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The Ocean Archive System searches our original datasets as they were submitted to us, not individual points or profiles. If you want to search and retrieve ocean profiles in a common format, or objectively analyzed fields, your better option may be to use one of our project applications. See: Access Data

OAS datatype Detail for total alkalinity

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Term:total alkalinity
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Definition:Total alkalinity is a ion mass conservation balance with regards to hydrogen ion [Stumm and Morgan, 1996]. It has been defined as the total number of moles of hydrogen equivalent to the excess of protons acceptors over proton donors per unit mass [i.e., Dickson, 1981; DOE, 1994 and references therein].

Suggested References:

Dickson A. G., 1981. An exact definition of total alkalinity and a procedure for the determination of alkalinity and dissolved inorganic carbon from titration data. Deep Sea Research 28A, 609-623.

DOE, 1994. Handbook of methods for the analysis of the various parameters of the carbon dioxide system in sea water.Version 2, A. G. Dickson & C. Goyet, eds. ORNL/CDIAC-74.

Stumm W. and J. J. Morgan, 1996. Aquatic Chemistry, Chemical Equilibria and Rates in Natural Waters, Third Edition, Wiley-Interscience Series of Texts and Monographs.
Citation:DOE [1994]; Dickson [1981]; Stumm and Morgan [1996]
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