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Title:Oceanographic and surface meteorological data collected from UMD Coastal Buoy by University of Minnesota - Duluth and assembled by Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) in the Great Lakes region from 2014-07-01 to 2017-09-30 (NCEI Accession 0123648)
Abstract:NCEI Accession 0123648 contains oceanographic and surface meteorological data in netCDF formatted files, which follow the Climate and Forecast metadata convention (CF) and the Attribute Convention for Data Discovery (ACDD). University of Minnesota - Duluth collected the data from UMD Coastal Buoy, an in-situ moored station, in the Great Lakes. GLOS, which assembles data from University of Minnesota - Duluth and other sub-regional coastal and ocean observing systems of the Great Lakes region of the United States, submitted the data to NCEI as part of the Integrated Ocean Observing System Data Assembly Centers (IOOS DACs) Data Stewardship Program. Each month, NCEI adds to the Accession the data collected during the previous month.
Date received:20171001
Start date:20140701
End date:20170930
Seanames:Great Lakes
West boundary:-91.93
East boundary:-91.93
North boundary:46.86
South boundary:46.86
Observation types:meteorological, physical, time series
Instrument types:Aerovanes, Temperature Sensors
Submitter:Wang, Guan
Submitting institution:GLOS
Collecting institutions:University of Minnesota - Duluth
Contributing projects:IOOS, Integrated Ocean Observing System Data Assembly Centers Data Stewardship Program
Number of observations:364428
Supplementary information:The IOOS vocabulary of oceanographic and meteorological parameters is at The mapping of this vocabulary to the CF standard names vocabulary is at The netCDF data files in the Accession use both vocabularies.

In this accession, NCEI has archived multiple versions of these data. The latest (and best) version of these data has the largest version number.
Availability date:
Metadata version:29
Keydate:2014-12-12 01:18:17+00
Editdate:2017-10-12 09:14:13+00