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Instructions for High Resolution Data Access via FTP

  1. In this table, determine the NCEI accession number in which the desired SAC_ID resides.
  2. Click on the FTP link for the desired NCEI accession.
  3. Within the NCEI archive management system, choose the version with the highest numbers, which represent the most recent update of a given accession. For Example, if there are choices for 1.1, 2.2, and 3.3, click on 3.3.
  4. Once within an accession, Click on "data", then click on "0-data". In this location, one can find a Readme.txt file for further explanation.
  5. One can also reach the NCEI FTP data access area via the NOAA/NCEI JASADCP Landing Page. Click on "Granule Search" to reach individual NCEI accessions.
  6. This document describes the files within a given SAC_ID (sonar-cruise) directory. Note, the and NetCDF files are only available if the high resolution data were provided to the JASADCP as CODAS format, or were easily converted to CODAS format.