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World Ocean Database Inorganic Carbon Variables Data Inventory

The NODC World Ocean Database is a collection of scientifically quality-controlled ocean profile and plankton in situ data that includes measurements of temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, dissolved inorganic nutrients (phosphate, nitrate, silicate), chlorophyll, alkalinity, pH, pCO2, dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), Tritium, Δ13Carbon, Δ14Carbon, Δ18Oxygen, Freons, Helium, Δ3Helium, Neon, and plankton (Boyer et al. 2009). The original data used to create this collection are available in the NODC archive as submitted. The distribution of pH, DIC, Alkalinity, pCO2, and xCO2 are shown below. The WOD is updated as resources allow with newer data as received at NODC

pH (1910-2010)

DIC (1958-2008)

Alkalinity (1921-2010)

pCO2 (1967-2008)

xCO2 (1957-1998)

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