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Title:NOAA Office for Coastal Management Benthic Habitat Data, Humboldt Bay, CA, 2009 (NODC Accession 0090251)
Abstract:These data are benthic study GIS shapefiles (.shp, .shx, .prj) with associated .dbf attribute tables and specific Federal Geographic Data Committee metadata. A generalized browse graphic was generated at the NODC and included with these data.

The data were developed to support ecosystem based management in the Humboldt Bay region. The focus of the mapping was on shallow water benthic habitats with particular concern for eelgrass meadows. The study area covers Arcata (North) Bay, Entrance Bay, South Bay and the Eel River Delta, Humboldt County, California.
Date received:20120511
Start date:20090627
End date:20090627
Seanames:Coastal Waters of California, North Pacific Ocean, Northwest Pacific Ocean (limit-180)
West boundary:-124.391793
East boundary:-124.003949
North boundary:40.964791
South boundary:40.539057
Observation types:GIS product, benthic, biological, composition & location, derived products, survey - biological
Instrument types:biota surveys, visual analysis
Submitter:Ball, Anne O'Donnell
Submitting institution:CSC
Collecting institutions:CSC
Contributing projects:COASTAL
Number of observations:
Supplementary information:These data were formerly titled at the NCEI as NOAA Coastal Services Center Benthic Habitat Data, Humboldt Bay, CA, 2009 (NODC Accession 0090251). The dataset title was changed in October 2015 to reflect currency.

Browse graphics for these data produced by the NODC were designed to provide a rapid overview of the data and facilitate user searches. They do not contain all data attributes of the data sets. GIS software is suggested when viewing or working with these data for maximum usability and performing data analyses.

A land mask is not provided for these data. Suggested shorelines are NOAA's Medium Resolution Shoreline downloadable at // and the GSHHS - A Global Self-consistent, Hierarchical, High-resolution Shoreline Database downloadable at
Availability date:20120615
Metadata version:4
Keydate:2012-06-04 21:10:31+00
Editdate:2015-10-23 22:56:27+00