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Title:Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Temperature, Salinity, and others collected via time series logging probe at Tatoosh Island, Washington from June 4, 2000 to August 23, 2010 (NODC Accession 0099812)
Abstract:To understand how ocean conditions influence population and ecological community dynamics of rocky shore habitats, we initiated measurements of key physical/chemical parameters at Tatoosh Island, Washington, in June 2000, including water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, and salinity/conductivity. Measures were made with a Hydrolab DS4a/DS5x logging probe at half hour intervals during spring-late summer in each year. Submitted data were collected through August 2010. The probe was deployed at biweekly-monthly intervals, with cleaning and calibration done in a 12-24 hr period before probe redeployment. The probe was secured to the shoreline of Tatoosh Island, and was housed in a 5000 l tidepool separated from the ocean by a 1 wide lip at a tide height of 80 cm to assure that probe performance was not compromised by desiccation at low tide. These data form the core of analyses in Pfister et al. (L&O 2007), Wootton et al. (PNAS 2008), and Wootton and Pfister (PLoS ONE In Press 2012).
Date received:20121212
Start date:20000604
End date:20100823
Seanames:North Pacific Ocean, Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, West Coast - US/Canada
West boundary:-124.7343
East boundary:-124.7343
North boundary:48.3931
South boundary:48.3931
Observation types:chemical, physical, time series
Instrument types:Temperature Sensors, conductivity sensor, oxygen meter, pH sensors
Submitter:Wootton, J. Timothy
Submitting institution:University of Chicago
Collecting institutions:University of Chicago
Contributing projects:Tatoosh Island Time Series
Number of observations:
Supplementary information:
Availability date:
Metadata version:8
Keydate:2012-11-28 20:42:21+00
Editdate:2013-01-14 19:04:40+00