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Submit Data

Alternate Ways of Submitting Your Data:

Only use these methods if you are unable to use our Send2NCEI online tool, or want to set up a repeated, long-term automated ingest process with us. In the latter case, please contact a Data Officer at

Metadata and Data Files - Gather your data files and describe your data using one of these methods:

NOTE: When using the PDF version of the EDDF or SIF, you will need Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer in order to save a completed version of the form.

For other standard metadata authoring tool options, see the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) [Metadata tools page].

  • Send your data to NODC using one of these methods:

    Don't forget to send both your metadata and data files.

    • Enter "ftp".
    • When prompted for name, enter "anonymous" (use lower case).
    • When prompted for password, enter your e-mail address.
    • When logged on, change directory to "incoming" by entering: "cd pub/incoming".
    • Check that you are in the correct directory (pub/incoming) by entering the command "pwd" (print working directory). Note: You will not be able to create a new directory. Please add your files to the incoming directory.
    • Change transfer type to ASCII by entering "ascii" if the data files are text and you are not sending it from a UNIX machine. If the file is an image file, or a special PC format (word processor, spread sheet, presentation graphics, or a zipped file) do not change the type to ascii, but make sure the transfer type is binary by entering "bin".
    • Use "put filename", where "filename" is the name of your file, or for multiple files use "mput *.*" or "mput *" to transmit the data. When transferring multiple files you can turn off the prompt for each filename by typing "prompt" before you type the "mput" command.
    • After completion of file transmission, enter "ls" to obtain a list of files that were sent, both by you and other recent data submitters.
    • Enter "bye" to log off.
    • Send an e-mail message to: to let us know that data was submitted. Please describe your exact submission procedures and anything else you would like us to know about the data.

    Sample FTP Data Submission

    Don't forget to send both your metadata and data files.

    Attaching data sets to email:

    • You can ask questions about archiving data at NODC or attach data and metadata files to an email to
    • Keep in mind that there are obvious restrictions on the size of datasets that can be attached to email messages. Generally, file sizes larger than 2 or 3 Mb should be sent by another method. See FTP above. You can email your metadata files to the Data Officer and FTP the actual data if you wish; just please describe what you did (including which filenames you used) as completely as possible.

    Don't forget to send both your metadata and data files.

    Send data to:

    Data Officer
    SSMC3 E/OC1 4th Floor
    1315 East-West Highway
    Silver Spring, MD 20910

    Please include a description of what you are sending and your contact information (name, address, telephone number, email address). Copy your data and metadata files to a transfer medium, such as a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM; and include these in your mailing package.

    The NODC Data Officer will contact you about your submission once it is received.

    NODC Customer Service:

    • tel: 301-713-3277
    • fax: 301-713-3300

    Remember that these data may be used well into the future. Submit as much information about your data as possible. Please if you need assistance. We are eager to help you in submitting your data files.