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Plus ca Change W. John Gould2

A New Global Air-Sea Heat and Momentum Flux Climatology Simon A. Josey, et al.3
Oceanic Estimates of Global Ocean Heat Transport Alison M. Macdonald and Carl Wunsch5
An Investigation and Validation of a Global Ocean Model (OCCAM) Peter M. Saunders and Andrew C. Coward7
Heat Fluxes of the South Pacific Estimated Through Inverse Models M.N. Tsimplis, et al.10

Preliminary Estimates of the North Atlantic Wind Stress Fields from Visually Observed Wave Data Sergey Gulev and Lutz Hasse 12
The Impact of Seasonal Forcing on the Variability of the Meridional Heat Flux at 30S Using a Sigma-Coordinate Primitive Equation Model B. Barnier, et al. 16
Preliminary Results from a Low Resolution Model of the South Atlantic Ocean Sšren Stutzer and Wolfgang Krauss18
The WOCE Indonesian Throughflow Repeat Hydrography Sections: I10 and IR6 Susan E. Wijffels, et al. 25
Update on A Mediterranean Undercurrent Seeding Experiment (AMUSE) Amy S. Bower, et al.28
Ocean Weather Ship Station M (66N, 2E): The Longest Homogeneous Time Series from the Deep Ocean Svein Osterhus, et al.31
Arabian Sea Eddies Simulated by an Ocean Model with Thermodynamics P.K. Pal and M.M. Ali34
Significant Improvement in Ocean Tide Models P.L. Woodworth, et al.36
New Depth Equation for Sparton XBT-7 Expendable Bathythermographs, Preliminary Results P. Rual, et al.39

First Announcement: WOCE Southern Ocean Workshop, 8-12 July 1997 41
WOCE South Atlantic Workshop to be held in Brest, 16-20 June 1997 42
Data Assimilation and Inverse methods: A Summer School, 16-17 June 1997 6
XXII General Assembly of EGS, 21-25 April 1997: Special Session OA8 - Intercomparison and Validation of the Ocean-Atmosphere Flux Fields 43

Availability of OCCAM Model Output 9
Russian Cruise: Tracer Measurement Opportunity 15
Electronic Copies of Newsletter Issues 23 and 24 20
WOCE Newsletter No. 26: Call for Articles 33
Scripps Institution of Oceanography/WOCE Hydrographic Programme Office 43

Prepared by Peter Saunders 5 November '96