NUMBER 35 (06/99)




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News from the IPO W. John Gould 1

Newsletter New Look Roberta Boscolo 2


Ventilation of CFC-11 in a Global Ocean Circulation Model Constrained by WOCE Data Mick Follows, et al. 3
WOCE Chemical Tracer Measurements Aid the Assessment of Ocean Climate Models Matthew H. England 6
Spreading of CFCs in Numerical Models of Differing Resolution Rene Redler et al. 12
North Atlantic Ventilation Constrained by CFC Observations Thomas Haine and Suzanne Gray 15
Assessing the Importance of Subtropical Waters in Ventilating the Equatorial Pacific Thermocline: a Combined Transient-Tracer Approach S. Peacock et al. 18
Ocean Circulation and the Ocean Carbon-Cycle Model Intercomparison Project James C. Orr 24
Spreading and Velocity Patterns of the Indonesian Throughflow Jorina M. Waworuntu et al. 26


Connecting the Southern Ocean with the Rest of the World: Results from Large-Scale Ocean Models Anand Gnanadesikan 30
The Atlantic Water Inflow to the Nordic Seas Bogi Hansen et al. 33
The Overflow Through the Faroe Bank Channel Svein Osterhus et al. 35
The Development of Seawater Standards for Dissolved Nutrients P. S. Ridout 38


Ocean and Atmospheric Data Management becomes a Journal 5
German WOCE: Final Scientific Seminar, Bremerhaven, 28 April 1999 Ernst Augstein 11 Meeting Timetable 1999/2000 14
WOCE-AIMS Tracer Workshop Scott C. Doney and Wolfgang Roether 28
Developing the WOCE and CLIVAR Data Resources: A Report on the WOCE/CLIVAR Data Products Committee in April 1999 N. Penny Holliday 32

Prepared by Sheelagh Collyer 15 June 1999