Fiscal Year Project title (Project ID) Point of contact Date to share data Link to published data
FY12-14 Coastal Observations on the East Coast: Ocean Acidification Monitoring Network (OAPFY13.03.AOML.001) Rik wanninkhof, Leticia Barbero Submitted: 2014-04-28 0117943, 0117971, 0131423, 0131424, 0137722, 0137723, 0137724, 0137873, 0137874, 0138982, 0138983, 0154380, 0154381, 0154382, 0154383, 0154385, 0154386, 0157023, 0157024, 0157025, 0168902, 0169051, 0169111, 0170177
FY12-14 West Coast Ocean Acidification Monitoring Network: Moorings Operations (OAPFY13.03.PMEL.001) Adrienne Sutton Ongoing PMEL buoy data (ongoing), 0145160
FY12-14 West Coast Ocean Acidification Monitoring Network: Volunteer Observing Ships (OAPFY12.03.PMEL.002) Cathy Cosca Submitted: 2014-12-04 0123607, 0132046, 0132047, 0132054, 0141304, 0158483, 0158484, 0169600
FY12-14 Ocean Acidification Monitoring Network: West Coast Hydrographic Cruise (OAPFY13.03.PMEL.003) Dana Greeley Submitted: 2014-12-03 0123467, 0123468, 0132082, 0155173, 0169412
FY12-14 West Coast Algorithm Development: Ocean Acidification Monitoring Network (OAPFY13.03.PMEL.004) Simone Alin Not required Not required
FY12-14 West Coast Ocean Acidification Monitoring Network: Data Management and Product Discovery (OAPFY13.03.PMEL.005) Kevin OBrien Not required Not required
FY12-14 Advanced technology: Moored DIC (OAPFY13.03.PMEL.006) Richard A Feely Submitted: 2015-09-30 0132048
FY12-14 Effects of ocean acidification on federally managed crab species in Alaska (OAPFY13.03.AFSC.001) Robert Foy Submitted: 2014-12-01 0123400
FY12-14 Forecast effects of ocean acidification on Alaska crab abundance (OAPFY13.03.AFSC.002) Michael Dalton Submitted 2015-04-20 0127395, 0157642
FY12-14 Alaska king crab genomics (OAPFY11.01.AFSC.003) Robert Foy
FY12-14 Effects of Ocean Acidification on Early Life Stages of Alaska Fishery Resources: Walleye Pollock (OAPFY13.03.AFSC.004) Thomas Hurst Submitted: 2015-01-06 0125007, 0136906, 0157081
FY12-14 Calcium carbonate mineralogy of Alaskan corals (OAPFY13.03.AFSC.005) Robert Stone Published: 2017-02-06 0157223
FY12-14 Annual Carbon Cycles in Coastal Gulf of Alaska Water (OAPFY12.01.AFSC.006) Mark Carls Submitted: 2015-09-30 0132049
FY12-14 Effects of ocean acidification on phytoplankton physiology and nutrition for fishery-based food webs (OAPFY13.03.NEFSC.001) Shannon Meseck Submitted: 2014-08-11 0121255
FY12-14 Physiological Effects of Ocean Acidification on Atlantic Surf Clams (OAPFY13.03.NEFSC.002) Lisa Milke Submitted: 2014-11-24 0123314
FY12-14 Resource Finfish Species and Ecosystem Impacts (OAPFY13.03.NEFSC.003) Chris Chambers Later June 2015
FY12-14 Otolith Condition and Growth of Juvenile Scup, Stenotomus chrysops,and Embryonic and Larval Development in the Black Sea Bass (Centriopristis striat spp.) (OAPFY13.03.NEFSC.004) Dean Perry Submitted: 2014-04-15 0117506
FY12-14 Population and Ecosystem Modeling of Ocean Acidification on the Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf (OAPFY13.03.NEFSC.005) Jon Hare Promised: 2015-02 0154384
FY12-14 Calcium Carbonate Measurements and Experiments (OAPFY12.02.NEFSC.006) Daniel Wieczorek Submitted: 2014-11-24 0123315, 0123316, 0123317
FY12-14 Henry Bigelow Ship of Opportunity Program (OAPFY13.03.NEFSC.007) Jon Hare Submitted by AOML 0138982
FY12-14 Monitoring of Water Column DIC, TAlk, and pH on the Northeast U.S. Shelf and the Development of Ocean Acidification Indicators to Inform Marine Resource Management (NEFSC FY2015-FY2017 ECM) Jon Hare Submitted: 2015-05-01 0127524
FY12-14 Northwest Fisheries Science Center Ocean Acidification Research Facility (OAPFY13.03.NWFSC.001) Paul McElhany
FY12-14 Single species response experiments (OAPFY13.03.NWFSC.002) Paul McElhany Submitted: 2015-01-06 0125008
FY12-14 Modeling Ecosystem Effects of Ocean Acidification in the North Pacific (OAPFY13.03.NWFSC.004) Paul McElhany Submitted: 2015-10-05 0134852 0169109
FY12-14 Biological and Chemical Sampling in Puget Sound: Variability on Scales Relevant to Zooplankton(OAPFY13.03.NWFSC.005) Paul McElhany
Coupled Biological & Carbon Chemistry Sampling: From the Field to the Lab (OAPFY13.03.NWFSC.006) Paul McElhany
FY12-14 Zooplankton Response and Assemblage Experiments (OAPFY13.03.NWFSC.007) Paul McElhany
FY12-14 An Interdisciplinary Approach: Ecological and Chemical Response to Ocean Acidification Across Diverse Environmental and Human Impact Gradients in the US Pacific Islands (OAPFY12.02.PIFSC.001) Rusty Brainard Submitted: 2015-09-11 0131502, 0137093
FY12-14 Time-series and underway assessments of OA and carbon system properties in coastal waters - Gray's Reef (OAPFY13.03.PRTNR.002) Scott Noakes Ongoing PMEL buoy data
FY12-14 Moored Climate, Carbon, Biogeochemical, and Ecosystem Observations in the Southern California Current (OAPFY13.03.PRTNR.003) Uwe Send Published: 2016-12-14 0146024
FY12-14 Ocean Acidification Monitoring and Prediction in the Oregon Coastal Waters (OAPFY13.03.PRTNR.004) Burke Hales 2016-02-26 0145162, 0145163
FY12-14 Retrospective Analyses of CalCOFI Datasets (OAPFY13.03.PRTNR.005) Sam McClatchie Ongoing Coming in via another channel.
FY12-14 Vulnerability Assessment of California Current Food Webs and Economics to Ocean Acidification (OAPFY13.03.PRTNR.006) Isaac Kaplan Submitted: 2015-09-28 0131198
FY12-14 Time-series and Underway Assessments of OA and Carbon System Properties In Coastal Waters - Mississippi Gulf Coast (OAPFY13.03.PRTNR.007) Stephen Howden Submitted: 2015-09-01 0131199
FY12-14 Coral Reef Ocean Acidification Monitoring: Atlantic Test Bed (OAPFY13.03.CRCP.002) Derek Manzello Submitted: 2015-09-28 0132020, 0132021, 0132022, 0145164, 0173496
FY12-14 Developing an Atlantic Sea Scallop Integrated Assessment Model (OAPFY13.03.NCCOS.001) Sarah Cooley Due by 2016-09-30 0171620
FY12-14 Using Ecological Models to Predict Population Effects of Increasing OA on Northeast US Resource Bivalves (OAPFY13.03.NCCOS.002) Chris Gobler Due by 2016-09-30 0172041
FY12-14 Sustaining OA Measurements on the Washington Coast NANOOS NEMO Moorings (OAP15.01.EPIO.002) Jan Newton 0145160
FY12-14 Time-series Assessments of Ocean Acidification and Carbon System Properties in the Western Gulf of Maine (OAP15.01.EPIO.005) Joe Salisbury Submitted: 2016-02-12 0142327
FY12-14 ECOA-The East Coast Ocean Acidification Cruise 2015 Joe Salisbury Published: 2016-12-13 0157080, 0157389, 0159428, 0157812, 0157485
FY12-14 Ocean Acidification Data Stewardship (OADS) Project (OAPFY13.03.NODC.001) Liqing Jiang Not required 0139360
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