NUMBER 14 (06/93)




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Recent WOCE Highlights 1
A10 finished successfully 2
Meteor finishes her second DBE cruise 4
Funding for the WOCE "Fast Delivery" Sea Level DAC 7
A11 Discovery Cruise 199 8
A new Hydrographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean 11
UK WOCE surveys in the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean 11
The Madeira Mode Water in the northeast Atlantic Subduction Region during Summer 1991 14
Hydrographic and optical measurement strategy during Akademik Vernadsky Cruise 43, leg 2: WOCE Subduction Programme 17
New: A Summary of WOCE Data Management 17
The XBT Fall Rate Equation 20
Joint Ventures with the Confederation of Independent States (CIS) 20
Observation Plan of the Kuroshio and Kuroshio Countercurrent South of Japan 22
SeaSoar and ADCP survey in Drake Passage 27
The Samba0 Experiment: A comparison of subsurface floats using the RAFOS technique 28
Field evaluation of XCTD performance 33
ADCP errors in Drake Passage 37
Batch to batch variations in IAPSO standard seawater 38
Repeat hydrography line SRI 38
WOCE interlaboratory CFC comparison 39
Opportunities for Joint Work with Australia 40
The Global Subsurface Data Centre, IFREMER, Brest, France 40
Drake Passage: Instruments at new locations 41
News from the WOCE Sea Level DAC operated by BODC 42
WOCE Calendar 43

Prepared by Sheelagh Collyer 10 May 1999