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Hydrographic data associated with the Mooring Arrays

The tables list the hydrographic sections that the DIU has located that are nearly coincident in space and time with the mooring deployments. Many are on regular WHP sections, others are sections done in conjunction with deployment and recovery cruises. These latter ones are not always in standard format but the content is explained.

In the Online column

  • Y means data online at WHPO and on disk
  • D means data at WHPO but not online nor on disk
  • N means data still with PI
  • blank means no hydro data available
Atlantic Current Meter Arrays Associated Hydrography
Line  Location/
Country Deployment Dates Contact Scientist Hydro Data On Disk Ch Scientist Expocodes Cruise Dates
ACM01.3   USA 10/88-06/97 Lee/RSMAS A05 Y Parilla 29HE06_3 19920714-19920815
ACM03 Vema Ch. USA 01/91-12/92 Hogg/WHOI AR15 Y W.Zenk/IfM Kiel 06MT15_2 19910118 -19910207
          AR15 Y W.Zenk/IfM Kiel 06MT22_2 19921023-19921115 
ACM04   USA 06/92-10/93 Pillsbury/OSU AR09 Y Duncombe 91AF105 19920616-19920705
          AR09 Y A.Gordon/LDGO 74DI202 19930507-19930603
          AR09 Y Duncombe. 32309308_1 19931024-19931111
ACM06   US,Canada 08/93-05/95 Hendry,Watts AR19 Y A.Sy/BSH 06GA226_2 19930612-19930731
          AR13 Y A.Clarke/BIO 18HU93039_1 19931105-19931216 
          AR13 Y A.Clarke/BIO 18HU95003 19950419-19950517
ACM07 Brazil C FRG 09/89-03/94 Schott/IfMK AR04EW Y F.Schott/IfMK 06MT14_2 19901001-19901027 
          AR04EW Y F.Schott/IfMK 06MT16_3 19910523-19910617 
          AR04EW Y M.Rhein/IfMK 06MT22_2 19921023-19921115 
          AR04EW Y F.Schott/IfMK 06MT27_3 19940219-19940326
ACM08 Denmark St UK 09/86-08/99 Dickson AR25 Y Dickson/MAFF 74CZ88_6 19880621-19880709
          AR25 Y Dickson/MAFF 74CZ89_6 19890621-19890720
          AR18 Y Blindheim 58JH1092_1 19920712-19920728
          AR18 Y Launiainen/FIMR 34AR10 19930823-19930924
          AR18 Y Blindheim 58JH0894_1 19940723-19930816
          AR18 Y Malmberg/MRI 46BS1495 19950905-19950915
  VEINS       AR18 Y Launiainen/FIMR 37AR97_12 19970805-19970925
  VEINS       AR25 Y A.Sy/IfMH 06MT39_5 19970814-19970914
  VEINS       AR25 Y J.Meincke/IfMH 06AZ173_1 19980815-19980901
  VEINS       AR25 Y J.Meincke/IfMH 06MT45_4 19990813-19990831
ACM08   UK 03/95-08/97 Meincke AR25 N M.Rhein/IfMK 06AZ161_1 19960718-19960818
ACM08   UK 07/90-08/91 Saunders AR25 Y P.Saunders/SOC 74CD50_1 19900629-19900722
ACM08.2   FRG 09/91-06/95 Meincke A01E Y J.Meincke/IfMH 06MT18_1 19910902-19990926
          AR07E Y A.Sy/BSH 06AZ129_1 19920912-19921006
          AR07E Y M.Bersch/IfMH 06AZ144 19940521-19940608
          AR07E Y M.Bersch/IfMH 06AZ152 19950526-19950625
ACM09     04/94-04/96 Candela see mooring DAC for more information on CANIGO expt
ACM10 . USA 09/92-06/94 McCartney AR4EW Y McCartney/WHOI 32IC244_10 19920920-19921001
          A15 Y W.Smethie/LDEO  316N142_3 19940403-19940521
          AR4EW Y McCartney/WHOI 316N142_4 19940530-19940607
          AR4EW Y M.Rhein/IfMK 06MT22_2 19921023-19921115 
          AR4EW Y F.Schott/IfMK 06MT27_3 19940219-19940326
ACM11 Romanche  France 11/92-11/94 Mercier AR15 Y H.Mercier/LPO 35A3ROMANCHE_1 19910811-19910907
        Mercier AR15 Y H.Mercier/LPO 35A3ROMANCHE_2 19921112-19921201
        Mercier AR15 Y H.Mercier/LPO 35A3ROMANCHE_3 SAMBA Noroit 19941026-19941116
ACM12 Vema C FRG 01/91-12/92 Zenk AR15 Y see ACM3    
ACM13 Hunter C FRG 12/92-06/94 Zenk AR15 Y W.Zenk/IfM Kiel 06MT15_2 19910118- 19910207
          AR15 Y W.Zenk/IfM Kiel 06MT22_4 19921202-19921222
          AR15 Y W.Zenk/IfM Kiel 06MT28_2 19940515-19940614
ACM24   USA 09/93-03/95 Weatherly A15/AR15 Y W.Smethie/LDEO 316N142_3 19940403-19940521
ACM25/26   USA 02/92-06/93 Weller AR11 Y W.Jenkins/WHOI 74AB73_1 19920930-19921026 
          AR11 Y T.Joyce/WHOI 32OC254_4 19921124-19921217 
          AR11 Y J.Luyten/WHOI 32OC258_3 19930518-19920617 
ACM27   Spain 05/93-11/94 Alonso AR16 Y JM Cabanas/IEO 29CSMORENA_1 19930509-19930601
ACM28 see ACM27 Port 05/93-06/95 Dias AR16   see ACM27    
          AR07W Y F.Schott/IfMK 06MT39_4 19970707-19970807 
ACM29   Can 05/94-06/98 Lazier AR07W Y J Lazier/BIO 18HU94008_1 19940524-19940612 
          A01W Y J Lazier/BIO 18HU95011_1 19950607-19950705 
          AR07W Y J Lazier/BIO 18HU96006_1 19960512-19960601 
          AR07W Y A.Clarke/BIO 18HU96026_1 19961016-19961120 
          AR07W Y A.Clarke/BIO 18HU97009_1 19970509-19970611 
          AR07W Y Jones/BIO 18HU98023_1 19980622-19980709 
Indian Ocean Current Meter Arrays Associated Hydrography
Line  Location/Expt Country deployment Dates Contact Scientist Hydro Data On Disk Ch Scientist Expocodes Cruise Dates
ICM01 Agulhas UK 03/95-04/96 Bryden/SOC ISS01 D Bryden/SOC 74DI214_1 19950228-19950325
ICM03 Heat Flux Section USA 05/95-01/97 Nowlin/TAMU I03 Y Nowlin/TAMU 316N145_8 19950423-19950605
          (I03) D Whitworth 318MSOJOURN4 19970118-19970214
ICM04 Throughflow France 09/89-09/90 Fieux   Y Fieux 35MF62JADE_1 19890730-19890909
      03/92-04/93     Y Fieux 35MF71JADE_1 19920202-19920323
ICM06 Leeuwin Current Australia 09/94-06/96 Tomczak IR06 Y Wijffels 09FA9503_1 19950401-19950422
          IR06 Y Wijffels 09FA9508_1 19950913-19951014
          ISS03 Y McDougal/CSIRO 09FA9605_1 19960507-19960531
          ISS03 Y Godfrey 09FA9606_1 19960602-19960606
          I03 Y Nowlin 316N145_8 19950423-19950605
ICM07 Arabian Sea FRG 03/95-10/96 Schott,Quadfasel ISS02 Y Schott/IfMK 06MT32_1 19950325-19950426
          ISS02 Y Quadfasel/IfMK 06MT32_4 19950608-19950710
          ISS02 Y Schott/IfMK 06MT32_6 199509-199510
ICM10 Bab El Mandeb USA 05/95-05/96 Johns          
Pacific Ocean Current Meter Arrays Associated Hydrography
Line  Location/Expt Country deployment Dates Contact Scientist Hydro Data On Disk Ch Scientist Expocodes Cruise Dates
PCM01   USA 09/94-05/96 Liu,Lee.Johns          
PCM02   USA 08/92-08/94 Chereskin.Niiler          
PCM03   Australia 11/91-11/93 Church PR11 Y Church 09FA1091_1 19911115-19911215
          PR11 Y Church 09FA0792 19920919-19921006
          PR11 D Chiswell 90LANZOI3008 19930513-19930608
          PR11 Y Church 09FA0793 19930911-19931005
PCM05   Japan 11/93-11/95 Imawaki

PR17 100' upstream

Y Hayashi 49SU9402_2 19940213-19940220
            Y Yoshioka 49SU9404_1 19940428-19940506
            Y Yoshioka 49SU9407_1 19940715-19940721
            Y Utunomiya 49SU9409_2 19941001-19941006
            Y   49SU9504_1 19950424-19950501
            Y Hinata 49SU9506_2 19950630-19950707
            Y Hayashi 49SU9508_1 19950821-19950828
PCM06  KERE   06/93-07/95 Owens/Warren   Y Warren 32MW9305 199306-199306
            Y Warren 32MW9505 199506-199507
PCM07  KERE USA 07/92-06/93 Hallock/NRL   Y Hallock ? 19920708- 19920722
PCM09   USA 02/91-12/92 Whitworth   Y Warren 61AAKIWI1 19910220-19910311
          P6 Y Toole 316N138_5 19920713-19920730
            Y Warren 61AAKIWI2 19921116-19921206
PCM11   USA 09/92-02/94 Roemmich PR32 Y Rudnick 316N138_8 19920915-19920927
           P31 Y Roemmich 3250031_1 19940125-19940218
PCM15   USA 02/92-04/93 Murray PR33 Y Lindstrom 09FA0691 19910712-19910801
          PR33 Y Lindstrom 09FA0692 19920715-19920813
Southern Ocean Current Meter Arrays Associated Hydrography
Line  Location/Expt Country deployment Dates Contact Scientist Hydro Data On Disk Ch Scientist Expocodes Cruise Dates
SCM02     12/86-12/94 Fahrbach SR02 Y Fahrbach 06AQANTVIII_2 19891011-19891030
          SR02 Y Roether 06MT11_5 19900123-19900328
.         A12 Y Lemke 06AQANTX_4 19920521-19920805
          SR04 Y Fahrbach 6AQANTX_7 19921203-19930122
SCM03   Australia 10/91-03/97 Rintoul SR03 Y Rintoul 09AR9101_1 10010925-19951027
          SR03 Y Rintoul 09AR9309_1 19930311-19930403
          SR03 Y Bindoff 09AR9407_1 19940101-19940301
          SR03 Y Bindoff 09AR9501_1 19950717-19950902
          S03 Y Rintoul 09AR9404_1 19941213-19950202
          SR03 Y Bindoff 09AR9601_1 19960822-19960922
SCM04   Australia 06/95-09/96 McDougal ISS03 Y McDougall 09FA9506 19950617-19950707
          ISS03 Y McIntosh 09FA9605 19960507-19960531`
          ISS03 Y McDougall 09FA9608 19960912-19960928
          I05E Y Talley 316N145_7 19950310-19950415
SCM06   UK 03/93-03/94 Dickson ISS01 Y Dickson 74DI200_1 19930206-19930318
          ISS01 Y Dickson 74DI207 19940219-19940330
SCM07   FRG 11/85-03/95 Fahrbach SR04 Y Fahrbach 06AQANTVIII_2 19890906-19891008
          SR04 Y Fahrbach 06AQANTIX_2 19901117-19901230
          A12 Y Lemke 06AQANTX_4 19920521-19920805
          SR04 Y Fahrbach 6AQANTX_7 19921203-19930122
SCM09   UK 04/93-01/95 Pollard ISS01 Y Pollard 74DI201_1 19930323-19930503
          ISS01 Y Pollard 74DI213_1 19950106-19950221