R/V Roger Revelle Underway Lines

Vessel/ Cruise ID Country Map Ports Dates of Operation Frequency of Repeat PI/Chief Scientist Measurements Data Project Link
R/V Roger Revelle
2016 Cruises
USA See map Fremantle, Australia - Phuket, Thailand - Malakal, Palau, Micronesia - Apra Harbor, Guam - Honolulu, Hawaii 02/08 - 09/22/2016 7/year Rik Wanninkhof/NOAA, AOML xCO2w_ppm, xCO2a_ppm, EqTEMP_C, PRES_EQUIL_hPa, SST(TSG)_C, SAL(TSG)_PERMIL, "fCO2w,eq", fCO2W@SST_uatm,fCO2A_uatm, dfCO2_uatm Data files

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