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SWNA Region Data Access: Statistical mean of temperature on 1° grid for all decades

The temperature climatological fields can be downloaded as an individual file or a compressed file of all climatological fields and related statistics.
Information on downloading and reading the data is available from the WOA instructions.

  1. Available formats:
  2. Available grids:
    1/4° 1/10°
  3. Available fields:
  4. Available decadal periods:

Statistical mean data links (1° grid)

All fields climatology.tar.gz (6.6 MB)

t00mn01.csv t13mn01.csv - Winter
t14mn01.csv - Spring
t15mn01.csv - Summer
t16mn01.csv - Fall
t01mn01.csv - January
t02mn01.csv - February
t03mn01.csv - March
t04mn01.csv - April
t05mn01.csv - May
t06mn01.csv - June
t07mn01.csv - July
t08mn01.csv - August
t09mn01.csv - September
t10mn01.csv - October
t11mn01.csv - November
t12mn01.csv - December

File naming conventions:


  1. where:
  2. [V] - variable
  3. [TT] - time period
  4. [FF] - field type
  5. [GG] - grid (01- 1°, 04 - 1/4° 10 - 1/10°)
  6. [EXT] - file extention

Note: '.dat' - ASCII; '.csv' - comma separated value; '.dbf', '.shp', '.shx' - ArcGIS shape files; '.nc' - netCDF files

Short description of the statistical fields in WOA

  • Objectively analyzed climatologies are the objectively interpolated mean fields for oceanographic variables at standard depth levels for the World Ocean.
  • The statistical mean is the average of all unflagged interpolated values at each standard depth level for each variable in each 1° square which contains at least one measurement for the given oceanographic variable.
  • The number of observations of each variable in each 1° square of the World Ocean at each standard depth level.
  • The standard deviation about the statistical mean of each variable in each 1° square at each standard depth level.
  • The standard error of the mean of each variable in each 1° square at each standard depth level.
  • The seasonal or monthly climatology minus the annual climatology at each 1° square at each standard depth.
  • The statistical mean minus the climatological mean at each 1° square at each standard depth. This value is used as an estimate of interpolation and smoothing error.
  • The number of 1° squares within the smallest radius of influence around each 1° square which contain a statistical mean.