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Title:Temperature profiles from MBT casts from the SPENCER from Ocean Weather Station B (OWS-B) in the North Atlantic Ocean from 1967-09-25 to 1967-10-29 (NODC Accession 6700474)
Abstract:Bathythermograph data were collected from the SPENCER within a 1-mile radius of Ocean Weather Station B (5600N 05100W) and in transit. Data were collected by the United States Coast Guard from 25 September 1967 to 29 October 1967. The platform was equipped and staffed to observe weather and sea conditions. Data were processed by NODC to the NODC standard Universal Bathythermograph Output (UBT) format. Full format description is available from NODC at

The UBT file format is used for temperature-depth profile data obtained using the mechanical bathythermograph (MBT) instrument. The maximum depth of MBT observations is approximately 285 m. Therefore, MBT data are useful only in studying the thermal structure of the upper layers of the ocean. Cruise information, date, position, and time are reported for each observation. The data record comprises pairs of temperature-depth values. Temperature data in this file are recorded at uniform 5 m depth intervals.
Date received:19691126
Start date:19670925
End date:19671029
Seanames:North Atlantic Ocean
West boundary:-66
East boundary:-46.5
North boundary:57.3
South boundary:41.4
Observation types:physical, profile
Instrument types:bathythermograph - MBT
Datatypes:WATER TEMPERATURE, water depth
Submitting institution:USCG
Collecting institutions:USCG
Contributing projects:OCEAN WEATHER STATION
Number of observations:83
Supplementary information:Note: Preliminary metadata for this accession were extracted from a legacy database maintained by the U.S. National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC). The design of the database did not exactly reflect the FGDC Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM).

To develop more accurate metadata, the NODC reviews metadata for all accessions on an ongoing basis. Metadata were updated in July of 2007.

Points of contact for this data set include:
Contact info:
city: GROTON
state: CT
postal: 06340
Availability date:19691126
Metadata version:4
Keydate:2003-10-24 17:28:32+00
Editdate:2016-11-18 13:37:52+00