NUMBER 32 (09/98)




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Guest Editorial
Personal Impressions of the WOCE Conference -Laying the Foundation for Major ApplicationsHartmut Grassl 2

The WOCE Data Resource: Providing Access to Data and Products Eric J. Lindstrom and N. Penny Holliday 3
Offsets of the IAPSO Standard Seawater Through the Batch P129 and its Application to Pacific WHP Crossovers Michio Aoyama, et al. 5
Deep Water Property Comparison for the Atlantic WOCE Cruises Victor Gouretski and Kai Jancke 7
Large Scale Oceanic Nutrient and Oxygen Fluxes Alexandre Ganachaud and Carl Wunsch 12
Eulerian Measurements of the North Atlantic Deep Water Deep Western Boundary Current at 18S Georges Weatherly, et al. 16
East Australian Current Volume Transports from PCM3 Array Mauricio M. Mata, et al. 18
A New Satellite-Derived Freshwater Flux Climatology (Hamburg Ocean Atmosphere Parameters and Fluxes from Satellite Data) Jorg Schulz, et al. 20
A High Resolution Ocean Model with Variable Forcing of Wind, Heat, and Freshwater: Initial Evaluation Robin Tokmakian 26
A New Analysis of Hydrographic Data in the Atlantic and its Application to an Inverse Modelling StudyT. Reynaud, et al. 29
Isopycnal Float Studies of the Subpolar Front: Preliminary Results Tom Rossby, et al. 32
Mechanism of Decadal Variability in the Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere System over the North Atlantic Alexander B. Polonsky 36
WHP Repeated Hydrography Section SR1, Drake Passage Ricardo Rojas, et al. 38
Circulation Offshore Southern Chile, PR14 Repeated Hydrography Section Rodrigo Nunez and Ricardo Rojas 40

WOCE Global Data on CD-ROM Available Now...While Stocks Last! 2
Spanish Edition of WHP Operations and Methods Manual now Available 10
Global Directory of Marine (and Freshwater) Professionals (GLODIR) 43

Prepared by Peter Saunders 15 September 1998