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Geosat Introduction


The US Geodetic Satellite (Geosat) was a pioneering research mission of the US Navy dedicated to radar altimetry. The overall objectives were: Provision of a dense global grid of altimeter data for Navy use in the areas of geodesy (Earth's gravitational models), the study of fronts and eddies, winds, waves, ice topography and physical oceanography.


The GEOSAT mission was originally managed by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), then was transferred to the Naval Electronics Systems Command, now referred to as Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR). The spacecraft and the payload were designed and built by Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL) of Laurel, MD. In addition, JHU/APL provided mission operations. The function of data reception, data handling and processing, archiving and distribution were provided by JHU/APL, the Navy Naval Surface Weapons Center (NSWC), and Naval Ocean Research and Development Activity (NORDA) and NOAA.

Mission status

The primary mission was the classified Geodetic Mission (GM) with a mission duration of 18 months (until September 1986). The second mission phase is known as the "Exact Repeat Mission" (ERM), which was unclassified; it started October 1, 1986 and ended in January 1990 (partly due to failures of both on-board tape recorders). The ERM provided more than three years of precise altimeter data - which became also available to the scientific community.


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