A Handbook of Methods for the Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Parameters in Sea Water

A Handbook of Methods for the analysis of carbon dioxide parameters in sea water was prepared by the DOE Carbon Dioxide Survey Science Team. Printed copies of this Handbook are available on request from the Carbon Dioxide Information and Analysis Center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA, and can be reached by email at cdiac@ornl.gov.>/p>

DOE (1994) Handbook of methods for the analysis of the various parameters of the carbon dioxide system in sea water.Version 2, A. G. Dickson & C. Goyet, eds. ORNL/CDIAC-74

The most recent errata document (which provides corrections to version 2.0 of this Handbook) is available in Adobe PDF Format.

Contents of the DOE Handbook (v 2.1)

  • Acknowledgements
  • CHAP 1 - Introduction to the handbook
  • CHAP 2 - Solution chemistry of carbon dioxide in sea water
  • CHAP 3 - Quality assurance
  • CHAP 4 - Recommended standard operating procedures (SOPs)
    • SOP 1 - Water sampling for the parameters of the oceanic carbon dioxide system
    • SOP 2 - Determination of total dissolved inorganic carbon in sea water
    • SOP 3 - Determination of total alkalinity in sea water
    • SOP 4 - Determination of p(CO2) in air that is in equilibrium with a discrete sample of sea water
    • SOP 5 - Determination of p(CO2) in air that is in equilibrium with a continuous stream of sea water
    • SOP 6 - Determination of the pH of sea water using a glass/reference electrode cell
    • SOP 7 - Determination of the pH of sea water using the indicator dye m-cresol purple
    • SOP 11 - Gravimetric calibration of the volume of a gas loop using mercury
    • SOP 12 - Gravimetric calibration of volume delivered using water
    • SOP 13 - Gravimetric calibration of volume contained using water
    • SOP 14 - Electronic calibration of the UIC Model 5011 coulometer
    • SOP 21 - Applying air buoyancy corrections
    • SOP 22 - Preparation of control charts
    • SOP 23 - Statistical techniques used in quality assessment
    • SOP 24 - Calculation of the fugacity of carbon dioxide in the pure gas or in air
  • CHAP 5 - Physical and thermodynamic data
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