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Climatological salinity fields (ASCII files)

These climatologies were calculated using all salinity data from the World Ocean Database 2001 (WOD01)
and additional salinity data taken on or before November 15, 2003. These climatologies were prepared
in order to make the new estimates of salinity content for the World Ocean.

To download the salinity climatological files, you may download an individual file or a tar file of all climatological
fields and related statistics. Information how to download and read the data is available from "Instructions".

Climatological salinity file types

    File naming conventions:

      |   |    |   |
      |   |    |   grid size (1 = one-degree square file)
      |   |    file type (an,mn,dd,sd,gp)
      |   time period (00=annual; 01-12=months, starting with 01=January;
      |                 13-16=seasons, starting with 13=Winter (Jan-Mar))
      parameter (t=temperature, s=salinity, o=oxygen, A=AOU)

an - analyzed salinity
monthly:1-24 standard depth levels (analyzed)
seasonal:1-24 standard depth levels (average of appropriate analyzed monthly fields),
 25-33 standard depth levels (analyzed)
annual:1-24 standard depth levels (average of 12 analyzed monthly fields),
 25-33 standard depth levels (average of 4 analyzed seasonal fields)
mn - mean (unanalyzed) salinity for 1-degree grids with data
dd - number of salinity measurements per 1-degree grid
sd - standard deviation of salinity measurements per 1-degree grid
gp - number of 1-degree grids with data within radius of influence at each grid

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