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Data from OAP funded projects (FY2012-2014)

Project title and ID Data point of contact Data management plan Date to share data Link to published data
Coastal Observations on the East Coast: Ocean Acidification Monitoring Network (OAPFY13.03.AOML.001) Rik wanninkhof, Leticia Barbero click here Submitted: 2014-04-28 0117943 0117971 0131423 0131424 0137722 0137723 0137724 0137873 0137874 0138982 0138983 0154380 0154381 0154382 0154383 0154385 0154386 0157023 0157024 0157025 0168902 0169051 0169111
West Coast Ocean Acidification Monitoring Network: Moorings Operations (OAPFY13.03.PMEL.001) Adrienne Sutton click here Ongoing PMEL buoy data 0145160
West Coast Ocean Acidification Monitoring Network: Volunteer Observing Ships (OAPFY12.03.PMEL.002) Cathy Cosca click here Submitted: 2014-12-04 0123607 0132046 0132047 0132054 0141304 0158483 0158484 0169600
Ocean Acidification Monitoring Network: West Coast Hydrographic Cruise (OAPFY13.03.PMEL.003) Dana Greeley click here Submitted: 2014-12-03 0123467 0123468 0132082 0169412
West Coast Algorithm Development: Ocean Acidification Monitoring Network (OAPFY13.03.PMEL.004) Simone Alin click here Not required N/A
West Coast Ocean Acidification Monitoring Network: Data Management and Product Discovery (OAPFY13.03.PMEL.005) Kevin OBrien click here Not required N/A
Advanced technology: Moored DIC (OAPFY13.03.PMEL.006) Richard A Feely click here Submitted: 2015-09-30 0132048
Effects of ocean acidification on federally managed crab species in Alaska (OAPFY13.03.AFSC.001) Robert Foy click here Submitted: 2014-12-01 0123400
Forecast effects of ocean acidification on Alaska crab abundance (OAPFY13.03.AFSC.002) Michael Dalton click here Submitted 2015-04-20 0127395, 0157642
Alaska king crab genomics (OAPFY11.01.AFSC.003) Robert Foy
Effects of Ocean Acidification on Early Life Stages of Alaska Fishery Resources: Walleye Pollock (OAPFY13.03.AFSC.004) Thomas Hurst click here Submitted: 2015-01-06 0125007, 0136906, 0157081
Calcium carbonate mineralogy of Alaskan corals (OAPFY13.03.AFSC.005) Robert Stone click here Published: 2017-02-06 0157223
Annual Carbon Cycles in Coastal Gulf of Alaska Water (OAPFY12.01.AFSC.006) Mark Carls Submitted: 2015-09-30 0132049
Effects of ocean acidification on phytoplankton physiology and nutrition for fishery-based food webs (OAPFY13.03.NEFSC.001) Shannon Meseck click here Submitted: 2014-08-11 0121255
Physiological Effects of Ocean Acidification on Atlantic Surf Clams (OAPFY13.03.NEFSC.002) Lisa Milke click here Submitted: 2014-11-24 0123314
Resource Finfish Species and Ecosystem Impacts (OAPFY13.03.NEFSC.003) Chris Chambers click here Later June 2015
Otolith Condition and Growth of Juvenile Scup, Stenotomus chrysops,and Embryonic and Larval Development in the Black Sea Bass (Centriopristis striat spp.) (OAPFY13.03.NEFSC.004) Dean Perry click here Submitted: 2014-04-15 0117506
Population and Ecosystem Modeling of Ocean Acidification on the Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf (OAPFY13.03.NEFSC.005) Jon Hare click here Promised: 2015-02 0154384
Calcium Carbonate Measurements and Experiments (OAPFY12.02.NEFSC.006) Daniel Wieczorek click here Submitted: 2014-11-24 0123315, 0123316, 0123317
Henry Bigelow Ship of Opportunity Program (OAPFY13.03.NEFSC.007) Jon Hare click here Submitted by AOML 0138982
Monitoring of Water Column DIC, TAlk, and pH on the Northeast U.S. Shelf and the Development of Ocean Acidification Indicators to Inform Marine Resource Management (NEFSC FY2015-FY2017 ECM) Jon Hare Submitted: 2015-05-01 0127524
Northwest Fisheries Science Center Ocean Acidification Research Facility (OAPFY13.03.NWFSC.001) Paul McElhany click here
Single species response experiments (OAPFY13.03.NWFSC.002) Paul McElhany click here Submitted: 2015-01-06 0125008
Modeling Ecosystem Effects of Ocean Acidification in the North Pacific (OAPFY13.03.NWFSC.004) Paul McElhany click here Submitted: 2015-10-05 0134852 0169109
Biological and Chemical Sampling in Puget Sound: Variability on Scales Relevant to Zooplankton(OAPFY13.03.NWFSC.005) Paul McElhany
Coupled Biological & Carbon Chemistry Sampling: From the Field to the Lab (OAPFY13.03.NWFSC.006) Paul McElhany
Zooplankton Response and Assemblage Experiments (OAPFY13.03.NWFSC.007) Paul McElhany
An Interdisciplinary Approach: Ecological and Chemical Response to Ocean Acidification Across Diverse Environmental and Human Impact Gradients in the US Pacific Islands (OAPFY12.02.PIFSC.001) Rusty Brainard Submitted: 2015-09-11 0131502, 0137093
Time-series and underway assessments of OA and carbon system properties in coastal waters - Gray's Reef (OAPFY13.03.PRTNR.002) Scott Noakes Ongoing PMEL buoy data
Moored Climate, Carbon, Biogeochemical, and Ecosystem Observations in the Southern California Current (OAPFY13.03.PRTNR.003) Uwe Send Published: 2016-12-14 0146024
Ocean Acidification Monitoring and Prediction in the Oregon Coastal Waters (OAPFY13.03.PRTNR.004) Burke Hales 2016-02-26 0145162
Retrospective Analyses of CalCOFI Datasets (OAPFY13.03.PRTNR.005) Sam McClatchie Ongoing Coming in via another channel.
Vulnerability Assessment of California Current Food Webs and Economics to Ocean Acidification (OAPFY13.03.PRTNR.006) Isaac Kaplan Submitted: 2015-09-28 0131198
Time-series and Underway Assessments of OA and Carbon System Properties In Coastal Waters - Mississippi Gulf Coast (OAPFY13.03.PRTNR.007) Stephen Howden Submitted: 2015-09-01 0131199
Coral Reef Ocean Acidification Monitoring: Atlantic Test Bed (OAPFY13.03.CRCP.002) Derek Manzello Submitted: 2015-09-28 0132020, 0132021, 0132022, 0145164
Developing an Atlantic Sea Scallop Integrated Assessment Model (OAPFY13.03.NCCOS.001) Sarah Cooley Due by 2016-09-30 N/A
Using Ecological Models to Predict Population Effects of Increasing OA on Northeast US Resource Bivalves (OAPFY13.03.NCCOS.002) Chris Gobler Due by 2016-09-30 N/A
Sustaining OA Measurements on the Washington Coast NANOOS NEMO Moorings (OAP15.01.EPIO.002) Jan Newton
Time-series Assessments of Ocean Acidification and Carbon System Properties in the Western Gulf of Maine (OAP15.01.EPIO.005) Joe Salisbury Submitted: 2016-02-12 0142327
ECOA-The East Coast Ocean Acidification Cruise 2015 Joe Salisbury Published: 2016-12-13 0157080, 0157389, 0159428, 0157812, 0157485
Ocean Acidification Data Stewardship (OADS) Project (OAPFY13.03.NODC.001) Liqing Jiang Not required 0139360
Unknown projects multiple N/A N/A 0155173