVD                                              
3280   SEA-LAND NAVIGATOR                                CALLSIGN WPGK                                     
328Q   SEA-LAND PACIFIC                                  WSRL                                              
33SG   SEA-LAND PERFORMANCE                              KRPD                                              
33SH   SEA-LAND RELIANCE                                 WFLH                                              
33ST   SEA-LAND SHINING STAR                             WVFZ FORMERLY PRESIDENT MCKINLEY                  
32Q7   SEA-LAND TRADER                                   KIRH                                              
32SV   SEA-LAND VENTURE                                                                                    
33SJ   SEA-LAND VOYAGER                                  KHRH                                              
74S6   SEALARK                                           OCL request; OCL code 7640                        
32XQ   SEALIFT ANTARCTIC                                 AOT-176                                           
32FB   SEALIFT ARABIAN SEA                               callSign NFKQ                                     
32UQ   SEALIFT ARCTIC                                    callSign NQST                                     
323S   SEALIFT ATLANTIC                                                                                    
32EI   SEALIFT CARIBBEAN                                 callSign NKRV                                     
32XR   SEALIFT CHINA SEA                                 AOT-170                                           
32XT   SEALIFT INDIAN OCEAN                              AOT-171                                           
32XU   SEALIFT MEDITERRANEAN                             AOT-173                                           
32D1   SEALIFT PACIFIC                                                                                     
061A   SEAPAC BUNKER HILL                                                                                  
061D   SEAPAC CONCORD                                                                                      
061B   SEAPAC LEXINGTON                                                                                    
061C   SEAPAC PRINCETON                                                                                    
061E   SEAPAC VALLEY FORGE                                                                                 
32XV   SEAPAC WASHINGTON                                                                                   
31Q1   SEARCHER                                                                                            
CRAA   SEARCHER                                                                                            
PASF   SEAS EIFFEL                                       3EET4                                             
18SJ   SEATECH II                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
54SC   SEATRAIN CHESAPEAKE                                                                                 
54SI   SEATRAIN INDEPENDENCE                                                                               
32QJ   SEATRAIN LEXINGTON                                                                                  
54SO   SEATRAIN ORISKANY                                                                                   
06PI   SEATRAIN PRINCETON                                FORMERLY PLUVIUS                                  
SIST   SEATRAIN TRENTON                                                                                    
54SY   SEATRAIN YORKTOWN                                                                                   
31S2   SEATTLE                                                                                             
320V   SEAWARD EXPLORER                                                                                    
09SK   SEAWAY KING                                                                                         
31S5   SEBAGO                                                                                              
35BP   SECOND MAITRE LE BIHAN                                                                              
54SD   SEDCO/BP 471                                      callSign D5BC                                     
329S   SEDERSTROM                                                                                          
32XW   SEDGE                                             WLB-402                                           
32SE   SEEADLER                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
06SE   SEEFALKE                                          DBFO                                              
77SR   SEGERO                                                                                              
29SE   SEGURA                                                                                              
49LH   SEICHO MARU                                                                                         
49SH   SEIFU MARU                                        (JIVB)                                            
49S9   SEIHO MARU                                                                                          
49X2   SEIKO MARU NO.8                                                                                     
90R3   SEINER-1                                          ICES REQUEST  28Apr49 to 21Oct52                  
58SR   SEIRA                                                                                               
33SS   SEIS SURVEYOR                                     vessel used in LATEX-A                            
49RP   SEISEI MARU No. 1                                 OCL REQUEST                                       
49XE   SEISHO MARU NO.1                                                                                    
492E   SEIUN MARU                                        JJRQ                                              
34SV   SEIVASTO L/V                                                                                        
49E4   SEIWA MARU                                                                                          
49EE   SEIYO NO.1                                        OCL REQUEST  (decommissioned 12/1964)             
49EO   SEIYO-MARU                                                                                          
90LO   SEKSTANT                                          callSign ESMV                                     
ESLO   SEKSTANT                                          LOOD - PRE 6/1940                                 
90YB   SEKUSHIY                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
SISF   SELFOSS                                           Call Sign S6LA                                    
46SL   SELFOSS                                           TFAB                                              
902L   SELIANIK                                          OCL EQUEST                                        
31LE   SELLERS                                                                                             
31E5   SELLSTROM                                                                                           
908C   SEMEN VOLKOV                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
3210   SEMINOLE                                          KGSM EX MOBILE MERIDIAN,1990                      
31EM   SEMMES                                                                                              
90DE   SEMYON DEZHNEV                                                                                      
320Z   SENATOR                                           WNJG EX DIPLOMAT                                  
06MP   SENCKENBERG                                       OCL REQUEST CallSign DDAW research vessel         
49S5   SENDAI                                            callSign JNOK                                     
31SE   SENECA                                                                                              
58AW   SENJA                                                                                               
49SF   SENSHU MARU                                                                                         
49D6   SENSHU NO.2                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
77SN   SENSOR                                            SDGC                                              
CYSE   SENTINEL                                          Callsign P3SE5                                    
744N   SENTINEL                                                                                            
35SE   SENTINELLE                                                                                          
74S5   SEOL MARA                                         MDGP3                                             
24TU   SEOUL                                                                                               
35SB   SEPIA II                                                                                            
31E2   SERENA                                            callSign J8IT3                                    
74SE   SERPENT                                                                                             
31SR   SERRANO                                                                                             
52SE   SETA III                                          Yacht  (In operation up to 1989)                  
49EU   SETTSU-MARU                                                                                         
49C8   SETTU                                                                                               
90SP   SEVASTOPOL                                                                                          
902S   SEVASTOPOLSKIY RYBAK                              (EWGB)                                            
36B1   SEVEN BROS                                        ICES REQUEST  31Aug85 to 06Sep85  small boat      
74SS   SEVEN STONES                                                                                        
90S5   SEVEROID 5                                                                                          
33SW   SEWARD JOHNSON                                    WST9756 HARBOR BRANCH OCEAN INST. INC.            
33S2   SEWARD JOHNSON II                                 as of 1Jan2001 CallSign WTL4798 ex EDWIN LINK     
32MS   SGT. A. MILLER                                                                                      
329C   SGT. MATEJ KOCAK                                  callSign WHAC                                     
3126   SH-3A                                                                                               
74SF   SHACKLETON                                                                                          
31S0   SHAG                                                                                                
49GL   SHAMOKITA                                                                                           
18OK   SHAMOOK                                           callSign CG2676                                   
32R0   SHANA RAE                                                                                           
76SB   SHANGBAN                                                                                            
32HX   SHANNON                                           callSign OYNB                                     
9092   SHANTAR                                           EWVR                                              
90C3   SHAPOSHNIKOVO                                                                                       
18S3   SHARLENE K                                        callSign CY8121                                   
32XX   SHASTA                                            AE-33                                             
745K   SHAVINGTON                                                                                          
18S1   SHAWINIGAN                                        MEDS REQUEST CallSign CGAX                        
32S3   SHEA                                                                                                
32SH   SHEARWATER                                                                                          
PASH   SHEARWATER                                        3ECT5                                             
90UA   SHEDAR                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
18S5   SHELBURNE                                         1924                                              
32DY   SHELBY D                                                                                            
31SH   SHELDRAKE                                                                                           
90PQ   SHELF                                             UMZS                                              
31J8   SHELTON                                                                                             
314D   SHENANDOAH                                                                                          
32UZ   SHENEHON                                                                                            
743K   SHERATON                                          M-1181                                            
18SP   SHERINGHAM POINT F/S                                                                                
743Y   SHETLAND                                                                                            
76SH   SHI JIAN                                          callSign BNSA                                     
761B   SHI JIAN                                                                                            
76SJ   SHI JIAN HAO                                                                                        
76WJ   SHI YAN 3                                                                                           
49ES   SHICHISEI MARU                                                                                      
49II   SHICHITO MARU                                                                                       
31I1   SHIELDS                                                                                             
49IG   SHIGA MARU                                                                                          
49EG   SHIGU MARU                                                                                          
49SS   SHIKIISAN MARU                                                                                      
49SD   SHIKINAMI                                                                                           
49SQ   SHIKINE                                           (JBWG)                                            
47SK   SHIKMONA                                                                                            
325S   SHIMADA                                           callSign HP5120                                   
49SM   SHIMANE MARU                                                                                        
49C7   SHIMOKITA                                         callSign 8LBZ                                     
49YH   SHIMPU MARU                                                                                         
49CC   SHIN KASHU MARU                                                                                     
49SN   SHINANO                                           callSign JQGX                                     
49CD   SHINCHO MARU 18                                                                                     
49XC   SHINDAITO MARU                                    callSign 8JTW                                     
49X1   SHINEI MARU                                                                                         
49L8   SHINEI NO.2                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
49L7   SHINEI NO.53                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
49SX   SHINHAYABUSA MARU                                                                                   
49G1   SHINI                                             OCL REQUEST  (02/1927)                            
49E5   SHINKAI MARU                                                                                        
49E6   SHINMIYAGI                                                                                          
49XJ   SHINMIYAGI MARU                                   callSign JKMR                                     
49SI   SHINNAN-MARU                                                                                        
491M   SHINRIASU MARU                                    callSign 7JHC                                     
49EJ   SHINTAJIMA MARU                                                                                     
49IN   SHINYO MARU                                                                                         
492D   SHINZAN MARU                                      JCGJ                                              
49VH   SHIOKAZE                                                                                            
76SA   SHIP 3                                                                                              
9099   SHIP NOT IDENTIFIED                                                                                 
06MQ   SHIP OF OPPORTUNITY                               OCL REQUEST                                       
49ZC   SHIRAFUJI MARU                                    callSign JAXB                                     
4922   SHIRAKAMI                                         (JLDJ)  03/15/1996                                
49X3   SHIRANAMI                                                                                           
491S   SHIRANAMI MARU                                    1972                                              
49HW   SHIRASAGI                                                                                           
49ZS   SHIRASE                                           JSVY                                              
49RA   SHIRATORI MARU                                                                                      
49EP   SHIRETOKO                                         (JQWV)                                            
32UB   SHIRLEY S                                                                                           
49FV   SHIROCHIDORI                                      OCL REQUEST  (12/1987 to present)                 
49SJ   SHISAKA                                                                                             
90SK   SHKVAL                                                                                              
901J   SHMIDT                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
90R5   SHOINA                                            ICES REQUEST  03Jul32 to 16Jul34                  
499B   SHONAN MARU                                       KANAGAWA MISAKI FHS                               
4998   SHONAN MARU                                       INST. UNKNOWN                                     
499C   SHONAN MARU                                       OKINAWA BOE                                       
49NY   SHONAN MARU                                       KAGOSHIMA                                         
49S1   SHONAN MARU NO 1                                                                                    
49S3   SHONAN MARU NO 3                                                                                    
49S6   SHONAN MARU NO 6                                                                                    
49S7   SHONAN MARU NO 7                                                                                    
49S8   SHONAN MARU NO 8                                                                                    
49PW   SHOSHIN MARU                                                                                        
31OO   SHOSHONE                                                                                            
31HP   SHOUP                                                                                               
492S   SHOYO                                                                                               
49SY   SHOYO MARU                                                                                          
27SY   SHOYO MARU                                        Dual entry - also 49SY                            
312I   SHRIKE                                                                                              
90S3   SHTORM                                                                                              
76S1   SHU GUANG 01                                                                                        
76S2   SHU GUANG 02                                                                                        
76S3   SHU GUANG 03                                                                                        
76S4   SHU GUANG 04                                                                                        
76S5   SHU GUANG 05                                                                                        
76SU   SHU GUANG 06                                      alt. sp. SHOGUANG  06                             
76S7   SHU GUANG 07                                      alt. sp. SHOGUANG  07                             
7610   SHU GUANG 08                                                                                        
76QX   SHU TONG YU 1                                                                                       
76QY   SHU TONG YU 2                                                                                       
76A2   SHUI XING                                                                                           
49SU   SHUMPU MARU                                                                                         
74S7   SHUNA                                             callSign MKTY2                                    
49SK   SHUNKOTSU MARU                                                                                      
49SC   SHUNYO MARU                                                                                         
49NU   SHUSIMA MARU                                                                                        
77SH   SHUTTLE KARLSTAD                                  (SBFX)  06/02/1992                                
48SI   SIBILLA                                           callSign IPNM                                     
904U   SIBIR                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
9050   SIBIRIAKOFF                                       1923  VIA OCL                                     
42SI   SIBOELA                                                                                             
32H0   SIDNEY FOSS                                                                                         
49PU   SIEI MARU                                                                                           
063D   SIERRA EXPRESS                                    callSign SWYU                                     
3312   SIGANUS                                           OCL REQUESTED                                     
322T   SIGMA-T                                                                                             
18SG   SIGMA-T                                                                                             
58SI   SIGNAL                                                                                              
32SG   SIGOURNEY                                                                                           
TTAC   SIKORSKY                                                                                            
31SS   SILAS BENT                                                                                          
31SV   SILVER BAY                                                                                          
18SD   SILVER DOLPHIN                                                                                      
74SI   SILVER SCOUT                                                                                        
32SI   SILVERSTEIN                                                                                         
291A   SILVIA MARIA DEL MAR                                                                                
26AC   SIMBA                                                                                               
90R6   SIMEIZ                                            ICES REQUEST  04Dec32 to 05Dec32                  
32XZ   SIMPSON                                                                                             
06GE   SINE IRA                                                                                            
76YY   SING YANG YONG                                    OCL                                               
26BG   SINNE BJERREGAARD                                                                                   
49RN   SINSHUN MARU                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
3119   SIO BUOY                                                                                            
31S4   SIOUX                                                                                               
18SX   SIOUX                                                                                               
743C   SIR BEDIVERE                                      L-3004                                            
09DV   SIR DAVID MARTIN                                  VZN8765                                           
744C   SIR GERAINT                                       L-3027                                            
31HL   SIR H. LAMB                                                                                         
18SZ   SIR JOHN FRANKLIN                                 OCL REQUEST; Call Sign CGDT                       
74SL   SIR LANCELOT                                                                                        
744E   SIR PERCIVALE                                     L-3036                                            
74WH   SIR W. HARDY                                                                                        
18LU   SIR WILFRED LAURIER                               UNIV. OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (UBC)                   
18WA   SIR WILLIAM ALEXANDER                             MEDS REQUEST Canadian Coast Guard CallSign CGUM   
74RS   SIREN                                             M/V  (MYBT)                                       
06SI   SIRIUS                                                                                              
745L   SIRIUS                                            F-40                                              
32X1   SIRIUS                                            AFS-8                                             
14SI   SIRIUS                                                                                              
31IC   SISCOWET                                                                                            
89SM   SISMIK 1                                          call sign TCVR                                    
18SI   SISTERS ISLAND F/S                                                                                  
34AH   SISU                                                                                                
32I9   SITKA SPRUCE                                                                                        
77BU   SJOLLEN                                                                                             
26SK   SKAGENS REV L/V                                                                                     
77SK   SKAGERAK                                                                                            
06SK   SKAGERAK                                                                                            
77SG   SKAGGALD                                                                                            
32S7   SKAGIT                                                                                              
90UD   SKALA                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
18SK   SKARDALE                                                                                            
58SH   SKARHEIM                                          LLJU  1967                                        
26SU   SKARUHAMAR                                        callSign XPSR                                     
58SB   SKAUBORD                                          LADC2                                             
58SK   SKAUBRYN                                          LAJV4EX SKEENA 4/1/91                             
58SC   SKAUGRAN                                          LADB2                                             
18S2   SKEENA                                                                                              
90C4   SKIF                                                                                                
34SK   SKIFET L/V                                                                                          
31S7   SKILL                                                                                               
32SS   SKIMMER                                                                                             
74SJ   SKIPJACK                                                                                            
AGSK   SKOGAFOSS                                         callSign V2GR or V2QT                             
54AQ   SKRIM                                                                                               
URSK   SKVORTSOV-STEPANOV                                UNHS  BUILT 1974                                  
312Q   SKYLARK                                                                                             
31YW   SKYWATCHER                                                                                          
90R7   SLAVA                                             ICES REQUEST  22Oct47 to 01Jun48                  
90SV   SLAVA 15                                                                                            
908S   SLAVA KERCHI                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
90WF   SLAVGOROD                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
58AR   SLEIPNER                                                                                            
09SD   SLETFJORD                                                                                           
09SM   SLETHOLM                                                                                            
26SL   SLETTERHAGE C/S                                                                                     
09SL   SLIDRE TIMUR                                                                                        
58SL   SLOMANN                                           1949                                              
09W5   SMADA                                                                                               
90UY   SMALL BOAT                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
06NF   SMALL CRAFT                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
49ZN   SMALL VESSEL                                                                                        
CIAA   SMALL VESSELS                                                                                       
31QM   SMALLEY                                                                                             
90R8   SMELYI                                            ICES REQUEST  13Oct37 to 20Oct37                  
18SF   SMITH                                             FCG                                               
74SK   SMITH'S KNOLL                                                                                       
909H   SMOLENSK                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
9071   SMOLNIY                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
46SN   SNAEFUGL                                          callSign TFON                                     
90R9   SNEG                                              ICES REQUEST  08Apr77 to 11Jun87                  
34SN   SNIPAN L/S                                                                                          
09AC   SNIPE                                             callSign J8BL6                                    
90S2   SNL-I                                                                                               
58SE   SNORRE I                                                                                            
32GS   SNOW GOOSE                                        callSign J8HD9                                    
31Z1   SNOWDEN                                                                                             
65SN   SNP-1                                                                                               
47SN   SNUNIT                                                                                              
32SY   SNYDER                                                                                              
74SO   SOBERTON                                                                                            
32OE   SOCKEYE                                                                                             
34SD   SODERSKAR L/V                                                                                       
49SE   SOEI-MARU                                                                                           
09SV   SOELA                                             VM6507                                            
64SM   SOEMBA                                                                                              
261D   SOENDERJYLLAND                                                                                      
49GD   SOGEN MARU                                                                                          
58SS   SOGNESJOEEN                                                                                         
907R   SOHAE ILHO                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
3294   SOHIO INTREPID                                                                                      
PASA   SOHYA                                             (3EMP8)                                           
9043   SOKOLISTA                                         1921 VIA OCL                                      
90TV   SOKRAT                                            UBKS                                              
06SO   SOLEA                                                                                               
74S3   SOLEBAY                                                                                             
31YO   SOLEY                                             callSign TFDL                                     
14SO   SOLIMOES                                                                                            
90LN   SOLNTSYEVO                                        USCG                                              
90SL   SOLOMBALA                                         (UGTJ)  1967                                      
46SR   SOLRUN                                            TFRY  EA-351                                      
58SO   SOLVEIG I                                                                                           
34SM   SOMERI/SOMMARO L/V                                                                                  
316S   SOMERS                                                                                              
32SW   SOMERSWORTH                                                                                         
26SO   SONDERBORG C/S                                                                                      
31SJ   SONIC                                                                                               
06BE   SONNE                                                                                               
32SX   SONNY BOY                                                                                           
18AJ   SOODOC                                                                                              
24TV   SOON CHUN                                                                                           
49SR   SORACHI                                           callSign 7LNU                                     
9041   SOSNOVETS                                         1925 VIA OCL                                      
58ST   SOTRA                                                                                               
903Z   SOUCHAN                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
18QS   SOUDAR II                                                                                           
32SC   SOUTH CAROLINA                                                                                      
54BE   SOUTH FOUNDATION                                                                                    
54AC   SOUTH GLORY                                                                                         
PAAE   SOUTH ISLANDER                                                                                      
744H   SOUTHAMPTON                                                                                         
31UE   SOUTHERLAND                                                                                         
09SE   SOUTHERN ENDEAVOUR                                                                                  
54SN   SOUTHERN LION                                     A8SF                                              
MHSL   SOUTHERN LION                                     (V7AW8) 04/23/1997                                
TNSM   SOUTHERN MOANA                                    RadioCallSign A3CG3                               
09SS   SOUTHERN SURVEYOR                                 callsign VLHJ                                     
FJSS   SOUTHLAND STAR                                    3DTF                                              
311S   SOUTHWIND                                                                                           
908M   SOVETSKAYA UKRAINA                                OCL REQUEST                                       
90WI   SOVETSKIY SOYUZ                                   NUCLEAR ICEBREAKER   OCL REQUEST                  
90SO   SOVIETSK                                                                                            
90SJ   SOVREMENNIK                                                                                         
49SB   SOYA                                                                                                
49SO   SOYO-MARU                                                                                           
32SP   SPANGLER                                                                                            
31SA   SPAR                                                                                                
06GB   SPARKLING WAVE                                                                                      
58SP   SPARRE SCHNEIDER                                  VIA OCL                                           
32X2   SPARTANBURG COUNTY                                LST-1192                                          
95SP   SPASILAC                                                                                            
90SD   SPEKTR                                                                                              
31SC   SPENCER                                                                                             
31SB   SPENCER F. BAIRD                                                                                    
06SY   SPEYER                                                                                              
32S8   SPICA                                                                                               
32G5   SPIEGEL GROVE                                                                                       
062W   SPIEKEROOG                                                                                          
90YT   SPIRIDONOV                                        OCL REQUEST CallSign UMZE                         
32Q1   SPIRIT OF 76                                                                                        
32X3   SPIRIT OF LIBERTY                                                                                   
08SP   SPIRO                                                                                               
316F   SPORT FISHERIES                                                                                     
09SY   SPRIGHTLY                                                                                           
3179   SPRINGFIELD                                                                                         
31NQ   SPROSTON                                                                                            
32R6   SPRUANCE                                                                                            
18SQ   SQUAMISH                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
90RG   SREDNEKOLYMSKIY                                   callSign EWTD                                     
9025   SREDNYAYA KOSA                                    OCL REQUEST                                       
90SF   SREDNYAYA KOSA                                    (CBKB)                                            
49VI   SRIANAMI MARU                                                                                       
903T   SRT 419/342                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
903Q   SRT 4348                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
90S7   SRT-1045 "ARTEMOVSK"                                                                                
90SZ   SRT-129                                                                                             
90S6   SRT-308 ALAZEYA                                                                                     
9063   SRT-331                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
901S   SRT-4170 "MOSALSK"                                                                                  
90SS   SRT-4178 "MUJNAK"                                                                                   
90S8   SRT-4179                                                                                            
90SU   SRT-4191 "MJAG-OSTROV"                                                                              
90SY   SRT-4234 "LOMONOSOV"                                                                                
90SW   SRT-4309                                                                                            
90SX   SRT-4379 "ARAGATS"                                                                                  
903N   SRT-4401                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
90SR   SRT-4441                                                                                            
90ER   SRT-4453                                          OCL                                               
90T1   SRT-4509                                          ICES REQUEST  09Jun60 to 25Jun60                  
905Q   SRT-662                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
90S9   SRT-9159 "OLOJTSJAN"                                                                                
90A4   SRTM 8005 "ALIOT"                                                                                   
CUS5   SRT-M 8030                                                                                          
903R   SRTM 8-449                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
90WV   SRTM 8-453                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
90YM   SRTM 8-461                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
90UB   SRT-M RIBNOE                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
904P   SRTM-8-417                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
90M1   SRTM-8452                                         callSign UKIU                                     
90ES   SRTM-8454                                         SESKAR had been concatenated onto platformName    
90S1   SRTM-8459                                         callSign UKXH                                     
90UC   SRT-M-UCHENYI                                                                                       
90D6   SRTR                                              ICES REQUEST                                      
CUS1   SRT-R 9029                                                                                          
CUS2   SRT-R 9074                                                                                          
CUS3   SRT-R 9075                                                                                          
CUS4   SRT-R 9112                                                                                          
581C   SS AKSEL                                          1901-1904                                         
581E   SS EIGIL                                          1901-1904                                         
581F   SS FORTUNA                                        1901-1904                                         
581H   SS HEKLA                                          1901-1904                                         
581K   SS KVIK                                           1901-1904                                         
581R   SS RIVALEN                                        1901-1904                                         
581T   SS THORA DEN BLIDE                                1901-1904                                         
581U   SS URANIA                                         1901-1904                                         
18SA   ST ANTHONY                                                                                          
74AU   ST AUSTELL BAY                                                                                      
74S4   ST BRIDES BAY                                                                                       
18SC   ST CATHARINES                                                                                       
74SG   ST GEORGE                                                                                           
28SJ   ST JUDE                                                                                             
74S2   ST KITTS                                                                                            
74SM   ST MARGARETS                                                                                        
31SM   ST MICHAEL                                                                                          
09U8   ST MICHELLE                                                                                         
18ST   ST THERESE                                                                                          
18BS   ST. BARNABE                                                                                         
261X   ST. CROIX                                         callSign GFTG                                     
18XS   ST. CROIX                                         Canadian Navy destroyer, Hull # 256               
35DA   ST. GERMAIN                                                                                         
74HN   ST. HELENA                                        (MMHE5)                                           
261J   ST. JAN                                                                                             
22SJ   ST. JUDE                                                                                            
32X4   ST. LOUIS                                         LKA-116                                           
32R4   ST. LOUIS                                         callSign GIAN                                     
320H   ST. PEDRO                                                                                           
261H   ST. THOMAS                                                                                          
AGAR   STADT MUNCHEN                                     from Antigua Ship's Registry; RadioCallSign V2AM1 
48ST   STAFFETTA                                                                                           
314H   STAGE I F/S                                                                                         
3181   STAGE II F/S                                                                                        
32ST   STAGE TIDE                                                                                          
31SL   STALLION                                                                                            
31LX   STALWART                                                                                            
09Y9   STALWART                                                                                            
09SF   STANLEY FOWLER                                                                                      
HKSD   STAR DRIVANGER                                    (ZCKP) 11/15/94                                   
74SZ   STAR DROTTANGER                                   ZCKU                                              
54SA   STAR FLORIDA                                      ELE17                                             
54SB   STAR FRASER                                       ELEM3                                             
74SQ   STAR HONG KONG                                    ZCKP                                              
36SP   STAR POLLUX                                       (SVND) 09/02/1996                                 
74AW   STARELLA                                                                                            
32WJ   STARK                                                                                               
741H   STARLING                                                                                            
322A   STATE ARROW                                                                                         
41SK   STATE OF KUTCH                                                                                      
31R2   STATE RACE                                                                                          
31S3   STATE STAR                                                                                          
31S8   STATE WAVE                                                                                          
31SI   STATEN ISLAND                                                                                       
18SB   STATEN ISLAND                                     Dual entry - also code 31SB                       
26BD   STATION BORNHOLM DEEP                                                                               
67GY   STATION GDYNIA                                                                                      
67HL   STATION HEL                                                                                         
67RZ   STATION ROZEWIE                                                                                     
58AP   STAVANGER                                         F-303                                             
58BC   STAVERN                                                                                             
18GM   STE GEMMA                                                                                           
35AU   STE. ANNE DU PORTZIC                                                                                
32SD   STEADFAST                                                                                           
26ST   STEADY                                                                                              
32SQ   STEELE                                                                                              
90MA   STEFAN MALYGIN                                                                                      
3189   STEIN                                             DE 1065                                           
31KZ   STEINAKER                                                                                           
20SA   STELLA MARIA                                      OCL REQUEST  CallSign CB-4118                     
20SM   STELLA MARIS                                                                                        
48SP   STELLA POLARE                                                                                       
32SM   STEMBEL                                                                                             
58A1   STENA ARCTICA                                     callSign C6BH6                                    
74SN   STENA HISPANA                                                                                       
06SP   STEPHANITOR                                                                                         
31ZQ   STERETT                                                                                             
06GF   STERN VON RIO                                                                                       
18S4   STETTLER                                                                                            
32X5   STIARE                                                                                              
9042   STIARNEN                                          1899 VIA OCL                                      
31EI   STICKELL                                                                                            
31SN   STIRNI                                                                                              
31KH   STOCKHAM                                                                                            
3127   STODDARD                                          DD-566                                            
18SO   STONETOWN                                                                                           
34SO   STORBROTTEN L/S                                                                                     
31SO   STORIS                                                                                              
314S   STORK                                             callSign 5BRD                                     
34ST   STORKALLEGRUND L/S                                                                                  
31RM   STORM                                                                                               
09SX   STORM BAY                                                                                           
31TM   STORMES                                                                                             
36SS   STORMY SEAS                                                                                         
08AS   STORNI                                                                                              
26SR   STORSTROMSBRO C/S                                                                                   
77BX   STOVE TRADER                                                                                        
09SB   STRADBROKE                                                                                          
31ST   STRANGER                                          callSign WYZ8670                                  
74EY   STRATH DEVON                                                                                        
90T2   STRELA                                            ICES REQUEST  16Aug37 to 01May38                  
06MS   STRELASUND                                        OCL REQUEST CallSignY3OE small craft              
906X   STRELETZ                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
902C   STRELNYA                                          LYKN                                              
906T   STRELOK                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
31TB   STRIBLING                                                                                           
31IZ   STRICKLAND                                                                                          
54AE   STRIDER BROADSWORD                                                                                  
315S   STRONG                                            callSign WTF5189                                  
33SR   STRONG ICELANDER                                  (WBD9290)                                         
09ST   STUART                                                                                              
743L   STUBBINGTON                                                                                         
46AD   STUDLAFOSS                                                                                          
31Y1   STURDY                                                                                              
46AB   STURLAUGUR                                                                                          
32S6   STURTEVANT                                                                                          
06ST   STUTTGART                                                                                           
90VF   STVOR                                                                                               
32G8   SUB SIG II                                                                                          
32SF   SUBSURFACE FLOAT                                                                                    
90FD   SUCHAN                                            OCL                                               
9044   SUCHUM                                            1925 VIA OCL                                      
06SF   SUDFALL                                                                                             
06MU   SUEDEROOG                                         OCL REQUEST CallSign DBJN 12-19-1956 to 12-5-1990 
31FQ   SUFFOLK COUNTY                                                                                      
352G   SUFFREN                                                                                             
49S4   SUGI                                                                                                
76H6   SUI LIAN 220                                                                                        
49LP   SUIYO MARU                                                                                          
90DW   SUKHUM                                            OCL                                               
74SU   SULA                                                                                                
90C5   SULOY                                                                                               
49DY   SUMA                                                                                                
49SL   SUMIDA                                            callSign JG3535                                   
49UB   SUMIEI MARU                                                                                         
49YT   SUMIYOSHI MARU                                    7JFP                                              
181S   SUMMERSIDE                                        MEDS REQUEST CallSign CGJJ (not the same as 181A) 
181A   SUMMERSIDE                                                                                          
32QF   SUMTER                                                                                              
32WP   SUN COASTER                                                                                         
324S   SUN DANCE                                         (TUNA BOAT)                                       
322S   SUNBEAN                                                                                             
36SH   SUNHOPE                                                                                             
06SU   SUNLINA                                                                                             
061I   SUNNA HAV                                                                                           
315Q   SUNRISE                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32ZK   SUNSET BAY                                        callSign WSX6559                                  
PASV   SUNVREELAND                                                                                         
34SU   SUOMI                                                                                               
32UA   SUPERHORSE                                                                                          
322U   SUPERIOR                                                                                            
09AE   SUPPLY                                                                                              
49CN   SURENES                                                                                             
32X6   SURIBACHI                                         AE-21                                             
24SR   SURO                                                                                                
24AP   SURO HO                                                                                             
24SU   SURO NO 1                                                                                           
24S3   SURO NO 3                                                                                           
24S8   SURO NO 8                                                                                           
49VE   SURUGA                                                                                              
49SP   SURUGA MARU                                                                                         
49UG   SURUGAMA MARU                                                                                       
35SU   SURVEILLANTE                                                                                        
31SU   SURVEYOR                                                                                            
74SV   SURVEYOR                                          callsign WTES                                     
18SE   SURVEYOR                                          callSign WTES                                     
322J   SUSAN JEAN                                                                                          
32QE   SUSQUEHANNA                                                                                         
18SU   SUSSEXVALE                                                                                          
90ST   SUTCHAN                                                                                             
34SH   SUURSAARI/HOGLAND L/V                                                                               
32SU   SUWANNEE                                                                                            
49UO   SUYO-MARU                                                                                           
74GU   SUZANNA D                                                                                           
49GM   SUZUKA                                                                                              
58SV   SVANEN                                            callSign C6LA2                                    
77SC   SVANIC                                            SMJU                                              
06SV   SVENJA                                            DIAG                                              
77SV   SVENSKA BJORN                                     L/V                                               
77SS   SVENSKUND                                                                                           
90W2   SVETLANA                                          OCL REQUEST 19th cent "Fregat" type Hydromet Servc
9045   SVIATOGOR                                         1920 VIA OCL                                      
77SB   SVINBADAN L/V                                                                                       
58SN   SVINTO                                                                                              
90WR   SVIREPYY                                          OCL REQUEST (alt. Spelling SVIREPIY)              
32YG   SW RESEARCHER                                                                                       
741J   SWALLOW                                                                                             
31SW   SWAN                                              callSign P3CT3                                    
SISX   SWAN REEFER                                       S6FK                                              
74SX   SWAN REFFER                                                                                         
18SS   SWANSEA                                                                                             
74SW   SWARTE BANK                                                                                         
326W   SWEARER                                                                                             
49CQ   SWEET CLUB                                                                                          
318S   SWEET GUM                                                                                           
32X7   SWEETBRIER                                        WLB-405                                           
31SX   SWERVE                                                                                              
741K   SWIFT                                                                                               
18SW   SWIFTSURE                                                                                           
33DV   SWIMMER/DIVER                                                                                       
31SZ   SWORDKNOT                                                                                           
06SX   SYDNEY EXPRESS                                    DIDS                                              
77SY   SYDOSBROTTEN L/V                                                                                    
771A   SYGIN                                                                                               
32X8   SYLVANIA                                          AFS-2                                             
74SY   SYLVIA                                            callSign HQVS                                     
58SY   SYLVIA                                            callSign HQVS                                     
58SA   SYSLA                                             1951-52                                           
49SZ   SYUNEI MARU                                                                                         
49YW   SYUNKOTO MARU                                     OCL request; OCL code 7653                        
49VL   SYUNPU MARU R/V                                                                                     
06BX   SZCZECIN TRADER                                                                                     
32TD   T 19                                                                                                
32TE   T 441                                                                                               
32HA   T. C. HART                                                                                          
32FR   T. E. FRASER                                                                                        
31GJ   T. J. GARY                                                                                          
32KT   T. KAREN                                                                                            
31KT   T. KATHEN                                                                                           
18ZT   T. W. ZELLEY                                                                                        
74TX   T.A. EXPLORER                                     ZDAZ6                                             
54TM   T.A. MARINER                                                                                        
54TN   T.A. NAVIGATOR                                                                                      
74TV   T.A. VOYAGER                                                                                        
74TS   T.S. ASTRID                                       (MKUE3)  01/01/1995                               
18T3   T-3                                                                                                 
SVTB   TAABO                                             (J8IU7)  02/09/1995                               
57TB   TABASC0                                           XCSH                                              
06TB   TABASIS                                           RadioCallSign DIGF Sold in the 1980's             
31ZT   TABBERER                                                                                            
49T7   TACHIBANA MARU                                    callSign JPIM                                     
32TF   TACLOBAN                                                                                            
32TC   TACOMA                                                                                              
09T7   TACOMA                                                                                              
35TA   TADORNE                                           callSign 6VQN                                     
24TA   TAE BAEK SAN                                                                                        
24TW   TAE JEON                                                                                            
77TA   TAENDAREN                                         SMYB  SWEDISH SHIPPING ADMIN.                     
31TA   TAGE                                                                                                
76TA   TAI HE                                            BOAB                                              
90T3   TAIFUN                                            ICES REQUEST  18Jul37 to 14Nov91                  
90US   TAIGA                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
49TH   TAIHO-MARU                                                                                          
49XD   TAIKEI MARU NO.11                                                                                   
90TA   TAIMYR                                                                                              
34TI   TAIPALEENLUOTO L/S                                                                                  
49CE   TAIRIN MARU 8                                                                                       
49EM   TAISEI MARU                                                                                         
49FZ   TAJIMA                                            OCL REQUEST  (03/1988 to present)                 
49TJ   TAKA                                                                                                
49T4   TAKANAMI                                                                                            
49FI   TAKANOSU                                          OCL REQUEST  (03/1967 to present)                 
49TC   TAKAO-MARU                                                                                          
35TK   TAKAROA                                                                                             
49AL   TAKASU MARU                                                                                         
492L   TAKATORI                                          (JQLG)                                            
32TK   TAKELMA                                                                                             
49T9   TAKO MARU                                                                                           
32K4   TAKU                                              callSign WI9491                                   
49ZK   TAKUNAN MARU                                                                                        
49T1   TAKUNAN-MARU NO 1                                                                                   
49TX   TAKUNAN-MARU NO 10                                                                                  
49T2   TAKUNAN-MARU NO 2                                                                                   
49T3   TAKUNAN-MARU NO 3                                                                                   
49T5   TAKUNAN-MARU NO 5                                                                                   
49T8   TAKUNAN-MARU NO 8                                                                                   
49XU   TAKUSUI                                           spelling changed - Sep 6, 2000 (FJM)              
49TK   TAKUYO                                                                                              
49PK   TAKUYO MARU                                                                                         
327A   TALAMANCA                                                                                           
31TL   TALBOT                                                                                              
29TL   TALIARTE                                          EEXL                                              
32TH   TALLAHATCHIE CTY                                                                                    
31TF   TALLULAH                                                                                            
3128   TALUGA                                            callSign NWOS                                     
49JT   TAMAJIMA MARU                                                                                       
49TM   TAMA-MARU                                                                                           
49A2   TAMA-MARU NO 2                                                                                      
49A3   TAMA-MARU NO 3                                                                                      
49A5   TAMA-MARU NO 5                                                                                      
49A6   TAMA-MARU NO 6                                                                                      
49A7   TAMA-MARU NO 7                                                                                      
90TM   TAMANGO                                                                                             
32X9   TAMARA GUILDEN                                                                                      
32TA   TAMAROA                                                                                             
49DV   TAMASHIMA MARU                                    callSign JK5026                                   
902E   TAMGA                                             ULRL                                              
24TB   TAMHAE                                                                                              
34TS   TAMMIO/STAMO F/S                                                                                    
31TP   TAMPA                                                                                               
35TN   TANCHE                                                                                              
31RT   TANEY                                             EX ROGER B. TANEY                                 
61TG   TANGOROA R/V                                                                                        
49TA   TANKAI-MARU                                                                                         
34TA   TANKAR F/S                                                                                          
31TN   TANNER                                                                                              
49TD   TANSEI MARU                                       callSign JIQY                                     
49EV   TANSHU MARU                                                                                         
90C7   TANTAL                                            callSign ERLI                                     
18DC   TANU                                              callSign CGBY                                     
49AN   TANYO-MARU                                                                                          
90T4   TAO                                               ICES REQUEST  06Jan89 to 31Dec91                  
61TA   TARANAKI                                                                                            
61TU   TARANUI                                                                                             
32YU   TARAWA                                            LHA-1                                             
09TA   TAROONA                                                                                             
901A   TAROUSS                                                                                             
352D   TARTU                                                                                               
9022   TARUSA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
54TC   TASMAN CHALLENGER                                 CallSign ELXD7                                    
54TH   TASMAN CRUSADER                                   CallSign ELXD8                                    
336D   TASSINGE                                                                                            
336F   TASU                                                                                                
CUAE   TATAGUA                                                                                             
49TE   TATEYAMA-MARU                                                                                       
49TT   TATSUTA                                                                                             
31Z7   TATTNALL                                                                                            
49TZ   TAUIMA-MARU                                                                                         
32YV   TAURUS                                            PHM-3                                             
10TA   TAURUS                                                                                              
AGTS   TAUSALA SAMOA                                     OC1 REQUEST -SEAS vessel - CallSign V2KS          
31QS   TAUSSIG                                           DD 746                                            
907U   TAVA                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
90T5   TAVRIDA                                           ICES REQUEST 27Dec37 to 22Jan38 RadioCallSign ESJS
32TN   TAYABAS BAY                                                                                         
31TY   TAYLOR                                                                                              
902M   TAYMIR                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
904D   TAYMYR                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
31V5   TE VEGA                                                                                             
327E   TEAK                                                                                                
09AF   TEALE                                                                                               
18TC   TECHNO-CANADA                                                                                       
27TB   TEIREL BAHR                                                                                         
18TL   TELEOST                                           (CGCB)                                            
74TE   TELLINA                                           callSign ELKE7                                    
35TE   TEMERAIRE                                                                                           
74TA   TEMPLE INN                                                                                          
336E   TEMPTATION                                                                                          
74TB   TENBY                                                                                               
49E1   TENKAI-MARU NO 1                                                                                    
49CF   TENKO MARU                                                                                          
49TR   TENRYO                                                                                              
49ET   TENYO                                                                                               
49PX   TENYO MARU                                                                                          
11TS   TER STREEP                                        Call Sign ORDJ                                    
35TB   TEREBEL                                                                                             
063Q   TEREDO VERSUCHSSTAND                              COASTAL STATION                                   
31TU   TERITU                                                                                              
74TM   TERMAGANT                                                                                           
74TN   TERRA NOVA                                                                                          
06MV   TERRAMARE I                                       OCL REQUEST CallSign DCJC research vessel         
18TN   TERRANOVA                                                                                           
64TB   TERSCHELLINGERBANK L/S                                                                              
06TE   TERTIUS                                           DLMH                                              
49TF   TERUZUKI                                          callSign JG3918                                   
49CP   TESHIO                                            callSign JLKE                                     
35TT   TETHYS II                                         callsign: FGTO; built year is 1993                
49LX   TETSUWA MARU                                                                                        
31XJ   TEXACO NEW JERSEY                                                                                   
327T   TEXAS                                                                                               
32UU   TEXAS CLIPPER                                                                                       
32XS   TEXAS STAR                                                                                          
313Q   TEXAS TOWER 2                                                                                       
31XA   TEXAS TOWER 4                                                                                       
32YW   TEXAS TRADER                                                                                        
64TE   TEXEL L/S                                                                                           
31TX   TEXIN                                                                                               
06AW   TFL ADAMS                                                                                           
09TD   THALA DAN                                                                                           
35HT   THALASSA                                          (FNFP) 1996                                       
35TH   THALASSA                                                                                            
35TC   THALIA                                            (FPCS)                                            
35BX   THALIE                                                                                              
36B2   THALIS                                            ICES REQUEST  24Feb75 to 01Mar75  small boat      
36BL   THASSOS ISLAND                                                                                      
31V1   THE SULLIVANS                                                                                       
CYAA   THEANO                                                                                              
3182   THELMA DALE II                                                                                      
PAAS   THEOCHARIS                                                                                          
31X6   THEODORE E. CHANDLER                                                                                
31TG   THEODORE N. GILL                                                                                    
32TG   THERESA ANN                                       (TUNA BOAT)                                       
18TE   THERON                                            1952-57                                           
31TQ   THETA                                                                                               
18TH   THETA                                                                                               
062Z   THETIS                                                                                              
26TE   THETIS                                                                                              
77TH   THETIS                                                                                              
NITH   THIERRY                                                                                             
91DT   THOMAS B. DAVIE R/V                                                                                 
31TT   THOMAS G. THOMPSON                                call sign KGWT;(1965-1991)                        
3250   THOMAS G. THOMPSON                                call sign KTDQ;(1991-present)                     
31WT   THOMAS WASHINGTON                                 callSign KGWU                                     
35TM   THOMSON                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
31TH   THOR                                                                                                
46TH   THOR                                                                                                
26TH   THOR                                                                                                
06TA   THOR                                              DLIC                                              
58IT   THOR IVERSEN                                                                                        
32QG   THORN                                                                                               
58TH   THORSHAVN                                                                                           
46TT   THORSTEINN THORSKABITUR                                                                             
32TS   THRASHER                                                                                            
36B3   THREE BROS                                        ICES REQUEST  27Nov84 to 03Dec84  small boat      
32ZU   THREE JACKS                                       (TUNA BOAT)                                       
ICTH   THUE JUNIOR                                                                                         
32TP   THULE PIER                                                                                          
063R   THUNFISCH                                         TRAWLER                                           
06TH   THURINGIA                                                                                           
26TY   THYRA                                             1896                                              
59TI   TIARE                                             USE COUNTRY 35 AFTER 12/80                        
35TI   TIARE                                                                                               
54AP   TIBER                                                                                               
20TI   TIBERIADES                                                                                          
904T   TICHOOK GIDROGRAFIYA                              OCL REQUEST                                       
32TJ   TIDE STATIONS                                                                                       
CYTB   TIGER BAY                                         RadioCallSign P3MM5                               
90TK   TIKHOOKEANSKIY                                    callSign EUEM                                     
4918   TIKUGO                                            VIA OCL                                           
33TL   TILLIE LYKES                                      (WMLH)                                            
31J9   TILLS                                                                                               
PATY   TILLY                                             (H8CB)                                            
06TY   TILLY EX TILLY RUSS                                                                                 
90TI   TIMASHEVSK                                                                                          
09TC   TIN CAN BAY                                                                                         
31T6   TINGEY                                                                                              
90TN   TINRO                                                                                               
74TI   TINTAGEL CASTLE                                                                                     
3313   TIOGA                                             VIA OCL                                           
32TO   TIPPECANOE                                                                                          
ESTP   TIPTON                                            (UGWD) M/S                                        
90TT   TITANIT                                           EKRB                                              
26TJ   TJALFE                                                                                              
64TH   TJERK HIDDES                                                                                        
32KP   T-KIP IV                                                                                            
AGVE   TMM VERACRUZ                                      CallSign V2PC4                                    
9061   TOBOL                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
09TO   TOBRUK                                                                                              
49T6   TOCHI                                                                                               
29TO   TOFINO                                                                                              
33TT   TOGA-TAO BUOY ARRAYS                              OCL REQUEST                                       
49VT   TOKACHI                                                                                             
49JA   TOKAI UNIVERSITY II                                                                                 
49TV   TOKAIDAIGAKU MARU                                                                                   
49TQ   TOKAIDAIGAKU MARU II                                                                                
49VD   TOKIWA                                                                                              
49TW   TOKIWA MARU                                                                                         
49TP   TOKUSHIMA MARU                                                                                      
49BS   TOKYO MARU                                                                                          
32TX   TOLERS                                                                                              
54AG   TOLMI                                                                                               
PATL   TOLUCA                                            3EFY7                                             
49RC   TOMASHIMA                                                                                           
49TO   TONAN-MARU                                                                                          
49TN   TONE                                                                                                
24AF   TONGHAE HO                                                                                          
32N5   TONGUIN                                                                                             
33TN   TONSINA                                           KJDG                                              
66AC   TONY REY                                                                                            
328T   TONYA AND JOE                                     callSign WYZ8428                                  
64TN   TONYN                                                                                               
49RT   TOO MARU                                          callSign JIWQ                                     
31TK   TOPEKA                                                                                              
904M   TOPOROK                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
90TP   TOPSEDA                                                                                             
77TR   TOR                                               SCYN ICEBREAKER                                   
90B4   TOR                                               ICES REQUEST  10Aug10 to 11Aug10                  
31TO   TORDENSKJOLD                                                                                        
90TR   TOROK                                             (UGZI)                                            
90UE   TOROS                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
06MW   TORPEDO-FANGBOOT                                  OCL REQUEST                                       
74TO   TORQUAY                                                                                             
09TR   TORRENS                                                                                             
57TO   TORTUGAS                                          TUNA BOAT                                         
49BF   TOSA                                              callSign JK4961                                   
491N   TOSA MARU                                                                                           
49N3   TOSAKAIEN MARU                                                                                      
49D4   TOSAKAIYO                                         OCL REQUEST (03/1986 to present)                  
49TS   TOSHI MARU                                                                                          
49O2   TOSHI MARU NO 2                                                                                     
49O5   TOSHI MARU NO 5                                                                                     
49O7   TOSHI MARU NO 7                                                                                     
492J   TOSHI MARU NO.11                                  (JNOL)                                            
49XZ   TOTTORI MARU NO.1                                                                                   
49OR   TOTTORI-MARU                                                                                        
35TL   TOULON                                                                                              
35TO   TOURNEVIRE                                                                                          
352H   TOURVILLE                                                                                           
58TO   TOVIK                                                                                               
49PR   TOWADA MARU                                                                                         
31T2   TOWERS                                                                                              
31TW   TOWHEE                                                                                              
31TC   TOWNSEND CROMWELL                                                                                   
49X4   TOYAMA MARU NO.18                                                                                   
49YM   TOYAMA-MARU                                                                                         
31T8   TRACER                                                                                              
317T   TRACER                                            JOHNS HOPKINS                                     
91TR   TRACHURUS                                                                                           
18TY   TRACY                                             Call Sign CGBX; CANADIAN COAST GUARD              
33TA   TRACY ANNE                                        Fishing Vessel                                    
32TQ   TRADE                                                                                               
32YX   TRADITION                                                                                           
74TF   TRAFALGAR                                                                                           
34TR   TRALL                                                                                               
9046   TRALSCHIK 21                                      1921-23 VIA OCL                                   
66AD   TRANS OCEAN TRANSPORT II                                                                            
32YY   TRANSCOLORADO                                                                                       
32YZ   TRANSCOLUMBIA                                                                                       
06MY   TRANSFINLANDIA                                    OCL REQUEST CallSign DGFT 1-1-1973 to 1-2-1975    
06MZ   TRANSLUBECA                                       OCL REQUEST CallSign DGTL 1-1-1970 to 12-31-1975  
316T   TRANSQUEST                                        callSign WJ5485                                   
31J4   TRATHEN                                                                                             
06NA   TRAVENSTEIN                                       OCL REQUEST chartered ship                        
31T4   TREE POINT                                                                                          
32TR   TRENTON                                                                                             
URTR   TREPANG                                           ICES REQUEST  Yr 1992-93                          
35TR   TRESCAO                                           callSign FPQR                                     
325T   TREY-B                                                                                              
35CK   TREZIEN                                           FZKA                                              
09TI   TRIASTER                                                                                            
90T6   TRIDAKNA                                          ICES REQUEST  08Oct89 to 22Oct89                  
64TD   TRIDENS                                           callSign PBVO                                     
31TR   TRIDENT                                                                                             
09TE   TRI-ELLIS                                                                                           
32TV   TRINGA ASR-16                                                                                       
32TI   TRINIDAD                                          (TUNA BOAT)                                       
08TI   TRINIDAD                                                                                            
18TI   TRIPLE ISLAND F/S                                                                                   
318T   TRIPPE                                                                                              
744B   TRISTRAM, SIR                                     L-3505                                            
06TR   TRITON                                                                                              
CUAC   TRITON                                                                                              
74TT   TRITON                                                                                              
CYTR   TRITON                                                                                              
90T7   TROIKA                                            ICES REQUEST  24May61 to 27Sep61                  
323T   TROJAN                                                                                              
641K   TROMP                                                                                               
58TR   TRONDHEIM                                         callSign LGEF                                     
PATC   TROPICAL CHALLENGER                               (3FIK5)  05/09/1997                               
907J   TROPIK                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
74TU   TROUBRIDGE                                                                                          
90TE   TRUBCHEVSK                                                                                          
31T5   TRUCKEE                                                                                             
90DH   TRUDOVYE REZERVY                                  callSign UONS                                     
74TR   TRUE LOVE                                                                                           
32TT   TRUETT                                                                                              
32GV   TRUMAN                                            callSign HP2674                                   
31XX   TRUXTUN                                                                                             
58TB   TRYGVE BRAARUD                                    LMFA                                              
18TS   TSAWWASSEN SEA QUEEN                                                                                
9081   TSCH-186                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
903K   TSCH-593                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
903I   TSCH-602/601                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
90T8   TSHCH-531                                         ICES REQUEST  25May57 to 31May57                  
90EN   TSHCH-601                                         OCL                                               
90T9   TSHCH-810                                         ICES REQUEST  26May57 to 30May57                  
90JH   TSIKLON                                           ICES REQUEST 1982-1990                            
90TS   TSIRKUL                                                                                             
90RJ   TSIVILSK                                          callSign UFVZ                                     
49TL   TSUBAME                                                                                             
49TG   TSUGARU                                                                                             
49LL   TSUKUBA MARU                                                                                        
49CV   TSUKUSHI                                                                                            
4914   TSUMEKI MARU                                      VIA OCL                                           
49UR   TSURU MARU                                                                                          
49N4   TSURUGI MARU                                                                                        
18TU   TUDLIK                                                                                              
062H   TUEBINGEN                                                                                           
06TU   TUEMMLER                                          DB2011                                            
61TI   TUI                                                                                                 
CYTP   TUI PACIFIC                                       callsign: P3GB4                                   
11TU   TUIMELAAR                                         (OS2088)                                          
49PD   TUKUSI                                                                                              
09TU   TULAGI                                                                                              
26TU   TULUGAQ                                           callSign OOGU                                     
74TL   TUMULT                                                                                              
32T1   TUNABOAT1                                                                                           
32TB   TUNABOAT10                                                                                          
32T2   TUNABOAT2                                                                                           
32T3   TUNABOAT3                                                                                           
32T4   TUNABOAT4                                                                                           
32T5   TUNABOAT5                                                                                           
32T6   TUNABOAT6                                                                                           
32T7   TUNABOAT7                                                                                           
32T8   TUNABOAT8                                                                                           
32T9   TUNABOAT9                                                                                           
9011   TUNETS                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
34TU   TUPPURA L/V                                                                                         
32UG   TURBO GOOSE                                                                                         
90U1   TURIST                                            ICES REQUEST  17May37 to 18Nov37                  
34AS   TURJA                                                                                               
904Y   TURKMENIA                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
31UR   TURNER                                            callSign VNXK                                     
31Y8   TURNER JOY                                                                                          
34AQ   TURSAS                                                                                              
31TI   TURSIOPS                                                                                            
491G   TURUGA MARU                                                                                         
32TU   TUSCALOOSA                                                                                          
31TS   TUSCARORA                                                                                           
22TU   TUXPAM                                                                                              
57TU   TUXPAN                                                                                              
TTV4   TV 010                                            (SLDN)                                            
77T6   TV 216                                                                                              
77TV   TV 252                                                                                              
77CA   TV01                                                                                                
77BJ   TV03                                                                                                
77AK   TV04                                                                                                
77AM   TV044                                                                                               
77BN   TV101                                                                                               
77T1   TV102                                                                                               
77AN   TV103                                                                                               
77AP   TV105                                                                                               
77T5   TV116                                                                                               
77AQ   TV171                                                                                               
77T8   TV172                                                                                               
77AS   TV227                                                                                               
77AT   TV241                                                                                               
77AU   TV243                                                                                               
77T4   TV244                                                                                               
77AV   TV245                                                                                               
77AW   TV246                                                                                               
77AX   TV248                                                                                               
77AY   TV249                                                                                               
77T3   TV253                                                                                               
77BR   TV254                                                                                               
77BM   TV255                                                                                               
77T2   TV256                                                                                               
77AZ   TV257                                                                                               
77BL   TV258                                                                                               
77BQ   TV259                                                                                               
77BA   TV260                                                                                               
77BB   TV271                                                                                               
77BC   TV273                                                                                               
77BD   TV274                                                                                               
77BE   TV276                                                                                               
77T7   TV277                                                                                               
77BF   TV278                                                                                               
77BG   TV281                                                                                               
77BH   TV282                                                                                               
77BI   TV283                                                                                               
77T9   TV284                                                                                               
77V2   TV285                                                                                               
77V3   TV287                                                                                               
34TB   TVARMINNE B F/S                                                                                     
34TV   TVARMINNE F/S                                                                                       
06LL   TW/EMS                                            OCL REQUEST  L/V                                  
31TD   TWEEDY                                                                                              
31T7   TWINING                                                                                             
09T6   TWO FREDDIES                                                                                        
90U2   TYAGUN                                            ICES REQUEST  27Apr54 to 20Jul59                  
64TM   TYDEMAN                                                                                             
901B   TYMOVSK                                                                                             
32TY   TYPHOON                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
46AC   TYR                                                                                                 
26TR   TYRA                                              callSign XP6008                                   
26TF   TYRFING                                           callSign OU5011                                   
74TY   TYRIAN                                                                                              
64TR   TYRO                                              PIBQ                                              
32MQ   U. M. MOORE                                                                                         
90SH   U.M. SHOKALSKY                                                                                      
90U3   UAIT                                              ICES REQUEST  14Jun24 to 30Sep24                  
ZZAA   UAP ANTARCTICA                                    UAPA                                              
06BZ   UBENA                                                                                               
32UE   UEB 1                                                                                               
06NB   UFS DEUTSCHE BUCHT                                OCL REQUEST automatically measuring light vessel  
06NC   UFS TW EMS                                        OCL REQUEST automatically measuring light vessel  
9095   UGLEKAMENSK                                       callSign EVEG                                     
90U4   UGLOMER                                           ICES REQUEST  25Apr41 to 28Apr41                  
31UH   UHLMANN                                                                                             
34AM   UIOMA                                                                                               
34AP   UISKO                                                                                               
90U5   UKLEI                                             ICES REQUEST  13Jun57 to 17Jun57                  
49UK   UKURU-MARU                                                                                          
35UL   ULISSE                                            callSign ILTD                                     
34UL   ULKOKALLA F/S                                                                                       
77UA   ULLA RINMAN                                                                                         
09F8   ULLADULLA                                         COASTAL STATION                                   
062E   ULM                                                                                                 
74UL   ULSTER                                                                                              
90GR   ULYANA GROMOVA                                    callSign UOMD                                     
64UL   ULYSSES                                                                                             
74UY   ULYSSES                                                                                             
18UR   UMATILLA REEF                                                                                       
48UD   UMBERTO D'ANCONA                                                                                    
49UE   UME                                                                                                 
49U3   UME MARU NO.3                                                                                       
CYMF   UMFOLOZI                                          (P3NX4)  EX  MAERSK ASIA TERTIO -94               
49UM   UMIKAZE-MARU                                                                                        
49UT   UMITAKA-MARU                                                                                        
09X6   UNA VOCE                                                                                            
65UN   UNANUE                                                                                              
74UN   UNDAUNTED                                                                                           
31UN   UNDAUNTED                                                                                           
74UD   UNDINE                                            callSign 3EHG9                                    
31UM   UNIMAK                                                                                              
36BJ   UNION SPRIT                                                                                         
32UT   UNITED GEO 1                                                                                        
32US   UNITED STATES                                     (TUNA BOAT)                                       
26US   UNITED STATES                                                                                       
33US   UNIVERSAL SURVEYOR                                vessel used in LATEX-A                            
54AH   UNIVERSE                                          callSign 5LGK                                     
4799   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
3199   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
6299   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
8999   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
8899   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
8699   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
3499   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
3599   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
7799   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
3699   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
4199   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
4599   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
4299   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
6799   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
2499   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
6699   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
6599   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
4899   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
4999   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
5499   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
5599   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
5699   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
5799   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
5899   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
6499   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
6199   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
4699   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
RC99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
GH99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
IC99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
JA99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
MO99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
MS99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
CU99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
PA99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
CR99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
SE99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
SI99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
SL99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
SV99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
TT99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
ZZ99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
NI99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
AL99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
9199   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
9399   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
9499   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
9599   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
BA99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
BN99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
CI99   UNKNOWN                                                                                             
7699   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS                                                                                   
7499   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS                                                                                   
6899   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS                                                                                   
0699   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS                                                                                   
0999   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS OF AUSTRALIA                                                                      
1099   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS OF AUSTRIA                                                                        
1199   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS OF BELGIUM                                                                        
1499   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS OF BRAZIL                                                                         
1599   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS OF BULGARIA                                                                       
1899   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS OF CANADA                                                                         
2099   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS OF CHILE                                                                          
0799   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS OF DDR                                                                            
2699   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS OF DENMARK                                                                        
2899   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS OF ECUADOR                                                                        
2799   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS OF EGYPT                                                                          
2299   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS OF KOREA                                                                          
2199   UNKNOWN PLATFORMS OF TAIWAN                                                                         
0899   UNKOWN PLATFORMS OF ARGENTINA                                                                       
49UI   UNRYO-MARU                                                                                          
49UN   UNRYU-MARU                                                                                          
31US   UPSHUR                                                                                              
743P   UPTON                                             M-1187                                            
49C6   URAGA                                             callSign 8KRT                                     
90U6   URAGAN                                            ICES REQUEST  17May77 to 16Jun91                  
90UF   URAN                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
58UR   URAN                                                                                                
49UA   URANAMI                                                                                             
64UR   URANIA                                                                                              
74UR   URANIA                                                                                              
48UR   URANIA                                                                                              
74UC   URCHIN                                                                                              
904Q   URITSKIY                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
74UA   URSA                                                                                                
06RT   URTE                                              DPUP                                              
92UR   URUGUAYAN                                         R/V  CWBP                                         
33HA   USCG HAIDA                                                                                          
337C   USCGC ARIADNE                                                                                       
326D   USCGC EWING                                                                                         
31I0   USCGC LEGARE                                      WMEC-912                                          
3316   USCGC MIAMI                                       OCL REQUEST CIRCA 1915                            
31Y0   USCGC NAUSHON                                     NEWR                                              
311H   USCGC SHERMAN                                     WHEC-720                                          
3317   USCGC TALLAPOOSA                                  OCL REQUEST (CIRCA 1919)                          
3201   USCGC THETIS                                      WMEC-910                                          
327S   USCGR 1823                                                                                          
49DX   USHIO                                                                                               
31N0   USNS HENRY J.KAISER                               T-AO 187                                          
310V   USNS JOSHUA HUMPHERYS                             T-AO 188                                          
316Z   USNS KILAUEA                                      T-AE 26                                           
3202   USNS LEROY GRUMMAN                                NNLG                                              
3104   USNS MERCY                                        T-AH 19                                           
31J0   USNS MOHAWK                                       WMEC-913                                          
31F0   USNS PECOS                                        NPEC                                              
32FX   USNS POTOMAC                                                                                        
31PR   USNS PREVAIL                                      T-AGOS 8                                          
3389   USNS SUAMICO                                                                                        
310U   USNS TRIUMPH                                      T-AGOS 4                                          
31T0   USNS ZEUS                                         T-ARC 7                                           
337F   USS 267                                                                                             
3234   USS 2nd Lt. JOHN P.BOBO                           AKX                                               
33AL   USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN                               CVN-72                                            
3253   USS ADAMS                                                                                           
32W5   USS ALMODITE                                                                                        
337L   USS ALOTO                                         LSM                                               
32X0   USS ANDRADITE                                                                                       
310C   USS ANTIETAM                                      NATM                                              
33AZ   USS ANZIO                                         (CG-68)                                           
3135   USS ARKANSAS                                      hull no. CGN-41                                   
3203   USS ARLEIGH BURKE                                 DDG-51                                            
3384   USS ASKOY                                                                                           
33BA   USS BAIROKO                                       CVE-115                                           
31L0   USS BATON ROUGE                                   SSN-689                                           
33BC   USS BAYA                                                                                            
3231   USS BELLEAU WOOD                                  LHA-3                                             
3120   USS BENJAMIN FRANKLIN                             SSBN-640                                          
3107   USS BERGALL                                       SSN-667                                           
310Y   USS BLUEBACK                                      SS-581                                            
310P   USS BONEFISH                                      SS-582                                            
33BB   USS BOONE                                         FFG-28                                            
32J8   USS BUNKER HILL                                                                                     
33CN   USS CACOPAN                                                                                         
310J   USS CHANCELLORSVILLE                              AOT                                               
3150   USS CHAUMONT                                                                                        
32NW   USS CLARK                                                                                           
33CL   USS CLUNY                                                                                           
32UV   USS COPE AND                                                                                        
33CP   USS COWPENS                                       CG-63                                             
32IX   USS CROMMELIN                                                                                       
32Q3   USS CURTS                                                                                           
32CS   USS CUSHING                                       DD-985                                            
310W   USS DACE                                          SSN-607                                           
32Q2   USS DANIEL BOONE                                  SSN-629                                           
31G0   USS DARTER                                        SS-576                                            
32JP   USS DE WERT                                                                                         
32IZ   USS DEYO                                                                                            
3374   USS DIODON                                                                                          
31X0   USS DIXON                                         AS-37                                             
3260   USS DOHERTY                                                                                         
310N   USS EMORY S. LAND                                 AS-39                                             
3387   USS ERIE                                                                                            
32FG   USS FAHRION                                                                                         
310T   USS FORT MCHENRY                                  NHTB                                              
310Q   USS FRANCIS SCOTT KEY                             SSBN-657                                          
32II   USS GALLERY                                                                                         
33GM   USS GEORGE K. MACKENZIE                                                                             
31GY   USS GETTYSBURG                                    CG-64                                             
3373   USS GIFFORD EWING                                                                                   
33GR   USS GRANVILLE                                                                                       
310O   USS GRASP                                         ARS-51                                            
32GX   USS GRAYLING                                      SSN-646                                           
3388   USS GRIFFIN                                                                                         
31R0   USS GUARDFISH                                     SSN-612                                           
310G   USS GUARDIAN                                      MCM-5                                             
3204   USS GUITARO                                       SSN-665                                           
327C   USS GULFPORT                                                                                        
328N   USS H.C. THOMAS                                                                                     
325Q   USS H.R. KENYON                                                                                     
3385   USS HAMMANN                                                                                         
31XY   USS HARRY E.YARNELL                               CG-17                                             
32J9   USS HAWES                                                                                           
32IF   USS HAYLER                                                                                          
31C0   USS HENRY L.STIMSON                               SSBN-655                                          
3170   USS HERALD                                                                                          
310A   USS HOLLAND                                       AS-32                                             
33HC   USS HUE CITY                                      CG-66                                             
3375   USS HUNTINGTON                                                                                      
310D   USS INDOMITABLE                                   T-AGOS 7                                          
3241   USS JOHN C.CALHOUN                                SSBN-630                                          
328A   USS JOHN L. HALL                                  FFG-32                                            
3285   USS KALAMAZOO                                     AOR-6                                             
326Q   USS KEY WEST                                                                                        
31O0   USS KITTIWAKE                                     ASR-13                                            
310F   USS L. MENDEL RIVERS                              SSN-686                                           
310B   USS L.Y.SPEAR                                     AS-36                                             
310H   USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN                                NCPN                                              
3381   USS LCU 1136                                                                                        
338Z   USS LCU 742                                                                                         
3103   USS LEYTE GULF                                    NLEG                                              
325N   USS M.R. NAWMAN                                                                                     
33MC   USS MACTOBI                                                                                         
33MN   USS MAINSTAY                                      AM 261                                            
32JV   USS MCCLUSKY                                                                                        
3386   USS MINNEAPOLIS                                                                                     
33ML   USS MOBERLY                                                                                         
32M0   USS MOBILE BAY                                    CG-530                                            
31H0   USS MONTEREY                                      NRAR                                              
33MM   USS MOUNT MCKINLEY                                LCC-7                                             
324N   USS MUSKOGEE                                                                                        
31NE   USS NEREUS                                                                                          
31U0   USS NORMANDY                                      NVVV                                              
325K   USS O'BRIEN                                       DD-975                                            
310I   USS OMAHA                                         SSN-692                                           
31K0   USS ORCAS                                         NTBZ                                              
326V   USS ORLANDO                                                                                         
3106   USS PAPAGO                                        ATF-160                                           
33PR   USS PARGO                                         SUBMARINE                                         
33PA   USS PAUL HAMILTON                                 DDG-60                                            
327Q   USS PC-790                                                                                          
338A   USS PCE 845                                                                                         
338B   USS PCE 846                                                                                         
338C   USS PCE 847                                                                                         
338D   USS PCE 868                                                                                         
338E   USS PCE 870                                                                                         
338F   USS PCE 880                                                                                         
338G   USS PCE 881                                                                                         
338H   USS PCE 886                                                                                         
338J   USS PCE 891                                                                                         
338K   USS PCE 892                                                                                         
338L   USS PCE 893                                                                                         
338M   USS PCE 894                                                                                         
338N   USS PCE 895                                                                                         
338P   USS PCE 896                                                                                         
338Q   USS PCE 898                                                                                         
338R   USS PCE 899                                                                                         
338S   USS PCE 900                                                                                         
338T   USS PCE 902                                                                                         
338U   USS PCE 903                                                                                         
338V   USS PCE 904                                                                                         
337E   USS PCFS 1444                                                                                       
31P2   USS PERSISTENT                                    T-AGOS 6                                          
33PH   USS PHILIPPINE SEA                                CG-58                                             
31V0   USS PHILLIPINE SEA                                NWIN                                              
310L   USS PIGEON                                        ASR-21                                            
327P   USS POCAPELLO                                                                                       
3105   USS POLLUX                                        T-AKR 290                                         
33PO   USS PORTER                                        DDG-78                                            
310K   USS PRINCETON                                     NDIH                                              
33RA   USS RABY                                                                                            
323D   USS RAY                                           SSN-653                                           
326N   USS REGISTER                                                                                        
337D   USS REVERIE                                                                                         
3270   USS RHODOLITE                                                                                       
310R   USS RICHARD B.RUSSELL                             SSN-687                                           
31Z8   USS RICHMOND K. TURNER                            CG-20                                             
3238   USS ROBERT G. BRADLEY                             FFG-49                                            
3255   USS RODNEY M.DAVIS                                FFG-60                                            
3383   USS SALT LAKE CITY                                                                                  
3130   USS SAM RAYBURN                                   SSBN-635                                          
324Q   USS SAMUEL N. MOORE                                                                                 
32W7   USS SARANAC                                                                                         
310S   USS SCAMP                                         SSN-588                                           
3110   USS SCOUT                                         NABW                                              
3205   USS SCULPIN                                       SSN-590                                           
31Q0   USS SEA DEVIL                                     SSN-664                                           
31E0   USS SEA OWL                                       NOWL                                              
313S   USS SEAHORSE                                      SSN-669                                           
31B0   USS SHILOH                                        NSLH                                              
32IW   USS SIDES                                                                                           
32XY   USS SIERRA                                        AD-18                                             
310X   USS SILVERSIDES                                   SSN-679                                           
31M0   USS SIMON LAKE                                    AS-33                                             
32SK   USS SKIPJACK                                      SSN-585                                           
33SQ   USS SONAR QUEEN                                                                                     
3372   USS STEP N FETCHIT                                                                                  
32GJ   USS STEPHEN W. GROVES                                                                               
33SU   USS STOUT (DDG 55)                                FPO AE NEW YORK, NY 09587-1273                    
324P   USS STUMP (DD-978)                                                                                  
310Z   USS STURGEON                                      SSN-637                                           
310E   USS SUNBIRD                                       ASR-15                                            
33SP   USS SUPERWIDGEON                                                                                    
32E0   USS THACH                                                                                           
3108   USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT                            SVN-71                                            
3271   USS THOMAS S. GATES                               CG-51                                             
32J7   USS TICONDEROGA                                                                                     
3109   USS TINOSA                                        SSN-606                                           
33TR   USS TORQUA                                                                                          
32UC   USS TRIPOLI                                                                                         
310M   USS TULLIBEE                                      SSN-597                                           
31P0   USS ULYSSES S.GRANT                               SSBN-631                                          
32Y2   USS UNDERWOOD                                     FFG-36                                            
32VF   USS VALLEY FORGE                                  CG-50                                             
33VA   USS VAYA                                                                                            
33VK   USS VICKSBURG                                     CG-69                                             
31Z0   USS WALTER S.DIEHL                                NWSD                                              
32Y0   USS WILEMAN                                                                                         
31XS   USS WILLIAM H.STANDLEY                            CG-32                                             
31W0   USS WISCONSIN                                     BB-64                                             
337A   USS YAT6                                                                                            
338W   USS YF 854                                                                                          
3371   USS YMS 92                                                                                          
33YN   USS YNG-16                                                                                          
32YK   USS YORKTOWN                                      CG-48                                             
337G   USS YP164                                                                                           
337B   USS YP267                                                                                           
328D   USS YTL-688                                                                                         
49O1   UTAKA                                                                                               
31UT   UTE                                                                                                 
06UT   UTHORN                                            EX UTHORN-72                                      
34UT   UTO F/S                                                                                             
PAUT   UTRILLO                                           3EKW9                                             
491H   UWAZIMA                                                                                             
49UZ   UZURA                                                                                               
90VX   V. BYINITSKYI                                     OCL REQUEST                                       
90VV   V. VOROBYEV                                                                                         
29V2   V-12                                                                                                
SVAL   VAAL                                              (J8IU)                                            
90VP   VADIM POPOV                                       UZCB                                              
906Y   VAIDA                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
35VA   VAILLANTE                                                                                           
BHVA   VAIMAMA                                           callsign: ELCT7; (ex. USHAIA)                     
90VL   VAL                                               callSign IRMO                                     
317V   VALCOUR                                                                                             
32VZ   VALDEZ                                            FF 1096                                           
06AZ   VALDIVIA                                                                                            
90C8   VALERIAN URYVAYEV                                                                                   
MLVA   VALETTA                                           FISHING BOAT; OCL 7674                            
31VB   VALIANT                                                                                             
291C   VALKENBURG                                                                                          
90VA   VALKIRIYA                                                                                           
29VA   VALLCARCA                                                                                           
31VR   VALOR                                                                                               
74VL   VALOROUS                                                                                            
34VV   VALSORARNA/VALASSAARET F/S                                                                          
34VA   VALVOJA                                                                                             
32VM   VAMMEN                                                                                              
09VA   VAMPIRE                                                                                             
64GA   VAN GALEN                                                                                           
641N   VAN KINSBERGEN                                                                                      
64VN   VAN NES                                                                                             
64VS   VAN SPEYK                                                                                           
31VV   VAN VOORHIS                                                                                         
31V4   VANCE                                                                                               
32Y3   VANCOUVER                                         LPD-2                                             
18VC   VANCOUVER                                                                                           
32QR   VANDEGRIFT                                        FFG-48                                            
32VD   VANDIVIER                                                                                           
32VA   VANGUARD                                                                                            
902N   VANTSETSI                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
316A   VANTUNA                                                                                             
58VH   VARDHOLMEN                                        1949                                              
904J   VARES                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
1888   VARIOUS CHARTERED VESSELS                                                                           
3192   VARIOUS SMALL NAVY VESSELS                                                                          
3292   VARIOUS SMALL VESSELS                                                                               
18VA   VARIOUS SMALL VESSELS                                                                               
261C   VARJAKKA                                                                                            
74VA   VARNE                                                                                               
58VD   VARTDAL                                                                                             
41VA   VARUNA                                                                                              
36B4   VARVARA                                           ICES REQUEST  05Jun74 to 08Jun74  small boat      
9047   VARYAG                                            1870 VIA OCL                                      
901G   VASILIY GOLOVNIN                                                                                    
90VG   VASILIY GOLOVNIN                                                                                    
55VA   VAUBAN                                                                                              
351S   VAUQUELIN                                                                                           
18VT   VECTOR                                            callSign CGBW                                     
9091   VEDOMSTVENNAYA                                    OCL                                               
64AA   VEENDAM                                                                                             
32V0   VEGA                                                                                                
14VE   VEGA                                                                                                
90U7   VEGA                                              ICES REQUEST  10Dec90 to 24 Jun91                 
77VE   VEGA                                                                                                
74ES   VEGA SEAL                                                                                           
322Q   VEGA-I                                                                                              
58VG   VEIDING                                           1920-30                                           
48VP   VEITER PIZANI                                     VIA OCL                                           
LTVE   VEJAS                                             UBFH                                              
18VB   VELELLA                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
31VL   VELERO III AND IV                                                                                   
31VE   VEMA                                              callSign J8RU                                     
18VM   VEMA                                              callSign J8RU                                     
09VE   VENDETTA                                                                                            
90VJ   VENERA                                            UZFA                                              
74EW   VENETIA                                                                                             
20VT   VENTISQUERO                                       OCL REQUEST CallSign CBVT                         
312X   VENTURE                                                                                             
314V   VENTUROUS                                                                                           
58VN   VENUS                                                                                               
76AH   VENUS NO. 2                                                                                         
57VC   VERA CRUZ                                                                                           
36BG   VERGO                                                                                               
901V   VERKHNEVILYUYSK                                   callSign UMAI                                     
58VE   VESLEKARI                                                                                           
58VL   VESLEMOEY                                                                                           
31V3   VESOLE                                                                                              
90U8   VEST                                              ICES REQUEST  15May37 to 21Dec52                  
34VE   VESTA                                                                                               
46VE   VESTMANNAEY                                       (TFLC)                                            
9048   VESTNIK                                           1894 VIA OCL                                      
90U9   VETROMER                                          ICES REQUEST  27Jul51 to 06Sep56                  
48BE   VEZA                                                                                                
77VV   VI                                                7SKK  UNIV OF STOCKHOLM                           
905C   VIANDRA                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
31VI   VICA                                                                                                
11VB   VICTOR BILLET                                                                                       
90VC   VICTOR BUGAEV                                                                                       
06VI   VICTOR HENSEN                                     callSign DBAW                                     
35VI   VICTORIA                                          1932                                              
29VI   VICTORIA                                                                                            
31VC   VICTORIA                                                                                            
18VE   VICTORIAVILLE                                                                                       
11VT   VICTORIE                                                                                            
33VC   VICTORIOUS                                        NVIC                                              
91VC   VICTORY                                           ZSCT                                              
32QW   VICTORY M/S                                                                                         
18VI   VICTORY VI                                                                                          
09U6   VIDA                                                                                                
31VD   VIDAL                                                                                               
74VI   VIDAL                                                                                               
20VD   VIDAL GORMAZ                                      CCVG                                              
77VA   VIDAR III                                         ICES REQUEST CallSign SKWH                        
35VB   VIERGE DE BOULOGNE                                                                                  
35VN   VIETNAM                                           OCL                                               
31V2   VIGIL                                                                                               
319V   VIGILANT                                                                                            
74VG   VIGILANT                                                                                            
74VO   VIGO                                                                                                
31VG   VIGOR                                                                                               
316V   VIGOROUS                                                                                            
907G   VIHR                                              OCL REQUEST                                       
90VH   VIKHR                                                                                               
26VI   VIKING                                                                                              
61VI   VIKING II                                                                                           
32VQ   VIKING QUEEN                                                                                        
34VI   VIKINGEN                                          callSign LEVF                                     
46VI   VIKINGUR                                          callSign TFJL                                     
90BF   VIKTOR BUYNITSKIY                                 UZDV                                              
RUBF   VIKTOR BUYNITSKIY                                 (UZDV) AS OF 1/1/1992                             
HRVV   VILA VELEBITA                                     as of 30May1991 former CODE 95VV CallSign 9A2556  
95VV   VILA VELEBITA                                                                                       
29VM   VILLA DE MADRID                                                                                     
11VA   VILLE D'ANVERS                                                                                      
35VM   VILLE DE MARSEILLE                                FNQM                                              
35VE   VILLE DE ROUEN                                    EX VILLE DE VALENCE                               
35VD   VILLE D'YS                                                                                          
18VL   VILMA                                             callSign D4BG                                     
90FF   VILNYALE                                          OCL                                               
90VY   VILNYUS                                           UFJN                                              
909Q   VILYUI                                            OCL                                               
20AB   VINA DEL MAR                                      callSign CBVM                                     
32VC   VINCENNES                                                                                           
32Y4   VINDICATOR                                                                                          
77VI   VINGA L/V                                                                                           
908F   VINOGRADNOE                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
32Y5   VINSON, CARL                                      CVN-70                                            
74VR   VIRAGO                                                                                              
32VI   VIRAZON                                                                                             
3129   VIREO                                                                                               
57VU   VIRGILIO URIBE                                                                                      
32V4   VIRGINIA                                                                                            
3186   VIRGINIA KEY                                                                                        
317G   VIRGINIA LEE                                                                                        
32VS   VIRGINIAN SEA                                                                                       
58VI   VIRGO                                                                                               
34VT   VIRTANIEMI L/V                                                                                      
41VM   VISHVA MARC                                                                                         
41VN   VISHVA NANDIN                                     (ATSQ)                                            
41VP   VISHVA PRAFULLA                                   (ATVB)                                            
31VT   VITAL                                                                                               
90BC   VITEBSK                                           callSign UJLN                                     
61VT   VITI                                                                                                
9053   VITIAZ                                            1873-89 VIA OCL                                   
15AA   VITOCHA                                           callSign LZGM                                     
90UV   VITSE-ADMIRAL VORONTSOV                           OCL REQUEST                                       
48AK   VITTORIO VENETO                                                                                     
90VI   VITYAZ                                            BEFORE 12/81                                      
90VT   VITYAZ                                            AFTER 12/81                                       
904G   VIUGA                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
32F9   VIVA                                              callSign LACU2                                    
58VA   VIVA                                              callSign LACU2                                    
35VV   VIVA AMERICA                                      (3FYD4) FORMERLY M/V PACIFIC LINK (3FYD4)         
32VV   VIVIAN ANN                                                                                          
907P   VIZIR                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
90V1   VJYUN                                             ICES REQUEST  22Sep47 to 09Aug49                  
90V4   VLADIMIR KOCHETOV                                 ICES REQUEST  15May37 to 23May38                  
902B   VLADIMIR PARSHIN                                  UINF                                              
906Q   VLADIMIR RAVRAISKIY                               OCL REQUEST                                       
90YD   VNUSHITELNIY                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
062M   VOELKLINGEN                                                                                         
31VO   VOGE                                                                                                
31VZ   VOGELGESANG                                                                                         
90FO   VOJAKI                                            OCL                                               
64VL   VOLANS                                                                                              
90DT   VOLGO-BALT 135                                    callSign UMAC                                     
90DF   VOLGONEFT-261                                     callSign UJGA                                     
90VB   VOLNA                                                                                               
90VR   VOLNA                                             ICES REQUEST  small vessel                        
907V   VOLNY VETER                                       OCL REQUEST                                       
90DA   VOLODARSK                                                                                           
58VS   VOLSTAD SENIOR                                    1965                                              
907C   VOLZHANIN                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
58VO   VON                                                                                                 
06VP   VON PODBIELSKI                                                                                      
90VO   VORONOV                                                                                             
904W   VOROVSKY                                          OCL REQUEST                                       
64VO   VOS                                                                                                 
90VS   VOSKHOD                                           FORMERLY "SNL-2"                                  
90V3   VOSROZHDENIE                                      OCL 7670                                          
90EM   VOSTOK                                            OCL                                               
35VO   VOYAGER                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
32VY   VOYAGER                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
09VO   VOYAGER                                                                                             
90VQ   VOZROZHDENIYE                                     (UBKT)                                            
90V5   VRD-1245                                          ICES REQUEST  04My90 to 25Jun90                   
3174   VREELAND                                                                                            
91VR   VRYSTAAT                                                                                            
90VD   VSEVOLOD BERYEZKIN                                (UVMJ)  Pre-1992                                  
RUVD   VSEVOLOD BERYEZKIN                                (UVMJ) 1992-ON                                    
9083   VTR-24                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
90VM   VULKANOLOG                                        (UQGP)                                            
90FC   VYACHESLAV FROLOV                                 (ESGG)  1978                                      
90VN   VYANDRA                                           SRT R8002                                         
90V6   VYDVIZHENETZ                                      ICES REQUEST  18Aug33 to 25Dec38                  
906G   VYKHMA                                            OCL REQUEST                                       
26VL   VYL L/V                                                                                             
901X   VYSOKOGORSK                                       (UOKB)  1991                                      
31L7   W. A. LEE                                                                                           
18MO   W. A. MOORE                                                                                         
32CB   W. B. COBB                                                                                          
64WB   W. BEUKELSZ                                                                                         
31X9   W. C. LAWE                                                                                          
18RK   W. E RICKER                                                                                         
32PH   W. E. PHIPPS                                                                                        
18ED   W. EDWARD                                                                                           
61SW   W. J. SCOTT                                                                                         
316W   W. K. BROOKS                                                                                        
31K8   W. KEITH                                                                                            
18WS   W. M. STEWART                                                                                       
31RJ   W. R. RUSH                                                                                          
3172   W. S. SIMS                                                                                          
32S1   W. SCORESBY                                                                                         
74WS   W. SCORESKY                                                                                         
31QW   W. V. PRATT                                       callSign NWVP                                     
31WW   W. W. WELSH                                                                                         
32Y6   WABASH                                            AOR-5                                             
312Z   WACCAMAW                                          callSign NHNF                                     
31WC   WACHUSETT                                                                                           
31XL   WADDELL                                                                                             
31W4   WADLEIGH                                                                                            
32Y7   WADSWORTH                                         FFG-9; callSign NASW                              
31W7   WAGNER                                                                                              
09WK   WAIKARE                                                                                             
09WI   WAIMEA                                            callSign SWKH                                     
31WG   WAINWRIGHT                                                                                          
49LU   WAKA HARUSAN MARU                                                                                   
49WK   WAKABA                                                                                              
49WC   WAKACHIBA MARU                                    callSign JLHB                                     
49BZ   WAKASA                                                                                              
49X5   WAKASHIO                                                                                            
49WM   WAKASHIO MARU                                                                                       
49WA   WAKATAKA MARU                                     callSign JGWV                                     
49WE   WAKATAKE MARU                                     JDVE                                              
491P   WAKATAKE MARU                                     callSign JDVE                                     
49WT   WAKATORI MARU                                                                                       
49WP   WAKAYAMA                                                                                            
49RD   WAKAZURA                                                                                            
49WZ   WAKAZURU                                                                                            
32WI   WAKE ISLAND                                                                                         
74WK   WAKEFUL                                                                                             
31Q6   WALDRON                                                                                             
31WA   WALKE                                                                                               
31WL   WALKER                                                                                              
745M   WALKERTON                                                                                           
31L6   WALLACE L. LIND                                                                                     
31W3   WALLER                                                                                              
64WA   WALRUS                                                                                              
07WB   WALTER BARTH                                      FISHERIES VESSEL                                  
06KW   WALTER KOERTE                                     CallSign DBCE  (4/27/1957 -1/25/1984)             
06HW   WALTHER HERWIG                                    USE 06WH                                          
06WH   WALTHER HERWIG                                    JAN. 73                                           
06NI   WALTHER HERWIG III                                OCL REQUEST CallSign DBFR 12-1-1993 to present    
062X   WALTHER VON LEDEBUR                                                                                 
31WB   WALTON                                                                                              
33WA   WALTON SMITH                                      Univ. of Miami                                    
11AC   WANDELAAR                                                                                           
09WN   WANGANELLA                                                                                          
06WA   WANGEROOGE                                        callSign DCRL                                     
32WA   WANTUCK                                                                                             
31XZ   WARBLER                                                                                             
32ZP   WARLORD                                           (TUNA BOAT)                                       
06NJ   WARNEMUENDE-STEG                                  OCL REQUEST coastal station 1-1-1991 to present   
09WR   WARRAMUNGA                                                                                          
09WA   WARREEN                                                                                             
09WG   WARREGO                                                                                             
31WR   WARRINGTON                                                                                          
32UI   WARRIOR II                                        callSign WYZ7375                                  
32WB   WARRNAMBOOL                                                                                         
49WS   WASHI                                                                                               
54WA   WASHINGTON                                        ELVZ5 Container Ship                              
32W3   WASHINGTON                                                                                          
35WA   WASHINGTON                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
06WN   WASHINGTON                                        RadioCallSign DPER                                
32WM   WASHINGTON MAIL                                                                                     
3139   WASHINGTON STANDARD                                                                                 
32Y8   WASHINGTON, PRESIDENT                                                                               
TTAP   WASP                                                                                                
3152   WASP                                                                                                
49FR   WATAKE                                            OCL REQUEST  (02/1971 to 02/1984)                 
31WV   WATCHMAN                                                                                            
74WF   WATERWITCH                                        OCL request; OCL code 7652                        
09WT   WATTAMOLLA                                                                                          
313W   WATTS                                                                                               
314W   WAXHILL                                                                                             
74WA   WEATHER ADVISER                                                                                     
74WE   WEATHER EXPLORER                                                                                    
74WM   WEATHER MONITOR                                                                                     
74WO   WEATHER OBSERVER                                                                                    
74WC   WEATHER RECORDER                                                                                    
74WR   WEATHER REPORTER                                                                                    
74WV   WEATHER SURVEYOR                                                                                    
74WW   WEATHER WATCHER                                                                                     
320G   WEATHERBIRD                                       AGOR (Weatherbird I and Weatherbird II)           
31W5   WEATHERFORD                                                                                         
541B   WEATHERLY                                                                                           
32WC   WECOMA                                            callSign WSD7079                                  
31WX   WEDDERBURN                                                                                          
06NK   WEDEL/ELBE                                        OCL REQUEST river station                         
09WE   WEERUTTA                                                                                            
06AC   WEGA                                                                                                
062L   WEILHEIM                                                                                            
313I   WEISS                                                                                               
61WE   WELLINGTON                                                                                          
74WB   WELLINGTON EXPRESS                                Call Sign MWSD3                                   
492B   WELLINGTON MARU                                   JITV                                              
74EU   WELLPARK                                                                                            
32WD   WENDY                                             (TUNA BOAT)                                       
34WE   WERKKOMATALA L/S                                                                                    
062T   WERRA                                                                                               
06WE   WESER                                             L/V                                               
06WD   WESER EXPRESS                                                                                       
06NL   WESERMUENDE                                       OCL REQUEST CallSign DEOO trawler                 
32W6   WESHANIC                                                                                            
AGWM   WEST MOOR                                         V2PM                                              
312W   WEST POINT                                                                                          
18WD   WESTERLY WIND                                     OCL REQUEST                                       
18WC   WESTERN CRUSADER                                                                                    
31WF   WESTERN FLYER                                                                                       
54WL   WESTERN LION                                      A8BN                                              
18WP   WESTERN PRODUCER                                                                                    
06WF   WESTFALIA                                                                                           
11WH   WEST-HINDER                                                                                         
32Y9   WESTPORT                                                                                            
3195   WESTWARD                                                                                            
321K   WESTWARD VENTURE                                  callSign KHJB                                     
31WE   WESTWIND                                                                                            
BHWB   WESTWOOD BELINDA                                  callsign C6CE7                                    
58WE   WESTYE EGEBERG                                    1897                                              
062K   WETZLAR                                                                                             
58WH   WHALE                                                                                               
35WH   WHARF C.P.C. POINTE NOIRE                                                                           
32WE   WHEELING                                                                                            
32Z1   WHIDBY ISLAND                                     LSD-41                                            
18WW   WHIP THE WIND                                                                                       
317H   WHIPPLE                                                                                             
31WP   WHIPPOORWILL                                                                                        
32YI   WHIPSAW                                                                                             
74WI   WHIRLWIND                                                                                           
74WY   WHITBY                                                                                              
32Z2   WHITE PLAINS                                      AFS-4                                             
32WR   WHITE STAR                                        (TUNA BOAT)                                       
32Z3   WHITE SUMAC                                       WLM-540                                           
32WH   WHITEFOOT                                                                                           
48WH   WHITEHEAD II                                      MV  (IXVZ)                                        
18WT   WHITEHORSE                                        MEDS REQUEST CallSign CGAZ                        
32W8   WHITEHURST                                                                                          
74WT   WHITETHORN                                        callSign GMHC                                     
18WH   WHITETHROAT                                                                                         
31WH   WHITING                                           callSign WTEW                                     
32WL   WHITLEY                                                                                             
32WN   WHITMAN                                                                                             
32Z4   WICHITA                                           AOR-1                                             
32WK   WICKERSHAM                                                                                          
3132   WIDGEON                                                                                             
67WI   WIECZNO                                                                                             
32W2   WIECZNO                                                                                             
11AB   WIELINGEN                                                                                           
06WI   WIENERTOR                                                                                           
34WI   WIKINGEN                                                                                            
33WS   WILFRED SYKES                                     WC5932                                            
181C   WILFRED TEMPLEMAN                                 callSign CGDV                                     
CYAB   WILHELM SHULTE                                    P3EU                                              
06NM   WILHELMINA                                        OCL REQUEST trawler                               
31WU   WILHOITE                                                                                            
319W   WILKES                                                                                              
31X2   WILKINSON                                                                                           
32Z5   WILLAMETTE                                        AO-180                                            
64WS   WILLEBROD SNELLIUS                                                                                  
641Q   WILLEMSTAD                                                                                          
74HE   WILLIAM HERDMAN                                                                                     
06GM   WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE                                                                                 
20WI   WILLIAMS                                                                                            
32WS   WILLIAMS                                                                                            
742H   WILTON                                                                                              
31W6   WILTSIE                                                                                             
35WI   WINARETTA                                                                                           
31WD   WINDWARD                                                                                            
35WS   WINNARETTA SINGER                                                                                   
06WS   WINNARETTA SINGER                                                                                   
31WO   WINNEBAGO                                                                                           
31WI   WINONA                                            callSign VRUG7                                    
31WQ   WINTER QUARTER L/S                                                                                  
91WI   WINTERBERG                                        ZSPP                                              
32WT   WINTLE                                                                                              
319R   WIRE                                                                                                
32W1   WISEMAN                                                                                             
06CB   WISMAR                                                                                              
32WF   WITCHDOT                                                                                            
31WK   WITEK                                                                                               
74WZ   WIZARD                                                                                              
325W   WM. SEIVERLING                                                                                      
35WO   WOALEDEN                                                                                            
64WO   WODAN                                             callSign OPBV                                     
062D   WOLFSBURG                                                                                           
09F2   WOLLONGONG                                        COASTAL STATION                                   
317N   WOLVERINE                                                                                           
743M   WOLVERTON                                         P-1193                                            
74WD   WOODLARK                                                                                            
31KX   WOODPECKER                                                                                          
32Z7   WOODRUSH                                          WLB-407                                           
3151   WOODS HOLE F/S                                                                                      
31ZW   WOODSON                                                                                             
32W9   WOOLSEY                                                                                             
09WO   WOOMERA                                                                                             
24TX   WOONG PO                                                                                            
31WN   WORDEN                                                                                              
36BP   WORLD NOBILITY                                                                                      
54AU   WORLD NOBILITY                                                                                      
54AV   WOTAN                                                                                               
743N   WOTTON                                            M-1195                                            
318W   WRB 101                                                                                             
3142   WRB 102                                                                                             
31W2   WREN                                              callSign J8GO2                                    
31QY   WYANDOT                                                                                             
32WY   WYMAN                                                                                               
32WO   WYOMING                                           callSign D5WD                                     
29XA   XAUEN                                                                                               
76X5   XIANG YANG HONG                                                                                     
76XA   XIANG YANG HONG 01                                                                                  
76X2   XIANG YANG HONG 02                                                                                  
76X3   XIANG YANG HONG 03                                callSign BNVB                                     
76X4   XIANG YANG HONG 04                                                                                  
76XB   XIANG YANG HONG 05                                BNTA                                              
76X6   XIANG YANG HONG 06                                                                                  
76X7   XIANG YANG HONG 07                                callSign BNPA                                     
76XC   XIANG YANG HONG 08                                callSign BNPB                                     
76AF   XIANG YANG HONG 09                                callSign BNPC                                     
76X8   XIANG YANG HONG 10                                                                                  
76X9   XIANG YANG HONG 14                                                                                  
76AD   XIANG YANG HONG 16                                                                                  
CUAF   XIPHIAS                                                                                             
32XI   XIPHIAS                                                                                             
49YF   YAEYAMA                                           callSign JCEQ                                     
49YJ   YAHIKO                                            callSign JQWN                                     
491Q   YAIZU                                             callSign JIUW                                     
90V7   YAKOR                                             ICES REQUEST  01May32 to 01Jun34                  
90V8   YAKOV                                             ICES REQUEST  17Jun37 to 19Jun37                  
90YG   YAKOV GAKKEL                                                                                        
49X8   YAKURI MARU                                       callSign JL5551                                   
31YA   YAKUTAT                                                                                             
314Y   YAMACRAW                                                                                            
49YB   YAMADORI                                                                                            
08YA   YAMANA                                                                                              
49FH   YAMASAN NO.11                                     OCL REQUEST                                       
49YR   YAMASHIN MARU                                                                                       
49YA   YAMATO                                                                                              
21YM   YANG MING 362                                                                                       
31YK   YANKEE                                                                                              
32YA   YANKEE CLIPPER                                                                                      
06YC   YANKEE CLIPPER                                                                                      
316Y   YANKTON                                                                                             
31YQ   YAQUINA                                                                                             
74YA   YARMOUTH                                                                                            
31YN   YARNALL                                                                                             
908N   YAROSLAV IOSSELIANI                               OCL REQUEST                                       
09YA   YARRA                                                                                               
49X6   YASHIO                                                                                              
49Y3   YASHIO MARU                                                                                         
90WK   YASNOGORSK                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
903U   YASTREB                                           OCL REQUEST                                       
49LS   YASUEI                                                                                              
90DD   YEFIM KRIVOSHEYEV                                 callSign URJP                                     
20YE   YELCHO                                                                                              
31YE   YELLOWFIN                                                                                           
18YK   YELLOWKNIFE                                       MEDS REQUEST CallSign CGAY                        
32Z8   YELLOWSTONE                                       AD-44                                             
9028   YELSK                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
35YY   YEWENE YEWENE                                     OCL REQUEST                                       
31YF   YFU-43                                                                                              
31YL   YLT 49                                                                                              
77YM   YMER                                              SDIA                                              
315O   YOCONA                                                                                              
49YD   YODA                                                                                                
49YO   YODO                                                                                                
49YK   YOKO-MARU                                                                                           
49YP   YOKOSUKA                                          callSign JCOY                                     
57YO   YOLANDA                                                                                             
22YO   YOLANDA                                                                                             
49YL   YONAKUNI                                          JCDS                                              
49YE   YONEYAMA-MARU                                                                                       
31YT   YORK COUNTY                                                                                         
32Z9   YOSEMITE                                          AD-19                                             
49YN   YOSHINO                                           (JLAV)                                            
49RL   YOSHIO MARU No. 18                                OCL REQUEST                                       
49UV   YOSHU MARU                                                                                          
49D2   YOSYU                                             OCL REQUEST                                       
54BN   YOUNG SOLDIER                                                                                       
3209   YP 109                                                                                              
3382   YT EUROPA                                                                                           
58YU   YTRE UTSIRA                                                                                         
24Y4   YUB 15                                                                                              
49YV   YUBARI                                            (JESB)                                            
90YU   YUBILEYNYI                                                                                          
49YC   YUDACHI                                                                                             
90V9   YUG                                               ICES REQUEST  24May52 to 10Apr80                  
902Q   YUGSPORIT                                         OCL REQUEST  CallSign UGVO                        
49YU   YUKARI                                            callSign JJ3165                                   
49Y2   YUKIKAZE                                                                                            
315V   YUKON                                                                                               
18UK   YUKON                                                                                               
76AC   YUN HAI                                                                                             
908Q   YUNAYA SMENA                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
89YU   YUNUS                                             call sign TC7750                                  
PAYP   YUPEX                                             3EET6                                             
90YE   YURATE                                                                                              
90GU   YURY GODIN                                                                                          
49YZ   YURYO MARU No. 8                                  OCL REQUEST                                       
49YS   YUSHIO MARU                                                                                         
49YG   YUUGURE                                                                                             
35YD   YVES DE KERGUELEN                                 FPJF                                              
64ZA   ZAANDAM                                                                                             
90Z1   ZADORNYI                                          ICES REQUEST  21Jul65 to 21Nov79                  
90ZA   ZAGARINSKY                                                                                          
902P   ZAGRADITEL                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
90ZL   ZALANIDHI                                                                                           
9056   ZALANIDHI                                         OCL REQUEST                                       
35BQ   ZAMBEZE                                                                                             
18ZA   ZANDVOORT                                         VY3574                                            
49ZF   ZAO                                               (8KPB)                                            
32VK   ZAPATA COURIER                                                                                      
32VL   ZAPATA PATRIOT                                                                                      
32VU   ZAPATA RANGER                                                                                       
32VW   ZAPATA ROVER                                                                                        
904H   ZAPOLIARIE                                        OCL REQUEST                                       
90B5   ZAPOROZHETZ                                       ICES REQUEST  04Aug91 to 27Aug91                  
90ZE   ZARNITSA                                          OCL request; OCL code 7649                        
90ZT   ZAVETY ILYITCHA                                   USBN                                              
90ZN   ZAVITINSK                                                                                           
76RB   ZE WEN 125                                                                                          
35BS   ZEEBRUGGE                                                                                           
64ZE   ZEEHOND                                           callSign ORDO                                     
64ZL   ZEELAND                                                                                             
90Z2   ZEJYA                                             ICES REQUEST  05Jun57 to 24May58                  
35BV   ZELANDE                                                                                             
35ZE   ZELEE                                                                                               
31ZN   ZELIAN                                                                                              
31ZE   ZELLARS                                                                                             
90W3   ZEMCHUG                                           OCL REQUEST 19th cent "Kliper" type Hydromet Servc
90Z3   ZENIT                                             ICES REQUEST 02Jun66 to 01Jul75 RadioCallSign UHYT
49ZE   ZENKO                                                                                               
49PH   ZENKO MARU                                                                                          
11ZE   ZENOBE GRAMME                                                                                       
74ZE   ZEST                                                                                                
58ZE   ZETA                                                                                                
76ZK   ZHANG JIA KOU                                                                                       
9026   ZHELEZNYAKOV                                      OCL REQUEST                                       
90WE   ZHELEZNYI POTOK                                   OCL REQUEST   CallSign  ERUU                      
90ZM   ZHEMCHUG                                          callSign LYDL                                     
90ZU   ZHUVEDRA                                                                                            
06ZI   ZIETEN                                                                                              
11ZI   ZINNIA                                                                                              
BHZR   ZION RIO                                          C6QH8                                             
18ZS   ZOARCHES                                          1932-39                                           
35ZO   ZODIAC                                            callSign HO3805                                   
90ZC   ZODIAK                                                                                              
641R   ZUIDER KRUIS                                                                                        
49ZU   ZUIHO                                             callSign JJ2791                                   
49X9   ZUIHO MARU                                                                                          
49VB   ZUIO MARU                                                                                           
49JQ   ZUIRYU                                            JQNY                                              
49RW   ZUIYO MARU                                        May be same as ZUIO, ZUOI or ZUIHO  OCL REQUEST   
62ZU   ZULFIQUAR                                                                                           
49RG   ZUOI MARU                                                                                           
90ZV   ZVEZDA                                                                                              
90DU   ZVEZDA AZOVA                                                                                        
90ZD   ZVEZDA CHERNOMORYA                                (UNNP)                                            
90ZK   ZVEZDA KRYMA                                      (UWGM)                                            
901Z   ZVEZDNIY                                                                                            
90C6   ZVEZDNYI                                                                                            
90ZS   ZVYEZDA SEVASTOPOLYA                              UUTU                                              
90Z4   ZYB                                               ICES REQUEST  28Nov59 to 25Mar65                  
90Z5   ZYUID                                             ICES REQUEST  23Sep38 to 17Oct38