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Title:Profile data from CTD casts aboard the F/V Ocean Explorer in the Arctic Ocean and Beaufort Sea from 2008-08-06 to 2008-08-22 (NODC Accession 0001920)
Abstract:This profile data aboard the F/V Ocean Explorer in the Arctic Ocean and Beaufort Sea from August 6, 2008 to August 22, 2008 was supported by the Minerals Management Service. It is a collaborative effort with University of Alaska - Fairbanks investigators working with NOAA-NMFS-AFSC and the University of Washington. The data set included in this submission is the physical oceanography portion of the Beaufort Sea Fish Monitoring program. This submission contains only CTD data.
The program is for an assessment of marine fish resources in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea. It also addresses the following NOAA mission goals: 1. Protect, restore, and manage the use of coastal and ocean resources through an ecosystem approach to management. 2. Understand climate variability and change to enhance society's ability to plan and respond. This survey represents the first comprehensive fisheries survey of the Alaskan Beaufort Sea conducted in more that 20 years. 3. Support the nation's commerce with information for safe, efficient, and environmentally sound transportation. If offshore oil development proceeds in this area, it is likely that produced oil will be transported onshore by underwater pipelines.
Date received:20090914
Start date:20080806
End date:20080822
Seanames:Arctic Ocean, Beaufort Sea
West boundary:-155.9965
East boundary:-151.9932
North boundary:71.9715
South boundary:71.1235
Observation types:chemical, physical, profile
Instrument types:CTD, GPS, PAR Sensor, Turbidity Meter, oxygen meter
Submitter:Danielson, Seth
Submitting institution:UAK/IMS
Collecting institutions:NMFS/AFSC, UAF
Contributing projects:
Platforms:Ocean Explorer
Number of observations:6417
Supplementary information:The data were collected during the cruise(s) listed below:

These data were collected from funding by:
Mineral Management Services (Project Number - Interagency Agreement Number: M07PG13152)

Fish and invertebrate species data collected during the same cruises can be found at:
Availability date:
Metadata version:7
Keydate:2004-11-30 19:38:47+00
Editdate:2014-10-17 16:41:44+00