NUMBER 10 (09/90)




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Data Sharing Policy 1
News from the WOCE IPO K.P. Koltermann 2
News and Views 2
Eddy Statistics R.R. Dickson 3
Third Core Project I Meeting B.A.Taft 3
Third Core Project 3 Meeting W.J. Gould 4
ALACE explores Antarctic Circumpolar Current R. Davis 5
Arc Mercury deep-sea reversing thermometers out of date? D. Quadfasel, N. Verch and J. Langhof 6
The International Temperature Scale of 1990, ITS-90 P.M. Saunders 10
Errors in XBT probes W.J. Gould, R. Bailey and M. Szabados 10
New XBT line numbering system 12
FRAM - the Fine Resolution Antarctic Model B.A. de Cuevas 13
The WOCE Surface Layer Programme G.T. Needler 14
WOCE South Atlantic Workshop, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 6-10 August 1990 K.P. Koltermann 15
Calendar and Recent Publications 16

Prepared by Sheelagh Collyer 10 May 1999