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OAS seaname Detail for Flores Sea

Seaname:Flores Sea
Sea code:48J
Definition:The Flores Sea, lying between the Jawa Sea and the Banda Sea, is bounded on the North by the southern coast of Sulawesi Island and on the South by the northern coasts of Sumbawa and Flores Islands. Its limits are the following: On the North: The southern coast of Sulawesi Island, from Cape Laikang (5 Degrees 36 Minutes 45 Seconds S - 119 Degrees 27 Minutes 35 Seconds E) eastward to Cape Lassa (5 Degrees 37 Minutes 20 Seconds S - 120 Degrees 28 Minutes 40 Seconds E). On the East: A line joining Cape Lassa, on the southeastern coast of Sulawesi Island, southward to Cape Matainji (5 Degrees 46 Minutes 10 Seconds S - 120 Degrees 30 Minutes E), the northern extremity of Salayar Island; thence from Cape Matainji, southern along the western coast of this island, to Cape Apatana (6 Degrees 30 Minutes S - 120 Degrees 29 Minutes 30 Seconds E), the southern extremity thereof; thence from Cape Apatana, southward and eastward through the chain of islands lying between Salayar Island and Kalao Tao Island (7 Degrees 23 Minutes S - 121 Degrees 48 Minutes E); and thence from Kalao Tao Island southeastward to Cape Kopondai (8 Degrees 03 Minutes 50 Seconds S - 122 Degrees 52 Minutes E), the northeastern extremity of Flores Island (the common limit with the Banda Sea, see 6.18). On the South: From Cape Kopondai, westward along the northern coast of Flores Island, to Cape Toro Wadu Ramba (8 Degrees 25 Minutes 40 Seconds S - 119 Degrees 51 Minutes 40 Seconds E), the northwestern extremity of this island; thence a line joining Cape Toro Wadu Ramba, westward along the northern coasts of Komodo and Banta Islands, to Cape Naru (8 Degrees 19 Minutes S - 119 Degrees 00 Minutes 30 Seconds E), the northeastern extremity of Sumbawa Island (the common limit with Sumba Strait, see 6.11).; and thence from Cape Naru, westward along the northern coast of Sumbawa Island, to Cape Sarokaya (8 Degrees 22 Minutes S - 117 Degrees 09 Minutes 30 Seconds E). On the West: A line joining Cape Sarakaya northward to Kapoposang Bali Island (7 Degrees 30 Minutes S - 117 Degrees 11 Minutes E), the western island of Tengah Islands (the common limit with the Bali Sea, see 6.9); thence from Kapoposang Bali Island northeastward to Jailamu Island (6 Degrees 33 Minutes 30 Seconds S - 118 Degrees 48 Minutes 30 Seconds E), the northern island of Sabalana Islands, and thence to Cape Laikang (5 Degrees 36 Minutes 45 Seconds S - 119 Degrees 27 Minutes 35 Seconds E), on the southwestern coast of Sulawesi Island (the common limit with the Jawa Sea, see 6.7).
Citation:Limits of Oceans and Seas, 1986 (Draft 4th edition). IHB Special Publication 23, International Hydrographic Bureau, 203p.
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