AbbreviationPreferred unitFull variable name
EXPOCODE (none) Expedition code consists of the four digit NODC Platform code, and the date of the first day of the cruise in the format of YYYYMMDD.
CRUISE_ID (none) Cruise identification
JD_UTC (none)Julian day
DATE_UTC (none) Date in the format of yyyymmdd
TIME_UTC (none) Time in the format of hh:mm:ss
LATITUDE decimal degree Latitude in decimal degrees (negative for Southern Hemisphere)
LONGITUDE decimal degree Longitude in decimal degrees (negative for Western Hemisphere)
xCO2_EQUppm Mole fraction of carbon dioxide inside the equilibrator
xCO2_ATMppm Mole fraction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
xCO2_ATM_interpolatedppm Interpolated atmospheric xCO2
PRES_EQU hPa Pressure inside the equilibrator
PRES_ATM@SSP hPa Atmospheric Pressure at the sea surface
TEMP_EQU degree Celsius Temperature recorded from inside the equilibrator
SST degree CelsiusSea surface temperature
SSS (none) Sea surface salinity
fCO2_SW@SST μatmFugacity of seawater carbon dioxide after corrected to the in-situ sea surface temperature (feel free to report it as pCO2)
fCO2_QC_FLAG (none)Quality control flag for fugacity of seawater carbon dioxide
fCO2_ATM_interpolated μatm Interpolated atmospheric fCO2 (feel free to report it as pCO2)
dfCO2 μatm Delta fCO2 between sea water and atmosphere (fCO2w - fCO2a) (feel free to report it as pCO2)
Oxygen μmol/kg Dissolved oxygen measured from sensor
Oxygen_QC_FLAG (none) Quality control flag for dissolved oxygen
Fluorometry μg/L Relative concentration of Chlorophyll a measured from fluorometer
Fluorometry_QC_FLAG (none) Quality control flag for fluoroscence
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