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The Ocean Archive System searches our original datasets as they were submitted to us, not individual points or profiles. If you want to search and retrieve ocean profiles in a common format, or objectively analyzed fields, your better option may be to use one of our project applications. See: Access Data

OAS insttype Detail for Poseidon-3 altimeter

Term:Poseidon-3 altimeter
Description:Poseidon-3 altimeter
Definition:Poseidon-3 is the main instrument on board the French-U.S. satellite Jason-2 launched in 2008 and was derived from the Poseidon-2 altimeter on Jason-1.

The Poseidon-3 altimeter is a compact, low-power, low-mass instrument offering a high degree of reliability. Poseidon-3 is a radar altimeter that emits pulses at two frequencies (13.6 and 5.3 GHz; the second frequency is used to determine the electron content in the atmosphere) and analyzes the return signal reflected by the surface. The signal round-trip time is estimated very precisely to calculate the range, after applying the necessary corrections.

Jason-2 data are being archived by the NODC as part of the Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (CLASS)
Context:Jason-2 satellite data archival at the NODC
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Keydate:2008-07-22 22:22:42.96237+00
Editdate:2008-07-22 22:22:43.000619+00